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  1. Yeah, and I'm getting sick of the Patriot obsession. (I know I've been guilty.) They weren't by and large the best team in the league last year, and Blount or Brandin Cook or Dwayne Allen aren't making them invincible. They're just one of seven or eight teams seemingly out in front now.
  2. I think our strength and conditioning staff will have their hands full with three of our draftees this year. I expect that all three will get redshirt seasons as we’re getting them to proper weights and improving their physical traits: 1) Zach Banner. Seems like a terrible fit and pick to most of us. What the team is probably thinking is that getting him to a correct playing weight will result in the minimal mobility necessary to be a power RT. He was playing at almost 390 most of the time, so of course he struggled. Now, his abysmal combine numbers were at a lower weight of 353 pounds; however, getting down to a weight that enables a player to gain mobility and retain his strength is a trickier process that takes some time. This is where our strength and conditioning staff will earn their money. I’m not too hopeful, since he’s coming from a program that certainly had a nearly NFL-quality strength and conditioning program (not from Watsamatta U., as Grigson would say). In fact, if I had to guess at the three best programs in college football, I’d say Ohio St., Alabama, and USC would have the best strength and conditioning programs. 2) Anthony Walker Jr. Such a weird case. Would have been a 2nd or 3rd round pick after his RSoph season. Respected draftniks said he had sideline-to-sideline range and was really good in coverage (having run step-for-step with Christian McCaffrey in coverage that year). Then, he gained 20 pounds of muscle. From this year’s tape, he has limited range and can’t cover. He’s from a school that certainly doesn’t have a good training staff, and he probably bulked up in a way that compromised his quickness and flexibility. I really think that the NFL strength and conditioning program will be the key to getting him back on track. I’m hoping that some of the false steps and other technical flaws many have noted from this past year resulted from his uncertainty about his new body (kind of like how teenagers on extreme growth spurts can get really clumsy as they break in their new, longer limbs). 3) Grover Stewart. For some reason, has him listed at 6’5, 295. It’s easy to see which draft reviewers are using that misinformation, as they say he’s notably unathletic for his size. In reality, it’s the opposite. His PD size was 6’4, 347 (seriously, they’re off by 52 pounds!). He was actually quite quick for his size, and he’s strong as an ox. Truly, he already has an NFL body and athleticism. He is an athletic lump of clay who needs a year to learn proper technique. The reason the strength and conditioning staff will have to spend a lot of time with him is that he is figuratively coming from Watsamatta U. I can’t imagine that Albany State did more than point him towards the track and the weight room. In this instance, the Colts’ staff has an opportunity to make him even quicker and stronger at the same time the coaching staff is teaching him proper technique. He could be a beast by his second season. On a totally unrelated note: rumored tryout player Chris Lyles (CB from Mississippi College) could be an interesting player. Best I could tell, he was 6’4, 200 pounds at his PD, and he ran a 4.40 forty. But the most interesting thing was this quote: "I want them (NFL scouts) to know that I've been overrated. Been the underdog for a long time and it's time for the dog to come out the gate." Not only misused “overrated” (he obviously meant “underrated”), but he either got lost in his dog metaphor and strayed into horse-racing or was completing a rare dog-racing metaphor. Or maybe he was talking about a dog that’s been locked up in a yard, and the gate has nothing to do with racing. Who knows…? I’m just hope he gets to TC so we can hear some more goofy quotes!
  3. I have us taking a CB to pair with Wilson next year. Am now realizing that their contracts would both come due at the same time, but that's a small matter...
  4. I feel like a move back to OT could be in order for Good. He played fairly well there as a rookie, but he struggled at OG last year (even before he got injured). I expect to see him at both spots, however, as guys like him have to show some versatility to hang around...
  5. I was unaware that there was only an 8 spot drop for Ealy - I was thinking of it as a whole round. I overstated when I said "moronic", but I have a hard time believing that one or two years of Cooks is worth the # 32 pick in this draft. That's missing out on Mixon, or Cam Robinson, or Bowser, or whoever... And, I'd be very surprised if Allen gave you much...
  6. DT: McGill NT: Hankins DE: Anderson SOLB: Simon Mike: Bostic Will: Spence Rush: Sheard CB: Davis SS: Geathers FS: Hooker CB: Wilson If Anderson gets his explosion back in his second year back (as is typical), he starts. Langford is 31 and coming off the first injury of his career. If everyone is on the same page, Ballard's earlier comments about getting pass rush out of the D-linemen could push McGill in the the starting lineup (as he's flashed some excellent PR ability). The ILBs will be a heck of a competition, but if Bostic can stay healthy, he's a great option...
  7. Yeah, I'll value the strategy: it's moronic and short sighted. Getting Brandon Cooks and this Ealy guy for one year is in no way better than getting a first rounder for five years and a second rounder for four years. Any other team and the "experts" w/b deriding the short-term gain as running the team into the ground. As for the Pats' actual picks, none were really personal faves of mine. Rivers had gotten ridiculously over-hyped, but they ended up taking him about where he deserved to go (or maybe a little too high imo). They did okay, but a fairly poor draft in all even after factoring getting Cooks and Ealy for the short term...
  8. I sort of expect a low-cost, aging CB option to be signed before TC. What with Wilson being the putative #2, #3 & #4 being a battle between Michel & Melvin, Hairston being designated for ST duty this year, and Vontae always being an injury risk...another veteran presence could possibly save a game or two...
  9. Granted, I don't watch film, but rather try to catch games of interesting prospects during the year. I caught two Y-state games during the year and listened to announcers talk Rivers up. He didn't do diddly either game. Not only did he fail to dominate, but he was pretty invisible. He racked up sacks in other games, apparently, but I saw no special characteristics. To me: looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane.
  10. He is on the roster. Before the league season is over, you can sign FA players to futures contracts, meaning they will be Colts when the new year starts...
  11. The only pick that had me scratching my head was Zach Banner. Not sure how such a massive guy fits in our scheme. However, he's pretty historical - will be a great lockeroom guy. He and Walker will make our strength and conditioning coaches earn their keep...
  12. Tell me 'bout it. I lived in the Seattle area and was a huge Mariner fan when he came up as a 19 YO. I remember a picture of Jr. with a 3 YO Trey wearing a backwards baseball hat...
  13. Walter football reporting we signed Trey Griffey, WR, Arizona. Son of Ken Griffey Jr.
  14. My round 4 list: Siragusa Mack Walker Jr. Holden McNichol Blair Brown Howard Wilson Brian Allen Kittle Watkins Brian Hill Round 5: Ebukam Aaron Jones

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