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  1. Glad to see the Pacers aren't accepted what the Lakers offered. That's a terrible offer. Jimmy Butler has apparently informed the Cavs he'd rather stay in Chicago. That means they're probably really going to push hard for George, which benefits us. I'd still like to see that three team deal I posted with the Knicks....
  2. Phil Jackson is willing to trade Porzingis. Never assume the Knicks will do something logical. Pritchard, make this deal happen right now!! We can even throw in the 18th overall pick to send to New York
  3. Hard to say. Atlanta's pick this year is 19. Give them Paul George for a couple of years and you're getting three out of those four picks at 20 and beyond. Is that really worth it?
  4. There is one thing that gives me hope when this comes up. Atlanta offered 4 first round picks for George at the deadline, and Denver apparently offered a huge deal too. Even at the deadline, it was pretty well known that George wanted to play for LA. So if teams knew George wanted to go to LA and still made those big offers back then, what's to stop someone from doing the same here?
  5. I agree. I have 0 doubt that Grigson was arrogant and annoying and hard to get along with. But I think this is missing some context. Regardless of how much of a jerk he may be, I have difficulty seeing a GM walk up to his All-Pro punter and the first thing out of his mouth is "you're the lowest part of the organization". At the very least, I think they'd exchange pleasantries, however superficial they may be. Also, didn't Pat say Grigson pretty much ignored him for several weeks? I remember McAfee saying he didn't like how Grigson would walk past him in the halls and not even acknowledge him, say hi or make eye contact or anything. I was just about to post this exact same thing. Speaking on behalf of every Canadian, we do not want him.
  6. Kinda hoping Phil Jackson and James Dolan continue doing things that run the Knicks into the ground. That's the key to making that trade happen A few things here... Firstly, I can't help but wonder who is leaking all of this. If George tells Pritchard he won't re-sign, either someone in George's camp or in the Pacers front office is leaking the news. If it's George's side, I don't see what they have to gain by saying it. If it's the Pacers, then we deserve to lose George and get nothing in return. The link you posted said it's George's camp that's saying all this, in which case Pritchard and Bird need to have a serious talk with George and tell him/his side to be more mature. His camp leaking all of this is simply unacceptable. Secondly, I agree. I don't know why George is being such a flip-flopper. Before, he said he happy Indy is surrounding him with talent and not wasting his prime. Then wants to play for a contender, or the Lakers. Then he said he wants to build Indy into a contender and do what Reggie couldn't and bring a championship to Indy. Then he said Indy is his team and he's just focused on playing well next year. Then he said he won't re-sign with the Pacers. Now he's saying he won't re-sign with anyone. And that's all in the matter of just one year. I don't know if maybe someone else is pulling the strings and influencing George, but it's odd how often he's changed his mind. Thirdly, this really hurts the Pacers. Again, with George's history of changing his mind about as often as he changes socks, you never know. The Cavs were apparently confident that their championship culture could convince him to re-sign. Perhaps playing alongside LeBron and for a contender could sway him, since I don't see the Lakers making the playoffs next year.
  7. Yeah, it's tough. Cleveland doesn't have many movable assets. I don't think they'd wanna move Kyrie, so the most likely option is moving Love. Love has a $20 mil contract, which complicates things for trade. As such, you'd need a team with cap space to take Love and high draft picks to send to Indy so the three teams can do a swap
  8. What if the Knicks join the trade talks? Cleveland receives Paul George, Carmelo Anthony Indiana receives Kristaps Porzingis, Tristan Thompson, 8th overall pick, NYK first round pick in 2018 New York receives Kevin Love, Monta Ellis/Al Jefferson Indy can then look to send Thompson elsewhere (Boston?) for picks Cleveland gets two stars. Indy gets guys and picks for the future (plus a Turner/Porzingis combo would be fun to watch), New York gets rid of Melo and a disgruntled Porzingis and gets a younger Love to replace Melo. They also add depth with Ellis or Jefferson
  9. Tennessee is quietly building a pretty solid team.
  10. It just seems like we have two threads discussing the same topic. If you think it's best to keep them separate, one for just the Pacers and the other for the rest of the NBA, that's fine too
  11. The best offer I can come up with, though it's likely highly unrealistic... Cleveland receives Paul George, Kevin Seraphin Indiana receives #5 and #10 overall picks, Sacramento's 2020 first round pick, Cleveland's 2020 first round pick (I'm hoping they'll go back to being awful by then), Afflalo, Collison (he might be a free agent), Ben McClemore Sacramento receives Kevin Love, Joe Young Cleveland gets George and some depth at big to replace the leaving Kevin Love Indiana is all about the future. They get lots of future picks to build with, decent role players/mentors in Afflalo and Collison, and a young guy with some talent in McClemore Sacramento gets Kevin Love, which will probably get Vlade unreasonably excited, and some young depth at point guard in Joe Young. I wanted to move Kyrie to Indy here too, but I can't see it happening.
  12. Smart is a good defensive player. His shooting isn't amazing, but I think he's still a good piece to have Maybe take off Bradley and throw in another of those future picks they got from Philly? They pretty much drafted Kawhi.
  13. I agree, but we can hope? Boston receives Paul George, Al Jefferson Indiana receives Avery Bradley, Amir Johnson, Jaylen Brown, 3rd overall pick, a 2018 or 2019 first round pick
  14. Just throwing more trade ideas out there since I think we're kinda screwed at this point.... Cleveland receives Paul George Indiana receives Kenneth Faried, Jameer Nelson, 13th overall pick, Denver's 2019 first round pick Denver receives Kevin Love, #29 overall pick, Aaron Brooks Cleveland gets George, Indiana gets picks for the future (maybe package 13 and 18 to move up this year) and a couple of good mentors in Faried and Nelson, Denver gets someone to replace Faried and another experienced point guard to help Mudiay and Murray
  15. I think the possibility of playing for a championship on an annual basis, and playing alongside LeBron, could be enough to convince George to re-sign with Cleveland instead of bolting for LA

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