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  1. Melvin is better at cb than morrison at ilb
  2. Matt ryan maybe the next dan marino lol
  3. Cook wont make it to us
  4. Patriots may have 7 superbowl rings by time luck is 30.
  5. Watson is not that good
  6. Mixon will be gone before the 4th considering how high the lions are on him.
  7. He will be gone to either the eagles panthers or jags
  8. Inside linebacker is my biggest concern
  9. Trade art jones dorsett and our 1st to move up
  10. What edge guy would be there at 9 that wont at 15
  11. Rumor has it peterson is willing to give patriots a discount. If he returns to form could be a tough combo Mod edit: added link
  12. He is the type of player that the patriots would turn into a superstar
  13. brady is the best and as long as he plays the afc is at their mercy
  14. I'll only be made if he picks project players in the first two rounds.

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