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  1. If I'm Chris Ballard Then I'm Taking Nelson RD. 1

    I like Nelson but only if we trade back to six or later.
  2. The Colts New Offensive Approach

    An injury prone WR who was absolutely terrible this year who has never caught more than 50 balls and never surpassed 750 yards. Yes I do think that’s probably the best he’s going to do.
  3. The Colts New Offensive Approach

    I think Moncrief comes back on a one year prove it deal. I think he would be good in that offense. Gore is gone. With how much they had to run him in and out to keep him available last year he can’t be in an uptempo offense I don’t think.
  4. The Colts New Offensive Approach

    I think it was key that he also mentioned sometimes you have to slow it down. His philosophy seems very Dungy like. Get a lead keep the foot on the pedal and unleash the defense (hopefully Chubb!)
  5. Official: Nick Sirianni hired as Colts' OC

    I’ll give it a chance but there’s a lot of firsts going on here... first time HC, DC, OC, first time coaching Dline in the NFL, etc... the only guy who has experience in his position is the Oline guy who I’m hoping they replace because he hasn’t been stellar at any of his stops...
  6. When??

    My impatience is taking over... when do you think we will hear who our new coach is?? I’m personally hoping for tomorrow... I hope the expedited the process by including Irsay on the first round of interviews!
  7. Schefter reporting campbell is the favorite

    No he didn’t Mike McCoy called the plays. There’s a reason literally everyone but you has said he’s never called plays.
  8. Your guess is as good as mine

    Pederson is like Reid, wants to see his people succeed and letting him walk vs keeping him grants him more of an opportunity to showcase himself. He gets to call plays now where in Philly he wouldn’t.
  9. Frank Reich In The Film Room

    Please God no.... Gore needs to go... he’s old, the only reason he gets close to 1k yards is on volume and he has not big play potential.... not worth our precious cap space...
  10. Let's discuss Ballard's "Binder"

    I disagree with that. Most of the good “named” coaches have already been hired. I think he’s got criteria that he looks for and he always has a list. He may be towards the bottom of that list but I think it exists
  11. Your opinion on Eberflus

    I’m not sold yet but, I think he’s got potential. Ballard mentioned yesterday that we would be trying to move towards a hybrid of the Dungy style and Seattle style (the way I understood it, correct me if wrong). He’s not TeddyM who didn’t seem like he’d put a foot up a players but if they weren’t performing unless it happened to be on special teams in which case he sits probably out second best corner after Vontae was cut for the majority of the season...
  12. Chris Ballard - The "GM"

    One more thing to add.... PAGANO WAS FORCED ON HIM!!
  13. Chris Ballard - The "GM"

    To add to my above post, of course it’s not going to show on the field... we had our most important player not play a down, 26 of the 53 man roster was new, and our coaching staff sucked. The man had a decent draft despite not having his own team of talent evaluators. He drafted last year with grigsons scouring and personnel department.. finally, we were in most games last year and lost a lot of them by a TD or less. Our D was better but they played so many plays due to the ineptitude of the offense that by the end of the game they were gassed and couldn’t close it out.
  14. Chris Ballard - The "GM"

    I’m going to remind you that he played a key role in drafting Marcus Peters who many considered untouchable in the first round or at all. Not to mention I’ve said this before, McD fooled more people than just Ballard. He fooled Dungy who gave Ballard a good assessment of McD. He fooled Peter king who sat down with him. McD is a snake who had claimed to have changed and put up a good front all the way to the end.
  15. Colts Plan To Interview Leslie Frazier

    I want DeFilippo so bad but I’m not sure he ready or if we are even going to give him a look. He’ll have a head job in a year or two. Just has to cut his teeth in the play calling department.