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  1. The highest grades Colts.... all on defense??

    Average is a bit misleading. Yes, it was average in pff's terms, but his grade (just a bit below 80) was at the very top echelon of average. The same can be said about Quincy Wilson. His grade is a bit over 80, which is very-very good for a rookie. Not Lattimore-good, but still, very good. Btw, overall, the whole 2017 defense was a lot better than the 2016 defense. A LOT. Numbers often don't tell the whole story. For example where did the Jaguars offense finished in the seasion in scoring? Stop here for a moment, don't read further, just make your guess. Ok, so the Jaguars finished as the #5 scoring team in the league. Even if I remove defensive points, they were still the #8 best scoring offense in the league. How? Well, not because Bortles. Because their defense helped them tremendously. They've been given soo many turnovers, short fields, etc., etc. Imagine, if the Colts had a top5 offense, how this 2017 defense could've looked. And imagine, how this defense could've looked with a bit better pass rush, more sacks, more turnovers. I belive this defense is not that far from where we want them to be as many people think they are.
  2. Rank The Colts IN AFC South

    Jump back 12 months, to january 2017, and rank the 2017 Saints in their division. Their rivals were the Falcons, who were just heading to the superbowl as hot favourite. The Panthers, the loosers of previous season's superbowl. And the Bucs, an up and coming hot young team with a franchise QB in place. Where would you rank the Niners now? I could argue that the Colts will struggle and finish at 4th. I could also argue that they will win the division. I can't decide which argument would be stronger.
  3. I think this offseason will be crucial. If Luck comes back healthy, Ballard will spend that 80ish millions of cap space well, and he will have a good 2018, I think the Colts will have a chance to bounce back in one offseason. Just look at the Saints. Until last year, that franchise was on downhill. For years, they couldn't get over 0.500 record even with Brees. They were in tight cap situation. They had a bad defense. Not so-so bad, but one of the worst in the league. In some years, they were historically bad. Their offense was too pass happy, they put too much on Brees shoulders. Many believed that a end of an era is coming in New Orleans. They were the worst team in their division. Then, in just one offseason, they turned things around completely. One good free agency, one great draft. And they suddenly have a defense, they are not pass happy any more, but the opposite, one of the best running team. Last year, they were the worst team in their division. This year they won their division ahead of the last 2 years 2 superbowl teams, and a strong up and coming team (Bucs), who many thought will break out this season.
  4. RUMOR: Possible Important Luck Health Update....

    I see too much unprofessionalism and misinformations there to believe. The "source" compared Luck's problem to Bo Jackson's. As far as I know Bo Jackson had hip injury, not shoulder injury. He suffered avascular necrosis, which is death of bone tissue due to interruption of the blood supply. That can be diagnosed easily by either x-ray, CT or MRI. And that's indeed a carreer ending injury. There's no way any medically trained person would allow a professional athlete to return back from that injury. But Luck DID GET his green flag to start his training in october. If there was ANY sign of avascular necrosis, he'd been retired by now. If Luck indeed has issues, and Nagy was informed about it, I don't believe Nagy would've leaked it. Not even in close circles. Rule number one in NFL is shut your mouth up. Don't leak. Especially for executives, head coaches, etc. Giving such information out would make him unprofessional and unreliable. He could loose his job because of that. Sometimes, however teams DO LEAK intentionally. But then, there must be a reason they do that. What would Nagy gain by leaking such an insider info? He already signed his job. He and Ballard know each other for years, they have good relationship. As a HC, he will need to make deals, trades, he NEEDs people at other organizations to be successfull. You don't blow up such relationship for nothing, and risk, that no one will answer your phone calls.
  5. Do you guys remember, how Belichick has ended up in Boston after practically saying yes for the Jets? How strange of an outcome would it be, if the Belichick boy, McDaniels agreed with Ballard, then blowed it up, and signed for the divisional rival? I am sure it would create a heated division rivalry. Except, McDaniels is not Belichick, the Titans are not the Patriots, and the Colts are not the Jets. Whatever happens, I trust Ballard. If McDaniels chooses Tennessee over Indy, then he didn't really wanted this job anyway. Then it's better he moved along. I vote to do this search properly. Don't hire anybody who is not absolutely positive that this job is his dream job. If there's no one, it's better to skip it and go with an interim for a season, and finish the process next year.
  6. Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    It should not affect the decision making process. Yes, it helps AFTER the decision has been made to complete the deal. But should not play any role BEFORE.
  7. Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    Honestly, if "who is your agent" can play a significant role in hiring a head coach, then NFL is not better than the grocery down the street.
  8. Colts interview requests and confirmations (merge)

