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  1. The issue with punishing an accuser is that it is very difficult to prove something didn't happen. Also the argument is that enforcing something like that could lower the likelihood of offenses being reported for fear of retribution. Obviously it would be ideal to strike down those who attempt to ruin another's life with false accusations, but in practice it probably just isn't feasible. That said I really doubt this dude decided to toss away a few mil just weeks from the draft, so I don't have much of an issue drafting him if the front office deems it alright.
  2. inb4 "WHY WOULDN'T BALLARD PAY 8M FOR HIM?!?@221/?"
  3. I'm not all that high on the offense, but stonehands certainly didn't help much.
  4. This so interesting. I'd normally attribute paying another team to take a player's salary to basketball. Doesn't seem to be a common occurrence in the NFL.
  5. Robert Kraft might have an aneurism hearing about a trade with the Colts
  6. I'm pretty sure over the years people have mentioned that Grigson was known as a "closer". Edit: Here's an article on it. Man this seems like a distant memory...
  7. What exactly is a transportation cart? Like a more powerful golf cart? Either way, this is why you wait for details before rushing to judgement. Looking at the charges makes it look very bad, while reading the story makes it seem like more of a crazy escapade of an intoxicated man. Either way, this will be pleaded out because the charges read to be somewhat excessive and hardly worth attempting to pursue.
  8. Assuming Revis' account is true, they had no right to harass him and deserved it. Also, those charges are complete overstretches, and any decent lawyer will get him off (sorry about the phrasing...). "Robbery" for grabbing a guy's phone? Please. Conspiracy? What? Terroristic threats? Good luck getting that one to stick unless he yelled about plans to bomb Heinz field as he was beating them down.
  9. Stats don't say everything, but he threw 1 more int and 3 less touchdowns than Brock. Oswildo also threw 200 more yards (2957) and had a higher passer rating (72.2 vs 69.6). Fitzpatrick had a pretty rough year.
  10. It's one thing to say that Green sucks on a forum or something. It's rude and classless to directly send messages to him telling him he is trash. Despite what people think, being a public figure doesn't automatically mean people can hide behind the computer and be a * while he is just supposed to accept it. People act like he can just suddenly decide to be better and it is his fault that he isn't an instant legend that doesn't make mistakes. I'm sure he is putting forth a full effort to improve, so to put forth an effort to personally attack him is just stupid, and I don't blame him for reacting negatively to useless knobs.
  11. Thanks for your work D'Qwell. You will always be remembered fondly for that interception.
  12. He obviously is. That doesn't change the fact that that was one of the worst collapses in sports history. The Refs, Offensive, Defensive, and STs coaches, and the players all collaborated to construct the greatest showing of ineptitude the world has ever seen.
  13. This is the most pathetic mind handling of a game I've ever seen. And I watched the comeback vs the Chiefs.
  14. There goes any interest I would have had in Kyle Shanahan as a coach. Worst play calling I've ever seen.
  15. Biggest choke ever. Matt Ryan threw away this game. Nice job.

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