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  1. tvturner's Mock #5

    Not even close. He's going to be over drafted like Eli Apple was - he's literally the same player. Great athleticism, average DB skill-set. I'm a Buckeye guy and I'm amazed at the hype Ward is getting.
  2. As a Buckeye guy, Ward is not a top-10 guy. People are enamored with his athleticism, and it is top-notch, but he doesn't have near the DB skill-set that Conley and Lattimore had. This was probably one of the worst secondary units that Meyer has had, and a lot of that had to do with them being so young, but that's a big reason he stood out in the secondary. He's much closer to being Eli Apple, who wasn't that great either, than he is Lattimore/Conley. I wouldn't be too happy if he's our pick at #6.
  3. Two 2nd's this year and 1 next year.
  4. Signing with the Jags per
  5. Nickel corners don't have that kind of a price tag.... You don't pay the money he's going to want for him to play nickel corner.
  6. I don't think he's fully reading your posts and missing the point where not all league years start on the same day...
  7. Bradford to Cardinals

    I'd still take Brissett over him.
  8. I don't view Landry as a 3 down DE in our system. Guice, I believe, could be had with our round 2 pick. I'm really not a fan of picking that far back. Ideally, I don't want to leave the top-10.
  9. Reality's Post Combine Mock

    I'm still baffled as to why people keep wanting to trade Simon. Trading him isn't helping our DE rotation at all. He's not a SAM, even though he could possobly play there, he's a DE and better suited for this defense.
  10. The top 5 picks next year may end up all being DLineman
  11. He would have been a top-10 pick coming out as a Freshmen. The kid was a man amongst boys. I followed Houston because Todd Herrman went there from Ohio State. This kid is the real deal.
  12. Giant's look to have limited cap space, so with whatever deal they are looking to give Norwell, their backs are going to be against the wall as far as draft picks/emergency money. I don't understand how people complain about wanting top tier talent but fold when it comes to paying for it. With our money, I'd easily slide a contract to Norwell at 5/70 with 40 to 50 guaranteed. You have to pay to play, especially with guys of Norwell's caliber. There's no reason we can't compete with the Giants and give Norwell a better deal. Maybe he's loyal to Gettleman, but I would certainly test it.
  13. March Mock 2018

    He'll do it again at his Pro Day.. I can guarantee it will be better. That will only solidify his spot more.
  14. Trent vs Barkley

    That was Washington.. Ohio State kept him pretty much contained outside of one running play (1:50 mark). They didn't let him get to the edge and they had Baker/Worley watching him out of the backfield. They really didn't do anything special scheme-wise. Around the 4 minute mark he had 3 plays or so he was dropped by Arnette, Fuller, and Sheffield, all DB's. He tends to go down a little easier than he should. Also, you get a good look at his pass protection, as that Ohio State DL was arguably the best in the country. Just a different perspective..
  15. Teams are going to have to expect more Eli Apple than Lattimore or Conley with Ward in the first year or 2. He's more suited to being a Cover-2/3 corner than a man-cover corner. Denzel has all the athletic traits, obviously, teams are looking for, but he drove me nuts last year with his inability to get his head around and track the ball in the air. He got a little better as the year went on, but he's still relying on his athleticism to help cover/beat his man instead of using proper technique. Eli Apple was the exact same way. If Ward lands anywhere between 15 and 25, that's good value for him, but anything higher and I think teams are reaching.