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  1. Ballard is on record saying it doesn't matter what round you were drafted in, the best player gets the job. If Green is just as good as an UDFA, I would expect Ballard to keep the UDFA just to prove he isn't messing around. I would expect the sooner Ballard distances himself from the busted Grigson draft picks, the better for the organization moving forward
  2. Not sure Kap is the answer, but anybody suggesting this cab driver Tolsein is better than Kap needs to have their brain examined.
  3. It's going to be weird not posting negative things about the GM. This Ballard appears to not be screwing around at all, and I cannot wait for the 2018 draft lol
  4. Ballard actually recognizes areas of weakness, and is doing something about it, in a responsible way. He didn't overpay any mediocre free agents, and drafted for positions in which we were terrible. Grigson was just the opposite. Overpaid free agents, and was careless with high draft picks.
  5. I get Hooker is prospect, but you are assuming, that just because a player wasn't picked in the first round, that they aren't as good as first rounders. Last year, one of the worst players in the entire draft, Jared Goff, somehow went #1 overall
  6. You are assuming that the GM's know what they are doing, they don't. Cleveland has botched their first round picks for at least a decade. Also, Trubinsky was picked #2 overall lol. Cook is better football player, and will impact more games than this future draft bust Turdinsky
  7. Cook isn't touched by defenders because he is too fast. I don't really know if he is a "grind it out" type of RB that wears out defenses. What he is, is a big play RB, that is a threat to take it house every single carry. This is what our offense is missing, a threat to score from the RB position. Frank Gore has no chance of breaking a long run. He is old and slow. Luck already has to do everything, we don't need Luck to continue being our best RB from the QB position.
  8. Besides, isn't Zeke Elliott known for beating women? The fans in Dallas sure don't seem to mind.
  9. In this country, you are innocent until proven guilty. Cook has not been found guilty of any of these charges. They are meaningless to bring up. Also, these incidents happened years ago. People change and learn from mistakes. Kind of silly to hold him accountable for a possible crime committed when he was 15
  10. Is Richard Sherman known as a good tackler? How about Darrell Revis? Deon Sanders never tackled anyone. As long as Hooker can make plays in NFL, he will be fine
  11. Cook was projected as first round pick, until some rumors surfaced about off the field issues. Seems like some shady affairs going on here. Cook and Fournette were ranked almost equal towards the end of the season. Fournette gets taken at #4, and Cook isn't drafted in Round 1? Seems odd to me.
  12. He won't be in Round 2 very long. Ballard should trade up to get him though
  13. Luck needs to be paired with a stud RB to take pressure off him. Besides Bradshaw for a few games, Luck has not had good RB's. Cook would have been a perfect fit next to Andrew. Cook is a real RB, and is a threat to take it house every time he touches the ball. I don't care about the off-field nonsense. I watched the FSU Doc on Showtime, and Cook was a leader and a good kid. Cook could have been Luck's Zeke Elliott. Instead of taking the guaranteed franchise RB, we take a Safety with a lot of question marks. I know our defense stinks, and Safety was certainly a need, but you have to be able to run the football to win playoff games. A stud RB guaranteed to take pressure off Luck, or a Safety that is far from a sure thing? I'm taking the RB to help out my franchise QB
  14. In the NFL, either you have it, or you don't. From what we saw last season, TJ isn't very good. All the signs are there of another Grigson bust. Laughable Green was picked in the 2nd Round. Probably could have gotten him in the middle rounds. Grigson was known for reaching for players
  15. If Andrew Luck were in Revenge of the Nerds, he would be a Lamda Lamda Lamda. Peyton Manning would be an Alpha Beta

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