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  1. Odds On Which Coach Gets Axed First in 2017

    It's gonna get a little messy if the Bowels are first to go....
  2. Brian Cushing Suspended for PED Use

    Does this really surprise anyone?
  3. We need Rex Ryan as DC!!!!!!!

    I believe they coached together in Baltimore, so I don't think Pagano would be against bringing Ryan in. While I think very highly of Ryan as a DC, I think the bigger issue on the defense is talent and injuries.
  4. The real culprit in all this is the Owner (merge)

    I've been very critical of Irsay in the last few years. While a lot of the issues can be stemmed to him, I think he's making moves in the right direction. He isn't trying to force something that isn't there. He stuck with Grigson too long, but did make the right move to fire him and I think bringing in Ballard was another good move. It's going to take time to see the results
  5. So.....why not Kaepernick again???

    http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2715623-ha-ha-clinton-dix-participating-in-unpaid-internship-with-wisconsin-judge Clinton-Dix. I didn't even know he was doing such a thing. Good on him for seeking out more information and being educated. He does say it's for a college degree, so I don't think he's doing it simply to gain a better understanding of the very complex dynamics at work here, but it never hurts to gain more education
  6. So.....why not Kaepernick again???

    Yes and no. If you want to say the cops are being disrespectful and unfair to certain people (in this case, African Americans), it's also disrespectful and unfair to depict all cops as pigs. His point is correct that some people are being treated unfairly, but it would really help his case if he practiced what he preached and didn't paint all cops with the same brush.
  7. So.....why not Kaepernick again???

    With apologies, I haven't been able to follow the thread as closely as I'd like. I'll tag some mods and hopefully they can take a closer look at things and make a decision. @Nadine @Superman @Steamboat_Shaun @SteelCityColt
  8. So.....why not Kaepernick again???

    I agree that even Kaep is being hypocritical to some degree. I think wearing socks depicting cops as pigs is unnecessarily disrespectful. For someone trying to preach a message of acceptance, respect, and progress, some of his actions and ideas (pig socks, promotion of Castro) are definitely hypocritical and clash with his goals
  9. So.....why not Kaepernick again???

    I'm of the opinion that if you hate on Kaep for political reasons, the rationale you're employing is hypocritical. While I am in full support of his political endeavours (save the things about Castro being a good guy...), I think Kaep being a free agent is mostly (but not completely) football. His completion percentage in the last 2 years is below 60%. That's pretty bad. Doesn't mean he's a worse option than Tolzien, but it's not like he's Drew Brees or Peyton Manning on the free agent market.
  10. Andy Reid > BB ???

    I can't stand Heath, but maybe he knows a little more than I give him credit for...
  11. Some interesting fun facts from the KC vs. NE game.

    I think I also read that Alex Smith had 2 TD passes of over 40 yards all of last year and he had 2 in the opening game alone
  12. Operation Clown Face...

    You sound pretty mad that your team was caught intentionally trying to injure other players. How is that Goodell's fault? I'm not the world's biggest Goodell fan, but you're making it seem like he has a vendetta against specific teams and is going out of his way to ruin them.
  13. Are the Colts a dumpster fire?

    I can only echo what the majority of posters have already said. The roster needs work, but this team is far from a dumpster fire. We have a plan in place for the future, and we have some solid talent at several positions.
  14. Listen up Tankers

    I'm not saying this is the case, but one could make the case that our SB hopes are done for this year already. Does this team have what it takes to keep up with teams like the Pats, Chiefs, Steelers, and Raiders? We haven't had any games yet (which is why I'm not advocating for tanking just yet), but all of those rosters and coaching staffs are way ahead of ours. As you said, crazy things happen every year, but one could make the case things are looking good for the Colts right now.
  15. Listen up Tankers

    As someone who advocates tanking at times, I'll chime in here... Regarding your best case scenario, I'd say your logic was flawed. Your argument was essentially that since the Colts only won 1 Super Bowl with Manning, there's no point. If that were the case, the number one pick wouldn't have the fanfare it does. Number one picks can change organizations; that doesn't mean they will. Tanking and getting the number one pick is simply a means of acquiring more talent for your team. You still need coaches to develop that talent, you still need a GM who can build the roster, etc. In a real "best case scenario" where everything goes perfectly, you tank and get a franchise QB. Not only does that QB stabilize your team, but there are also other positive impacts, like big name free agents wanting to play with him, and maybe even taking a discount to do so. Let's consider an alternative scenario where a team with a franchise QB (let's say the Colts, since some were saying the Colts should have done last year) decides to tank. When draft time comes around and we have the number one overall pick, we can listen to any of the offers on the table. In 2016, the Rams gave the Titans the 15th, 43rd, 45th, 76th picks, as well as the 5th and 100th picks in the 2017 draft in exchange for the 1st, 113th, and 177th picks in the 2016 draft. Maybe a team would give us an offer like that. If you already have your franchise QB and you still own the number one overall pick, you have tons of options to bring more talent to your team. At the end of the day, tanking isn't a perfect strategy, but it can help you get up the future of your franchise and bring in a lot of talent.