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  1. Best option is to not give him any clicks or views. Ignore his site and posts and don't spread them
  2. His character comes across that way to me. Arrogant player, thinks very highly of himself, that could be his downfall. It's good to be confident, but I think he's arrogant
  3. To me, Baker is Johnny Manziel 2.0 and should be avoided at all costs.
  4. There are some Jets fans out there who think they could be taking Baker Mayfield 3rd overall. I think that would be a huge mistake
  5. That's a really good haul. I'd be interested in seeing if anyone wants to trade up to 6. Maybe move down 3 or 4 spots and gain another 3 or 4 picks in the process.
  6. Send a message Colts fans

    I'm just gonna go ahead and lock this....
  7. http://forums.colts.com/topic/57031-colts-in-the-mix-for-de-clayborn/
  8. I'd really like to have him on the team, but I think this is a buyer beware situation. He has a history of being injury prone, and his play took a bit of a dip last year. I think he'll have several options to choose from, and someone is probably going to overpay him, so I don't see him coming to Indy. But it would be really fun if he did. Our secondary would have lots of talent
  9. From what I've read about him, he's been a pretty solid run defender, which was expected because of his size. He doesn't offer much in terms of pass rush (1.5 career sacks), but he occupies blockers
  10. Of course. Done. Will unpin the first round thread
  11. Tyrod Taylor News (as it relates to the Colts)

    Barkley at 1 would still give them plenty of options for a QB at 4
  12. Take me in the mind of a Jarvis Landry.

    I didn't look into the team much. But even with that in mind, they'd have other options. Also, looks like they just traded for Damarious Randall, too. Browns are making moves here
  13. Browns trading for J Landry

    Agreed. But I love it. Makes things really exciting