    If you are right - i dont think so, but if you are - then Ballard will immediately drop two entire grades in my eyes. Two reasons: 1. A GM should never have a lonely candidate. He should always be open minded, never pre-determined. 2. If Ballard needs a decoy to sell Toub to Irsay, he is not a good GM. If Toub is his guy he should say it straight and be able to defend his case face to face.
  9. Rex Ryan as DC?

    Oh, no, thank you. I'd rather have Monachino back.... (Actually, I'm kinda serious about Monachino. I kinda liked the system he wanted to implement, too bad he didn't have a chance with that subpar roster.)
  10. film breakdown of Malik Hooker

    He was hit very hard from a very bad angle, it happens. I'd be more concerned if he had constant hip, ankle or soft tissue issues, those can linger for a safety. Lets hope your gut feeling fails you this time. ;)
  11. Roquon Smith ILB Georgia

    Don't forget about the business side of the positional value. You have to gain money on your rookies to be able to pay your veterans. The guy who we will pick at 1/3, will earn cca 5 millions per year during his rookie contract. If he is an ILB, his contract will immediately make him the 7th highest paid inside linebacker in the league. The seventh. You practically loose him as a rookie, because he'll earn more than the majority of veteran linebackers. If he won't become a Luke Kueckly, just an very good to above average ILB, you will actually LOOSE money on his rookie contract. The has to become a Kuechly in order for you to gain money on his rookie contract, and even then, it wont be more than 4 to 7 millions per year. On the other hand, if you draft a pass rusher, his 5 millions per year salary won't get him inside the top40 of the positional salary list. If he'll just become an average player, he'll still demand 8-10 mills as veteran, so you will still gain 3-5 mills on him. If he becomes an above average player, your financial gain go up to 8-10-12 milions. And if he'll become a Mack, Von Miller, Watt, you'll gain 15+ mills per year. I'm talking about the top5. Maybe top10. Rookies salaries drop quickly by draft position. So, beginning with the second half of the first round, and down, the financial impact - and the difference between a first round and 3rd round pick - is irrelevant. You won't gain/loose relevant money if you pick your RB in the end of the first round or in the 3rd. So either trade back, and pick whoever is the best, or if we pick at 1/3 we have to pick for a finantially important position. If we don't, we will pay the price later by not being able to retain / hire a veteran for a different position.
  12. Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    I try to imagine Ballard forming his opinion based on sitting down with Brissett. Then I try to imagine McDaniels coming to Indy for Brissett. Sorry, this is beyond my imagination.
  13. Brissetts New Form

    What about just not saying that? Btw, Brissett was dangerously good at getting sacked even if he was not forced to. So he kinda overarchieved. ;)
  14. Quincy Wilson tops PFF grades for Colts rookie class

    Camp? He had hip surgery in the offseason, and started the camp on PUP. So he had a reason to be not in shape I think it happened during the season, and was indeed about immaturity, but not related to physical shape. (I assume he might have been late from meetings or something like that.)

    Lets make this clear. Do you state that "if they don't have a good record, a GM gets fired", OR you state "if they don't have a good record, a GM gets fired EVEN if he did his job fine in drafts and free agency"? If it's former, you are obviously right, and I agree. But that doesn't mean they get fired because bad record. There is a strong correlation between roster quality (which is the GM's primamry responsibility to maintain / improve) and success. So, bad teams often fire their GM's, but not because they were loosing, but because the owner believes they were loosing because the GM did not maintain the roster quality well enough. so he did not do his job. But if it's a latter, then you indeed claim that record alone matters. If that's true, you should be able to tell me at least one example, when a team finished with a bad record, and the GM was fired despite his drafts and free agent acquisitions were fine. Please exclude those firings when there were personal conflicts in the bacground. I need an example, when record alone mattered. (Sorry for the too much bold...)