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  1. Texan - bengal game

    Big in the sense that it is one of the few wins that garbage team will get all season. As far as the NFL landscape goes, it's not big at all. A spectacularly unimpressive win eeked out over one of the 3 worst teams in the league is not "big" under any circumstance.
  2. Another Wasted Season

    Take those away and this team still gets destroyed.
  3. why brissett

    Who cares why they targeted Brisset? They upgraded the backup qb position, and all they gave up was a guy who was likely going to get cut. How is that a bad move?
  4. IndyStar

    1) He can't just suddenly transform to being "tough nosed" all the sudden one offseason 2) Attempting to do so, still won't make up for his obvious lake of coaching accumen
  5. AFC South

    You realize the 2017 Texans defense is not the same as the 2016 Texans defense, right? The 2017 Texans defense lost several key pieces from the 2016 defense, so it remains to be seen if they are great, good, average or bad.
  6. Offensive Line

    Not only that, but we've barely seen the line that is slated to play together this year yet in these preseason games, namely Castonzo-Haeg-Kelly-Mewhort-Clark. How many total snaps have those 5 played together in the 2 games? I'll save you some time, the answer is zero.
  7. If the Colts #1 defense played the entire game against the Cowboys #1 offense.....Dallas may have scored triple digits. Incompetent is not a strong enough word to describe that defense on Saturday.
  8. Mr.Ballard.... where is the OL and DL improvement?

    I definitely can't disagree with this point.
  9. Mr.Ballard.... where is the OL and DL improvement?

    Which would mean that they were at about the same talent level as 80% of teams in the NFL.
  10. Mr.Ballard.... where is the OL and DL improvement?

    No it wasn't. A less talented 2016 Colt team was literally 3 plays away from winning 11 games.
  11. Ryan Kelly will miss part of season

    Like reasonable, semi-intelligent individuals with some sense of perspective.
  12. Ryan Kelly will miss part of season

    Christ people, he's only going to miss like 4 games; it's not like he's out for the season. Not like we have to be at full health to beat the mighty Rams & Browns. Would a 2-2 record to start off the season be that big of a deal?
  13. TJ Green at CB

    Which makes perfect sense, as I didn't accuse anyone of doing so. I'm a completionist; I read every single thread and every single response on this message board.....often by pressing the right arrow you see at the bottom right of this page while not really paying attention to the subject of the thread that is noted in gray.
  14. TJ Green at CB

    Can't wait until this guy eventually meets his ultimate destiny, being cut, so that I don't have to read discussions like this anymore.
  15. Colts week 1 observations

    So this guy claims Clark had a bad day; i've read other places that he looked great. So who's right?