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  1. What the Colts have and still need on D

    Look at the Colts on third down this year and how bad they have been at getting off the field on third and Long. They need help big time at pass rush. Chubb would be my choice there and he’d play OLBer here in a 3/4. I agree they need help at ILBer. Probably two more starters but with the other holes they have to fill that might be hard to come by. This is all assuming they stick with the 3/4 defense if they make an expected coaching change.
  2. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    I saw one mock that had us take Chubb to rush the passer in round one and the running back Chubb in the 2nd.
  3. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    I am leaning Chubb and investing heavily in Oline in free agency
  4. Worked out great for the Ravens with Harbaugh.
  5. Matthias Farley - Trade Bait??

    Seeing as how both Hooker and Geathers have a history of injuries Farley has more value to the Colts on the roster.
  6. What the Colts have and still need on D

    They need a pass rusher more than anything else. after that middle linebacker.
  7. Quincy Wilson played well

    I don’t know how much you can take away from today’s game good or bad.
  8. Best Way to Describe the 2017 Colts

  9. The 2 point conversion penalty

    Poor call but it is what it is.
  10. Wait... Who?

    Grady and Big Joe’s show and I believe they said they got it from pro football focus.
  11. That’s my point his value is so high no the Colts wouldn’t entertain trading him.
  12. Basham Deserves Some Praise

    Sheard is more a true 3-4 linebacker. Mathis was really a 4-3 end playing in a 3-4 and he was also a pass rushing specialist. I think the fact Mathis did so well at rushing the QB in both defense speaks to just how special he was. Simon is really good at being the edge setter on the other side. I hope Basham can develop into a pass rush speicealest because if he develops into that and you get him and Sheard rushing on passing downs good things are going to happen for the Colts. Basham is still a ways away from that though although he’s shown a couple of flashes.
  13. Basham Deserves Some Praise

    People like to pretend Pagano did no coaching before he got sick. A lot of the head coachs work is done in the off-season and training camp. That builds the foundation of your season. Pagano coached those. Also Arians didn’t come in and throw out everything Chuck did. In fact he made it a point to follow what Chuck wanted and what Chuck had started. So to completely dismiss 2012, especially given the success that followed in 2013 and 2014 without Arians, is not fair. Yes Arians deserves the coach of the year award he got that season and the head coaching job he got with the Cardinals from it but Pagano deserves some credit too.
  14. Gronkowski

    No union is ever going to give up their right to appeal just like no league is going to give up their right to deny the appeal as was done here.