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  1. Wrong. Lonzo gets a lot of criticism because he has the most glaring red flags of any of the top picks and is the highest bust potential. If you actually are reading the articles criticizing him, most of them don't mention his dad. No one likes his dad, but he has other major issues with his game. Here's a great article that breaks down tons of issues with Lonzo Ball and showcases all the glaring flaws with his mechanics, and it does not mention his dad whatsoever. Recommend this article cause it also shows the good things about him. It's not biased whatsoever. This chart is pretty telling... UCLA had an awesome team around him. A team you don't really hear about often. People talk like Lonzo Ball transformed them over night, but look at his assists at the rim. 51.5%...The Lakers do not have scorers who are going to be tipping those bad shots into the hoop for him. The biggest criticism on Ball is actually that his P&R game is so bad. Pick & Roll is the bread and butter of the NBA. If you go through people who didn't want him, they constantly bring this up that he is awful in P&R and needs to develop it if he is going to keep up with pro level play. So no, it's not really about his dad. Everyone agrees that his dad is a jerk and the worst thing to happen in basketball, but Lonzo has very big, very real red flags with his game mechanics. People aren't saying this cause his dad is a jerk, it's all there in the tape...It's not a guaranteed thing that he's going to be this awesome player. All the issues with him, gives him a high possibility of being a bust. It also don't help that the Lakers trading away a scorer in Russell, that's going to definitely hurt him too. If he can work out and be awesome, then great. If not, then it was a big waste of time since he has so many red flags over him.
  2. Good god, D'Angelo Russell was their highest scoring player last year. They traded him away for nothing to get out of a bad contract. Lopez will average 20 points a game? You better pray for that, cause I'm going to hold you to it if he don't. The Lakers literally just traded away their future with D'Angelo. A future that they had to intentionally tank to get. They freed up cap space by getting rid of their best offensive scorer...that alone is pretty bad. Yes, the Mozgoz contract was awful, but when you trade away your best developing young player to free up cap space, that's just bad management...Paul George isn't going to save them either. At this rate, it wouldn't be a shock if Magic gets fleeced on that deal too. But who is Lonzo going to pass the ball to now to rack up those pretty assist stats? Lopez? Ingram? Julius Randle? D'Angelo Russell was their highest scorer shooter this past year...Great job on Magic to trade their best offensive player, cause now, Lonzo has to do even more. That's the point of why that trade sucks. It puts more pressure on Lonzo to come out the gate and be "better than Steph Curry" as LaVar claimed. I know, D'Angelo Russell is easy to hate cause the L.A. media declared an all out war on him last year, but that don't mean he was terrible. The kid was only 21 years old. It takes time to get up to NBA level. For Lakers fans that hold Kobe on some pedestal, Kobe wasn't all that special in his first few years either of struggling. One look at Magic Johnson's twitter account shows he definitely does not know what he is doing. Have you seen his tweets? Other than that, the man has absolutely no experience whatsoever in the front office. No one cares about his past as a former player. That don't mean anything in the front office. Isiah Thomas was a Hall of Fame player, yet a very poor man in the front office. Just cause these guys were great players, is no guarantee they're going to be awesome at management. The first thing Magic Johnson did was bring in Kobe's agent for GM. Why do that? Rob Pelinka has absolutely zero experience whatsoever. He made Kobe Bryant rich, he didn't build the Lakers up and has no experience as a GM. Evidence clearly says Magic don't know what the hell he's doing. The Lakers are living in nostalgia land of their former success. Until they prove us wrong, the jury is still out and we have every reason to criticize Magic for getting on Twitter and spouting off ridiculous stuff. What? How did Russell run the team? I'm bewildered how a 21 year old was running the team. He wasn't even running their offense, that was Luke Walton. And low and behold, D'Angelo actually looked pretty good in Luke Walton's offense by the end of the year when they switch him to SG and he had the 40+ point game!Russell had no say so on that team, so I don't know what you're talking about. If you want to say anyone did, blame Luke Walton for trying to make the kid work. I don't know why you brought Jim Buss up to me. No one is denying Jim Buss made bad decisions, so I don't get your point there...I didn't mention him, I haven't seen anyone bring him up. This is about Magic's poor decision making. Unless Magic turns them into a contender soon, we are free to be the jury and criticize him. Oh no, we're so wrong cause we disagree you from time to time!! Sorry, I'm not an echo chamber. I know this bugs you, but you're going to bump into people who completely disagree with you and offer sound reason as to why with debate. That's what I'm doing right now. For the record; Jules actually don't agree with me on everything. We have plenty disagreements, but we never take it personal. It's fun having someone disagree with you, it offers a different insight and can make a great conversation. Ask Jules sometime about the Packers. That's the one subject we almost always disagree on the most. I won't get off subject on this cause it's ultimately irrelevant. Russell is 21 years old. His rookie season he had to deal with being in the Kobe farewell tour year where all the spotlight was on Kobe. Last year he was injured most of the season but was improving after his return, and was the Lakers highest scoring player. I guess you missed the 40+ point game he had against the defending champion Cavs, or the game winner he had after his grandma died. D'Angelo was clearly improving towards the end of the year. His stats flat out say he improved. There is no guarantee that Lonzo Ball is going to be better than him. Lonzo has a lot of glaring issues with his mechanics, particularly his jump shot and his bad defense. The defensive problems have been highlighted quite often. Have you seen Lonzo's shooting mechanics? It's bad...He has to slowly wind his body up to get into a shot form. This don't bold well for the NBA where everyone is faster and can knock that shot down and abuse him. He also has an obvious problem relying on his left side that he can't get a shot off unless he's perfectly lined up for his left eye to target the basket. That's also not counting that his shot form, as ugly as it is, goes on his eye sight and not over his head. The criticisms of his shooting form are valid, considering that Lonzo shoots on eye sight and it's not difficult to imagine someone leaping up and batting his shots down since he don't shoot over his head. Many people, including Lonzo's fans have pointed out how his mechanics are a glaring problem and is a huge risk on him. You should watch Coach Nick on Youtube with BBallBreakdown, who is one of Lonzo's biggest admirers, and he made a whole video pointing out how bad his shot form is. That is one of Lonzo's biggest fans, absolutely loves him, and even he admits that Lonzo has serious problems with his game that is going to need to be changed for him to be efficient in the pro level. If he don't fix that ugly jumper, he is going to get flat out abused in the NBA. It's already not difficult to imagine Lonzo getting destroyed up against much faster, more efficient scorers who will be abusing him next year. Lonzo had many red flags over him and the highest bust potential of any of the top picks for a reason, if he don't fix his mechanics, he is going to get destroyed in the pro level. The Lakers trading D'Angelo does not help. Instead it puts more pressure on Lonzo's shoulders to the point, if he's not this surefire amazing future Hall of Famer that he's been hyped up to be, then he is going to massively fail since genius Magic Johnson just traded away their youthful future. Without D'Angelo, Lonzo absolutely MUST come out the gate and be whatever it is that his annoying arrogant father has hyped him up to be. "Better than Steph Curry, better than everyone". The point is, with trading Russell, Lonzo absolutely cannot be a disappointment. If he is, then the Lakers are totally screwed. Paul George ain't going to save them. Lonzo has a lot of glaring issues and could easily be a bust. They just made the situation way worse by getting rid of a developing young player that would've HELPED HIM. This isn't really about Lonzo vs Russell. if you go browse discussions from Lakers fans, many of the people that are saying this was a bad trade, are talking about how they could've been on the same team, which makes total sense. Most people aren't analyzing this from "Lonzo vs Russell" like you are. They are making it a point that they could've played together and the Lakers would've had another piece to their young developing core. Getting rid of Russell puts Lonzo at an even greater disadvantage. He already has the most glaring red flags of all the top picks and the highest bust potential. Taking away their best young developing scorer makes it even worse, cause that puts more pressure on Lonzo to be this Hall of Fame player that his big mouth egotistical father has been screaming about for months.
  3. Since L.A. did indeed draft Lonzo, I am taking my fandom to South Beach and will become a bandwagon fan for the 3-0-5. Hello Miami Heat...

