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  1. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    I think this is the scene you should have posted.
  2. Zach Banner Released

    I think Ben Ijalana and Ulrich John are also free agents......
  3. Early FA winners/losers...NY Post

    The Colts may be losers in free agency, but they will be loaded with 7th round comp picks next year!
  4. [Merge] Colts Sign Denico Autry

    C'mon. It's Raiders fans. They could be writing a note in a mother's day card and the 4 letter bombs would still be thrown around.
  5. Browns trading for J Landry

    There was plenty of talk about Eli Mannings 'no trade clause' earlier this year.
  6. Just wait for the Colts the acquire Ryan Fitzpatrick, then challenge the rest of the league in an academic decathlon!
  7. Because Indy is the place where players go to be healthy.
  8. Illegal contact wasn't a rule change, it was a rule enforcement. It was already in the rule books, it was just not being called.
  9. I have no interest in doing the research, but I'm pretty sure you would find similar stats in regards to the Colts running on 1st down no matter which quarter or what the score was at the time.
  10. Should Colts tag Vinitari

    Wasn't there a rule that stated a player could only be tagged so many times and if it was exceeded then their pay would be based off of top salaries not just positional salaries? I seem to remember something like that involving him years back because the Pats had tagged him. Is this still in the rules? https://www.indystar.com/story/colts-insider/2014/02/26/it-would-be-too-costly-to-use-franchise-tag-on-veteran-placekicker/5846639/
  11. Luck should be ready for Training Camp - Polian

    Oh c'mon. We all have already been hoodwinked twice. Once the year Manning missed yet they kept him on the active roster. Then last year with Luck. Let's all admit, nothing is off the table when Irsay is trying to sell season tickets.
  12. Happy VD!

    In case some of you missed them, here are more of the NFL Meme's cards.
  13. Happy VD!

  14. What realisticly are our expectations for the upcoming season?

    No, mostly sarcasm. But I do expect a high draft pick next year. I think this year will be a true rebuilding year. A new offense, a new defense, a lot more roster turnover, etc. I could be wrong and would be happy to be wrong, but I have low expectations.