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  1. Derakynn

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    How unexciting.
  2. Derakynn

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    I'm looking to trade down now.
  3. It's the Browns. And they gave the first pick in the 3rd for him. Never know what ridiculous thing they will do next.
  4. Derakynn

    Matt Patricia fires lions assistants

    Well if he doesn't have a plan to keep them, at least they know two weeks earlier than they would otherwise. Gives them more time to find other jobs. Not sure on legality.
  5. Derakynn

    Jacksonville (+7.5) at New England (1-21-18)

    1. There is no Pats rivalry. That has been dead for years. So I really don't have any strong feelings either way. 2. I hate it when bad QBs win and then get all the credit and people start talking about them like they are elite. See: Flacco. I also just don't like Bortles.
  6. Derakynn

    Jacksonville (+7.5) at New England (1-21-18)

    Classic that the one time I cheer for the Pats they decide to be trash. Literally 1 playoff game has gone the way I wanted it to so far.
  7. Derakynn

    Sick of Gregg Doyel

    The guy doesn't even really qualify as a journalist. Then again, true journalism is nearly dead.
  8. Not exactly recent history. Their last two coaches have now been: fired in the middle of his second season, and fired after delivering their first playoff win in 14 years.
  9. Well if there is one advantage of the Colts job, it's that there is a history of head coach stability. Same cant be said for Tennessee, who just fired the coach that brought them to the playoffs for the first time in 9 years.
  10. Derakynn

    Jacksonville (+7) at Pittsburgh (1-14-18)

    Pitt is pathetic. I want an interesting game.
  11. Wrong. I've watched the press conferences and they are definitely a full-encompassing, completely objective plethora of knowledge. I now know exactly how everyone who works with Jim perceives him.
  12. McDaniels actually has a significant coaching history to look at. That Titans game was like 1/9th of Nagys entire history as a playcaller. In principal I agree with what you are saying, but as far Nagy goes you can’t blame people too much for it.
  13. With the tweet I can’t quite tell who was the one to cancel the interview.