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  1. From a pure safety perspective, Hooker and Adams are hands down better than Peppers. The only way I can see Mayock putting Peppers above those two is Peppers being a contributor to special teams as well.
  2. I'm glad our organization didn't give up on Reggie Wayne after his second year. By no means am I saying that Dorsett will ever be Reggie, but he's showing progression, just as Reggie did. This could be the year where it all comes together for him, or maybe he's peaked, but I'm not ready to move on from him yet.
  3. I wouldn't mind if this happened but I don't see Lamp and Conley dropping that far in the second.
  4. The Colts are a 1-gap defensive front. They stopped the 2-gap system 2 years ago.
  5. I'm pretty sure a lot of people on here wanted to keep him. I thought he played well when he was given the chance, but for some odd reason they thought Ricardo Matthews was the better player and Guy was let go.
  6. Based off what?
  7. There has been, but since there hasn't been a direct connection between the Colts and him, the conversations have been limited. I would love it if we were to get him. A little Buckeye bias there.
  8. Raekwon McMillan is a better player, and extremely underrated in my opinion. If we go ILB in round 2, he's the guy I would target. He can play the run and drop into coverage when needed. Barring injury he's going to be a 10 year+ career guy.
  9. If those were my options, I'd be doing all I could to trade back. People keep saying Foster, but his size is worrisome for me. 6' at 229 screams 4-3 WILL. He's nothing special as far as being a full time coverage LB'er either. He doesn't look to have the athleticism of a Kendricks/Reddick at his size. On top of that, we have no info on the guy as far strength and agility. Just like I called out Tim Williams, his agility tests were merely average and he didn't lift, which leads me to believe he's not that strong. Williams seems to be dropping like a brick and I think Foster is a little overrated. You can't question his leadership, which is fine, but I don't feel like he's a fit here. I'd gladly change my mind on Foster if he's 5-7 lbs heavier and tests well, but I'm not holding my breath.
  10. Simon is going to come in and impress A LOT of people. I feel we'll get out more than we put in for the guy.
  11. Sheard played DE in their 4 man fronts.
  12. Love it! Former Buckeye guy. He's a lunch pail, blue collar guy with great character. He produced well in limited snaps with the Texans. I'd almost guarantee he's our starting SOLB, and a much better pure pass rusher than Walden. I'd rather pay him 6MIL, than Walden at his age. However, he can play rush if needed as well. Now lets go get big John Hankins and solidify the middle. I also wouldn't mind beefing the outside up more with Sheard either. PS Props to Supe calling this one.
  13. It does when the daughter of his girlfriend mentions his name when being questioned. No, they never said he was a clear suspect, but to be pulled into something like that definitely gives a negative perception, especially to someone who's looking at every single aspect of your life. 5 days time doesn't give ANY NFL team enough time to evaluate this type of situation, especially when it was right at draft time.
  14. It was more than that. He was connected to homicide investigation a week before the draft. Mixon's incident was 3 years ago. If Collins' situation was 3 years prior to him being drafted, he's a much richer man right now.
  15. I wouldn't bet on that..

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