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  1. We have no idea how this team will do.
  2. I wouldnt trust any of our back ups against a great rams defense.
  3. To be fair josh robinson looked good on tape but when he got here he couldnt hold on to football
  4. I am as we wont ever beat the patriots again if he keeps doing it.
  5. Mack has played in both power and zone schemes and can run between the tackles well. I see a run by comittee approach. Turbin and mack should get more carries to help keep gore fresh for the playoffs. Then during playoffs the back that shined the most will get the most carries.
  6. That is true. Gore could be healthy the whole year and mack can still have a big impact. Think rhodes addai in 06
  7. Colts finish in top 10 on defense
  8. If luck recovers fine then yes
  9. If jackson is our best ilb we in trouble
  10. If the defense gels early we may make some noise
  11. When I like a player they typically turn out great like hilton. This current class looks amazing
  12. Walker will be the mike they will prob swith between him and morrison. Spence and jackson at will
  13. As long as hooker is healthy im not worried about speeders burning him
  14. Walker is the mike
  15. Him banner and grover lol

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