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  1. Who will be the next HC of the Indianapolis Colts?

    I'll go ahead and get my 'Git R Done Bob' sign ready. Hey, I was at Ball State around that time also! It was nice to go from the team that Letterman talked about each with for their losing record or the only win each season was against the Indiana State Sycamores to a team that was competitive in the MAC. I think before those years, the only time Ball State Football got mentioned on ESPN was when they ran the story about the student getting paralyzed when the mob tore down the goal post after a rare win. But it did feel like getting stabbed in the back when the coach leaves their alma mater to make a lateral job move for money and sun.
  2. Friendly Reminder from TigerTown: Find Your Happy Spot

    I just want to say I had no idea there was a little person ball boy when I posted the clip from Happy Gilmore.
  3. Colts @ Titans Monday Night Football Game Thread

    woW what a blitz pickup by Gore
  4. Friendly Reminder from TigerTown: Find Your Happy Spot

    Well, the photo I wanted to post may not have been forum appropriate.
  5. Friendly Reminder from TigerTown: Find Your Happy Spot

    Something like this?
  6. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    A closet Giants fan? Might as well go for Rooney Mara also.
  7. League memo

    It is funny on the attitude of an Olympic athlete differs from an NFL player. Nothing makes they Olympic athlete more proud than to stand and salute THEIR flag while THEIR national anthem plays, while an NFL player, who is probably making a lot more money than the Olympic athlete ever will, uses that time for a protest. If a celebrity or a professional athlete wants to make change, then there is a lot they can do other than disrupt an act that a majority of people hold sacred. They could call a press conference, set up a charity, run for office, or any of a number of other acts. In this age of Twitter and YouTube it is notoriously easy to for a notable person to draw attention to an issue and raise funds to help make change. A lot can be done, but it seems that people care more for the disruption than whatever issue might be seen. Also, how can the NFL brag about their product creating unity while at the same time they are creating just as much division. What are the stats for the chances of a person getting into a fight because they have 49ers gear in Oakland verses the color of their skin. Or a person in NYC getting verbally assaulted because they have a Red Sox hat rather than their sexual orientation.
  8. Luck is Throwing

    Is he ready to throw a pick 6? If so, he is ready to start for this team.
  9. Colts @ Seahawks Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    If Doyle had not stumbled, it may have been right on target.
  10. Colts @ Seahawks Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    That stiff arm was a thing of beauty!
  11. Colts @ Seahawks Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    The colts passed on first down again! i am shocked
  12. Colts @ Seahawks Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    Yea, i know. Who knew all you had to do to get Collinsworth on your side is to get Bradys camp mate. lol
  13. Colts @ Seahawks Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    This has to be the most pro colts that collinsworth has ever been.