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  1. Kaepernick Files A Grievance Against The NFL

    I don't think we are disagreeing or missing each other's points. The last line of the post of mine that you quoted was "I think it's far too difficult to prove any collusion took place". We're on the same page here. This lawsuit is likely to go nowhere
  2. 2017 Season Predictions

    Well done! That Jags matchup could be a tough one though
  3. Kaepernick Files A Grievance Against The NFL

    I believe the concern is that teams could then face consequences for discriminating against his political views. Thank you!
  4. Kaepernick Files A Grievance Against The NFL

    You can counter it too many ways. The Colts liked Tolzien more because he was in the same system for a year, so they were more comfortable with him. The Browns like their guys more because they want to develop the young guys they have. The Jets like Hackenberg more because he's been on the team since 2016 and they maybe see some potential in him. Point is, it's too easy to counter the stats argument with several other football-related arguments. I think it's far too difficult to prove any collusion took place
  5. Kaepernick Files A Grievance Against The NFL

    I agree with what you said about being good enough. I even pointed out that his play went off a cliff after Harbaugh left the 49ers. I think it's too hard to prove it's collusion versus a football decision for this to go anywhere for Kaep. In his career, he's a below 60% passer and averages less than 200 yards a game. 72 TDs in 69 games and an overall 28-30 (including 3-16 in his last 2 years in the NFL) are hard to argue against. Every owner in the league can simply point to the numbers and say that's why they didn't sign Kaepernick
  6. Kaepernick Files A Grievance Against The NFL

    This is a super loaded issue, especially after this update. I also saw a report that he's intending to dissolve the CBA because the CBA has a clause whereby collusion from the owners would result in the CBA's invalidation. I don't know what that would entail, like perhaps a lockout midseason or something where the season is cancelled or postponed (@Superman you might be able to fill in the details here). I'm also unsure how many owners have to be involved for this clause to come into effect, whether it simply requires 2 owners colluding, or if there must be a 2/3rds things going on like when they vote for new rules. That could also have the support of the players who seem to be generally unhappy with how much power Goodell has and might want to renegotiate the CBA sooner rather than it's actual expiry date (which I think is 2020). It would be interesting to see how the players contribute, whether intentionally or unintentionally (eg. I believe it was Brandon Weeden who recently came out and said players in the league believe Kaep is good enough to be playing in the NFL). While I am on Kaep's side of this, I think it's too easy for the owners to simply say it's a football decision. Once Harbaugh left San Fran, his play took a nosedive. Look at the film and you generally see a guy who is very raw, has trouble reading defenses, and has accuracy issues. Sure, the protests and the attention that come with them is a factor, but I think the owners could (easily) argue that this is a football decision. Either way, this could get even deeper and messier than it already was.
  7. Hasn't he played less than half of a full season in his entire pro career thus far?
  8. Shottenheimer

    I believe @Superman made an exceptional post detailing how the offense has been largely the same under the different coordinators, but he can confirm.

    Agreed. Bad fit from the start

    They also acted like AP was going to be his 27 year old self. The guy has a ton of mileage on him and is in the final stages of his career. Expectations were unrealistic right off the bat

    The Saints were silly for signing him in the first place.
  12. Giants and Browns Lose Again

    I didn't like Kizer coming out of the draft and I think the Browns made a mistake selecting him in the 2nd round. I think they are finally starting to do things the right way, but it will take time. I think this year's QB class will be better, so they should have waited to take one of these upcoming guys as their future franchise QB. As for the Giants, they are the most talented and accomplished 0-5 team I can recall. Not sure what the problem there is, but a lot of people are saying it's on the head coach
  13. Should the Colts be in new division???

    Logistically, it makes sense. But one of the key factors in keeping divisions together, as @jskinnz said, is to keep rivalries together. I don't foresee things changing anytime soon
  14. I think i have an amazing idea...

    The old Tom Landry strategy...