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  1. Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Thread

    OK I take back my comments about the Colts not tanking. Nothing else could explain this dumb of game planning or play calling
  2. Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Thread

    Yeah if the Colts didn’t have bad luck when it comes to injuries they would have no luck
  3. Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Thread

    Well at least we don’t have to worry about them blowing a second half lead this week...progress keep chopping that wood!
  4. Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Thread

    Brissett gets hit more than any other QB after a slide or whistle and it’s never called. with that said the Colts have been a total embarrassment today
  5. Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts

    That’s fair wasn’t a shot at you. The idea of trading him has been brought up many times here. Personally I am just happy to keep him as a backup.
  6. game changers

    Excluding Luck they have TY, Mack, Simon, and I think Hooker is on his way to being one. Still not enough but three of those guys are new to the Colts this year so it’s a step forward.
  7. Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts

    You know I don’t get some people all summer people complained the Colts didn’t have a good back QB then as soon as the Colts get one it’s oh what can we get for him with a trade?
  8. Big update on Geathers

    Good news until he suffers a set back...okay I’ll see myself out
  9. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    I agree him not playing for a whole year wouldn’t be good for anyone.
  10. Keep the pick or trade down?

    We are a long ways a way from this but as unpopular as it would be the Colts do need another WR and with Moncrief a free agent there is no promise he will be back or the Colts will want him back. We saw with Marvin and Reggie there are far worse things than having two stud WRs.
  11. Notes On The Colts Choking

    That or it was somewhat fools gold. The Colts won a lot of close games early in Pagano’s years where things just broke their way. Let’s also not forget he pretty much dumped his whole coaching staff and the last two years it’s been new guys. With that said talking about this team and what has been the disturbing trend the last couple of years this team has trouble closing and that still points to a weak minded team which falls on the head coach. I am not the only who has said this. Bob kravitz called them the weakest minded Colts team he’s seen in a long time during the 49ers game. It’s also not just that they can’t finish but how they blow it. They do it by self destructing with turnovers, penalties, and other miscues like drops. All that goes on the head coach because it’s his job go get his team to focus to avoid those things. It supports my arguement that the Colts are not a disciplined team which falls on Pagano. They don’t do the little things you need to do to win the fourth quarter of a NFL football game and it’s the head coach’s job to get them to do those things. I am not a blame Pagano for everything guy. In fact I’ve defended him many times when I think he deserves it. However I think there is direct correlation to the Colts being a weak minded team in the fourth quarter and the head coach. Maybe it hasnt always been a problem over Pagano’s tenure here but it has been the last couple of years. Why is that? Like I said before the whole coaching staff was pretty much turned over the last two years maybe that’s some of it. I also think losing clear leaders like Redding and Wayne hurt it. The Colts haven’t developed their younger guys to replace them and it’s not just in performance on the field but in terms of the leadership you need to close out football games. You can’t tell me Pagano had nothing to do with that because that’s his biggest job to develop players.
  12. Notes On The Colts Choking

    Rather it's Grigson or Ballard players the guys on the field the past couple of years have one thing in common. Pagano has been coaching them and they had a hard time putting teams away. That's a sign of a mentally weak team and it falls on the coach to make them mentally stronger. Rather it be Cardinals or Titans this year or the Browns and 49ers both teams they let back into the game they had beat or even the Lions game when they gave the defense the leader with under a minute to go or the Titans game in Tennessee when they let back in a game last year or the Texans game in Houston last year, or heck even their best win last season when they let the Packers come storming back in the 4th quarter. Pagano's teams the past couple of years have a track record of not finishing teams off. Can you argue some of that is the players? Sure but whose job is it to make them mentally strong enough to finish the game? The Head Coach. That's why I say it falls on him. In this case I am not really concerned about either GM as I would agree it's too soon to judge Ballard and I have gone on the record several times saying Grigson failed as a GM. This is about a team not being able to finish on the field and Pagano has proven these guys are talented enough to get a lead in most of these games but his guys the last couple of years haven't been able to finish. That's a sign of a coaching problem more than a talent problem, although I would agree that the Colts have suffered from both the past couple of years.
  13. Notes On The Colts Choking

    I don’t dispute that having Luck would be a huge boost but it doesn’t change that I feel the Colts are weakminded at the moment. Having guys like Luck who are leaders on the field is what it takes to be strong minded. So I am sure whenever they get him back I am sure they will be better at closing. Right now they just don’t have the guys and I don’t see the coaches developing those guys.
  14. Notes On The Colts Choking

    Mentally weak players can also fall on the GM however the Colts have only two starters back from last years defense so it’s hard to blame Grigson for that. As for offense you can pin a little more of that on Grigson but we’ve also seen guys like Moncrief, Clark, and, Heag not only fail to progress but maybe regress under this staff that also goes on the coach.
  15. Notes On The Colts Choking

    Sure. Doesn’t change the fact the team can’t finish which also falls on the coaching.