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  1. D right fire those bums!!! Been saying this and it is about time fire the nice bums and get a mean BA coach that is going to kick some you know what......
  2. I really loved the Colts defensive hitting today!! Seemed to have a lot of energy out there at least that's what I noticed most about the game!!!
  3. Same old same old... The Texans I can see taking this division by 5 or 6 games easy...Well at least over the colts. I just don't see anything different in this team the last bunch of years??? Been a fan since 1958 and now its just getting boring. Until they win a game I just can't see them winning a game against the worst unless we get some lucky and I don't mean him we got that already and no real luck yet??????????????? OH, well Thank The Good Lord for my Music playing are I would be really bored and sick. PS. At least I always feel better when my most hated team loses!!!! The Ain't s !!!!!!
  4. Time for Pag and jim to go and that was last year.
  5. Long year coming with this team haven't seen much to get excited about in a long time nothing has changed in quite a while.
  6. Forget about it...
  7. Mrs. Misunderstood.... Heeee!!!! Heeeeee!!! :2many: There's one of my friends I can't 

    seem to find myself yet around here....Wooooooooooooo............

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    2. Coltsince4


      OK on the info!!

    3. Coltsince4


      Also if and when i play for things mentioned I will film and let you check it out!! Byeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    4. Gramz


      Please do.   I'll look forward to it.   We're not playing much these days.  Just about 10 shows  a year....  you know,  enough to still be able to enjoy it, but not too much.  We have way too many other things going on with family and traveling, etc.   

  8. PM

    Hope you had a nice visit? Welcome home!
  9. Hey gang this is what I'm listening to right know and what looks like I will be listening to for awhile as I get ready for this! If you interested that's cool if not that's cool all so it's just something that i'm preparing for some time next year! This is something I posted on another site for some of my musician friends. Be cool!! Coltsince4/Line6bassman Gospel Cruise!!!Hey any of my Gospel, Contemporary Christian Music etc friends!! Just touching early bass with ya on this one!! Touching bass get it? TOUCHING BASS? OK, enough of that foolishness. Here's what it's all about I'm pumped and getting pumped and excited on this if the good Lord says the same if you know what I mean? It's looks like the biggest thing for me yet and should be a lot of fun!! A couple of my friends who are a Gospel singing group called BROTHERS FOREVER are trying to get together musician from around the US as they travel the country for a live band (people they know) for this Gospel Cruise. I will be working with them to put all the music together for the musicians that will be picked for this 4 or 5 nights of concerts aboard the ship!! But the best part of this for me is, IT LOOKS LIKE i'M THE BASS PLAYER!!! Lots of learning there songs to be done but should be a lot of fun!! So to anyone who thinks they may be interested in going on a cruise like this I will be posting more info as I get it. What I do know so far is that is a Cruise to The Bahamas leaving out of Miami. So that's it for now on this and here is a taste of the group I should be playing with when the time come. Till then Be Blessed!! Line6bassmanTR
  10. How do the big think they know it all people believe they will????
  11. Just thought I would put one more set of my Favorite ladies here before I go and move on. From their oldest video ever to their newest one!!
  12. Honestly!! These are by far my Favorite Lady music artists that anything they do they make it sound DELICIOUS!! And cute to boot!!
  13. HEY SW1!! I was just thinking about you!! ;) And can you guess why? Football? Nooooooo, 2nd Noooooo, And do you agree with this video? OK, maybe this is why!?? Coltsince4/Line6bassman
  14. Coltsince4/Line6bassman brings a new batch of movies on bass guitar for Sunday night!!

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