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  1. Not when there were widespread predictions/projections that had the Pacers taking Green leading up to and the night of the draft. Taking Plumlee was a huge surprise considering he wasn't going to play because we had Hibbert
  2. I never thought he'd be anything special, and I stand corrected on him, but the kid can ball. Hopefully he keeps improving and helping the Raiders continue being successful.
  3. To the bolded.. 1) I think Love and Harford could easily play on the floor together. Stevens like big guys who can shoot, however I don't think he would want Love posted around the 3pt line like Cleveland had him doing. Love at the 4 and Horford at the 5 would work fine in my opinion. He needs to be down on the block more and getting back to dominating the post game like he did in Minnesota. Him and Heyword would be a heckuva tandem for Boston. Thomas-Smart-Heyword-Love-Horford That would give Boston a heckuva starting 5. I don't know Boston's cap situation but I don't think that would be too hard to pull off. 2) To the second bolded part, I FIRMLY believe they (NBA)- behind closed doors - told Durant Boston was off limits in FA last year. The NBA loses A LOT of money/ratings if Lebron isn't in the finals and Durant playing in Boston could have possibly spoiled that this year, however Thomas got hurt, and I don't think Durant could have gotten Boston past Cleveland with just Horford. The NBA takes a huge hit if their poster child isn't in the finals. Just my opinion...
  4. Man you Bronsexuals love to reach.. You bashed one guy for having a cake walk when your boy has had it pretty much his whole career..
  5. Like the cake walk LeBron has had in the East his entire career...
  6. He's not going anywhere.. He's done said he won't take max money so GS can resign Steph and keep rights to Iggy and Livingston.
  7. Cleveland looks like they are mailing it in..
  8. No it's not.. It's chicken sht defense. Thats the one thing I admired about Bobby Knight, if you couldn't play man to man you weren't playing at IU period.
  9. Zone is pretty much saying you can't play defense.. leave that shh for college.
  10. LeBron can't even back down Klay Thompson? As I said the guy has no post game and can't back down a guy he has at least 40lbs on.
  11. He was starting to load up and he caught himself.. It would have been night-night for Tristan
  12. I was just thinking the same thing.. Tristan wouldn't want those hands.. Dave was a former Golden Gloves winner.
  13. I think "traveling" has been thrown out the window too..
  14. The guy who's now on his way to losing his 5th, of 8, Finals, who has scored a whole 11 points through three games in the 4th quarter so far. Who has had more than a handful of finals games where he's scored ZERO in the 4th quarter. I could chart what he's done in the final minutes of Finals games, which I promise you isn't clutch, and show you why and how he's lost 5 Finals appearances. Again, hell just look at what he's done so far in this series as I pointed out. (11 points in 36 4th quarter minutes). heckuva clutch player there. He's played in the weak butt East his whole career. He's never had much of a challenge outside of playing the mid to late Boston teams and the 2013-2015 Pacers teams. Those stats from those links are against teams in early rounds they should have been beating anyways. No more hating than you fanboy'ing the guy. No mid range game. No post game, which is absolutely embarrassing for a guy his size. His only real go to is to lower his shoulder and run through the defender, which if called offensive charge like it should be, what's left to his game besides being good in fastbreaks/transition. Sure, he'll have his nights hitting a few 3's, but who in the league doesn't? OVERRATED! 1) And? Jordan played every minute - 48 - of the "flu" game and hit the final shot to win the game and the title in 97'. The greats don't defer when the seat gets hot. Just like Durant coming down in the last 45 seconds of the game and busting Lebrons % to go ahead with his 3 pointer. Do you really think Durant is coming down and looking to pass the ball in those moments? Where has Tristan been? Really? They barely use him in pick and roll situations, he's mainly been used to pick for Lebron and Kyrie in isolation situations. It's hard to be involved in the game when the offense being ran (ISO) is forcing him out of the paint, so his stat filling teammates can keep trying to 1 on 1 the GS defenders. Tristan is being pulled away from where could be at and making plays. Getting only 1-3 shots a night is not on him, especially when Kyrie, Lebron, Love, JR, and Korver are all wanting to brick 3 pointers all night. 2) HAHAH.... You don't think Love sitting around the 3 point line all game has anything to do with them being inefficient? You take one of the best low post big men in the game, and sit him on the 3 point line and expect him to go to work? The guy went 1-9, with 7 of those 9 being 3 pointers!?!?! As I stated in the previous post, he's literally the easiest guy in the NBA to guard now. Cleveland has practically ruined the guy. Again, they are committing suicide by trying to out shoot a great shooting team instead of beating Draymond, Pachulia, and Durant up down low with Love, Thompson, and James. They are playing soft and stupid, and are getting beat in both phases (outside and down low). There is no reason that GS should be beating the Cavs in paint points, and they aren't only getting beat, but they are getting beaten decisively. This doesn't even take into account how lazy Cleveland, as a whole, has been on defense as well. 3) See 2... No they can't, ISO is garbage against good teams like GS who can actually guard well against it. That % worked against the EC teams because they out talented everybody, but against GS who can actually man up against it, they are getting exposed. GS doesn't really have to do much other than get off basic screens and protect the 3 point line. GS has it pretty easy defensively. Kyrie or Lebron is either attacking the lane, or they are kicking out for 3's. How hard is that to defend? Back to the point I made in 2, I would have Draymond and Pachulia in foul trouble early on with Love, who Draymond couldn't defend 1 on 1 on the block, and Thompson doing the same on Pachulia. I would be as physical as possible with GS down low, get those guys in foul trouble and look for free buckets, while also slowing the game down. But again, they'd much rather shoot ~half of their total shots behind the 3 point line. 4) Not sure where being a great passer means they can run/direct an offense. Driving and kicking isn't running/directing an offense nor does it mean he's a great passer, or you're trying to say there are a lot of great passers in the league to which I will agree based off what you believe then. Once they are either swept tonight, or done in 5 in Oakland, the excuses and crying will continue regardless. It just further proves he's nothing more than a good NBA player whose been overhyped by the league, and the media. It's a wrap for Lebron...
  15. Pull it up...

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