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  1. I usually don't like to see franchises move, but it will be nice for them to play on an actual field instead of a baseball diamond
  2. I think it's fine as long as you have a plan. If you're the 76ers, then I would understand a fan's frustration with tanking. But if they have a plan (eg. release older vets to clear cap space, give young guys playing time so they develop, get a higher draft pick), then I think a one year tank can be good for the future of the franchise. We're at a point now where we can't compete with the top teams in the East, let alone the entire league. Not only that, but we need to bring in lots of talent to the roster to keep Paul George around. I would have no problem with a one year tank to build the team up and get them back to being a contender
  3. Penguins lose again, this time to the Flyers (and take another injury hit), so the Caps and Blue Jackets have a game up on them. That's three losses in a row for the Pens. They also have upcoming games against the Blackhawks on Wednesday, Rangers on Friday, then Blue Jackets the following Tuesday, so their schedule is pretty tough. Columbus has the Blackhawks on Friday, Capitals on Sunday, then Penguins on the following Tuesday, so they have quite a gauntlet to go through as well The Capitals have a road trip coming up that goes Minny, Colorado, Arizona, Columbus, Toronto. Not too many tough teams, but playing 5 road games in 8 days is tough. Meanwhile, Connor McDavid is leading the league in points in just his first full season while the Oilers are tied for first in the Pacific!
  4. I still stand by my previous comments that this team should have tanked and needs a new coach. However, reasons for hope: 1) The Pacers are among the league's best defensive teams since the All-Star break. I think I read that they're 3rd in defensive rating in that time 2) When the team goes to a shorter bench, they tend to do better. In the playoffs, teams typically play 9 men, so this could be good for the Pacers 3) Paul George has shown that he can and usually does elevate his play in the playoffs Get to the playoffs, win a series, maybe take the second series to 7 games, Paul George likes that the team had some playoff success so he's more willing to stay and recruit guys to Indy (Hayward? Ibaka? Durant?). I know there are a lot of "if"s in that plan, but it's some reason for optimism
  5. The Patriots tend to change their system on a weekly basis. It's pretty incredible. Under Belichick, they've run a 4-3 and a 3-4. The Seahawks run a 4-3 (remember, that's the DL and LB) and cover 3. That means the two corners and one safety each cover a deep 1/3rd of the field. If you notice, there are 4 down linemen and 3 linebackers (the guy who looks like the 4th linebacker is safety Kam Chancellor), and the remaining players are defensive backs. Of course, this is just their base defense. Any defensive coordinator or head coach worth his weight in salt knows to vary things up. During the Dungy years, the Colts ran primarily a Tampa 2. They were still a 4-3 because they had 4 down linemen and 3 linebackers, but the two safeties would each cover a deep half of the field, thus the term Tampa 2. This is in contrast to the Seahawks who have the cover 3. Both Seattle and Dungy's Colts were/are 4-3. To make it clearer, the reason it's called Tampa 2 vs. Seattle's defense being called cover 3 is simply because the defense became very popular in Tampa Bay. It's a cover 2 defense, but is commonly referred to as Tampa 2.
  6. 4-3 refers to the alignment of the front 7, 4 down linemen and 3 linebackers. Tampa 2 and 4-3 aren't mutually exclusive. What we had during those Tampa 2 years was a 4-3
  7. Between all of the starters we lost from those 2013/2014 years, I think David West was the biggest one. He brought toughness, leadership, demanded high effort, didn't allow the guys to take plays off or coast. He could rebound, he could hit the jump shot. Losing West really hurt and we haven't replaced most of what he brought to the team. George Hill was a close second.
  8. This is good. It makes me wonder why they took until now to do it, but regardless, the bottom line is that he's gone
  9. Washington beats Columbus while Pittsburgh loses to Ottawa
  10. Almost as if they're reading the forums... http://www.thescore.com/nba/news/1261841-report-george-would-love-to-play-with-hayward They do say it's unlikely, but if George is interested, it could start a chain of events that leads Hayward to Indy. George wants it to happen, Bird wants to keep George so he takes the idea into consideration, George does some recruiting, the appeal of playing for your hometown team, etc. And another interesting read http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/18959003/zach-lowe-paul-george-future-indiana-pacers
  11. Brutal. But not as serious as a torn Achilles, like Sidney Jones. I don't think this will affect how teams evaluate him. He can probably still expect to be taken by the end of the 2nd round
  12. I agree. I think they need to stick to/improve that formula. Find another tough and physical PF. Myles Turner can be like Hibbert, but with more athleticism and offensive ability. The SG spot is really hurting us. Lance did a lot for those teams. Since he left, the Pacers haven't been able to fill the void he left, and Lance has struggled to regain his previous form
  13. Should have tanked the season a long time ago, if you ask me. The Pacers can't keep up with teams like Boston, Washington, and Toronto. Get a higher draft pick in a loaded class, cut/prepare to cut players like Jefferson who aren't contributing much, give young guys more playing time to develop, and start looking for a replacement for McMillan. Indiana is at its best when playing strong, physical defense. That's the formula that got us so far in the playoffs a few years ago. Bird is trying to force us to become the Warriors. There's nothing wrong with trying to play with a higher pace and higher tempo, but I don't think you should sacrifice so many good defensive pieces for it.
  14. All indications have been that he'll be ready by training camp. Nothing to worry about
  15. Getting paid doesn't always mean a player is good. Some of the top paid players in the league last year included Joe Flacco, Carson Palmer, and Sam Bradford, and none of them made the playoffs. Poorly managed teams hand out big money to players who don't deserve it, which is part of the reason why they're poorly managed. That's not to say any of the aforementioned players are bad, but rather just to illustrate my point that highly paid doesn't always mean good player

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