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  1. History and reputation? You mean the one where he started and played in EVERY game last year and was a1st team All American? The team is handling him exactly as they should. Hooker is being treated no differently than Luck right now. It's PRESEASON.
  2. THIS RIGHT HERE... "she also said she was going to ruin his career and that because she was a white woman and he was a black man nobody would believe." There are witnesses of her saying this nonsense. Her butt should be drug through the mud with a defamation lawsuit.
  3. It's MUCH different when sitting back and trying to anticipate (reading/reacting) whats coming at you, than just having your coach go "see that guy in front of you, stay with him". He seems to be doing decent with it in practice. If he fails, what did we lose? He's not starting at Safety, why not give him a chance to be able to add some depth at another position we continually have problems at, especially with health.
  4. He did have Sean Smith for a year in KC.. Him and Green are identical physically. When everyone was bashing him early in the off-season, I specifically stated that I thought Green should get a look at CB and here we are.
  5. IF only Vegas had us at 5 wins.... /makingitrain
  6. Ohh boy.... The look on both of their faces..
  7. I HIGHLY doubt it, with both setting their eyes on LA next year, OKC's second half of the season might be pretty ugly.
  8. PG on Leonard's level? HA! Leonard has been in MVP discussions. PG? Nope... I'd take Butler, and especially, Leonard in a heartbeat over PG. PG got soft, wanted to whine about not winning - partially his fault due to his absolute * poor shooting nights, and again, I'm glad Prichard sent his as' out West. He can go and shoot as many of those broke as' jump shots that Westbrook will allow him to. To the bolded... EXACTLY the reason I'd tell PG to go kick rocks and take Leonard.
  9. Devils advocate.. They will struggle to finish at .500 and PG will gone by the trade deadline. This was nothing more than a business move for OKC. They got nothing in return for Durant, they unloaded Oladipo's contract, and I'm sure a good playoff/finals contender will come calling for PG, or they take the best offer. Boston could end up getting PG in the end anyways for a late playoff run rental, depending on what they're willing to give up.
  10. ?? They haven't been % or picked up a worth while FA in over 5 years. Their last "good" FA was 10 years ago and that was Pau Gasol.
  11. Sure didn't seem like it this past year.. He just wanted to shoot half of his 15-20 shots a game behind the 3 point line. He would have been a perfect fit for Cleveland. Paul put on his best "poor-man's Kobe" impression, and went all diva right along with it. I think it's great that KP sent his butt to OKC. He can go fight with Westbrook and try to get the ball from him. They'll be lucky to win 50 games next year with the way those 2 play. It wouldn't surprise me if OKC unloads PG at the trade deadline. LA won't sniff a title playing in the west with GS and San Antonio
  12. ? Every deal in the NBA is fully guaranteed..
  13. Not unless Brad meets Gordon halfway here in Indy. That's about the closest Gordon will ever get to here.
  14. Not when there were widespread predictions/projections that had the Pacers taking Green leading up to and the night of the draft. Taking Plumlee was a huge surprise considering he wasn't going to play because we had Hibbert

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