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  1. Pagano Let Go

    Praise God. Pagano was completely useless as a head coach.
  2. Wow... Colts Favored by 5 to 5.5

    Not surprising. Houston has like 5 good players, and they are all injured. The rest of their roster is garbage.
  3. Best offensive and defensive colt of the year

    Jeremy Vujnovich TJ Green Studs.
  4. Accepting that penalty

    Just Chuck choppin' wood and bulding the monster.
  5. No, they won't......regardless of Watson's health. Houston's roster is riddled with holes and they have little means to plug those holes.
  6. Why is Dallas still the most talked about team?

    They definitely aren't talked about regarding the product they put on the field. 2 playoff wins in over 2 decades?! Pathetic.
  7. No Colts in the Pro Bowl

    I can't believe that none of our stellar interior linemen, Jeremy Vujnovich, Joe Haeg, Mike Person, didn't make the Pro Bowl. What a crock.
  8. A realistic assessment of Jacoby Brissett

    This is a pretty strong response, in my opinion.
  9. A realistic assessment of Jacoby Brissett

    What do you people expect from Brissett, playing for a completely incompetent coaching staff and a garbage offensive line?
  10. Morrison

    We definitely don't need to acquire 3 cb's before we acquire any ilb's.
  11. Because it's his dream to work with Andrew Luck, I guess. Maybe Ballard can convince him to be a volunteer.
  12. Totally agree; I despise the all-white look. Colts need to mix in some grey with the blue and white, or something.
  14. Mike Mitchell....My Man !!!!

    Not that that makes your point any less valid: to call Kellerman "soft" due to an opinion he has is beyond absurd. I am in 100% agreement with you.
  15. Color Rush unis

    The Colts regular home uniforms are the one's that would match that of a smurf, not the color rush.