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  1. Can they afford him? They gave out huge contracts last year and have to resign both Mack and Carr next year don't they?
  2. Posting this here since the other thread is locked. Poe has left both the jaguars and the Falcons without a contract. On his way to visit the Dolphins who I don't think can afford him. Any other teams interested in him? Hoping we can get him on a one year prove it deal.
  3. Why try and turn him into a project offensive linemen to protect our franchise quarterback... possibly one of the dumbest things I've ever heard...
  4. Yes but, we already knew that when we signed Langford. He played in 3-4 prior to them switching defenses. Usually 3-4 ends make decent 4-3 defensive tackles and 4-3 ends make decent 3-4 outside linebackers. Personally I liked him when he was in the draft and thought he'd make a decent 3-4 end. He's a little too big to be playing a 4-3 end spot. He's 295 pounds.
  5. Equates* having a rough spelling day
  6. The long post about his previous achievements in other sports...
  7. Maybe I'm wrong and he's better as a 3-4 end than a 4-3 end but, based off what I see in his stats 14 solo tackles, 14 assisted and 1.5 sacks in four years gives me very little confidence in this pick.
  8. None of that acuates to talent on the football field of which he has shown very little.
  9. I'm going to have to disagree with you there... McPhee had been in the league 4-5 years had 64 tackles (double hunts) and 17 sacks to hunts 1.5... this dude is primed for the last round of roster cuts.
  10. While I take expert opinions with a groan of salt everyone loved him of the NFL experts. They agreed that he was raw and he was a project, who shouldn't have been drafted in round two. That said I'm holding off judgment because rookies tend to make a huge leap in year two and he wasn't supposed to play a whole lot last year. Unfortunately due to injury he was pressed into service.
  11. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.. still a lot of holes to fill and you're not going to get them all on free agency and the draft. Still need d and oline depth, starting safety to go with geathers, corner to go with and eventually replace vontae, inside linebacker, top end pass rusher, and a yound buck running back (hopefully Cook). That doesn't all get done in one offseason.
  12. A running game that's dangerous and not one that gets a 1000 yards on volume is going to protect our quarterback whose had some injury issues. A running game that's dangerous will open up our passing game and help our receivers who can't break coverage.
  13. It's really not insane... you have three stud running backs in this draft and a deep defensive draft. I'd rather take a stud running back and draft some good defensive players in the 2nd-4th rounds. Running back could be the key to a top 10 offense. We've never had a running back people have to fear taking it to the house. It's why our play action game isn't very effective.
  14. The hate on the couch Maine numbers is dumb... who the heck cares about combine numbers.. watch the tape.
  15. I don't know much about Toub. What makes you believe he can be a head coach in the NFL?

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