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  1. What Do We Do With a Top 5 Pick?

    At this point houston may finish last in division because of how bad savage is and then they would steal an impact defensive player from us
  2. What Do We Do With a Top 5 Pick?

    We wont pick that high. Brissett will catch fire last six games and ruin draft position. On the bright side he may prove to be a starting quality qb if we have to go down that road
  3. Luck Seeking Treatment for Shoulder in Europe

    Ok think he can but oline must be fixed. His decision making will improve. Just need wrs other than hilton that can be a force. For example if Brissett had hopkins and fuller to throw to he probably put up better numbers.
  4. Luck Seeking Treatment for Shoulder in Europe

    Fix the oline and draft brissett two other wrs that can catch and run routes and hed do better
  5. Hookers Website Up!

    Or all recent games versus steelers
  6. Colts vs Steelers Predictions

    This game could go either way if the colts come to play but if they start off slow and fail to get pressure on big ben it could get ugly fast
  7. Colts texans predictions

    But luck was never playing this year.
  8. Colts texans predictions

    Watson going down changed the game
  9. Good Victory

    If he does it to big ben then id be shocked
  10. Good Victory

    Not if we go on 9 game win streak
  11. Good Victory

    Would love to beat steelers but they have our number
  12. Good Victory

    49erswont need one darnold said he stays in college if browns pick first
  13. Good Victory

    The way the broncos playing we might beat them
  14. Good Victory

    Meaningless win
  15. If not the Colts, then who?

    I agree but steelers wins it all. And big ben retires