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  1. I think we should at least look at the following: Dorian Johnson (depth on Oline) Michael Schofield (Oline depth) Andrew Tiller (Oline) TJ Clemmings (Oline-) Xavier Cooper (pass rushing downs) Shilique Calhoun (Another pass rusher) Jeremy McNichols (Looked good coming out of college this year) KJ Dillon (Hard hitting safety) Leon McQuay
  2. Who's your starting defense?

    After the draft, I personally feel like that there is definitely a lot more competition and the potential for a wide range of starting defenses. I was wondering who you would have on the starting defense (with all things being equal right now) I understand a lot of things will change between now and week 1 but I'm interested to see who you would have as your week 1 starting defense. Here's what mine would be in the 3-4 base: DE: Langford NT: Hankins DT: Anderson SOLB: Simon Mike: Morrison Will: Spence Rush: Sheard CB: Davis SS: Geathers FS: Butler CB: Wilson Then in nickel/sub packages I would have Butler as our Nickel and Hooker as our FS. I would look to rotate our D line and LBs so that people like TY McGill can come in on obvious pass plays and I would even have Geathers could down in the Box and play LB and have Green as a high Safety with Hooker in passing downs. Tbh, I am quite optimistic about our defense making strides this year, based on the competition that we have at some positions. I would like to know who you would have on the starting base defense and what subs you would make
  3. UDFA Wish .List-Who do you want?

    Aviante Collins, Kyle Kalis, Jeremy Cutrer, Jarron Jones, Jo Jo Mathis, Keion Adams, Eric Wilson
  4. If he falls to us, Desmond King would be a good pick for the nickel. Him, Hooker and Wilson with all those ball skills
  5. If Jordan Willis falls to 80- we need to get him ASAP. Then hopefully grab someone like Donta Foreman in the 4th
  6. Colts trade up for McCaffrey?

    I hope if Jamal Adams falls far enough, we trade up for him, but he's about the only person I would want to trade up for.
  7. Round 1 - #15 A- Gareon Conley CB Ohio State B- Jarrad Davis ILB Florida C- Jamal Adams S LSU (perhaps a trade up option if he falls enough but definitely more of a hope rather than a realistic prediction) Round 2 - #46 TJ Watt OLB Wisconsin B Jordan Willis OLB Kansas State Round 3 - #80 A Josh Jones S NC State B Marcus Maye S Florida Round 4 - #122 A Tyus Bowser OLB Houston B Jourdan Lewis CB Michigan Round 4 - #137 A Jarron Jones DT/NT Notre Dame B Jeremy McNichols RB Boise State Round 4 - #144 A Howard Wilson CB Houston B Daeshon Hall DE/OLB Texas A&M Round 5 - #158 A Tanner Vallejo ILB Boise State B Kareem Hunt RB Toledo UDFA Joe Mathis OLB Washington Speedy Noil WR Texas A&M Ezra Robinson CB Tennessee State
  8. Bold predictions for the draft

    This is more of a wish than perhaps a prediction but either Jamal Adams or Malik Hooker both fall out of the top 10 and one of them falls to 15.
  9. First off, I would look to trade down (unless someone like Jamal Adams or Malik Hooker falls to 15.) A trade partner that was recently mentioned on this forum could be someone like Denver. In this scenario, we would receive their 1st (20) and their 3rd (82nd) for our 1st (15). 1st (20). Gareon Conley CB Ohio State- IMO the 2nd best CB in this draft behind Marshon Lattimore, is a good man to man corner and could likely start as a #2 CB opposite Vontae. IMO can be a future #1 CB. 2nd (48) Jordan Willis OLB Kansas State- Even before the combine, I thought he was a disruptive pass rusher and his combine stats just confirmed it. I wouldn't mind taking someone like TJ Watt here either but in a few mocks, I've seen Willis fall to us and I personally prefer him over Watt. 3rd (80)Josh Jones S NC State- Had a good workout at the Combine but watching his film, whilst he does appear to be a little raw, he is also still a good player. He shows a willingness to hit and he does have the ability to cover (I saw him covering a potential 1st/2nd round TE David Njoku when he played Miami.) Could be a good interchangeable safety after a year or 2. 3rd (82)Jeremy McNichols RB Boise State- I think he is a very underrated RB who has the potential to be a home run hitter (I also saw somewhere he faced 8 men in the box over 50% of his carries.) He can start as a 3rd down back as he does have receiving ability and he can learn from Frank Gore. 4th (122) Jourdan Lewis CB Michigan- He will likely fall because of his size as well as his off the field issues. But I believe Ballard will be more willing to take chances on someone with off the field issues than Grigson was. And with someone like Lewis' talent (2X 1st team All American) he would be hard to pass up. 4th (137) Daeshon Hall OLB Texas A&M- To me, Hall does show signs of being a good 3-4 OLB. With someone with his size and measurables, his ceiling could be someone like a Preston Smith in Washington. 4th (144) Jarron Jones DE/DT Notre Dame- Watching Jones on film, he reminds a bit of Chris Jones for KC. Whilst inconsistent, there were times on film where he looked dominate and he would add competition to the Dline (something I'm sure Ballard wants.) 5th (158)Tanner Vallejo ILB Boise State- After seeing his pro day stats, I read somewhere that he played injured for the 2016 season. But when I watched his film, he looked like a good tackler ( despite having his wrist banged up) and shows he has the ability to cover. He would likely be a WILB in our system.
  10. At #15: 1. Conley 2. Barnett 3. Jarrad Davis 4. Reddick 5. Humphrey I would be willing to trade up for Jamal Adams if he falls a little. I would also look to trade down and see if any of the 5 I've put are still there
  11. Colts RB For The Future.

    A sleeper I've seen and I would like us to get maybe in the 4th-5th is Jeremy McNichols from Boise State. In some ways he plays like Hunt in that they both have great balance and McNichols is an asset in the passing game so he can start out as a 3rd Back early on whilst he learns from Gore.
  12. FA Rumors

    I think it would feel like Christmas morning for quite a few people on this forum (myself included) if they both decide to sign with us one after the other
  13. Jamal Adams. Whether he by some miracle falls to 15 or we end up trading up for him, I would love to have him. As if we get him, we'll have a leader on our defense for years to come.
  14. Obviously just somewhere to start OLB: Derek Barnett, Tim Williams, Takk Mckinley, Jordan Willis S: Jamal Adams, Malik Hooker, Obi Melifonwu CB: Marshon Lattimore, Gareon Conley, Jalen Tabor, Marlon Humphrey, Cameron Sutton Just a few names to start. Don't worry if you can't look at all of them but I'd like to know your thoughts on the safeties. Thanks
  15. Who's left that you want?

    In terms of who I want left: TJ Lang (shore up the right side of the line) Johnathan Hankins ( Big NT clogging up the Middle) Jabaal Sheard ( decent Pass rusher on one end) Morris Claiborne or Prince Amukamara (as #2 CB with maybe Nickell Robey Coleman as a nickel too) And then in the draft maybe trade up to get a future leader on the defense like Jamal Adams (allow Geathers to play ILB at times), another Rusher like Jordan Willis and fill out other needs like RB.