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  1. I think you mean Melo.. PG hasn't been playing.
  2. Mayfield doesn't have an NFL arm either. His character concerns are undoubtedly there, but I find it funny Rosen's character hasn't been put into question. He has huge similarities to Manziel as well - partying, downplaying the importance of school, and the kid has a hot tub in his dorm room. I'm not as impressed with him as these guys are, but any team that takes him better hope he doesn't turn into a complete diva/* because whatever potential he has/had becomes moot.
  3. College Football Playoffs

    I believe with the way the CFP is set up now, that's the maximum number of games they would allow a team to play in a season (2 extra). If there were a 6 team play off, a team could potentially play 3 extra games, which i believe is against the rules of the NCAA currently.
  4. Get your pass rushers early

    And he was only like 215lbs... He was a heckuva college player though
  5. College Football 2017-2018 thread

    They beat Michigan pretty easily, and I doubt they would have had much issue with Michigan State. Penn State would have been a challenge, and I honestly see that as a 50/50 game with the favorite being the home team. Wisconsin got penalized for losing to the #8 team by 6 in their conference title game, where as Bama gets rewarded by getting beat by 12 to a 3 loss Auburn team who just got smoked in their conference title game. On paper, Bama's and Wisconsin's resume were nearly identical (schedule strength, quality of wins), but again, Bama got rewarded. As I've stated Bama nor Ohio State deserved to get in, and again, honestly I would have been fine with Wisconsin beating Ohio State just so none of this nonsense had to happen. I was really hoping that would happen in hopes of Ohio State and Bama getting a NY6 game.
  6. College Football Playoffs

    . Nope..
  7. College Football 2017-2018 thread

    I'm taking Clemson for the repeat. OSU nor Bama should have gotten in. A conference champ didn't get in and any team that says they are worthy of a spot without being a conference champ, having a terrible schedule, and is STILL scheduling FCS schools late in the season(Alabama), shouldn't be in either. Wisconsin, even though they lost, had a better resume than Alabama. 2 schools from the same conference shouldn't get in period.
  8. Even with them being 12-10, I still enjoy watching them. Outside of Thad and Myles, practically every other piece is "new" and they are still highly competitive. They are a few pieces away, but should continue to improve as the year goes on. I just wish we had a wing like Vic 3 years ago, when we were fighting the Heat in the ECF. I'm not sure the Heat would have lasted 6 games against us.
  9. They've been wanting to be uptempo more than just last year. The way they played last year was no different than the way they had been the last 3 or 4. I think it had less to do with Teague and more to do with PG. The half court offense they ran was better suited for PG beings the offense was built around him. The closest they got to playing like this year was Lances last season here in 2013 when he had the ball in his hands more. I agree Collison is cheaper, but I don't think the talent was that close.
  10. Haha.. it's all in good fun! Harden and Ibaka knew their roles, and Durant doesn't need to be the alpha, just like he'sshowing in Golden State. He's one of those guys who could thrive anywhere and be successful playing alongside anyone. However, Melo, and now PG, just aren't that type of player, and especially Westbrook. There's just too much ego on that team. Just a prediction, but I think Cleveland is going to move Love to OKC for PG. Bron and Crowder play the "big" spots with PG playing the 3. Athletically, that would help them match up with the West a lot better.
  11. He was much better at attacking the rim than Collison and also a better leader/distributor. He would have thrived in this offense this year. I still think they need to play around with Thad at the 3 and with Sabonis and Turner playing the 4 and 5.
  12. Sure you do.. You just refuse to accept that just because you add 3 big name players doesn't mean you're going to be good. Those 3 together was a recipe for disaster, especially when Melo and Westbrook don't give much, PG isn't far off either, on the defensive side of the floor.
  13. We don't have an upper tier PG. Bogs is fine. I'd rather had kept Teague, as he would have fit into "this" team much better than last years team.
  14. I'd rather not watch an athletic 6'10 guy, who used to be aggressive and attack the basket, resort to shooting half of his shots 20' and beyond.
  15. And what did Lebron have on him? What good is putting 40 on a guy when he does it right back to you?