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  1. De: Anderson NT: Hankins DT: Ridgeway SOLB: Simon ILB: Geathers, Spence/Anthony Rush: Sheard cb1: davis cb2 wilson fs Hooker ss butler/green
  2. Doubt we carry five safeties unless one of them is returning punts.
  3. Based off your many comments I've seen on this forum you clearly know nothing about football.
  4. I was referring to his physicality and ability to break tackles once hit. I agree he like sit outside but, when he's out there he's hard to bring down.
  5. Just watched a highlight tape of him. He looks to be Frank Gore with break away speed! Very excited about this!!
  6. Sanders didnt play free safety though. He was the strong safety which plays more in the box. Green and Butler can man that this year until Green develops a bit more.
  7. He's slightly undersized but he can add some muscle. He's definitely got the height and speed to play the position. Add 15-20 pounds and he's the right side for an ilb.
  8. I really like this pick! I mentioned last night that you can coach better angles and tackling skills but you can't coach his instincts or speed. Love the fact that he's wearing Berry and Adams old number. what do you all think about possibly playing Geathers at ILB? He's got the size and he's fast and a fairly good tackler.
  9. Not saying it would be a bad pick but his motor concerns me. Said the same thing about Rodgeway last year but I was ok with that pick because it was less risky. Ridgeway had second to first round talent if I remember correctly but fell due to motor issues.
  10. How is 15 a bad spot to be?? In the last 10 drafts or so that draft position has had six pro bowlers. If you had your way who would you want?
  11. lol I'm an alumni too and I'm not proud of our football team but, I've seen McDowell play and I don't like his effort.
  12. He's young. Achilles injuries take awhile to recover from but their success rate on young players is pretty solid.
  13. I say fourth because I've heard that's what they are asking for. That defensive line would be nasty with Hankins Richardson and Anderson/Langford/Ridgeway
  14. I'd take him all day. Yes he needs a "redshirt" year but, we'd then have two top 10 talents in our secondary.
  15. Give them a fourth and let's call it good!!

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