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  1. It's even more likely when you notice he attended a Florida college. Lol
  2. For what it's worth. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/04/19/high-school-allegation-against-joe-mixon-was-recanted/
  3. I assume they are looking into this to try to bring more European viewers to the game, who feel the game is to slow for their liking. I doubt this has anything to do with the average American viewer.
  4. This thread title reminds me of an old Mitch Hedberg joke. "How do you feel about frilly toothpicks?" My answer to both is the same.....
  5. Buffalo has wings, Philly has cheese steak, Chicago has pizza, Boston has crab, Indiana has............various fried food at the state fair........it's all good, we got this.
  6. It seems like a lot of (former) Colts are calling it quits this off season.
  7. Sounds right. I believe he cleared waivers also, which prolly played a part in the comp pick formula.
  8. I doubt performance plays a huge role. Wasn't there a player a few years back that was a free agent from New England that was signed by another team, then released mid season and picked up by New England. And New England still received a comp pick based on the contract that player received from the other team?
  9. Apparently the rumored interest the Colts showed in these free agents was Ballard calling their agents, asking how much, and then promptly saying 'nope!' and hanging up.
  10. And a bag full of game balls with 12PSI
  11. Or Ryan Grigson?
  12. And here we all thought Manning was no where near experienced enough.
  13. Was he instrumental in this signing?
  14. "Show me on the doll where he touched you....."

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