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  1. Any idea what are the details on the contract? Im kind of disappointed that we didn't get Zach Brown now.
  2. I love this signing immensely, i may be saying this prematurely but i think this signing gives us a top 5, 3-4 Defensive Line. Langford, Hankins, & Anderson with a rotation of Ridgeway Mcgill and Hunt? Wow!
  3. Dont forget OLB that position still will be addressed imo with the 1st or 2nd pick.
  4. No one is EVER going to accurately predict the draft. I'll take this with a grain of salt.
  5. I think with a year of NFL caliber strength and conditioning training that he will be just fine. His biggest issue was he lacked the strength, so if he gets stronger. The problem will be solved.
  6. Im gonna have to say he does but wont get it, with the new GM wanting to create competition and go younger i think Gores touches are going to be reduced i think he will split carries with another back.
  7. I wouldn't mind a new look i like the all Blue Color Rush Uni's i think. A new look for a new aged regime/identity is in order.
  8. Anyone can add anything to a Wiki page. He has retired, he isnt playing for Tennessee.
  9. Eric Foster
  10. You aren't gonna address all issues in one year, they're going to try and address what they can based on their board and who is available.
  11. Love this signing, he doesn't possess elite speed but he is a big tough able bodied receiver. I think he will be a nice red zone target for luck i forsee him easily getting 500-700 receiving yards and 5-8 TDs here.
  12. If he fit our scheme i would definitely be ecstatic if we were able to land him for a 3rd, but i dont think we have the supporting cast to maximize his skills on the backend.
  13. They extended a first round tender to Brown, the team that signs him will need to give up their 1st. Brown is too small anyways and in my opinion is overrated. I wouldn't waste my time on Sherman either he excels in an off zone scheme that has impeccable safety play. He wouldn't do well in our Defense. Pass on both
  14. I think he is doing a great job. He is filling positions of needs with young guys who have potential to make big impacts. Also isnt breaking the bank doing so which i absolutely love. Overall i think our defense right now is better than what we had last year. Keep in mind we haven't even ended FA or hit the draft. I think after it is all said and done we will have the potential to sneak in the playoffs.
  15. Yes i know he is a FA, I think we'll bring him back. Possibly match what he's being offered.

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