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  1. Early Signing Day is less than a week away. Get hyped.
  2. Doubtful he'll play again this season. Who knows where Davis end up, but he'll be signed for a cheap in FA in this upcoming free agency. His play has definitely declined.
  3. Myles needs to gain more weight. Still has a lighter frame compared to most starting centers.
  4. Say whatever you want about PG, his elite defense is still apparent.
  5. Cory Joseph is the best backup point guard we've had in years. Way better than the likes of DJ Augustin, CJ Watson, Donald Sloan, Ty Lawson, Aaron Brooks, etc.
  6. Instead of Malik Hooker? Yeah, no.
  7. Pacers playing the Knicks tonight without Porzingis. Not guaranteeing a win, but it is going to make the task much easier.
  8. The whole Ohio State/Alabama debacle has made me believe that the College Football Playoffs needs to expand. At least to 6 temporarily. Also on a side note: It is so weird that there is no B1G team playing in the Rose Bowl.
  9. Basham Deserves Some Praise

    Pass rushers typically need 2-3 seasons to fully develop (look at Jerry Hughes). The fact Basham has two sacks so far is promising enough that he'll have a role on this team going forward.
  10. Pierre Desir to IR

    Good candidate to re-sign next year as he's a FA.
  11. Where's the Chuckster?

    Too long didn't listen.
  12. Where's the Chuckster?

    TLDL: It's all the same schtick.
  13. I have wanted Pagano fired for almost three seasons now. He's a nice guy and has good relations with his players, but terrible game manager. I would have to think Chris Ballard wants to bring his own staff in, but if he doesn't, next year is just going to be another wasted season like this year. Even with Andrew Luck back.