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  1. At this point, I think Luck would be backing up Foles
  2. What is G. Doyel's problem?

    In Denver, it was known McDaniels was a gigantic *. Until proven otherwise, he is still a Bag. Ballard hired a known * to lead our team going forward
  3. Sick of Gregg Doyel

    Doyel has a good point. McDaniels has done nothing when he is away from his daddy, Bill Belichick. Fans want to ignore the Denver disaster, and assume that he has learned and improved since then. Fact is that was horrible in Denver, horrible in St Louis.
  4. Luck being healthy means we have the best QB in the South. Colts could win the division, but a SB contender is laughable. People still think we are in the Manning era, where we won 12 games almost every year. It's difficult and rare to have a team that was so dominant. This current team has a long way to go

    Ballard has done nothing to deserve the blind worship he receives from Colts fans. Had a mediocre draft, and a mediocre FA class. Not saying he is a bad GM, but it's way too soon to crown him the messiah of GM'ing, which is how many regard him. Ballard definitely gets dinged for having Tolzien as QB1 to start the season
  6. After Pittsburgh getting hosed, I'm done with NFL

    Patriots do a lot of stupid things too, and they are allowed to get away with it. I think on the go-ahead TD, their RB was supposed to go down before crossing the end zone, causing Pitt to burn their last time out. Also, on the catch and run from JuJu, NE players ran into each other, instead of forcing JuJu out of bounds, thus causing a big play.
  7. After Pittsburgh getting hosed, I'm done with NFL

    Every off-season, Belichick lets his best players on defense walk away. He replaces them with bums. Not buying that his "system" is so much better than everybody else's system
  8. I'm not buying it that the Patriots are SB contenders every single year on their own. In a league where winning and losing teams fluctuate season by season, the Patriots are always good. Even when they suffer significant injuries, the Patriots continue winning. I understand that they have possibly the GOAT HC and QB. Other teams have HOF QB's, smart HC, and they have losing seasons. Also, every single controversial call benefits NE. All of the winning, and benefiting from controversy cannot be a coincidence. Some shenanigans are obviously going on here behind the scenes, and I'm no longer going to support a crooked organization like the NFL
  9. I'm all in for taking RB in first round. Besides Bradshaw for a half season, Luck has never had a stud RB to help carry the offensive load.
  10. Pat McAfee

    This is the funniest Pat McAfee video I've seen. Epic fail
  11. Doyle took the blame, sort of

    No it isn't Doyle has had a crap year, and he deserves heat. No longer "Mr Reliable", and now has reputation of having stone hands
  12. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    My issue is that Pagano makes things too easy for opponents. At the end of the half vs Pitt, we have ball with 30+ seconds and Timeouts. Instead of trying, we take a knee. Pitt was hoping we take a knee, so why give our opponent what they want? Supposed to make opponent uncomfortable. Also, the 3rd and goal play, where we didn't blitz, is another example. Instead of making Ben uncomfortable, we sit back and let him find the open WR. Just lazy coaching
  13. Our coaches should be ashamed of themselves
  14. Vontae Davis released

    Vontae looks bad. Making excuses for sucking this year. Be a man Davis
  15. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    Mewhort sucks. On the play that Mack got hit for a loss, Mewhort got embarrassed.