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  1. It is amazing noone has gotten close to that in years
  2. 4 from watson 4 from bortles 3 from golf and five from browns qb lol
  3. Havent watched much on him yet but he has to be better than toler and robinson
  4. Whats the nfl record for ints in season
  5. In the past rb signed off the street had career games vs us lol. But the defense will be better just not sure how much as it all depends on health and how fast they learn to work together
  6. I watched the film and even veteran safeties sometimes take bad angles.I think he will be fine.
  7. He could pick off golf two or three times. i think he overrated
  8. I agree. Gruden like guys who can tackle and so didnt care for the pick but if you draft a guy who could lead the league in ints how can that not help the team
  9. I dont think our division qbs will pick us apart but i could see foreman and fournette running all over us
  10. I think he will have atleast 5 if healthy.
  11. He will get better. His first year starting he had 5 fumbles with two lost. The second year he had 3 with none lost. If we can cut it down more and help him improve technique should be a steal
  12. Ty doyle aiken moncrief rogers
  13. He is like david johnson
  14. Mack was one of my top picks at rb along with hooker at safety. Great draft. I also had eyes on jarrad davis and tjwatt but both got picked
  15. Jake 1st round te that fell because of injury

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