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  1. Coltsfanforlife12

    BProland's Final Mock (Draft Week)

    I like the draft but I think your being optimistic about guys being there. DJ Moore in particular. Seems very likely he goes in the first.
  2. Coltsfanforlife12

    Trade with Dolphins

    It’s a little high for Landry if you ask me. Someone above was mentioning Ward and he’s not on my want list at all. I’ll be very upset if he’s the pick. Didn’t see anything from his DB skills that gets me excited. He’s athletic with average to below average DB skills. He’s Eli Apple hopefully without the attitude issue.
  3. No team in their right mind makes that trade.... to get back up that far it’s going to take way more than 2 seconds and a fourth... it would take our first next year...
  4. I think this is the most likely scenario in a trade back. Assuming 3 QBs go in the top 10 and Ballard sees 8 premium players, I don’t see us dropping back any further if we trade back. My question is what would you want in this deal? To me the only deal that would get me excited is 11, their second or third and their first next year. Thoughts?
  5. Mostly agree with the mock but I think SF is more likely to take Edmunds at 12. Ballard said he sees 8 premium players in the draft. Assuming 3 in the top 10 like we think then Ballard won’t drop last 11.
  6. Coltsfanforlife12

    John Elway Announcement

    Ogbah may not be special but they have zero corners because they haven’t hit on on since Haden. They’d benefit far more from picking up Fitzpatrick. I think if they choose any other quarterback other than Darnold then QBs go 1,2 and 3. Four would then likely be Barkley. Five could be traded for another QB and then the colts are sitting pretty with drafting Chubb.
  7. Coltsfanforlife12

    John Elway Announcement

    The abrowns would be really dumb to take Chubb. Their secondary is terrible. They also have Ogbah and Garrett already.
  8. Coltsfanforlife12

    Ex QB Jim Miller hits panic button

    I saw his mock and I think it made me dumber from looking at just the first two picks.... I didn’t even make it last 2...
  9. I don’t know. This mock is from a guy that I’ve never heard of. I find it hard to take him as being any sort of credible in his evaluation of talent. He’s definitely not in the realm of Mayok, Kiper or McShay o who have very different opinions on Chubb.
  10. This guy is an *... clearly... Hursg at four?? Jackson at six?? He reaches on a lot of players...
  11. Coltsfanforlife12

    Ballard's 2017 draft vs. Grigson's 2012

    Keep in mind that this draft was done with Grigsons personnel department. Ballard hadn’t put his into place yet.
  12. Coltsfanforlife12

    Mock 5.0 with trade back

    I can’t see Chark dropping to the thir or Rankins dropping to the fourth. I think Smith is drafter a little high. I’d much rather take Hernandez with the second pick and Chark in the second.
  13. Coltsfanforlife12

    Buffalo trade I’d be ok with

    I don’t think you’re going to get 3 ones for them to move up six spots. I kind of doubt they can get both seconds. Also, I don’t think Smith will be there at 12 unfortunately. That’s why I proposed the third trade.
  14. Buffalo gets 6 we get 12, 22 and their two second. I would then like to trade 12 and one second and maybe a future four to move up somewhere between 8-10 and take edmunds or Smith. In this trade scenario Chubb, Barkley, and Nelson are already gone. We’d pick an extra first and would then have four seconds.
  15. ACL injuries are rarely career ending... we have Geathers at strong safety and a quality back up. James would be one of the dumbest picks possible at this point... to many other needs