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  1. Well, their FA acquisitions were dated mostly in the first 2 offseasons. First year Manning+ a few, then next year most of the rest. Only Ware arrived in the 3rd year. But yeah, 1 year is hardly enough. I do not expect the Colts to become contender immediatelly neither. I just want to see improvement in all 3 phases of the game, especially in defense. In defense, i want to see massive improvement, last years production was waay below acceptable.
  2. Denver Broncos, 2011-2015. They had a roster full of holes in 2010, starting with the QB *. Then, they added Peyton Manning, Wes Welker, Emmanuel Sanders, Demarcus Ware, Aquib Talib, T.J Ward, etc. to name a few big time free agent signings out of their 2013 SB and/or 2015 SB winning roster. Of course, they had very good drafts too.... which played just as important role in their success as their free agent acquisitions. Or even more important role. But a team can definitely add key pieces from free agency.
  3. I hope Ballard will follow the golden middle path. Yeah, its true, championship teams are build through drafts, and it takes time. However, if a team have some cap space to spend, and there are free agents available who can improve the team, then the team should bring those players in. The question is, does Ballard see any of the still-available free agents as improvements for the team? Guys like Claiborne, Minter, etc.? I hope he does, and will find a guy or two. We are still very thin, especially at ILB. And, i would like to see Butler being re-signed. He was one of the few in the defense who played up to their potentials last year. He's good in the slot, and versatile, can be moved to S if necessary.
  4. For whatever reason, Irsay decided to give Chuck & Ryan a fresh start, instead of bringing in a new staff. I guess one of the reasons migh have been, that he didn't think there was a better alternative back then. The old man has been running this business long time, quite successfully. He's shown, that he's not afraid of moving forward if he thinks thats the best for the franchise. We have seen that when he said goodbye to Peyton and let the whole FO go in 2012. So, i kinda trust his judgement. If he'll think that there is a better alternative for the GM or HC position than the current duo, he'll pull the trigger. But I doubt that will happen after this season. He did gave Chuck & Ryan a fresh start. I think they agreed, that the duo made too many mistakes, both in how they approached drafts, free agency and trades, etc. And I think they agreed, that they learn from their mistakes, and they will change their phylosophy. And Irsay kinda trusted them. (For whatever reason.) So, here we are. The problem is, that if Irsay gave the guys a new chance, there's no point to go back and start again until it's obvious, that it wont work. And 1 year is just not enough to see that, I think Irsay kinda have to wait and need to see how this new start pans out, before he pushes the reset button again.
  5. Geathers was injured, Butler played at safety. He did a decent job there, when he played there before, but he's not a safety. Antonio Brown cannot be neutralized with 1 on 1 coverage, he'll beat any corner in this league, not just Vontae. Our corners needed safety help, but if we play deep safety, the middle of the field opens up, and Roethlisberger tears the defense apart with play action / read option mixing running plays with short to intermediate TE/RB passes to the middle. So the Colts had to move the safety up near the los to contain the running game and cover the middle of the field, because our LB's are subpar at coverage. So, Pagano (or whoever called the def plays) were very much limited in what they could do. There is just not enough talent and experience there to stop this Steelers offense atm, no matter what is the scheme or play calling. This Colts defense need to be upgraded (and our young guys need to develop) first in certain positions.
  6. Its very interesting to read all these comments. I feel i am not quialified enough (nor focusing on OL play during games) to judge them individually, Anyway, as a whole unit, i think they start to gel together. They had one or two terrible games (due to injuries or other reasons, i dont know), but except that, they play ok football, and they seem improving game by game. Gore is quite efficient lately, I barely see a negative play, which I saw frequently last year and before. Considering that he (Gore) is over his prime so his after contact production and overall speed is dropped, but he's still running with okay Y/C, it's an indication of effective run blocking. Regarding pass blocking, Luck is averaging some 2.9 secs at throwing the ball after snap, which is almost dead last in the league. (Part of the reason is, that he still needs to be quicker in his decision making, but also due to his extend-the-play willingness and ability, so probably, he will never be a Brady regarding quickness.) Anyway, considering, that the OL needs to hold the pocket for almost the longest time in the leauge in average, they do an overall good job recently. (I hope that Philbin also has something to do with this improvement. A very good OL coach can coach up a decent line out of mediocre players, while you can have great talents there, it wont help, if coaching is bad. I just hope Philbin represents the former and not the latter.)
  7. The Colts, the Titans and the Texans each have to play one more game with each other. If we assume that the Colts will finish with 9W, they need to win 5 games off of their remaining shedule. Considering that they play with the Steelers, Raiders (in Oakland), Jets (in NY), and Vikings (in Minn), its quite safe to say, that the Colts have to beat both the Texans and the Titans, because the remaining of the schedule is tough enough to collect those 2 losses. Next, the Texans. They need 4 wins to get to 10 W-s. If they loose to the Colts (as we assumed above), they need to beat 4 other teams. They will beat the Jaguars, thats 1. They need 3 more victories against the Raiders, Chargers, Packers, Bengals or Titans. Even if they beat the the Titans, its still tough to go 2-2 against the other 4 teams, so we need to assume they will beat the Titans. Now, Titans. For them to get to 8W, they need 3 more victories. If they loose to the Colts and Texans (as we assumed above), they need to win 3 games out of the Bears, Broncos, Chiefs, Jaguars schedule. They can beat the Bears and Jaguars, but I dont see them beating the Broncos even in Tennessee, and Kansas is a very tough place to steal a win from. So, my point was, you somewhere predicted an unlikely win somewhere in the process, and I was curious, which game was that game.
