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  1. Colts Vs. Cardinals Game Day Thread

    Great is a bit overstatement, he's missing quite many middle range opportunities. He's not used to how our WR-s use to create separation in that territory I guess. Or just needs more training. Anyway, we can't expect more from a young guy having only 6-7 trainings under his belt with this team.
  2. Colts Vs. Cardinals Game Day Thread

    Nice effort so far from both sides of the ball. Besides Malik's pick, the secondary is waay to soft so far, they need to step up. But it's part of the learning / geling process i guess. Ted-mon don't want to risk too much by sending them to tighter coverage. Brissett is OK so far, we can't expect more from him under these circumstances. Our receivers should help him out, they must create better separation and catch that damn ball even if it's tough...
  3. Chuck Pagano Press Conference

    I's pretty easy to fanthom him playing worse actually. Tolzien is bad, no doubt. But he not the worst ever.... by far. Neither his sunday's performance. We have seen lot worse than that many times. We have seen buttfumbles (from a first rounder), we have seen Curtis Painters, we have seen 5INT's thrown, etc. Brissett won 2 games for the Patriots last year, but he has thrown 92 yards out of 9 attempts and 102 yards out of 17 attempts in those games. He was practically handing the ball over to the running backs. He would need to do a LOT more for the Colts. I'm not sure he's ready for that after 5 training sessions and 2-3 film room sessions.
  4. Chuck Pagano Press Conference

    Well, sometimes circumstances dictate. Two years ago we picked up a guy from the street in the middle of the week, and started him on sunday. And, actually won a game with him. So it happens. But that doesn't mean automatically, that starting Brissett is a wise move. The guy really just arrived, and while I like him and his upside, he is not a Luck. He is a backup at best. If they start him, he might such just as Tolzien did. It'll be bad enough to hear an entire stadium booing on Tolzien. But there is one thing worse than that. Booing on Brissett. That's not a confidence building experience for a new guy....
  5. Colts Practice 9/4/17

    I think their intention was to bring him back to PS. Maybe they planned to keep him, but the series of injuries forced them to waive him so they can carry +1 CB.
  6. Your Reason Why Luck Wiil/Won't Play This Year

    What a pity. How great would be to see the Colts finishing 96:0 in a season.
  7. Colts Roster Moves (Countdown to 53)

    Hahaha, this is called deep * definitely. I still choose Tolzien, because last year, that gun has pointed to my head once already. And it misfired. I might not know how, but it did. So who knows, it's maybe karma, and you don't go against karma.
  8. Too easrly to judge. I have my impressions though. I like what's happening overall. I like our draft, I like some of the free agent acquisitions, and I like the fact, that if he decided to go with the numbers over quality (bringing in dozen guys instead of a few quality players), then he's does not shy to admit mistakes and correct them. He's already got rid of his own 3 FA's, and waived his own 4th rounder (altough I hope he'll bring him back to PS). This shows me a guy, who does not have second thoughts. This is a guy, who's job is safe, so he just does what he sees fit, without second guessing. That's good, because everyone makes mistakes. The problem is never making them, but not correcting them.
  9. Colts Roster Moves (Countdown to 53)

    And I respectfully accept your opinion. But at the same time, let me remind you, that you base your opinion on some preseason games which does not mean a damn thing. Really. Go watch Brock Osweiler's preseason games from last year. The guy was fan-tas-tic. Really. He looked like a seasoned, elite franchise quarterback. The whole preseason, he was killing opponent defenses. Then came regular season.... On the other side, Jameis Winston looked awful in his first preseason. Plain afwul. Then came regular season again... Think of that, and then, try to anwer this one million dollar question: You know you will get rid of both of your guys pretty soon, because neither good enough. But there comes 1-2, maybe 3 games, and you have to start one of the two before you release both. One guy played a game which meant something already, and he was OK. You also know, that the guy didn't look good in preseason, but looked the best when there was some game planning involved. You also know that the guy knows the playbook, and you can actually gameplan for him. And there is the other guy, who looked quite ok in preseason games against 2nd and 3rd stringers. But you never tested him against first teams. And you never planned a game for him. Actually, you know that the guy has some issues learning the playbook. But, despite of this, maybe he is a bit more talented. Just maybe, because you have never tested him yet. Who do you go with? Again, you are not developing neither, you will get rid of both. You just need the guy who gives you the better chance in those 2 games. Is it really Morris? If yes, then I respectfully disagree...
  10. Colts Roster Moves (Countdown to 53)

    It probably does. But if the decision is, "should I start Brian Hoyer or Brock Osweiler for the next 2 games, before I release both?", then it's probably more important who received the 1st team reps and who practiced with the 3rd stringers, than the minor difference in production on field .... which is hardly comparable anyway, because one played with 1st teams, the other with 2nd and 3rd stringers.
  11. Colts Roster Moves (Countdown to 53)

