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  1. You didn't have to be so subtle...
  2. Him and Chris McCallister both. Watching Hooker play, the similarities to Reed are downright scary. I thought for sure, when it was Buffalo's pick, he was going to be picked by them and surprisingly they traded out. I think that's going to haunt them.
  3. He was playing all over and still couldn't surpass Hooker in tackles on the season. No, he's not going to be a Bob Sanders-type run stopping safety, I'm completely aware of that, but we don't need him to be either. His primary focus is getting our offense the ball back on every down.
  4. Hooker racked up more tackles than Peppers last year playing FS. Again, if it comes to that Hooker is the least of our problems. If the ball is in the air and Hooker is anywhere near it, I like our chances.
  5. But Peppers couldn't track a hot air balloon with a pair of binoculars if he had too. Hooker still had 73 tackles on the year, more than Peppers and he was even playing LB'er as well, and if you're counting on your FS to be some end all be all tackler, your defense is already fkd from the start.
  6. He's an Earl Thomas/Ed Reed player, and no Ohio State didn't play him up often. He would move to the slot in certain situations, but he was mainly a center fielder. His tackling isn't bad, the kid can tackle, he just has a bad habit of tacking poor angles.
  7. I think this is a case of some talking head at NFL or ESPN said he's got an "injury history", so I'm going to repeat that because we didn't get ________ player.
  8. He's going to hit some rough patches, I have no doubt, but the kid is THAT good.
  9. That's not an injury history as people keep saying... He started and played in all 13 games last year
  10. Keep bringing it up and so will I.... FIRST TEAM ALL AMERICAN SAFETY
  11. One of year of starting experience... 1st team All American safety. I'm going to keep saying this to those who keep bringing up the nonsense experience excuse. What injury history? He started all 13 games last year.
  12. In one year, he's got better tape than most do - Jamal Adams is his only equal and he played 3 years compared to Hookers 1.5 - in 2, 3, or even 4 years of playing time. Jamal A
  13. To everyone complaining about his experience. being too raw, or his lack of tackling (which is overblown).... He was a 1st team ALL AMERICAN safety in his only year of starting.
  14. All he did at Michigan is thrown out in the NFL. He's not going to be a LB'er or RB in the NFL. Hooker was the better player period, and where they were drafted is a clear indication of that.
  15. What? Turnovers trump EVERYTHING defensively.

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