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  1. Since OP asked for TOP 5 players, but didn't describe the aspect, i go with my top 5 "most important": 1. Luck 2. Castonzo (considering there's no backup) 3. Hankins (we reallly need to solidify the dline) 4. Davis (only veteran amongs a bunch of sophomores/rookies in the sec) 5. T. Y. (the only blue chip in the offense not named Luck)
  2. I get your frustration, really. It's tough to see our team got beaten by Brady over and over. But it's not only the Colt's, they've been beating the entire NFL in the last 2 decades. That Belichick + Brady duo is like the Colts would've had Dungy for 20 years. It's almost unfair. Still, the key to their success is not just BB and TB. They also need - and make sure they have - a consistently great roster, aaaandd .... home field advantage. Do you know when was the last time the Patriots won a playoff game on the road? I tell you: it was in 2007. Yes, 2007. And do you know how many playoff victories the Brady+Belichick duo ever have in total? They have 3. They have 5 superbowl rings, 7 superbowl appearances, countless conference final appearances, and only (only!!!!!) 3 road victories. Crazy, right? "All they do" is they beat the cr*p out of their division rivals, grab home field advantage, and beat opponents at home in the playoffs. If they have to move out of their home soil, they loose. So they make sure they never need to leave home. So how to beat them? Grab home field advantage. Denver did it, and beat them, not just once, but twice in recent years. They did it with John Fox, and Kubiak. They did not need a hall of fame coach, but they needed an excellent, comparably good roster. That's what the Colts need too. An excellent roster.
  3. The Colts played the Steelers only twice under Pagano's tenure, the first went to a high scoring shoutout in Pittsburgh. In that game half of the Colts secondary went down, there were so many injuries that a linebacker had to fill in as a safety late in the game, because there was not enough healthy body to send in. The second game we played against the Steelers, we played without Luck, and (again) a depleted secondary. The fact is, it's only the Patriots the Colts haven't had success against. Pagano is fine against all other good AFC (and NFC) teams, including Denver, the Chiefs, the Ravens, the Bengals, etc. And the Packers, the (back then contender) Niners, the Seahawks, etc. Regarding the Steelers. Mike Tomlin is 2-7 against the Patriots. His 2 victories came in 2008 against the Matt Cassell Pats, and in 2011 at home. Tomlin hasn't won a single game against Belichick since 2011. And he's been directing a much better Steelers roster than Pagano's Indy roster ever were. Btw, Tony Dungy went 0-4 against the Patriots before things turned the other way... I'm glad Irsay didn't get rid of him because of that
  4. Ok. Tell me a name who did beat the Pats. Or, you see him being able to. A name, who will realistically be available next year. Tell me one name, and I'll be with you replacing Pagano to that coach... Until then, let's talk about the OP subject, shall we? ;)
  5. Anderson is a 3-4 DE, not a 4-3 DE, he is not an edge rusher. He is a 5 tech, he's main job is to hold his gap(s), stop the run, and pressure the pocket. Unless you are J.J. Watt, you won't get 10+ sacks year in year out if you are a 3-4 DE. Malik Jackson had 3, 6 and 5 sacks per season during his Denver tenure, and he was a force to reckon with. One of the reasons (along with Derek Wolfe) why Denver's front7 was such a terror to play against in 2014-2015. He stopped the run, and he did pressure/collapse the pocket, so opponent QB's could not step up in the pocket, were under constant pressure. It just wasn't him who got the sacks, but Von Miller, Ware and the blitzing LB's. In 2016, Denver still had a loaded defense with Miller, Ware, Wolfe, Talib, Harris, etc, so they were obviously still very good. But there was a reason why they went from #2 to #28 (yeah, almost dead last) last year stopping the run, and why they had only 40 sacks compared to prior year's 52 sacks. The reason was Malick Jackson. So, I believe the Colts will be very satisfied with Anderson if he'll become a Malik Jackson, Cameron Heyward (Derek Wolfe, Michael Bennet), etc. Having no more than 4-6 sacks, but constantly pressure the pocket, harrass the QB, and make blitzer's and edge rusher's life much easier. (Of course, the Colts will need at least one beast at OLB, to fully take advantage of it, which they don't have yet. But Anderson has nothing to do with it.)
