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  1. Jim Harbaugh did it and it worked out pretty well for him and the Ravens. Plus, Toub has a lot of experience and was very involved on both sides of the ball, so I wouldn't be overly concerned about that.
  2. Group Mock Draft

    We usually do have something like this on the forums I believe some of the discussions in that thread revolved around limiting trades, and possibly organizing it so everyone is on the forums at the same time and the draft can proceed much more quickly
  3. Name One Professional Athlete Where The...........

    People are entitled to their opinions. I am one of those who believes Manning is better than Brady, but I (as well as many other Manning fans) can still appreciate Brady's talents and greatness. It seems like you're just trying to stir up some trouble with this thread
  4. Name One Professional Athlete Where The...........

    Brady is an exceptional quarterback; that's well-established. What are you trying to accomplish with this thread?
  5. Is a 4-3 similar to a tampa 2?

    You can win with either scheme as long as you have the right personnel for it. I don't think either scheme is superior to the other.
  6. Mike Mitchell....My Man !!!!

    That's the first thing I was thinking of too. I wonder how all those players who sued the league for the CTE/dementia/consussions/mental health problems feel about Mitchell's comments. I wonder how the Seau family feels about them. The league is in a no-win situation, so it's easy for the players to just make their comments and think they're right.
  7. Mike Mitchell....My Man !!!!

    If you want that, you might as well just watch rugby or Aussie rules
  8. Mike Mitchell....My Man !!!!

    The problem with Mitchell's argument is that it's a no-win situation for the league. On the one hand, you have players and fans saying "we want the game to be rough and physical and violent because that's what football is". On the other hand, you have other players and the NFLPA saying the NFL doesn't do enough for player safety. So if the league implements rules and fines in the name of player safety, those who want the game to be more physical and aggressive get upset. And if the game is physical and aggressive, players complain about concussions and CTE and the league not doing enough for them. Whatever the league does, they lose.
  9. John Simon (OLB) to IR

    I'm convinced there's something wrong with the facilities in Indy. The turf must be bad or something. We are consistently among the most injured teams in the league
  10. Calvin Pryor, S - Former 1st Rounder Released

    Certainly wouldn't hurt to take a look at him, maybe give him a 1 year, vet min type of deal. Coming out of college, he was being called the next Bob Sanders. I think he's had some injury problems, but he's still quite young. It can't hurt to take a look
  11. I just wanted to pass this along

    He's really knowledgeable and does this type of thing for many franchises in different sports. He's done ones for hockey, he's done a lot for different NFL teams, he's done some for baseball teams. The guy does his research
  12. http://forums.colts.com/topic/55128-i-just-wanted-to-pass-this-along/
  13. I just wanted to pass this along

    I think UrinatingTree is actually one of the funnier guys on YouTube. He makes some quality sports content, knows quite a bit/does a lot of research, and I think he's pretty funny. He does a summary of each week's NFL action on Tuesday or Wednesday and his videos are usually good for a few laughs. He even makes fun of his own hometown team, which I think is the Steelers. As a Colts fan, I certainly don't agree with everything he said, though I do think he has some valid points, but I think it was still a funny and well put together video
  14. Stampede Blues article

    There are plenty of options that would be an upgrade, but we pretty much know what we're getting with Andy Reid. His teams do relatively well in the regular season, his offenses are conservative, and his teams don't do well in the playoffs. The point isn't to upgrade; the point is to get a great coach who can lead us to Super Bowl wins
  15. Stampede Blues article

    The biggest issue I have with Reid is he gets plenty of regular season wins, but his postseason record is below .500. From what I've noticed, his teams tend to peak early, but then fall off down the stretch. According to some Chiefs fans, his offenses are usually somewhat conservative/low risk-low reward, which is safe to get some wins in the regular season, but won't get it done in the playoffs. I really like Reid, and I think he'd definitely be an upgrade over Pagano, but I don't think he would be the best option if he were to become available.