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  1. Manusky vs Monachino

    One thing Monachino does have is not getting tossed by the Steelers.
  2. We got out of Allen's contract at the very least.
  3. Trade from team that can only win with its QB to a team that can't win even with its QB. Yeah great idea right there.
  4. It's also possible that I will be your next franchise quarterback. Absolutely meaningless statement.
  5. How did the O-line do yesterday?

    I read 7 pressures on 34 dropbacks. None by the tackles Castanzo & Haeg. Run blocking didn't seem very good.
  6. Twitter Action on TY

    Stupid trade for both teams. T.Y. isn't taking how the team is doing right now very well, you think he will just accept playing for a team that basically never had success?
  7. The Ghost vanishes again (Merge)

    ITT: people once again trying to invalidly argue that #1 WRs never get shutdown.
  8. Vontae Davis receiving trade interest from 2 teams

    We've had trouble finding a competent receiver besides T.Y., so obviously you should just trade him away. You'd have to offer me two firsts before I'd even consider getting rid of him, and I doubt that is going to happen.
  9. Quincy Wilson..... inactive again

    Stephen Holder said he aggravated his knee injury
  10. Chris Ballard blew it

    If they were under the impression that Luck would return this season, it would be very difficult to install a new offense when your starting QB couldn't practice.
  11. Any news on hooker yet?

    That's a real classic. Let's just hope this doesn't ruin his career.
  12. Regression of Mack and Hooker?

    There is only one thing you can deduce from a sample size of two: you need a larger sample size.
  13. Colts Inactives

    I get the whole STs thing with the corners, but in the game Wilson started he had some really good coverage.
  14. Patience...

    I really like how people seem to think you can accurately predict healing. It's literally a crapshoot. There is no such thing as absolutes or certainty in reality.
  15. League memo

    I always see people saying that the demonstrations hurt the cause. So I will just leave this for people to ponder over. Don't pretend there has ever been an "acceptable" way to protest. The most convenient protests are ones in which you don't hear about at all, or at the very least don't challenge your views. Source: