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  1. Indianapolis Colts are getting a makeover

    In the video @ 1:46.......looks like Stewie.
  2. Colts Re-Sign RB Christine Michael

    No.... He's just complaining. Again.
  3. Colts sign Eric Ebron (merge)

    How many times are you going to say "Can't catch a cold"? It wasn't funny the first time.
  4. That movie is horrible. As soon as he started stitching up his own wound, I checked out.
  5. Lots of former Colts want Barkley to be drafted

    So Barkley is a whiny, crybaby turd?
  6. Something special is coming.

    It's not over until we get Jarvis Landry.
  7. The Colts New Offensive Approach

    Brissett is not a starting QB. He got us thru the season, but I would expect the same if he starts again. If Luck can't go, I can assure you another option would be brought in.
  8. Well look who's back.........our resident troll.
  9. Chris Ballard - The "GM"

    McDB is nothing more than a little lost homeless mutt with the mange who doesn't know what to do when he's out in the rain and wants to go home. You feel sorry for him and wanna bring him in, but at the end of the day he's still a piece of crap.
  10. Chris Ballard - The "GM"

    Check the other 174 threads about it.
  11. Chris Ballard press conference today at 11AM

    The rivalry is back on......closing statement. Nice!
  12. LOL. Rotoworld announces McDaniels to Titans

    Maybe the center of attention.