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  1. Trade down again and take McGlinchy

    They just drug tested at work yesterday so I’m safe until 2019. Give me some of what it was you smoked before coming up with this idea and deciding it was worth posting.
  2. Josh Mcdaniels Rule

    Also 2018: when anything bad happens to anyone anywhere we have to make rules to try and make sure it never happens again.
  3. Josh Mcdaniels Rule

    It’s not that he didn’t accept something he didn’t want. That’s not how accepting something works. He changed his mind. We shouldn’t need rules to encourage us to keep our word.
  4. Josh Mcdaniels Rule

    2018: where we have to have rules to make people stuck to their word.
  5. Antonio Morrison & TJ Green Set to Break Out

    The problems with Green are fundamental. He takes bad angles. Doesn’t tackle well. Slow to diagnose plays, assess situations and react. Undisciplined. Those are things that coaching can help, but not really scheme. The switch probably bricks Morrison. Cover 2 relies on fast LBs with good coverage skills. Neither of those are a part of Morrison’s game.
  6. Marlon Mack

    I’d almost bet money we take Guice at some point in the second.
  7. Colts Re-Sign RB Christine Michael

    Exactly. It’s still not making a ton of sense that we’re bringing him back. Turbin is back, Mack should be the starter (I’d be surprised if we didn’t draft Guice now) and they still keep talking about having plans for Matt Jones. If we’re looking for warm camp bodies I’d rather look elsewhere. We have a rough idea what we might get from Michael, and that ceiling is pretty low. May as well kick the tires on some UDFA and see if one of them turns into our own Arian Foster.
  8. Colts Re-Sign RB Christine Michael

    I’m not exactly sure why. We’ve got Mack and Turbin returning. They say Jones is in the future plans, and we will likely draft a RB at some point. He didnt really bring anything to the table last season.
  9. Pierre Desir is back

    Good move. Curious to see if he can continue to grow and produce the way he did last season.
  10. Report: Colts signing WR Ryan Grant

    He failed their physical after Michael Crabtree was released by the Raiders. Crabtree signed with the Ravens. You deduce what happened.
  11. Report: Colts signing WR Ryan Grant

    Not bad. I’d take Hurns as well.
  12. OL Matt Slauson visiting Colts Tuesday

    Only by a narrow score of 1-2. And at his age, it could change at any moment. Doesn’t do much to actually make the line better, honestly.
  13. Ballard explains free agency strategy.

    The problem is, as I’ve said for years, offensive linemen coming from college to the NFL aren’t coming prepared to play at this level and many never reach that point at all. The salary cap is its own little economy. It’s it’s own little living creature. Teams have grown tired of swings and misses from the college ranks, and it’s caused them to put a higher value on mediocre linemen already in the league because at least they know they can get some decent production from them as opposed to some college player who may come in and be the next Zach Banner. Teams have started to trade the prospect of finding the next pro-bowl offensive linemen in the draft for signing some guys who can adequately do the job, even if he probably won’t be the best to do it.
  14. Ballard explains free agency strategy.

    The really ironic thing in all of it is that Grigson himself proved you can do both. You can sign free agents, and still have cap space. Knock him all you want, it’s all warranted, but the fact is he took good care of the cap. He didn’t go out and sign players to ridiculous deals that put us in a bad cap position. (You can argue the Art Jones deal, but keep in mind that Pagano surely went to Grigson and begged for that signing. Pagano, having worked with Jones in Baltimore talked him up to Grigson and I’m sure he said Jones was a player that he had to have. It was a bad deal, but I’m guessing the lust for Jones from Pagano compounded that. And even still, the Art Jones deal did not screw us over cap-wise.)
  15. Ballard explains free agency strategy.

    Ballard is still 3 years away from having to pay his first draft pick. So why not, you know, help our team out in that time? Are we tanking? It’s really starting to look that way. This team is worse today than it was New Year’s Eve. Ballard is gonna have to have a legendary draft to change that. And guess what? It happens again next March. We’re going to have a ton of cap space and no picks from the Grigson years worth using significant amounts of that space on. So we’re filling out the roster as cheaply as possible while we “build through the draft” for the next who knows how many years. Ballard is going to have to set the bar where it comes to success rate of drafting players, and that’s gonna be a tough bill to pay in the current state of the differences between college and the NFL. It’s like trying to play a game of darts where only bullseyes and triples count.