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  1. A sleeper I've seen and I would like us to get maybe in the 4th-5th is Jeremy McNichols from Boise State. In some ways he plays like Hunt in that they both have great balance and McNichols is an asset in the passing game so he can start out as a 3rd Back early on whilst he learns from Gore.
  2. I think it would feel like Christmas morning for quite a few people on this forum (myself included) if they both decide to sign with us one after the other
  3. Jamal Adams. Whether he by some miracle falls to 15 or we end up trading up for him, I would love to have him. As if we get him, we'll have a leader on our defense for years to come.
  4. Obviously just somewhere to start OLB: Derek Barnett, Tim Williams, Takk Mckinley, Jordan Willis S: Jamal Adams, Malik Hooker, Obi Melifonwu CB: Marshon Lattimore, Gareon Conley, Jalen Tabor, Marlon Humphrey, Cameron Sutton Just a few names to start. Don't worry if you can't look at all of them but I'd like to know your thoughts on the safeties. Thanks
  5. In terms of who I want left: TJ Lang (shore up the right side of the line) Johnathan Hankins ( Big NT clogging up the Middle) Jabaal Sheard ( decent Pass rusher on one end) Morris Claiborne or Prince Amukamara (as #2 CB with maybe Nickell Robey Coleman as a nickel too) And then in the draft maybe trade up to get a future leader on the defense like Jamal Adams (allow Geathers to play ILB at times), another Rusher like Jordan Willis and fill out other needs like RB.
  6. Not exactly, they've just signed (or look to sign) Barry Church at S and they already signed Tashaun Gipson a bit ago, so safety may not be a need (I hope this is the case as I want one of them to fall to us or close enough for us to trade up for.)
  7. In this scenario Barnett,because I would look at Gareon Conley in the 2nd round. If by some miracle he fell, I would love to take Jamal Adams. So I would take 1st. Adams 2nd Conley and 3rd someone like Jordan Willis.
  8. I wouldn't be upset at all if we were to take either Adams or Hooker with our first pick. They both have the makings of being blue chip defensive players ( something that we desperately need.) Overall, for me, Jamal Adams is probably my favorite player in this entire draft- so I would prefer him. IMO he can play both SS and FS, a valuable trait. This trait may allow him to come in and cover TEs right away or play in a 2 high look with Green whilst Geathers plays in the box as a linebacker. The way I see it is that Adams has a higher floor and is maybe one of the safer picks in this draft (his high end is an Eric Berry type player and the low end for me would be someone like Kenny Vacarro.) Hooker on the other hand perhaps has a slightly higher ceiling (his high end for me would be a Harrison Smith and his low end would may be a Ha-Ha Clinton Dix.)
  9. Cut: D-Jax- Whilst a leader of the defense and a good run stopper, he is getting up there in age and has problems in coverage (plus the recent problems with PED could be a factor.) Would save around 5 mil in cap space Arthur Jones- Unfortunately unable to stay healthy and with decent depth on the D-line and his cap hit (again about 5 mil) is a cap casualty Cap after cuts= $70 million (according to spotrac including rollover from 2016) Look to retain/Extend: Jack Mewhort (extend) 7 mil per year (4-5 years)- Our best lineman- he will need to be locked up ASAP (salary within same range as Josh Sitton) Donte Moncrief (extend) 6.2 mil per year (4-5 years)- whilst been injured this year, he has a important member of the offense and can help take away coverage from Hilton, as well as be that bigger body receiver (salary in about the same region as Mohamed Sanu) Zach Kerr- 760k per year (2-3 years)- Good as a part of D line rotation Jack Doyle- 2 mil per year (2-3 years)- Has been a pleasant surprise for the offense and loved by the team, should be brought back Akeem Ayers- 2.6 mil per year (1-2 years), has had a decent year with the team, could be someone worthwhile bringing back Robert Turbin- 760k for 1 year, has been a decent 2nd RB behind Gore and wouldn’t mind back for depth Jonotthan Harrison- 760k for 1 year, not been too bad at G, worth bringing back for depth Erik Swoope- 600k for 1 year, depth at TE Cap Remaining- approx. 49.3 mil Note: Regrettably, I decided not to resign players such as Mathis, Butler, Adams etc. because I feel that it would be important for the team to become a younger team, especially if some of the older players are going to (or have already started) declining Sign (FA): Dre Kirkpatrick (3 years 15 million) - Whilst I would love the option of getting Stephon Gilmore- he would be looking for #1 CB money, something I would’ve been willing to pay if we don’t already have a #1 CB in Davis, Kirkpatrick would be a very solid #2 CB and allow Robinson to move to the nickel Nick Perry- (3 years 18 million)- A OLB who has improved this year, and someone who whilst not our main pass rusher, could still rush the QB in his own right (play a similar role to Walden) Zach Brown (3 years 15 million)- a very underrated LB, good in coverage and the run, he would be a good replacement at the Mike LB position left by D-Jax- plus he gives another option for Monachino’s defense (he can stop the run with Morrison and cover with E Jackson) Earl Watford (1 year 750k)- provide Oline depth, in particular at the tackle spot Draft: 