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  1. "Edge Rusher" is an actual position in the NFL now?
  2. Why do you all care so much what people are getting paid? Is it coming out of your pockets? Colts are well under the cap. Thats all that matters. This splitting hairs over a guy making 1 million more per year than *you* think he should is irrelevant and bizarre.
  3. Looks like the Colts ultimately ended up getting the better end of that Richardson trade: Richardson / Ballard vs Manziel / Grigson
  4. The football related concussion rate for kids who don't play football is even lower. Like zero percent.
  5. Besides the brain trauma involved, that is.
  6. Fuq no.
  7. This is the case with any injury.
  8. Exactly. That is why nobody on here should be making ignorant statements like "sounds to be a possible career ending injury" when they have no knowledge whatsoever of the situation and no mention of it being career ending has been made yet by anyone involved.
  9. There was nothing mentioned about it being career ending.
  10. Get a grip people: it's a gd walking boot. On May 23rd.
  11. I think Basham should be cut immediately; Ballard needs to send a message that he will not stand for this type of nonsense. Ballard should then be put on notice by Irsay that drafting malcontents like this better not be the norm. Irsay should then be sent the message by the city of Indianapolis that they will not tolerate situations like this by sports franchises that represent their fine city. Get Congress involved, if need be.
  12. Morrison is most definitely a Mike rather than a Will. Same with Walker. And Bostic is a Will.
  13. Why wouldn't he be given a shot?
  14. Looks pretty good, but anyone think they'll keep 8 DL?
  15. If by "project" you mean he'll be starting opposite Vontae Davis from the get go and was drafted with exactly that in mind, then I agree wholeheartedly.

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