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  1. Score predictions versus Arizona if Tolzien starts

    The Cards have a WAY better secondary so i predict Tolzein will have a terrible game if he starts.
  2. Colts Release Depth Chart

    My OWN opinion is Hooker isn't ready to be a day one starter. There is no Veteran favoritism here Butler clearly has MORE experience and showed more to the coaches during Training Camp to warrant him the start. Regardless of what you think or feel they are putting the best 11 out there to win. Why in the world would you put a Rookie who hasn't showed he is capable in the lineup to stink it up? We want to WIN and win NOW, i dont care about getting a rookie "experience" if its only going to hinder the chances of us winning. Just get over it Hooker is not our starter right now and he's not ready to be our starter right now, it's as simple as that.
  3. Colts Release Depth Chart

    Be that the case, if the coaches felt he was ready to be a day 1 starter he would be ahead on the charts.
  4. Colts Release Depth Chart

    Hooker has only 1 year experience as a starter and not at the NFL level, Butler has been in this league for years and competed at a HIGH level. I like Hooker but he isn't ready to be a day 1 starter and its as simple as that. You're trying to discredit butler who has been one if the better DB's this organization has had in some time. Hooker will learn until Ballard deems him a capable starter.
  5. Colts Release Depth Chart

    The fact that he is a first round pick holds no precedence it isn't a coincident that he slid to 15. Ballard has already stated the BEST 11 will play. They haven't seen enough out of him to name him a starter. IMO he will see some playing time but Butler will start until they are comfortable enough with Hooker transitioning to the speex of the NFL. I honestly believe he will start by mid season.
  6. Colts Release Depth Chart

    This isn't always the case especially if you draft BPA and not by need. Dorsett didn't start. TJ Green didnt start, Ben ijalana didnt start. Those are just Colts players i could go through the entire league and name more.
  7. why brissett

    IMO i dont think Ballard saw enough from Morris or Tolzein. I think he wasnt comfortable relying on them being the backup if anything were to ever happen.
  8. Colts Release Depth Chart

    Why do you think that a rookie will be better than a seasoned veteran?
  9. Colts Release Depth Chart

    I recall mentioning slightly after we drafted him that Butler would start the season off as the starter. I think that Hooker will start mid season but i dont think he is ready to start as of yet.
  10. Chappell's 53 Man Roster Prediction

    Culliver imo makes it over White, Why is Green going to IR when did he get injured? No way McGill gets the ax he is very productive. You have too many ILBs making the final 53 IMO. Good id an odd man out i think he gets his walking papers.
  11. Vontae is week-to-week

    Hurts , we are going to need him who else is gonna cover Watkins and Austin week 1? Sigh
  12. Colts sign another Safety

    Quite possible. Although there is a high chance he can choose to walk away from the game. Health over wealth any day!
  13. Your 5 Surprising Cuts

    The only surprise cut i have is , Geathers . The nature of that neck injury is just awful. I think he has seen his last days as a Colt.
  14. Colts sign another Safety

    It's just a hunch, but it seems like Geathers wont be available for play. They are preparing for life without him is what it looks like.
  15. Colts sign another Safety

    I doubt thats the case he is the best nickel back we have.