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  1. Im gonna say 7 sacks for him. I seem him more as a force in the run game but with the ability to get after the QB.
  2. Swoope is my breaking out player. After what i saw from him towards the end of the season he has improved significantly. I think he is going to be a major mismatch for opposing defenders.
  3. Imo i would say release is what seperates the smaller and speedy receivers. IE. Antonio Brown alot of great defenders in this league have stated you cant touch AB he doesn't allow you to put handson him his release is impeccable. Dorsett needs to get better releasing off the line he gets bullied often.
  4. No one is going to walk away from a game they love over a sprained ankle or a stinger. Once again it is you that sounds ignorant. First and foremost he is a PERSON a HUMAN BEING, he still has a future ahead of him to take into consideration. Take your own feelings out of the situation, if he decides to walk away from the game for the greater good of his health i applaud him for that.
  5. Im very familiar with neck injuries and the fact that the article says that he had to have a single level cervical fusion as a LAST RESORT points to it not being a good thing for him. This is a forum where individuals are entitled to state their OWN opinions and facts for that matter. Just because no one mentioned it being a career ending injury doesn't mean that is not a plausible possibility, ESPECIALLY given the nature of this specific injury. Educate yourself my comment was far from ignorant.
  6. Neck injuries are NOT to be taken lightly at all. The specific surgery they are referring to has a time table recovery of 3-6 months. Not to mention he may not be able to FULLY recover to 100 % after the surgery. Ultimately he may or may not choose to return to football, so it could very well be career ending.
  7. He was pretty solid against the run.
  8. Thats no good, this sounds to be a possible career ending injury. Im sad, i hope he heals well.
  9. Anyone know why he is in the boot?
  10. If he can get 6 that would be incredible, DE role in a 3-4 isn't to get after the QB so ill take 6 from him anyday.
  11. Thought that was interesting also surprised they didn't take a look at McCourty
  12. Dont wish that negative energy on him bro. That injury ended Howell's Career
  13. Im not disputing that, i just think that Manning had for the majority of his career a better O-Line than luck has had. Which is why i only gave luck 2.
  14. Hard to say but within the Peyton Era i would say about 5 within the Luck era 2.
  15. The only thing i can really Compare Quincy and Rhodes is size and aggressiveness. Rhodes is far more athletic IMO

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