  8. (Sorry, multiple copy of same post.)
  9. (Sorry, multiple copy of same post.)
  10. How did you come up with this result? For the Colts to be 9-7, they have to beat both the Texans and the Titans, otherwise they wont get to 9 wins. If the Colts beat the Titans, they either need to beat the Texans or wont get to 8-8, unless they beat either the Broncos or the Chiefs in Kansas. Unlikely. And if the Titans beat the Texans (as well as the Colts), the Texans would've to win it all, including the Raiders, Green Bay, Chargers, Bengals. I dont see it happen. Imo, this year the winner of this division will have no more than 9 W-s, no matter which team will come up at the top.
  11. No, its great. Having a hall of fame quarterback talent does not result in multiple SB wins automatically - even if the franchise is/was being run very well. The Packers are, and always have been a very well run franchise, and still, they "only" went to 2 superbowls with Favre, and won "only" one. They now have another hall of fame QB, who's been in the leage now since 8+ years, and they have 1 single SB run in his timespan. Its far from automatic, even if everything is going well. There's only a handful of dynasties in league history, winning multiple superbowls. It's once in a generation story ... even with a hall of fame caliber quarterback. Let me tell you some other stats. Do you know how many QB's in history have multiple SB starts? Not wins, just starts? Well, the number is 19. And 8 out of them have 2 only starts. Not wins. Starts. And amongst these, there are QB's like Eli Manning, Plunkett, Dawson, Roethlisberger ... and Russell Wilson, who's been carried there by their great team. So, a number out of these 19 are perennial hall of famers themselves, but a very few of them are true generational talents. Only Brady, Elway, Montana, Favre, and maybe Bradshaw and Bart Starr fall in that category. Favre has 1 ring. Who have more? Well, Brady, Montana, Bradshaw, Elway. They all played for a dynasty. All were very lucky that their carreer and the peak period of their franchise matched in time. What about Manning? He's had probably the strongest competition of all during his carreer. He had to play his entire carreer in a conference where one of these dynasties peaked (Patriots). So even getting to the superbowl wasnt a "given". All in all, for me even the word "horrible" sounds insulting speaking of this 18 timespan. I feel blessed, that I could wittness this great period, even if it "only" resulted in 2 suberbowl appearances, and one ultimate win. I have to add, that despite i feel frustration recently, and hate to see the controversies we see nowadays, I still feel blessed to wittness the Luck era as well. The Colts have been in the playoff 3 years in a row, played one conference final. That is more than most fans of most other franchises can ever hope. And even if things look bad now, Luck is still young, so no matter how long will it take, the Colts will be competitive again eventually, and will be competitive for probably another decade. Which means that - including Peyton's era - i am a fan of a franchise, which was / is / will be competitive during almost my entire adult life. Holy crap .... do I need to say again I feel blessed?
  12. The number of sacks alone doesnt mean much. Its just a number, which can go up and down from one year to other, while the player's impack on the defense doesnt change a bit. Of course, good players rack up their sack numbers during the course of their carreers, but its the overall capability of pressures (sacks, hits, hurries, constantly collapsing/pressuring the pocket, drawing double teams) what makes them elite. A player with 5-6 sacks a year, who can constantly put pressure on the pocket (so the QB neither can step up, nor roll out), and draws double team, can be just as effective as a 15+ per year sack-machine.
  13. Half of these players are not edge rushers, but dlinemen. And a Jerry Hughes is in a completely different leage than Von Miller. Henry Anderson was a DROY candidate before he went down last year, so the Colts already have one pretty promising prospect inside. And Ridgeway looks promising too. (Not in a J.J. Watt kind of level, but there is only a handful of Watts, Millers, Macks in the leagure ..... and they go out in top5, top10.) Its the outside/edge where they are old and lack young talents.
  14. It's ridiculous to expect that Grigson can realistically bring in a Von Miller caliber player from draft. A Miller-like player enters the draft maybe once or twice a decade, and the Colts wont draft that high to be able to draft that guy. Of course, every now and then, someone finds a real gem in later rounds, but thats not a realistic chance, that a mere luck. What Grigson can do is to find an edge rusher prospect in the fist/second round, who can be coached to be a good/decent starter in 1-2 years..... And if everything adds up, then that player may develop himself to be an elite one as years go by. Like Mathis did. Btw, Grigson did address the edge rusher position in the draft, he used a 1st round pick on Werner. It just didnt work out well. So lets hope next time they spend a high pick on an edge rusher prospect, the scouting will do a better job. Or, if they address the issue from free agency, they'll find a better solution than an aging Cole. (I'd be more than happy, if they could bring in a Chandler Jones type player next year. That's not impossible .... though, it's not cheap either.)
  15. Have you seen Kline recently, or you base your opinion merely on some stats from the past? It doesnt matter what he did last year or 2 years ago. He's been cut, and cut for a reason. Check the Patriots forums, and read their opinion about the guy. The Patriots may be even slimmer at OL than the Colts atm, and they still did everything they could to get rid of him. I didn't say we are set at OL, I just said, Kline wouldn't solve anything. I could list at least 10-15 free agents who I would sign before even consider bringing in Kline.

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