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  1. Adam Vinatieri

    New holder. New longsnapper. Also, I think that was his first time playing at Memorial Coliseum... Just doing his part to help us get the #1 overall pick IMO. ;)
  2. The Mystery is Unfolding

    This commercial better have the Indianapolis Zoo Orangutan -AND- the good luck squirrel or I will lose it! I have a Burger King mentality... gotta have it my way.
  3. My guesses for marked improvement will be AFC- Bills and NFC- Rams My guesses for sneaking into the playoffs will be AFC- Jags and NFC- Vikings
  4. Colts sign Hankins

    I didn't read through all of the pages but would I be way off target if I saw this 3 year contract as a 2 year loaner? It seems to me that Hankins has a chance to build his value while helping a defense that is rebuilding this year. I keep seeing people throwing around the "10 million per year" average but, all I see is a 2 year 8 million per year deal for guaranteed cash. If Hankins plays the way he thinks he should get paid... then after two years he will be making more than 10 million per year with another team(Hope its done via sign and trade). Having said that, I don't think this changes our draft strategy one bit. If Ballard wants a NT then he will take one this year or next year IMO. I could be way off but, thats hows I sees em!
  5. Colts are signing WR Kamar Aiken

    This is not only good for competition but also a huge help in the redzone. Hilton is good at marching into the endzone with distance but not as good at producing when the play starts in the redzone. I like the idea of a redzone offense of Moncrief, Aiken, Doyel, Swoope, and Gore just for size alone. Wanna get TY in there? Take a breather Swoope! ;)
  6. Ravens Matt Elam arrested on drug charges

    I don't know anything about this guy except that he is young and his 5ht year option was declined. I assume he isn't worth a look... especially after the drugs?
  7. Just to be clear. You would take Dalvin Cook THEN try to trade picks to get Rueben Foster? I think it should be the other way around.
  8. I can get on board with that. Also, seeing as Ragland was taken in the 2nd round by the Bills I wouldn't give a 2nd for him. Maybe our early 4th since we have two. Kendricks has been healthy for the most part and has shown well in the not too distant past. I wonder if he could be had for a 3rd or 4th as well...
  9. I just realized this should of been posted in the NFL Draft section. Sorry mods!
  10. One of these two... Reggie Ragland or Mychal Kendricks? Early word is dealing Kendricks is a priority this offseason because he doesn't fit in Shwartz' 4-3 scheme. Ragland is not rumored to be available for trade at this time but, he also no longer is a clear fit for a team moving to a 4-3 scheme. Just looking for some forum members to shed more light on these players as it would pertain to adding one(or both) to the roster. Upsides. Downsides. whatever you can cook up.
  11. Building block or JAG

    Mewhort is a building block and he has a HUGE opportunity to prove it going into a contract year. Moncrief CAN be a building block but he has to show up big in a contract year. If he is lack luster I am inclined to say he is JAG. Dorsett is JAG with plenty of opportunities to change that in the coming seasons. I am not a fan but love being proved wrong when it comes to doubting players. Anderson is a building block going into a contract year. DEs are gonna be thinned out giving him a chance to prove his worth. If he fails he is JAG. Geathers is a building block for now but, who knows what free agency or the draft will bring. He could have to put up or shut up in his sophomore season. Parry is a JAG. I like Parry but, I can't help but think he finds himself on the second string once this defensive rebuild is under way. Good is a JAG. Second string or worse as the right side of the offensive line gets much more needed attention.
  12. Totally off the Ingram thing but this post got me wondering how teams are allowed to draft someone and trade them(for example; Eli Manning for Phillip Rivers) if they are indeed not "under contract". I hope someone can shed light on this for me. Probably just semantics but, it piqued my curiosity.
  13. I get that you are just throwing around ideas and that this is what helps make your point BUT, it isn't even possible. You see, we are still in season 2016 as far as the NFL is concerned and the trade deadline has long passed us by. When the new league year starts(March 9th) Ingram WILL be a FA and unable to be acquired through trade. Edit: Chargers could sign him before March 9th but, you get my point. Posting is fun and I am excited for the offseason(its my favorite time of the year with so much speculation)but, I hope we can all learn from this and think it through before posting. Better luck next time.
  14. Pat McAfee retiring from the NFL

    Salary cap just went up 2.75 Million. Thanks Pat? *sadface*