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  1. Regression of Mack and Hooker?

    Oh yeah, Mack sure is regressing. He only ripped off a run for 22 that should have gone for -2. By next week he should be back in diapers and playing with brightly colored plastic keys on the sideline. Oh, internet. Why?
  2. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    I'd be lying if I said that questions about his long term prospects weren't starting to creep in. I don't like the way this is headed.
  3. Time to look to next season

    I mean, is it really improving? We're getting beat by a wider margin than ever. We've given up 85 points in the 4th quarter alone. By comparison there are 3 teams that haven't allowed 85 points all season. We also lead the league in giving up 20+ yard passes. This is (probably) the most talented defense Pagano has had to work with since he's been here, but the results are still the same. Can he win when Luck bails him out? Most of the time. That also happens to be the mentality that led to only a single Super Bowl for us and Peyton Manning. I'd rather not rinse and repeat that vicious cycle.
  4. Five Weeks in a Row - Ahead in the 3rd Quarter

    I mean, I wish I was wrong. But I'm not. In the vast majority of situations he has a logical butt saving excuse. Look at the Seattle game. "We were hanging tough for a half and then a couple of swing plays in the third broke it open." "Yeah, we've lost some close games, but we've been without our quarterback. We were just one play away." It just never ceases to happen, no matter how ridiculous. I've never seen anything like it.
  5. ... On The Bright Side, However...

    You mean doing something like... Getting Mack more involved?
  6. ... On The Bright Side, However...

    Not only once, but twice. if you don't understand the thread, do those of us who do a favor and don't muddy it up.
  7. Five Weeks in a Row - Ahead in the 3rd Quarter

    This is exactly why Pagano is safe. I understand thats not the point of this thread and all, but this kind of stuff is the reason Pagano is perpetually safe. There's always some kind of logical spin to put on whats actually going on that makes it look better than it actually is. It blows my mind.
  8. The Ghost

    He was in double coverage most all night. Teams are leaving Moncrief in one on one coverage and clamping down on Hilton.
  9. ... On The Bright Side, However...

    Way to miss the point entirely.
  10. Time to look to next season

    Does next season include a new coach? I don't think I can try to handle simultaneous seasons under Pagano.
  11. About those late game timeouts..........

    Pagano gonna Pagano. It just is what it is. He believes it's right. He's made these kinds of decisions before, he's defended them when he has, and he continues to think he's right. No one is going to correct him or make him feel otherwise. It just is what it is.
  12. 85-22

    Its something. Proves Pagano isn't a totally incapable *.
  13. 85-22

    But we stopped those slow starts.
  14. ... On The Bright Side, However...

    Seriously though, Pagano needs to be playing the Powerball. He's gotta hit. That guy is luckier than a Golden Horseshoe in a leprechauns rear end siding down a rainbow. This guy can go out there week after week after week and crap the bed and STILL have a legitimate excuse. This guy has some major juju going for him. We're always a play or two away, or "if Luck is out there this is a different game" or something. His behind always ends up covered.