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  1. ProblChld32

    Colts meeting with VTech CB Adonis Alexander

    I would absolutely love this if he became a Colt, Adonis is a Physical Freak Of Nature. He’d fit well in this scheme and make a huge impact on defense IMO
  2. ProblChld32

    Top 10 Current Colts

    No love for Sheard and Simon? How does Nelson make top 10 lol he's played not a NFL snap yet lol
  3. ProblChld32

    John Simon on the trading block?

    Mike is a MLB bro, you were wrong lol
  4. ProblChld32

    John Simon on the trading block?

    I believe they stated they see Leonard as a WILL not a MIKE backer.
  5. ProblChld32

    OURLADS projected colts depth chart

    I’ll wait till releases theirs
  6. ProblChld32

    Biggest rookie defensive impact?

    As a situational rusher I think Lewis will have the biggest impact partly because he has the ability to slide inside and wreck havoc. I see him having 5-7 sacks this season.
  7. ProblChld32


    I think we will see a mixture of Cover 2 and 3 you can’t be predictable defensively. These day and ages coaches will gameplan and slice your defense apart. IMO we have two good coverage Safety’s in Hooker and Mathias. I’m sure we will mix coverages up we’ll utilizing those safety’s to their strengths.
  8. ProblChld32

    Pump up video of our draft class

    I really think that Tyquan Lewis is gong to surprise a lot of people. He sorta reminds me of Terrel Suggs with his style of play. I think he has a bright future as a pass rusher.
  9. ProblChld32

    My 53 Man Predictions

    I believe that they already established that Geathers won’t be moving from safety to LB.
  10. ProblChld32

    Luck will not be throwing at minicamp

    Precautionary we don’t need any more setbacks.
  11. ProblChld32

    Hankins Released

    We actually have a lot of depth on the D-Line. Grover Stewart, Ridgeway, Al woods, Henry Anderson.
  12. Could this mean that JB could be on the move ? I wouldn’t be opposed to taking a mid round pick for JB.
  13. ProblChld32

    Bust rate by position.

    So Center is the position with the lowest percentage of being a bust? Interesting
  14. ProblChld32

    We're not Trading down this Draft

    Maybe that’s true but you can’t predict things in the NFL. You never know who may call with an offer you can’t refuse. IMO its very possible we trade the 3rd pick.
  15. ProblChld32

    Brad Kaaya signed off Lions PS.

    With a competent line Brissett is a more than adequate QB. We are judging his performance behind the worst offensive line in the NFL. I’m pretty sure there are GMs out there who wouldn’t mind Brissett behind Center.