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  1. Colts sign NT Al Woods (Merge)

    Is that the Cincy game? If so, I'm not sure I have never been more * at a play in my life. Especially since the refs REVIEWED THE PLAY and STILL got in wrong. Believe the ref was Jeff Triplette, of course. All the emotions from that game are coming back to me. I can't even think about it, lol.
  2. Per Mike Garafolo on twitter, Jeff Locke, former Vikings punter from 2013-2016 will sign with the Colts.
  3. Colts decide not to re-sign Adams

    Thanks for everything Mike! He was a great player for us during his stint here.
  4. [Speculation] Jack Doyle to test free agency (Merged)

    It'll be a mistake if we don't re-sign him...
  5. [Speculation] Jack Doyle to test free agency (Merged)

    It will be a mistake if we let him go...
  6. Grigson fired.

    Not true. Remember, not too long ago Colts fired Polian and then left Caldwell out to dry for two weeks. Likely, the incoming GM will have say whether Pagano stays or goes... ala Caldwell/Grigson in 2012.
  7. Grigson fired.

    Announcement at 5:30 today. Hopefully Pagano is next... the real problem.
  8. Prospective head coaching candidates [Merge]

    The only way I see Pagano getting fired is if we get blown out by Oakland AND Jacksonville. Even then, I wouldn't be surprised if they keep him.
  9. Oh cool! Hope they had a great day as well! Thank you!

  10. Hope you had a great day last week. Your b-day is the same as my mom's and my parents' anniversary - 54 years!

  11. never mind, I see what you're saying. Displays differently on your page and in the forum

  12. It works for my avatar when you look at my profile, but when posting it's not animated. I use this avatar for 2 or 3 other forums and it's animation works perfectly fine. Not sure why it's not working for this forum. It's not to big of a deal, just curious.

  13. I heard your avatar doesn't move for you. I see thelittle paw moving. Maybe it is your browser? I tried both chrome and IE8 and it works great.

  14. Thanks for the Birthday wish!!! And yes, this cat is one of a kind LOL!!

  15. Happy Birthday! I have a cat that looks just like your profile pic....except he cannot do that with his paw!