  6. Imo, it's not even close. Coach decisions can't be pulled out of context and examined as a mathematical/physical model. Its real life, every decision has to be judged by it's importance. If you are a soldier, and make a big mistake during training, no one cares about it. If you commit a small mistake during a combat, it costs lifes. I selected Carroll's call as the worst, because it was a single play, single big mistake, while Quinn's/Shanahan's were rather a series of escalating smaller mistakes. There is no excuse for Carroll for that call. I don't care if a call could "theroretically work", or was "theoretically right". The game is not an exam of theoretical cases, its real life. Each call must be called evaluating the game situation. In some situations a certain play can be a good decision, while in a different situation it can be a terrible decision. At that time, the Patriots defense was gashed. They held Lynch quite well in the first half, but as the game went by, they were completely gashed towards the end. Lynch run through their defense almost like there was no dline there. He did it in the entire drive. The Pats stacked the box and Lynch still run through them. They could've run the ball, they could've pass to the corner, they could've call an end around, a play action. Practically, anything but that pass to an inside slant, right into the stacked box. The second worst was the Quinn/Shanahan one. As I said, imo it was rather a series of smaller mistakes. Not only at the end of their last drive, but in their previous one. They called a pass play on a 3&1 at their own 35 yard line, which led to a Ryan sack, fumble and turnover. Why didn't run there? They were 15 point ahead, and all they needed to do is to run the clock down. Then, in the last drive I didn't like a single call they made, except the very first one (a short to Freeman). I'm not saying all were terrible calls, but imo, they were not logicall calls there. The Julio Jones play for example. It was a miracle play, a fantastic catch from Jones, but why to call a deep pass? You call those deep passes when you are behind, so you HAVE to make plays, have to take risks. But not when you are ahead, and all you have to do is run the clock down. And, when, your QB has been sacked-fumbled-ball-lost just a few plays before, trying to go deep. Regarding the fake punt, it was an embarrassing call, but I didn't care much about it - even at the time. I felt we were already out of the game, the Pats were clearly the better team, so i already booked the L there. Didn't really care how it happened. (Btw, I can't judge who made the mistake there? Did Pagano suppose to know that Whalen didn't even practice the play, or was it the ST coach responsibility not warning Pagano about it?) The 4&2 itself wasn't a bad call imo. But Belichick made a mistake there by calling an unnecessarry timeout (allowing the Colts def to regroup, and loosing his last challenge).
  7. Honestly, imo it doesn't really matter. Talents like Wilson - who if not 2017 and the sooo deep CB class, would've probably been a round1 pick - usually starst day1. Bradley Roby, Lamarcus Joiner, Jalen Collins, Eric Rowe, Arty Burns, Bradberry, X. Howard, etc. to name a few from recent drafts. All were involved heavily from day1. I believe not only Quincy, but other round2 picks like Withserspoon, Teez Tabor, Sidney Jones, Kevin King will all have significant roles in their respective teams as well.
  8. Drafted players already belong to their teams, no matter what, so I believe, it's mostly because there's no reason to rush. Best agents have many players to sign, each player & team has a bit different offseason schedule, this all affects who and when will sign next. I guess agents have a list of preferred teams/players who they think they can negotiate the best deals with. They do those first, then they can use those contracts as references negotiating other contracts. I think unless it's not a Joey Bosa case, it's just a matter of time until all contracts get done.
  9. Don't take early power rankings seriously. Last year they ESPN ranked the Falcons at 18th, and they ended up being the best team in NFL and almost winning the Superbowl. Were they wrong? Yes. Were they ignorant/stupid to put the Falcons at #18? No. So many things can go right or wrong. it's just too early to judge. Btw, my top 5 looks different than Brandt's, but i'm OK with this one too.
  10. If you judge a coach by some marquee busted plays, you are on a wrong path .... even if you are right that it was Pagano's fault. What about Carroll and his call in SB49? What about Shanahan and the 3 minutes of SB51? What about Belichick and the 4&2? Btw, beating the Patriots. Name one HC who had success agains the Belichick & Brady corp, not named Coughlin and Manning? Jim Harbaugh had some partial success, He has 3-6 record against them. Two of those wins coming in 2012, when they won superbowl 46. Someone mentioned the Steelers. Well, how successfull Mike Tomlin is against Belichick? I tell you. He's 2-7. He won one game against the Matt Cassell Patriots in 2008, and one in 2011 at home, in the regular season. In that season they had a great team, finished 12-4, just to loose in the divisional round in Denver against Tim Tebow. Tomlin has'nt won a single game since 2011, and his seat is rock solid in Pittsburgh. Both team's - Raven's 2012 and Steelers's 2011 - roster were far superior than the Colts roster ever were during Pagano's tenure. Far superior. Actually, those two - Harbaugh and Tomlin - lost many games with better rosters than any of Pagano's. I am not saying, Pagano should stay. Heck, he might have a role in not being able to build a capable roster here, who knows. I don't. I am just saying, it's a wrong starting point to evaluate a coach based on some marquee play's, even if it's his fault. And also, a wrong starting point to evaluate a coach based on success against the Patriots. Because, then you will not find a single coach worth to sign. Pagano is a good coach, his record speak for itself. He's done better job with inferior roster, than 2/3 of the NFL coaches did. Look what Sean Payton has achieved. He had Drew Brees all along, and he had 2, maybe 3 good years in New Orleans in ten plus years. The rest is a meh.... And Payton is an above average coach. It takes more than two to win in the NFL. So, if Ballard is in to replace Pagano, I hope he'll find someone better than him. Not just anyone, but better. Which means, better than the majority of NFL coaches. It won't be an easy task, Actually, it will be a bit of a gamble, so I hope along with his knowledge, Ballard will also have Fortune on his side, when he'll pull the trigger.
