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  1. Ballards Potentially toughest off season decision

    So you don't claim to be an expert and I don't claim to be an expert. Fine. Can we close this subject?
  2. Ballards Potentially toughest off season decision

    If someone sticks to his opinion, and writes down his reasoning in detail, that means he considers himself an expert in your book? What about you then? Altough you did not explain yourself in detail, I guess you stick to your opinion, dont you? Do you consider yourself an expert?
  3. Ballards Potentially toughest off season decision

    No I didn't. That's why I didn't quote his full post, and replied only to that sentence.
  4. Ballards Potentially toughest off season decision

    So? Those same experts said 8 weeks ago that Trevor Siemian could be a future franchise quarterback for the Broncos. And the same expert said that Deshaun Watson is not ready for the NFL yet. Sorry, but I stick to my eyes and my own opinion.
  5. Ballards Potentially toughest off season decision

    Wow, that's bold. A joke, reall? I was a Marino fan back in 1998 (yep, I wasn't always a Colts fan i'm a european guy, brought to footbally by Joe Montana and for many years, I had only favourite players, but no favourite teams). Anyway, the very first time I saw Manning it was in 1998 against Marino's Dolphins. Peyton had a bad game, multiple int's, etc. But still, in that game, I was immediatelly sure that I saw something special. Not just good, but something exceptional. From that day, I have never missed a Manning game in my life, ever. I've seen all. And I became a Colts fan by the end of 1998. All this because of that "joke" Manning.
  6. Ballards Potentially toughest off season decision

    Feel free to disagree me, it's just my opinion. I don't care about mistakes, I know those use to happen inevitably. Luck made his fair share of mistakes too. When I judge a QB, I always judge by my eyes. Sometimes I see flaws which I think are correctable. By learning, or they come by experience, etc. But sometimes I see flaws which I believe aren't correctable. Or not correctable enough for an NFL starter level. (Or can't be compensated with something else.) For example a throwing motion is correctable on paper, but certain players just can't correct it. Tebow for example. Or Bortles. Siemian on the other hand has a beautiful throwing motion, good foot technic, he can read defenses, andhas the necessary arm strenght. But he has a problem with his decision making, every now and then he blocks and does something very stupid. He is like Hoyer. If you watch Hoyer, you can't see anything wrong, he looks like a solid NFL QB. Until his brain blocks and starts to make silly mistakes, and you can't explain why he commits them. Regarding Brissett, the red flag for me is his slow mental processing. I mean veeeery slow. He is slow even when he knows what he's going to do, and all he needs to do is to execute. He's a bit late with even the most simple, quick passes. The Colts call a number of RPO plays for him. He is a good half - sometimes a full - second slower in his decision making than it would be necessary. This has nothing to do with inexperience. If someone is quick in his mind, then, at least, he is quick when he knows what he's going to do. Brissett is not. I don't think this is correctable. Maybe a bit, but it will always be a problem for him, and I doubt he has enough other tools to compensate that. I wish I was wrong though, but I fear I'm not. Btw, Russell Wilson has similar problem. He is a bit slow too when it comes to throwing (making the decision). That's why imo the Hawks constantly fails to implement some quick passing game, despite they've been trying it for years. But Wilson has plenty of other tools to compensate that. He has so many - his quickness, his extremely good pocket awareness, his touch, and one of the best and most accurate deep balls in the league, etc. - which not just compensates that, but makes him one of the better QB-s in the league. We can go through the NFL QB's one by one, and many - if not most - of them have flaws. Some of them has bad throwing motion, some of them are not that good in the pocket, some of them can't play from under center, etc. But all have something which they are very-very good at to compensate their flaws. I don't see such thing in Brissett. He's OK in many aspects of his game, but I don't see anything way above average.
  7. Ballards Potentially toughest off season decision

    I would give a 2nd and 3rd for McCarron in any day, while I wouldn't even consider giving anything meaningful for Brissett at the moment. I don't care about records, I don't care about stats. What I only care about is my own eyes, my own opinion. I don't see the starting talent in Brissett, while I DO SEE starting talent in McCarron. Even more than in Garoppolo. I'm not a GM, so I may very well be wrong about it. And I know that teams/GM's sometimes do crazy stuff. I've never ever imagined for example that someone would give a 70+ mill, 35 mill guaranteed contract to Osweiler. But O'Brien did. So, who knows? Maybe someone sees something in Brissett that most people don't, Or just desperate enough. If that happens, I hope Ballard will say yes before he blinks an eye.
  8. Brissett 1 Mistake

    I wrote my post, then deleted it, because I wrote exactly the same. So, let me just quote you and give you a thumbs up instead
  9. Brissett 1 Mistake

    Deleted (duplicate).
  10. Good Victory

    Believe me, if we have a good GM, then it doesn't really matter if we pick in the top5 or top15, he'll find talent either case. And if we don't .... same story, only he won't find talent with neither picks If we needed a QB, that would be a different story. But we don't. (I hope we don't....)
  11. Good Victory

    I start liking what I see from Brissett time to time. He's nowhere near a franchise QB, but he's learning, you can see it game by game. The one aspect he needs to work on a LOT is being better under pressure. He's plain awful at the moment. Needs to learn to throw the ball away if necessary. And needs to read blocks better. If there are 6 men rushing and the TE isn't lining up for blocking, then it's his job to make sure no one is coming from the sides. If he can fix that by the end of the year - at least some extent -, I can see the Colts getting a 3rd-ish draft pick for him some time in a year or two. (But NOT NOW. We need him as backup at least until Luck proves to come back and be durable again.)
  12. What Do We Do With a Top 5 Pick?

    I hope Ballard will trade back as much as he can. Trade out even of the top20 if there's a market. The reason? The reason is Ballard's approach of finding talents. He goes for rare abilities, let it be physical, mental - speed, strenght, football IQ, whatever. I like this approach because this is how you find rare talents everywhere from round1 down to round7. But this approach is kinda hit or miss, not every pick will pan out. There will be some early round busts, but those will be compensated (and more) by late round gems. So stack in as many picks as we can, then look for players with rare abilities. There will be misses, but there will be some gems out there too, and the numbers will be on our side.
  13. If Brissett performs well today, his market skyrockets

    Why so many of you guys want to trade Brissett? The guy barely arrived in Indy. No team will give up a 1st rounder for him, that just won't happen no matter how good he'll play ... unless he'll turn to a Derek Carr suddenly, but that's unrealistic. In my book, having him here as a backup for another 2.5 years, then possibly getting a 3rd round compensation pick in 2021 (if he'll indeed has a market) worth a lot more, than a (at best) 2nd round pick in 2018 + another Tolzien on the bench...
  14. Colts v Jaguars Predictions Thread

    You're right, there isn't ... usually. But if a team owns it's division for a long time and has lopsided records vs all of it's rivals, then it kinda is. (Like the Jets game for the Patriots.)
  15. Colts v Jaguars Predictions Thread

    It's official, Fournette's been ruled out. A bit funny that for a long time these Jags games used to be trap games for the Colts. Now, it's a trap game for THEM.