1st– Jamal Adams S LSU- IMO the 2nd best defensive player in the draft, drafting him would allow the defense to have allow 3 safety formations (with Geathers acting a LB), also the leader of LSU’s defense, will be a potential leader for a NFL defense 2nd- Carl Lawson OLB Auburn- Although he has had injury problems in the past, when healthy he has the potential to be a dominant pass rusher, can start off as a just a pass rusher year 1 and then develop in the run game 3rd- Cameron Sutton CB Tennessee- An aggressive press corner (who can help in the run game), can play both the nickel or the outside aswell as return kicks (could fall due to injury) 4th-Ryan Anderson OLB Alabama- The other Bama OLB, solid in his own right as a pass rusher and good versus the run 5th – James Connor RB Pittsburgh- a big powerful RB with surprisingly good burst through the gap, could be a good replacement for a bruiser like Gore 6th- Jalen Reeves Maybin ILB Tennessee- Another Vol would could fall due to injury, a quick thumper (almost similar to E-Jax in that sense) 7th BPA Hopefully, this will allow our team to get younger whilst at the same time, add players who can help this team, in particular on defense. Let me know what you think
  10. For me, a couple of names that could be of interest are: Joe Haden (CB Browns)- I've just seen recently that he (along with Joe Thomas) is someone who the Browns may trade at the trade deadline. Whilst injuries have cause him problems the past couple of seasons,if we were to trade for him (maybe something like a 3rd), then we would have a very solid secondary with: Davis, Haden (Robinson in the nickel), Adams, Geathers and TJ Green. Marcus Smith (DE/OLB Eagles)- A player that many (myself included) wanted in the 2014 draft, Smith has been stuck behind the likes of Conor Barwin and Brandon Graham. However, he still has shown flashes of potential as a pass rusher such as with this. He would someone who may cost a day 3 pick and IMO someone worth considering for the time being (until the offseason.)
  11. Now hear me out. I love the 2 young safeties we have now in Clayton Geathers and TJ Green, and I am fully aware of what other holes we have on the defense (namely pass rush and corner.) But another problem that exists is the lack of a coverage Linebacker. In order to fix such a problem, I was thinking about the possibility of doing what some teams (most well known example being Deone Bucannon for Arizona) use and to have a safety as a linebacker hybrid. We have someone who can perhaps fill this role in Geathers: as he is good against the run, and would at least be able to cover TEs and RBs better than some of the current LBs we have. Therefore, by having Geathers in a Bucannon-like role, it is likely we would need another safety and the Front office talks about how they love the idea of their safeties being interchangeable- which Green can potentially be and there are some in this draft class that can also be the same. Names that can be seen as interchangeable (to varying degrees) and who can lay the wood include: Jamal Adams, Justin Evans, Armani Watts, Marcus Maye, Kai Nacua. If we could grab a pass rusher like Derek Barnett or a top corner falls to us in the 1st, due to the way that safeties are drafted, there is a strong possibility that a few of these names could fall to the 2nd round. If we were to get a blue chip pass rusher in the first, then in the 2nd grab one of those safeties, it would allow the defense to get faster (by almost having 5/6 dbs on the field in base) and we will be able to start building a heavy hitting defense ( with the likes of Geathers, Green, Morrison+ any of the safeties mentioned above) and could perhaps cover for a second or 2 longer for the pass rushers to get home. What do you think of this idea?
  12. Round 1 - #29 A Landon Collins, B Eddie Goldman, C Jordan Phillips Round 2 - #61 A, Jay Ajayi B Denzel Perryman Round 3 - #93 A Stephone Anthony , B Donovan Smith Round 4 - #128 A Jeremiah Poutasi, B Buck Allen Round 5 - #165 A, Ladarius Gunter B Senquez Golson Round 6a - #204 A Gerod Holliman, B James Sample Round 6b - #206 A Derrick Lott, B Jarvis Harrison Round 7a - #244 A Justin Coleman, B Kenny Bell Round 7b - #255 A Bobby McCain, B Donald Celiscar
  13. Hello family, hope you are all well. As we edge closer to the postseason, some of us ( me included) may start thinking about next year like FA/ draft. So I thought that I'd post a thread where if we can look to sign how many big names in the draft.Below are 2 lists: one for the top 10 average salaries ( per year.) Some colts in these list include: Cherilus, McAfee, Mathis and Bethea. This will be useful for FA. the second list is the approximate salaries for our draft picks ( assuming at 25th in the draft- of course can be less if we draft later) QB: $14,035,714-$20,100,000 HB: $6,475,000-$13,714,286 WR: $9,400,000-$18,812,500 TE: $5,883,333-$7,218,857 LT: $8,028,571-$10,500,000 RT: $4,187,500-$6,900,000 G: $5,875,000-$9,500,000 C: $4,075,000-$8,186,000 DE: $10,627,200-$16,000,000 DT: $2,000,000-$13,078,941 OLB: $8,097,000-$11,628,333 ILB: $6,750,000-$9,000,000 CB: $8,000,000-$16,000,000 S: $6,750,000-$9,125,000 K: $2,583,333-$3,780,000 P: $2,550,000-$3,750,000 2nd:4 yr/$3,464,328 3rd: 4 yr/$2,735,900 5th: 4 yr/$2,338,532 6th:4 yr/$2,257,432 7th:4 yr/$2,211,392 Just some food for thought later on

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