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  1. Coltsfanforlife12

    right tackle

    I want Clark to make the jump so bad because I think he’s got all the tools and has shown flashes. When he started at RT the final four games of his rookie season I don’t think he gave up a sack.
  2. Coltsfanforlife12

    The big Nelson gamble

    That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard... you don’t take a QB in round one when you already have one that’s good... it’s not a gamble. Mods please close this asinine thread...
  3. Coltsfanforlife12

    PFF Colts Draft Grades

    For the record the guys are CBS are pretty bad at their jobs. They had some of the worst mocks ever and it’s a popular thing in th media to hate on the colts.
  4. Coltsfanforlife12

    Who starts at G opposite Nelson?

    I think Mewhort or Slausen win the job. I’ve heard rumors we see Smith as a tackle.
  5. Coltsfanforlife12

    Still don't have a starting 2nd CB...

    I’m really not worried about corner right now. It was a fairly meh class if you ask me. When Ward is your “best” corner you’ve got a pretty meh class cause he is small And has zero dB skills.
  6. Coltsfanforlife12

    Ryan Grigson

    Umm which of grigsons picks were big or sexy outside of Luck????
  7. Coltsfanforlife12

    Colts draft Clemson WR Deion Cain (Merge)

    He has some drop issues from what I understand. I could be wrong about this but I think I there is a large possibility that he is the starting WR opposite TY day one.
  8. Coltsfanforlife12

    Everyone’s a Critic...

    I was looking at mocks yesterday and they had Turay going near the end of the second round.
  9. Coltsfanforlife12

    The Colts are ruling this draft!

    I’m pretty sure this is his sixth one tonight...
  10. Coltsfanforlife12

    2018 Colts Offensive Line

    Someone mentioned Mewhort at right tackle?? I’m pretty sure the one time we tried him there he promptly gave up tow sacks, one of which I believe led to the shoulder debacle we’ve dealt with for the last two years. Keep him at guard. See if smith can play Tackle or draft a tackle and start smith.
  11. Coltsfanforlife12

    Everyone’s a Critic...

    Look guys, we aren’t even done with the draft, these guys have played a down and about 50% of you are ready to pick up your torches and pitch forks and march in West 56th till Ballard is fired. These players mark his philosophy on the draft and I don’t think there was a reach in this draft, maybe Lewis. He was the fourth guy on a dline full of studs... I saw one guy mention he may be one of the top five defensive line guys in this draft and didn’t get to showcase his talent as much because of the talent in front of him. I LOVE the Leonard pick dude is quick and clearly has a nose for the football at only 22. 6ints and 8FF. Turay may be a project but he’s also going to be learning from Mathis. And Smith helps solidify a long standing issue with this team. Give it a chance before you bash it and start calling for Ballard’s head.
  12. Coltsfanforlife12

    The Morning After

    I love the Smith pick for this! I was hoping Hernandez would have fallen two more picks but the Smith kid is going to be a player for a long time in this league. Our biggest weakness was pressure up the middle and some off the RT. Luck for probably the first time in his career is going to be able to step up into a pocket... I saw one of Smiths weaknesses is blur pick up, I believe that will change with Kelly at C calling them out.
  13. You forget that Ballard is very good at evaluating CB talent. He’s said previously he like there depth at the position. I see us getting four possible five long term starters out of this. The last two have to grow into it but they are going to learn from Mathis. Smiths tape looks good and he’s really strong. Could be a guy we move around in the line to cause match up issues.
  14. I haven’t watched watched the presser yet. Taped the draft b cause I went to see avengers. I’m about to our final pick. I LOVE the first three picks I’ve seen. Turay May be raw but he’s going to learn from a guy who had a 100+ sacks and 36 sack fumbles in that system!
  15. I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not lol. Are you happy or not?