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  1. GoColts8818

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

  2. GoColts8818

    My theory on luck situation.

    It amazes me how so many people who have never met Andrew Luck know so much about his health rather it be positive or negative. ive accepted I have no control over the situation so I listen to what the Colts say and hope it’s true because it’s what I want to be true. If it ends up being wrong and the media that is going yeah but is right so be it. My life will go on just fine although I’ll be sad for Luck and the Colts. All we can do is wait and see and hope for the best.
  3. GoColts8818

    Top Ten McAfee Moments

    I think Sanchez is a really good punter and kickoff guy but I think something that Pat gave us that we haven’t seen from Sanchez yet is the ability to onside kick. Pat was a weapon with that.
  4. GoColts8818

    Luck at the Indy 500

    I saw him on race day. It was cool to see him just being another guy at Indiana’s biggest sporting event. Something Peyton Manning could have never done because he was such a huge celebrity. Luck came ridding into the speedway and went through the gate just like all the other fans.
  5. I am onboard with this. I am surprised it took this long!
  6. GoColts8818

    right tackle

    Haeg, Clark, Good, and Mewhort will probably open camp in an open competition for it. I’ll say this I’d much rather have questions about one spot on the line than three or four like they have had in the past.
  7. GoColts8818

    The big Nelson gamble

    You can’t see a team that lead the league in giving up QB sacks using their first round draft pick on the Best lineman in the draft working out?
  8. GoColts8818

    Indy turns down trades for Luck

    Well yeah, if Luck plays, and signs are pointing that way, it’s going to be for the Colts.
  9. GoColts8818

    In Summary...

    I am pretty happy with it. On paper they addressed several areas of need with oline and pass rusher (maybe the Colts two biggest weaknesses) being the primary focus of day one and two. They may have gotten the best two guards in the draft so that’s good. From there they added two WRs, probably not a franchise guy in there but they have TY for that. These guys could still be solid players and will have the chance to compete for up to the number two spot. They added two backs and you can find starters at running back later in the draft. They added another homerun hitter to go along with Mack so they can hopefully keep them fresh. The other back seems to be a more physical back that will wear down the defense for the homerun guys. The other position they focused on was linebacker. One who can drop back in coverage which is something the Colts have lacked for years (how many tight ends have killed the Colts in the past three years or so). Then the others with late picks, Given Walker going later last year I wouldn’t be shocked if Ballard thinks they can get starters at linebacker later in the draft. Other than corner they really hit their major areas of need. I am happy with this draft on paper. Now the real test seeing how it translates to the field.
  10. Running back by committee. It’s what the Eagles used last year to win the Super Bowl and our new coach was their OC so it makes sense to me.
  11. GoColts8818

    Everyone’s a Critic...

    I always enjoy the people who talk during the draft with so much authority that their opinion is an in questionable fact. Guys who have spent their whole lives studying players and learning how to draft guys screw up draft picks. Despite what people here think none of us draft experts. If we were we would be working for a NFL team because there aren’t that many of those guys. Are there times we are right and the pro team is wrong? Sure there is. That’s called the blind squirrel finding a nut. I want to be clear there is nothing wrong with people having opinions about draft picks. We all have guys we like and don’t like that’s cool. It’s when people speak like their opinions on players are fact that I find amusing.
  12. Better yet so good at scouting that he can project how players will translate to the NFL.
  13. GoColts8818

    Day 1 and 2 Recap

    I personally don’t care if the ends start or not. Freeney didn’t start his rookie year and still made an impact and Mathis didn’t start for a long time because of Brock and his role on special teams yet made a big impact. If the ends turn out to be half as good as them we won’t care if they started as rookies or not.
  14. I am cool with Smith. Mewhort is on a one year prove it deal so he’s probably not a long term solution and hasn’t been able to stay healthy. Hopefully Smith gives us four rock solid linemen for the next three or so years until they have to replace Castonzo. I’d feel a lot better going to camp knowing they only have a real question mark about right tackle than half the line like they have had for the past several years. I agree with you there is a clear vision it’s build up front and then worry about the skill spots. Not a bad strategy but it’s not sexy or exciting so people generally aren’t too pumped for it.
  15. That’s because they are but there isn’t even a TY Hilton in the Colts front seven they are just a bunch of hopefuls. Ballard’s trying to change that with these picks.