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  1. One of the stupidest trades I can remember. For Martin freakin' Erat. It's tough for me to watch Preds games because Forsberg is doing so well...
  2. Fake punt - this one had some merit to it, but it was poorly executed. Whalen wasn't supposed to snap it, and even Pagano was seen on the sidelines saying "why did he snap it?", so I don't put this one on Pagano. I think this was more McMahon's fault and Whalen's fault for having really bad situational awareness 4th and 2 - again, there's some reasoning behind this. Belichick was scared of Peyton, so he'd rather risk going for it with Brady than punting and giving Peyton the ball back. At least if you go for it, there's a chance you keep possession. If you punt it, you 100% give possession to the other team Seahawks pass - once again, there's some reasoning here. I don't like the play itself, but passing makes sense as long as you pass to the corner/back of the endzone. Their goal was to save time without using a timeout, so throwing it on an inside slant was an awful idea. I have no problem with them wanting to throw a pass in that situation, but you have to throw it to the back of the endzone and put the ball where only your receiver can get it. Falcons - this one makes absolutely no sense to me. The only thing I can think of here is the element of surprise. The Falcons got greedy. I don't pin this one on Quinn, but on Shanahan. I see no reason to be throwing the ball in those situations. Plus, add in that this was in the Super Bowl, and that they were up by 25 points. This is by far the worst one on the list
  3. But if that were the case here, wouldn't the charges simply be dropped? The fact that it went to court suggests the victim is not intimidated or feels backed into a corner. The case, as I understand it, went to court and the charges were dropped because of a lack of evidence. If the victim was fearful, wouldn't she just drop the charges or settle out of court? Hard to say. I don't know enough about the case to comment either way
  4. Wouldn't they say that, then? Not saying you're wrong, but if they reached a settlement, wouldn't they say that the case has been settled out of court instead of saying the case has been dismissed?
  5. Keep in mind it's not just the Lakers and Celtics that were interested in George. Denver and Atlanta both made aggressive trade offers. So just because the Lakers think they can get him in 2018, doesn't mean the window is closed for Pritchard to make a deal.
  6. It's because of a lack of evidence. I'm no expert on the case or on the legal system, but a lack of evidence is a pretty good reason to throw something out. I'm not saying this is what happened, but if the accuser is making things up, then a lack of evidence would be just cause to throw the case out.
  7. I don't think this is that big of a deal. I understand she shouldn't have said it, but if Brady did hide a concussion, I'm sure he wasn't the only player to do so last season. It's unfortunate, but it's a reality of the NFL. These guys are ultra competitive and don't want to sit out or let someone else take their reps.
  8. I was just thinking the same thing. Watch him pull the same stunt he did in Pittsburgh, re-sign with Philly, and New England still gets his departure as part of their comp pick calculation
  9. Love the focus on competition and competing to make each other - and the team - better. I've been very critical of Dorsett and Green, but I like their attitude and approach to this upcoming year. Thanks for the updates, @TKnight24
  10. Except for that one little thing....
  11. Good choice. A respected and well known member of the sports community and a guy who is pretty funny too.
  12. I'm surprised people still watch that show
  13. The Ducks are just such a solid team. Getz is an absolute monster. I have to say, I'm surprised Ottawa is where it is. I didn't even think they'd make it out of the first round
  14. I feel the same way. I think Irsay trusts Ballard's vision and Ballard has made good decisions this offseason. Like you, I'd be a little wary of promoting a special teams coach to head coach, but I have confidence in Ballard.
  15. The general belief is that if Pagano is not retained for next year, Dave Toub would be his replacement.

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