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  1. No reason to stress about this game...

    Not really relevant to my comment but ok.
  2. No reason to stress about this game...

    Yeah, we've been saying that since 2012.
  3. CFL Bans All Padding During Reg.Season Practices

    I think this is going to severely impact players that are trying to hone their skills to eventually move up to the NFL.
  4. Matt Jones is Back

    Jones was on our active roster. Being that he is not a vested veteran, he must go through waiver claims before we can sign him to the practice squad. (A vested veteran can't be on the PS at all, but that is beside the point).
  5. Colts Waive 2 Players

    Title is a bit misleading...technically correct though I guess.
  6. Chiefs Patriots Predictions

    And people wonder why Alex Smith isn't taken seriously. Really stupid move.
  7. Week One Colts vs. Rams Prediction Thread

    Wouldn't really be a surprise to win the game. While I wanted Morris over him, we can't ignore the fact that the preseason offense isn't indicative of how Tolzein actually plays. Vs Pitt, the dude was just chucking long passes downfield and moved the ball pretty well. The redzone offense is what tanked the game. I don't have a feel for how the Rams should play, but I can't imagine we don't have the ability to do better.
  8. Colts Roster Moves (Countdown to 53)

    A starting receiver for who? Pretty obviously not on the Colts, and at the point, it doesn't matter.
  9. What do you suppose Jim means by this?

    Basically he will talk about how excited they are about young players and Chris Ballard's vision, all the while not giving you any information on Luck's progress.
  10. At this point, I'm not too sure about that.
  11. He isn't going to get a job in the NFL without standing out in the CFL. I get the reservation of signing a 2 year contract, especially with the short lifetime of running backs. But CFL teams have seemed to be willing to release players to allow them to sign with an NFL team. Could just be sample bias though, as we obviously wouldn't hear about failed attempts to get out of CFL contracts.
  12. Could Colts be interested in Osweiler?

    I think I'd rather just lose without wasting our resources.
  13. The issue with punishing an accuser is that it is very difficult to prove something didn't happen. Also the argument is that enforcing something like that could lower the likelihood of offenses being reported for fear of retribution. Obviously it would be ideal to strike down those who attempt to ruin another's life with false accusations, but in practice it probably just isn't feasible. That said I really doubt this dude decided to toss away a few mil just weeks from the draft, so I don't have much of an issue drafting him if the front office deems it alright.
  14. inb4 "WHY WOULDN'T BALLARD PAY 8M FOR HIM?!?@221/?"
  15. Did anybody see D. Allen's dig on the Colts.....

    I'm not all that high on the offense, but stonehands certainly didn't help much.