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  1. Your points are well taken. I’m not as worried about CB b/c Wilson and Hairston are so inexperienced, but talented. Along with Melvin, I feel that will simply improve organically. Same thing with OT, as I’m hopeful about Denzelle and LaRaven. ILB, however...I’m only high on Jeremiah George.
  2. No preface other than the fact that the Jag game officially left me with little to look forward to until the draft! 1) Bradley Chubb, OLB, NC St. We need stud pass rushers to take a big step forward on D. Sheard and Simon are relatively short-term solutions. I wasn’t sold on Chubb, but I am now. I think he’s a stud who might not show the measurables to go in the top 5. But he’s a talented pass-rusher and all-round player. 2) Billy Price, OG, Ohio St. I was sold on the OL going into this year, but it didn’t pan out. With Mewhort not under contract, injured, and contemplating retirement; Vujnovich being disappointing; and other guards being works in progress; it’s time to solidify the interior of the line with an experienced, plug-and-play starter. 3) Malik Jefferson, ILB, Texas. He’s had a disappointing year, after being considered a 1st rounder in the off-season. He’s played OLB this year because his experiment at ILB last year was considered a failure. But he’s more athletic than anyone we’ve had at ILB for years and has the potential to be what we hoped Bostic could be. 4) Rashaad Penny, RB, San Diego St. He’s cooled off his last two games after a torrid pace earlier in the season. I can’t credit it, but he’s not considered by many draftniks to be higher than a 4th round prospect. I love him. He’s a hard-running, 220 pound, speedy back who has a knack for long runs. He’ll be the new Gore, with Mack expanding his lightning role. 5) Allen Lazard, WR, Iowa St. Some people are touting him as high as the 3rd round, but most have him here or later. He’s the big WR we’ve hoped for in people like Bug Howard and Kamar Aiken. It’s very hard to assess our WR corps with Brissett, OL troubles, and an OC that can’t figure out how to consistently move the ball. But it seems like we need more. 6) Darius Leonard, ILB, S. Carolina St. Seems to do it all: coverage, pass rush, tackling, etc. Should be a good ST player. He’s 6’3”, 236 lbs, but he seems to have trouble keeping on weight, which will limit him to ILB for us. 7) Siran Neal, DB, Jacksonville St. Massive knee injury to Hooker. Need more safeties to develop, as I don’t think Butler has done well there and Hooker and Geathers are medically challenged. Neal is listed as a CB, but he’s 6’1”, 205 lbs. and he’s a tackling machine on the boundary. Already has a criminal justice degree and two daughters – seems like a good late-round development project/STer who might be properly motivated to succeed.
  3. True dat! Me too. But I'd rather be wrong as an optimist than right as a pessimist!
  4. I think we'll be in the game. You can't get any luckier than having David Johnson and DJ Humphries miss the game for the Cards. Every year we have to relearn the facts that teams are closer in talent than we think and that you shouldn't condemn or anoint a team after one bad/great game...
  5. tolzien

    I think aTolzien will be better than people think. Odds are that he's the better QB in today's game IMO...
  6. With the news that Luck may still be a month away (and this rumor now sounds right to me after how quickly he was ruled out this week), I think we have to adjust our attitude heading into the season. We could witness some serious ups and downs on O and D inside each game. Still optimistic though - Rams and Cleveland in the first three make 2-1 a real possibility. However, I'm going to try to take away positives even if we should lose today. I'm going to try to expect another 8-8 season and look for surprise players that will help us contend after another Ballard draft. And if we end up in the playoffs this year, I'll be ecstatic.
  7. Don't care what it makes me look like, it is 100% about "Spygate, Deflategate, etc.". In a league that has gone out of its way to promote parity, the Pats are the team that somehow stays uber competitive and are also the team that keeps getting caught cheating. Pretty easy to put two and two together. What makes it worse for Colt fans is the realization that the Pat cheating was concurrent to our best Manning- led teams (inexplicably) losing to the Pats in the playoffs. Can't help but wonder how many SBs the Colts were duped out of. So, you just can't wave these scandals off with a flip of your hand...
  8. So far, the Pats have the worst rated offense and defense in the NFL, as well as (by far) the worst rated QB. Should we be discussing 0-16 for them?
  9. Happier than I'll be when the Colts win this weekend! 19-0! Ha ha ha ha ha!
  10. Week One Colts vs. Rams Prediction Thread

    Colts 24 Rams 13 I keep hearing the LA defense getting props. Researched the starters, and I'm not really certain the have the personnel for their switch to Wade Phillips' 3-4 D. Without Donald, the DL includes a couple of 285 lb. situational pass rushers and. 305 lb. NT. Quinn only had 4 sacks last year and he's transitioning to OLB. Mark Barron is A 225 lb. former S switching to ILB. It seems like these guys should be pretty easy to run on. Their secondary looks veteran and solid, but #1 CB Trumaine Johnson is supposed to be a poor fit for Son of Bum's D...
  11. Sox caught using Apple Watch to steal signals and use them in game. What is it about those Bostonians? Anyone who thinks the Pats' string of success is coaching or that Brady is the GOAT is ignoring all the cheating...
  12. Colts Practice 9/4/17

    No Bug Howard or Jojo Natson on the PS either. Would have lost money on that... I like Hogan's combine # s, though. He sounds good...
  13. Who is our 6th receiver??

    Agree. We don't necessarily more than five WRs. I am surprised Aiken made it though. I really thought Jojo, Bug, or Fred Brown showed more than he did...
  14. So, we've still got four QBs and a total of 54 players on the roster, right?