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  1. Ryan Kelly

    PFF is a load of crap. Their ratings mean nothing. Castanzo consistently gives up pressure.
  2. Ryan Kelly

    I was specifically watching him on those plays and he was blown up both times. Still he’s never been very good. An occasional back up in an emergency but not a starter and not someone I want on the team. I agree I don’t like Vujo but, until Mewhort comes back I think it’s the best we’ve got.
  3. Ryan Kelly

    After seeing Goode yesterday I want him nowhere on the line. He came in for two drives at RG and gave I’m 2 sacks and 2 runs for loss. He’s a seventh round pick that we need to give up on.
  4. Ryan Kelly

    It’s actually easier to play the right side of the line and I’ve heard multiple experts say he’d be better at RT. Would he take a pay cut, probably not but he’s been pretty awful until the last two games. He’s to inconsistent to play LT.
  5. Ryan Kelly

    Ideally we’d resign Mewhort and make Castanzo take a pay cut and play RT. Draft another guard and a stud LT.
  6. Coaching Staff

    I’m not sure our record isn’t better with Luck. The games we’ve been blown out in with the exception of the Jags game was due to turnovers and pick sixes. I’ve said this before but not on this forum, Luck being out this year could be up being a blessing.
  7. Coaching Staff

    And his replacement was even worse.. was in for two drives allowed two sacks and losses on two rushes. Yes he had penalties but look at his blocking and tell me he shouldn’t be on the field. It was his first start as a rookie cut the kid a break. Goode has been around for three years and still can’t play. If you can’t actually watch the game and only pull from his penalties then don’t comment that he was awful. Watch the line..
  8. Coaching Staff

    He may have had two false starts and a holding penalty but his block was far superior to Goode. Goode came in and we had our worst drive. He’s a rookie had had to learn. Also from the sounds of it there were a lot of Steelers fans there today. Watch his blocking and he was doing well. Better than anyone else at the position besides Mewhort.
  9. Coaching Staff

    This coaching staff infuriates me... Kyle Kalis was playing well at right guard and the pull him in the second half to see how Goode plays... just for ****s and giggles let’s scree our line who is playing well for once...
  10. New Coach.

    This will never happen because OCs and DCs don't leave jobs for the same job unless they are fired. Personally I want Reich or McDaniels as head coach. I don't think Pags, even if we some how miraculously go 8-8, comes back. There is no way. He mismanages to many games and for those of you who think he's a good head coach please just look at him on the sideline and in press conferences.. He looks like a scared puppy dog who has no clue what he is doing.
  11. MACK

    I get the hype but we've hyped these late round running backs far to often recently and they've turned into nothing. I'll wait till he rips up a good defense or breaks a stud safeties ankles before I get too excited.
  12. Who's your starting defense?

    De: Anderson NT: Hankins DT: Ridgeway SOLB: Simon ILB: Geathers, Spence/Anthony Rush: Sheard cb1: davis cb2 wilson fs Hooker ss butler/green
  13. Early Look at the Colts 53-man roster

    Doubt we carry five safeties unless one of them is returning punts.
  14. Colts 2017 Draft Class

    Based off your many comments I've seen on this forum you clearly know nothing about football.
  15. Colts select Marlon Mack, RB, South Florida (Merge)

    I was referring to his physicality and ability to break tackles once hit. I agree he like sit outside but, when he's out there he's hard to bring down.