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  1. Jamaal charles
  2. Natson be open
  3. Unless he has tolzien playing like tom brady versus steelers
  4. Colts fans would only go wild if he scored tds on four straight possessions
  5. Two yard screen on 3rd and long
  6. The way tolzien is playing it has lots of bearing. Their defense is still tough and captain checkdown wouldnt stand a chance against them.
  7. A worse rams team destroyed us with luck in 2013 and you expect a tolzien led one to beat a better one.
  8. Everyone knows but when people see something that concerns them they like to discuss it. Like the play of Tolzien and the supposedly strong dline. People also discuss things that excite them like Marlon Mack.
  9. Exactly. If he scores a td versus steelers I will be surprised
  10. That isnt the point. Morris is the only that attempts to push it down field. Both tolzien and walker always throwing short which is why tolzien produced only one first down against the boys
  11. Must be hiding a transformation like Goku in Dragon Ball Super lol
  12. Lol if he stinks it up versus steelers and pagano says he didnt play bad the media and fans are going to come down harder on pagano
  13. And yet tolzien is still here
  14. Yep gore stay for this season. Now im not saying he should start if Mack out performs him going against the 1s but gore can atleast spell mack in that situation and tourbin can remain the short yardage guy

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