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  1. Colts 2018-19 Super Bowl Champs???

    Nice try, homer. Don't try to casually put Houston in the same breath as Pittsburgh and New England. Their roster is garbage and they have no draft picks to address the numerous holes they have. If you're going to use a team from the AFC South, Jacksonville is the correct answer.
  2. Colts 2018-19 Super Bowl Champs???

    That's not very likely at all.
  3. Jack Mewhort

    It goes with the territory. Don't like it? Then don't sign a contract to play professional football.
  4. Jack Mewhort

    Good riddance. He's a free agent anyways and can't stay on the field, so either let him sign with another team or retire. We need people who can contribute in games, not sit on IR half their careers.
  5. Allen / Dorsett trades - mid season retrospective

    We are judging the trade now, not when it was made. NE got fleeced. Twice. For the exact reasons I described.
  6. Allen / Dorsett trades - mid season retrospective

    Pretty simple. It's about the value of what was brought in compared to the value of what was sent out: A 4th round pick has much more value than 1 catch for 8 yards at the TE position. That Ballard ended up misusing the pick is a totally separate issue. A QB that has provided an 86.7 qb rating, 2200 yards thrown, 12 total TDs against 5 ints is of much more value than a WR who has provided 6 catches for 101 yards. That's how Ballard did in fact fleece NE. Twice.
  7. Colts Activate Clayton Geathers from PUP

    Where are all the geniuses that said his career was over? Dude missed like half a season. Hopefully he gets broken in slowly and is ready to roll at full health next year.
  8. Allen / Dorsett trades - mid season retrospective

    Not because they don't belong in the NFL.
  9. Chester Rodgers

    Maybe, but WR most certainly needs to be addressed. As of right now, the only receivers worth a damn that are set to return are Hilton and Rogers.
  10. I really question Pagano and our staff

    Thanks for the info. How many of those were in 2012 when Arians was filling in, though?
  11. Rashaan Melvin and Secondary

    Not at all. Absolutely no credit whatsoever regardless of how good he plays until the season is over.....true But good news is that it sounds like if Melvin is still playing at a high level at the end of the year, then the poster *might* give him the "benefit of the doubt". Not "credit" mind you, but Melvin would advance to someone the poster *might* consider giving credit to, further down the road sometime.
  12. I really question Pagano and our staff

    Please substantiate this claim.
  13. JB did really well....

    Yet there were some that would have rather had Dorsett on the team at the #5 receiver.
  14. I really question Pagano and our staff

    You're just now wondering about Pagano's ability to make halftime adjustments?
  15. "Texans Will Beat The Pats" -Ted Bruschi

    Why in the world would you think that? Jacksonville destroyed Houston in Houston, and Tennessee clearly looks to be the best team of the 4.