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  1. Antoine Bethea by far in my decade he was the most consistent at that position.
  2. Mewhort and Moncrief are priorities imo. I just dont see them giving Vontae another big payday while he is getting up there in age.
  3. I personally think that Wilson will have more of an impact on the defensive side of the ball than Hooker will this year. I hope im wrong
  4. I wont read too much into it until i see something official released.
  5. Highly Doubt Ballard will consider him, Ballard wamts youth and speed. We have Gore i think he is enough with Turbin and Mack in the Mix.
  6. Even though this is Camp weight [nothing to get riled over] there are a few players that intrigued me weight wise. Hooker, Woods(23lbs is alot of weight), just to name a few
  7. He cant workout due to rehab. He'll be ok. Dont worry Muscle memory will be in his favor.
  8. I honestly dont care how long it takes him to Rehab i want him healthy. A %100 healthy Luck is better than a partially healthy Luck.
  9. Bob sanders forced fumble in the Super Bowl. That was a pretty nasty hit.
  10. Vontae Davis, he is the only other Sure thing we habe on the defensive side of the ball. I'll even go as far as to say Mewhort, Castonzo and Kelly also!
  11. Very Explosive back with more than adequate speed. I love it low risk high reward.
  12. Im gonna say 7 sacks for him. I seem him more as a force in the run game but with the ability to get after the QB.
  13. Swoope is my breaking out player. After what i saw from him towards the end of the season he has improved significantly. I think he is going to be a major mismatch for opposing defenders.
  14. Imo i would say release is what seperates the smaller and speedy receivers. IE. Antonio Brown alot of great defenders in this league have stated you cant touch AB he doesn't allow you to put handson him his release is impeccable. Dorsett needs to get better releasing off the line he gets bullied often.
  15. No one is going to walk away from a game they love over a sprained ankle or a stinger. Once again it is you that sounds ignorant. First and foremost he is a PERSON a HUMAN BEING, he still has a future ahead of him to take into consideration. Take your own feelings out of the situation, if he decides to walk away from the game for the greater good of his health i applaud him for that.

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