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  1. Love it. One of the best player available on the board. Did not expect him to slide to 15.
  2. We're going to be pretty strict on spoilers in the chat.
  3. Yep, you found it. It's not opened yet. @Nadine will open it soon.
  4. I posted a status about an hour or so ago that the chat will be open tonight.
  5. A lot of people are worried about his lack of initial burst.
  6. If I was Sashi Brown, I'd try to get Reuben Foster at 12. I think Cody Kessler was pretty good enough last year to start again at QB.
  7. Top 5 Wishlist: Gaeron Conley, Hasson Reddick, Reuben Foster, Charles Harris, Forrest Lamp.
  8. It's the right move. Browns can still get Watson or Trubisky at 12.
  9. Castonzo-Mewhort-Kelly-Lamp-Clark would be a great offensive line with Haeg as the swing tackle/guard if one of them goes down. Count me in.
  10. Pretty much my exact thoughts, except the Colts have the cap room to re-sign Mewhort. +1.
  11. I would still draft him at 15 depending on who's available.
  12. **Chat room will be open tonight for the first round of the NFL draft**

  13. For the record, I wouldn't mind if McCaffrey was drafted by the Colts. He's an exciting player.
  14. I'd prefer to trade down. The talent range between 10-25 are about the same.

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