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  1. 5 Colts who are earning contract extensions

    Whoa Vinatieri is the goat, why would you want to let him go?
  2. Frank Gore

    Even with a Healthy Luck , Geathers etc the colts are not a SB contender. Luck is no good if he cant get protection.
  3. Jack Mewhort

    Has there been any word on Jack? i know he was placed on IR but i also read that he was contemplating retirement. From a fan standpoint i really hope he doesn't he is IMO one of the better Guards this team has seen since Diem & Pollak. From a player standpoint i cant be upset if he does i know the injuries wear down on the body.
  4. Doyle took the blame, sort of

    Whether he caught it or not he wasnt going anywhere Shazier was right there to make the stop. it would have prevented that interception thats for sure.
  5. Mingo

    Like Jamie Collins is used
  6. Mingo

    I really would like to see Mingo used more in a Jamie Collins Hybrid role where he plays inside and outside. the guy has immaculate speed and covers ground quick . he has surprised me to say the least.
  7. Chester Rodgers

    He played well, i think he has earned himself more snaps over Aiken. Moncrief isn't going anywhere im sure he will be retained at this season's end.
  8. brissetts ranking

    Where is the Offensive Line ranked? that will give you an indicator of why he is ranked where he is.
  9. Colts Activate Clayton Geathers from PUP

    I honestly wouldn't be mad if the Colts decided not to suit him up for the remainder of the season. i think that would be the smart move to make.
  10. Colts Activate Clayton Geathers from PUP

    Why he is still on his Rookie contract makes no sense to cut him.
  11. Frank Gore

    I dont think he will want to stay with the Colts he wants to play for a contender and end his career with a Ring.
  12. A random question

    If he moves back further it takes a longer time for the ball to get into his hands, you kinda want to get him the ball sooner so he can make reads and go through his progressions quicker.
  13. Allen / Dorsett trades - mid season retrospective

    We clearly won on the Dorsett Trade
  14. Vontae Davis released

    How did this impact our books? What is the hit?
  15. How is Malik Hookers tackling?

    He doesn't have the greatest form, also seen him whif on a few tackles. He lowers his head too much and tries to shoe string tackle. He did have a Touchdown saving tackle on Breida ill give him that. He definitely needs to improveon his angles of pursuit and form all are teachable.