    I think there is a possible explanation to this. I remember, there were rumors/reports of an early offseason/OTA battle between Morris and Tolzien for the 1st team snaps. I didn't pay much attention, but looking back now, I see a chance that that that battle decided everything. They knew Luck won't be available, so they might wanted to choose one guy early, who will receive the majority of 1st team reps all offseason. Maybe the coaches thought that there is not much difference between the two, so it's more important to pick one guy and make him prepared as much as possible, than letting them compete by the price of sharing snaps. Maybe that's it. Maybe Morris lost that early battle, which decided his faith. I know, it's maybe not fair treatment, but it's a business, they do whatever they think is the best for the team. And, then came the new guy, Walker, who pushed Morris even further down. Not because he was better than Morris, but because he was PS eligible. The coaches knew that they can put him on PS, so they gave all 2nd team snaps to the guy they can keep, rather than to a guy who they knew they have to eventially release. (Because they wont keep 3 guys on the active roster once Luck comes back.) And here we are in september. Morris's fate was decided long ago, he was not in consideration at all. It didn't matter how he played. Maybe, if he played like a world beater, next big thing ,they might have changed their minds. But he didn't. He did OK, he was a bit better, but the difference wasn't at a whole different level. The difference didn't worth the change. Then came yesterday, the Brissett trade, which was a clear indication, that even if Tolzien won the offseason battle, they are not sold on him neither. Not any more. He'll be given the first 1, 2 maybe 3 games - because he was the guy who practiced with the 1st team all offseason -, then they say farewell to him, and go with Brissett. And, despite Walker sucked, they give one year to him in the PS, and see how he develops. I'm not saying this is how everything happened. This is just one screnario I can imagine as a reasonable explanation, instead of "the whole coaching staff is soo stupid that they don't see what even an armchair fan can clearly see."
  12. Andrew Luck taken off PUP list (Merge)

    It is. There are two restrictions: max 2 accrued seasons and/or max 3 practice squad seasons. Morris doesn't have an accrued NFL season because he's never been on an active roster for 6+ games. But he's already had 3 practice squad seasons, 2014 with the Titans, 2015 with the Eagles, and 2016 with the Colts, so he's not eligible for a 4th. (I just realized this myself too, I thought Morris was a 2015 product. This makes me wonder if the Colts will keep him on active roster maybe? If he was PS eligible, it wouldn't make sense to keep 3 QB's, but he is not, so... Anyway, I think if they waive him, no one will pick him up, so they can bring him back any time if necessary.)
  13. Colts fans, something is wrong here....

    I didn't mention "lot's of" elite players I mentioned two - Hightower and DMC - and mentioned another two - Butler and Gilmore - as high quality, who are close. They are - in my book - ones in the making. I didn't say Harris or Van Noy are hight quality players neiter. I said quality veterans. A.k.a. experienced, dependable, productive players at their respective positions.
  14. I think this trade had nothing to do to who will start in week 1 ... or week 4. Brissett will unlikely start a game for us in near future. He's not a finished product. And he doesn't know the playbook, and won't know it in 2 weeks. I think this trade is one more of Ballard's long term investments, than a short term thing. Brisett is an upgrade to the backup QB position, because he is more talented. But in addition to that the guy has remarkably similar traits, strengths, etc. to Lucks. Of course, Luck's in an entirely different level, but still, they're quite similar. Which means, he'll be fine - actually perfect fit to - playing by a playbook written for Luck. That is the backup QB the Colts are looking for in the long term. Imo, that is why they kept 4 QB's on the roster. I am not ruling out that they will start Brissett, but again, I think that is unlikely. Much more likely they will go with Tolzien/Morris until Luck comes back, then release Tolzien, waive then bring back Morris to PS, and keep Brisett on the roster,. as Lucks long term backup.
  15. Colts fans, something is wrong here....

    Name one player, who was "crap" in his old team, and Belichick turned him into a gem. I can tell you one name: Wes Welker. And that's it. I can't tell a second name. They have some serviceable rotational guys, who they acquired from other teams, but nothing special. Hogan is everything but a gem. Moncrief is a better player imo. He is a serviceable #3 option, but that's all. Belichick brought the guy in, because his own 2nd round pick (Aaron Dobson) failed and he needed a serviceable #3 guy. And that was Hogan. He played similar role in Buffalo and he wasn't worse there. Simply, there was no Brady in Buffalo, so the guy had less ball to catch. The difference between the Colts and the Patrios is not that they turn scrap into gem, or, that the Colts turn gem into scrap. If that was the case, you would see ex-Colts players all over the NFL, who sucked here, and now playing brilliantly somewhere else. But you don't see any. None. All of those players who we drafted in recent years, and sucked here, are not even in the NFL by now. The last guy the Colts drafted, struggled here, but flourished elsewhere was probably Jerry Hughes. It was like 8 years ago. It happens once in a while. So, what's the difference then? They drafted well and the Colts didn't. Nobody turned nothing to gem nor scrap. They drafted potential gems and formed them into gems. The Colts drafted scrap, who couldn't be formed into anything but scrap. They drafted Gronk, they drafted Edelman, they drafted DMC, Butler, Hightower, Collins, Chandler Jones and so on and so on. They drafted their own stars. At least the wast majority of them. Except a few guys, who they payed the similar high price for, as any team does.