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  1. In the NFL, either you have it, or you don't. From what we saw last season, TJ isn't very good. All the signs are there of another Grigson bust. Laughable Green was picked in the 2nd Round. Probably could have gotten him in the middle rounds. Grigson was known for reaching for players
  2. If Andrew Luck were in Revenge of the Nerds, he would be a Lamda Lamda Lamda. Peyton Manning would be an Alpha Beta
  4. You know your last GM sucked, when Clayton Geathers is deemed as the best defensive prospect. IMO, Geathers did little to inspire confidence that he is one of our long term building blocks for the future. Sure, he can hit, but there were many games where he was invisible. Geathers is just a guy, borderline starter. Our defense should have like 5-6 players on Geathers level lol.
  5. I would expect Ballard to sign a few guys, but no big names. Better to draft well, and then have the money to re-sign our own guys when their Rookie contracts expire. Jerrell Freeman was not retained because we had money tied up in crappy FA's like Trent Cole and Arthur Jones. Ballard is more "Big Picture" kind of GM. No more throwing darts at a dartboard to construct a roster. Have a plan formulated on Day 1. Grigson was essentially winging it, trying to hastily fill holes with players that were not properly scouted. We had money, we needed a safety, so LaRon Landry, a big name guy, is acquired.
  6. Under Grigson we had a culture where if you were a high draft pick, you were playing no matter what. Guys like Trent Richardson and Bjorn Werner stayed a season longer than they should have, and costed us roster spots of potential useful players. Instead of always looking to improve the team, Grigson had a "wait and see" approach when it was clear that these guys could not play. Ballard has no ties to Grigson's draft picks, and if he determines they cannot play, will they be on the roster in 2017. Mainly, I'm referring to Philip Dorsett and TJ Green. I know Green was a Rookie, but he looked terrible. I really hope I'm wrong, but with Grigson's poor draft record, all the signs of bust are with Green. The fact that he was a 2nd round pick means nothing as far as Ballard is concerned. Will Ballard be patient with these under-performing players, or will he be quick to empty the trash can? No more cluttering the roster with lousy players
  7. It's a problem when guys brought in from the outside are getting more money than players that came up with the system. Especially, when Grigson blew money on guys that can't play. Laron Landry and Arthur Jones for example
  8. Ballard wants team built from within. Team leaders will be guys that he drafts. Not gonna go Grigson, and throw huge $$ at guys off the street. No more mercenary culture
  9. He has done an outstanding job replacing a legendary coach, Bobby Bowden, at Florida St. He passionate about coaching and teaching his players about football and about life in general. I think the players would respond very well to his coaching and motivational methods. Should Irsay pull the trigger?
  10. We need to do whatever it takes to draft Dalvin Cook. If the cost is multiple future draft picks, than this to be made. Whatever it takes. We haven't had a dynamic RB since Edgerrin James, and this was over a decade ago. Cook is special, and would make our offense unstoppable. #allinforDalvinCook
  11. Luck is for real. He has crap line that cannot protect him. Has lousy HC, that has failed him. Also has lousy GM with has failed helping. Luck's struggles aren't his fault, when his superiors are inept at their jobs
  12. When is the coin flip? I want to watch this live. Could decide everything
  13. Pacers have been horrible this year, and the Colts have also been bad. Frustrating time to be an Indianapolis sports fan. At least the IU basketball team appears to be legit. Only problem, for me personally, is that I think NCAA basketball kind of sucks
  14. I haven't researched the Texans schedule, but one would think 9 wins is enough to win the division. We would have to go 5-2 to finish the season to get there. 4-3 will get us to 8-8. I don't really trust this team to finish winning 5 out of the last 7 games. An 8-8 record seems realistic. Not over, but close to being over
  15. Whom are the front-runners for the award? I've seen Brady and Prescott. Tom shouldn't win because he was suspended for cheating. Prescott is a Rookie, and has good players around him helping him succeed.

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