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  1. If I was a betting man, I’d say he isn’t playing week 1.
  2. Chat room is open for the Lions/Colts pre-season game!

  3. Woah. Definitely did not expect that. One of the better writers for the Colts and always active on Twitter to respond to fans.
  4. This is a very Grigson-esque signing.
  5. Hopefully someone doesn't claim him off waivers. Was looking forward to his potential.
  6. This is Arturo's sixth team since joining the league in 2016. Teams must like his size.
  7. I'd consider him a lock to make the roster.
  8. Yes, considering I'm not from Indiana.
  9. Spence isn’t part of the rotation? Did I miss something?
  10. His college tape wasn’t that impressive.
  11. Believe I read that the Hickory jerseys still exist for three more seasons per Scott Agness.
  12. I'm a huge fan of the uniforms. They look fresh and modern.
  13. I’m out at dinner, so I can’t embed. But look on the Pacers twitter account as well as

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