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  1. Pierre Desir. Looked like a solid starter last year, but dismissed by media this year...
  2. Archer

    Tidbits from OTA reports

    I’ve felt both of these guys were DTs since the second they came on board. Just a glance at the depth chart showed that there were too many DEs for them to fit in there...
  3. I’m an optimist. Luck-led Colts have always finished 11-5. This year, the division is better, though. I’ll go 10-6, with Luck starting all 16.
  4. His rsoph season, he was considered a great coverage LB, mainly because of his incredible success running with Christian McCaffery. Then his rjr season, he gained almost 20 lbs and was considered a liability in coverage. Glad to hear he’s losing weight this year, because his last two years could be strength and conditioning fails.
  5. Archer

    OURLADS projected colts depth chart

    Funny - I agree with the entire starting offense, but they only got about four rigjt on D.
  6. Archer

    2000's DT/UT vs. Current Roster

    The sizes on this list are why I have both Denico Autry and Tyquan Lewis listed as DTs on my depth chart...
  7. Archer

    Daily dose of optimism for Andrew Luck's return

    It’s funny how national media spins it that “Luck can’t throw a football yet.” No, he ISN’T throwing one yet...’cause his rehab program doesn’t call for it. Why not? Because he is focusing on strengthening the holy, living he!1 out of his shoulder. I watched a video on Tom House’s strengthenig methods (a link on Stampede Blue). Go look at Mariner pitcher Steve Delabar’s story on Youtube if you want to see what this training can do for an athlete...
  8. Archer

    Surprise Camp Cuts

    Woods, Cain.
  9. Archer

    Le'Raven Clark

    It’s interesting. Good is the guy I thought might not be long for this team. True, he was the best RT we had last year, but he really doesn’t seem to fit the new system. We need versatile tackles that can do reasonably well at zone blocking, trap blocking, drive blocking, and hitting people on the second level as circumstances dictate. At Good’s size, I thought he was really only fit for a power running system. And then there’s the fact that he gets injured a lot. I think that Clark fits perfectly, but he’s really gonna have to earn it in TC.
  10. Archer

    Grade the picks!

    A few answers: 1) Leonard technically ran a 4.70, but only after pulling up lame with a quad injury. I think he was on pace for something much better, The injury caused him to miss the rest of the combine, and it probably affected his Pro Day. 2) Tyquan Lewis should be thought of as a DT in the new system, as should FA Denico Autry. 3) According to some of the post-draft interviews, Hines is going to be a bit of an “offensive weapon”, playing slot receiver a bit. I chose to list him in the slot on my depth chart.
  11. Archer

    right tackle

    Yep, I'm fine with the question mark at RT, since we have a bunch of possible answers.
  12. Archer

    Projected Colts Starters

    Hard to guess how the LBs will line up. My guess is: SAM: Walker, Morrison, Sankey Mike: Goode, George, Franklin Will: Leonard, Adams, Grace Jeremiah George is our only decent returning ILB from last year and probably maps best to Will. But I have a sneaking suspicion that Leonard and George will be by far the best of the bunch this year, so getting them on the field at the same time is a good idea...
  13. Congrats! Thought I had a chance with Leonard and Fountain, but I couldn't make up for the fact that Nelson wasn't in my top three...
  14. 1) Not a clear win, since Corbett went a couple picks before us. However, the early run happened and we snagged a different OG at 37. 2) Another mixed result, as we drafted 2 WRs; however, Fountain was the first, and Cain may have been an opportunistic leap after he fell way farther than expected. 3) Win. 4th round RB was our earliest one, and he is more of an "offensive weapon".
  15. Archer

    Grade the picks!

    1) Quenton Nelson. A-. The only negative thing to say about it is that I wanted Roquon. However, as we were walking to the podium, I was thinking, "The only name other than Roquon that won't result in a string of expletives is Quenton Nelson." 2) Darius Leonard. A. I felt that if we didn't get Roquon in Round 1, the only two guys that can make a difference in our new system were Leonard and Fred Warner. I'd moved Leonard up occasionally to our #49 recently, but I think that Ballard did what he had to do to get him. Kudos to Ballard for taking him "too early". 2) Braden Smith. B. Graded down a little because of the two special players I felt were left there - Joshua Johnson and Harold Landry. But I appreciate the OL depth he's bringing in, especially since we usually end up on Plan G on the OL by the end of each year. 2) Kemoko Turay. B. My plan would have been to blow off the DE position if we missed out on Chubb, since I didn't like the value of the DEs for the rest of the draft. I do like the sound of Turay's athleticism as I read about it. Good job trading back for a player not graded as highly by others. Not a bad pick. 2) Tyquan Lewis. C-. I don't like the value, though I like the player. He was taken at least a round too early, and moving up three spots wasn't worth doing. He fits the scheme as a DT. 4) Nyheim Hines. B. I like this pick more after hearing that he will be a slot receiver/RB. Not my favorite RB, but he can be a good "offensive weapon". 5) Daurice Fountain. A+. He and Leonard were two of my guys leading into the draft. I often had this guy slotted a round earlier. 5) Jordan Wilkins. A. Really good value here. This is the kind of RB I was hoping for later in the draft. 6) Deon Cain. A. I never knew what to think of this guy, but in Round 6, you can't argue with the value. 7) Matthew Adams. B. The one thing I was sure of coming into the draft was that we would take more LBs than any other positions. However, we got to the 7th and all the ones I liked were gone. So Ballard found two that I'd never heard of (impressive given how much time I waste at this) that fit our system. 7) Zaire Franklin. B. See Matthew Adam's write-up.