  11. It's all about coaches guys. If the Colts had Dungy for more than 5 years, like the Patriots have Belichick, the Colts were just as successfull as the Pats are. It's as hard to find a championship caliber HC as to find a hall of fame caliber QB. Those who got one, are the lucky franchises. And the most successfull ones.
  12. While i appreciate your optimism WarGhost, I prefer to stay on the ground and be realistic. I love what Ballard did so far in this offseason. Like our free agency moves, love our drafts, love the approach he handles his job. And finally, but as importantly: I looove the fact that Ballard and Pagano seem to be on the same page. Even if it stands for only a season, they MUST respect each other and share their duties to be successfull, and I am happy that they just seem to do that. Regarding our playoff, not to mention Superbowl chances in 2017, I'm a bit less "rushy". There will probably be 6 new players in the starting lineup in the defense, including 2, maybe 3 rookies. And the most talented of them is recovering from a surgery, and won't be available until late july, so he'll have 5, maybe 6 weeks to get into NFL football. It's unfair to expect him to to be an all-star week1. And, there is Wilson, another rookie, another very young, unexperienced rookie. And there are those 2nd, 3rd year guys (Anderson, Geathers), who all showed some flashes but still need to develop, be better, because we need them to be better. And finally, there are our new FA signings, all coming to a new system. Even seasoned veterans need some time to learn their new roles, know their teammates, who is doing what and when, etc. They can't learn everything in OTA's and training camp. They will also need real game experience. So expect some early struggles. Maybe a few week, maybe half season. Maybe even an entire season. So I don't see us being a team to beat in short term, but in long term, I'm with you, I'm very optimistic.
  13. Haven't heard of that quote of his. Surprises me despite his health issues... p.s.: I've been a member of this forum for 5.5 years (regular reader, casual poster). Thanks anyway :)
  14. Retire? Why? He's only 56 and many time expressed that he loves what he's been doing. He'd probably receive at least DC but more possibly HC offers from multiple NFL teams the day after the Colts release him, so I don't see why would he say goodbye and go fishing.
  15. I don't get the fuss about power rankings this time around of the season. It's a guessing game, and we all know that. Last year this time around the season, ESPN had Carolina as their #1, and the Falcons at #18. Were they *s? No, they weren't. Its just the NFL. There are only a handful of teams - like the Patriots, Falcons, Seattle, Green Bay, maybe Pittsburgh, then the Browns, Niners, Bears - who are relatively safe bets to put them in the playoffs and/or in the bottom. Outside of these teams, the remaining 20-25 teams are soo close, that no one can predict how they will fare. For example, there is the Texans. I can easily see - and explain why - them finising below .500 and 4th in the division. They lost Bouye, Simon, Wilfork, Demps to name a few, so there's a chance that their defense won't be as good as it was last year - even if Watt returns. And if Savage / Watson wont be the next Dak Prescott, they will be in trouble. On the other side, if Watson turns into a Prescott, and they find the missing pieces replacing Bouye, they might end up winning the division easily. Which scenario will happen? I have no clue, really. And anyone, who claims to know it, I just cant take it seriously. Its a guessing game, again. So, all I care about is how our Colts will do. To be realistic, it can go both ways too. Don't get me wrong, I love what Ballard did this offseason. I think this was the best offseason I have seen in years. But Ballard builds the team for the future, which, not necessarily will show in day 1. Or year 1. The Colts defense will probably have at least 6 new players in their starting lineup, including rookies. Even seasoned elite veterans need some time to pick up their new team's playbook, system, get into their new role. Its very rare that they play at the same high level in the beginning as they played for their former teams. So I expect some struggles in the beginning. Maybe big struggles. Which might cost us games. Our schedule is preferrable, but if our defense won't get into shape quickly, then we might loose some games in the beginning of the season which we suppose to win, and if that happens, then, we might face an uphill battle the entire season. But it's also possible, that our front7 will be a lot better out of the box, and - if injury bug wont hit us as bad as last year - the defense will be more reliable from week1 and on, and by the end of a season it will be a formidable squad. If that happens, the division might be there for us to grab. Let's hope for the best. But as fans, lets also prepare for the worse. And if the worse happens, don't give up on them too early! We have a very young - and I believe a talented - defensive core, which might be a force in a couple of years, regardless of how they play in 2017.

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