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  1. Is this another Zach Brown thing, where he will visit every team and then sign a random one year deal? LOL
  2. All thanks to Rob Morris.
  3. All I can think about when I hear the term 'banana hammock' is Scrubs and The Todd.
  4. Are you talking about The Blue Oyster?
  5. What about this, does it count?
  6. I think will all depend on if the lbs can cover tight ends and running backs. It seemed like they consistently gave up 10-15 yard plays in the middle of the field last year on short passes.
  7. To add to that, and I think others have stated it also, I think Hooker's problem is more to do with the angles he takes rather than fundamentals .
  8. From the highlight video, Walker looks to be a spectacular tackler. Something this team needs.
  9. From the highlight reel, it looks this guy does not know how to secure the ball. I hope that is not the norm for him, or it's likely he will fumble all the time.
  10. I'll cross my fingers that Green becomes a Tight End coverage machine also
  11. Oh, look. The Colts drafted a player from a Florida school......
  12. Doyle will be sad that his fellow Hilltopers will not be able to join him.
  13. Reading the comments here, I don't think many people understand how difficult it is to prove that rape happened and how many cases go unreported because of that. The comment's of 'that gold digga needs charged for lying' is the reason they go unreported. Yes the girl could be lying, but at the same time it doesn't matter if she was dancing with him at a bar or talking to him in an elevator, if she said no at the last minute and he ignored her it's still rape.

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