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  1. I expect him to be invisible, just like he's been his entire career. I also expect Aiken and Rogers to leap over him on the depth chart.....quickly and easily.
  2. There's no question on if he'll make it; the only question is to how high he'll be on the depth chart.
  3. PFF

  4. PFF

    Our linebackers should be much improved too: OLB - Hooker OLB - Davis ILB - Ridgeway ILB - Stewart
  5. Misleading title to that article.
  6. At best? This team could be "not good" and win 9, with that easy schedule in that sorry division. The dysfunctional pile of garbage roster they rolled out in 2016 won 8, and were literally 3 plays away from winning 11. Maybe we're the team that gets lucky and wins 3 games more than they should've like that decidedly mediocre Texan team did last year, and now you're looking at 11-12 wins. You people over-rate other teams tremendously; 90% of the NFL are average and beatable on any given weekend.
  7. Cowherd should have shut his mouth once he tried to compare the free agency systems that exist between the NBA and the NFL as being anywhere similar. The 2 situations are absolutely nothing alike and you'd think he'd be smart enough to know that.
  8. This is perfectly said.
  9. Chuck Pagano has made it to a AFC Title game without a defense, and with an incompetent hack who ended up being fired because he sucked at his job determining who his personnel was going to be for his entire coaching career. O'Brien wins at barely over a .500 clip, mainly due to the side of the ball that he has no clue whatsoever about keeping his pathetic offenses in close games, where they end up eeking out 1 score victories. Advantage - Pagano
  10. No head coach in the AFC South should sniff a spot any higher than middle of the pack on that list. A decidedly mediocre group, for sure.
  11. Honestly I expect to go about 8-8 again. But it will be an 8-8 that carries alot of future optimism with it, unlike last year's 8-8.
  12. Oh. My. God. I think something is wrong with Hilton. What else could this mean? It's a terrible sign that Colts mgmt isn't saying a word about it either. Injury must be worse than we think. I had an injury once that nobody went public with, and it took me a good year to recover. I think Hilton is definitely out for the year, and his career may be in jeopardy. My world is completely ruined now. How am I supposed to cope in everyday life if this NFL player whom i've never met in my life isn't able to play in some games next season. Does anyone honestly expect me to be productive at work anymore? Be a good husband? A good father?
  13. .....says the message board poster with zero inside information whatsoever. Nobody on here knows a damn thing about what is going on with Andrew Luck. Or Clayton Geathers. Quit extracting worst case scenarios from meaningless twitter statements & find something more productive to do with your mind than baselessly speculating and obsessing over when Andrew Luck will start throwing an f'ing football around.
  14. "Edge Rusher" is an actual position in the NFL now?
  15. Why do you all care so much what people are getting paid? Is it coming out of your pockets? Colts are well under the cap. Thats all that matters. This splitting hairs over a guy making 1 million more per year than *you* think he should is irrelevant and bizarre.

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