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    2. Jules


      I like your new avatar! So cute.


      I got the cat and you got the dog.


      I think I am packing it in early tonight anyway. Too depressing with the Lakers. My brain is fried and Lonzo's dad already said tonight that he wants his two sons on the Lakers.:yuk:

    3. Jules


      his other two sons I mean.


      Whatever........when Bogart said we'll always have Paris. Well we will always have the past of the Lakers. RIP.


      I also like the Celtics chances a lot next year but it depends a lot on what they do in FA to see if they could win the East. I love Lebron but it just is too painful at times to see him demolished in the finals now.

    4. Jules


      Also I have been forced in the last year to sorta even go for Boston at times due to people I know offline.


      So.........sometimes we both do a bit of this too and already have. lmao




      And in a way it's taboo since Boston/L.A. have always had the historical rivalry so it's a huge slap in the face to the Lakers.


      And since Boston did get jobbed in game 7 of the finals with KG I sometimes still feel really bad.


      Anyway I am done, promise. I got to shut up and get my butt ready for bed to get up tomorrow.

  4. Congrats Lakers. You just chose someone for president who has absolutely no idea what the hell he's doing. One look at Magic Johnson's twitter feed should've been enough to say he had no business being GM. Congrats on hiring him; the first thing he did was get rid of your best scoring player of the year for practically nothing to free up space to bring in PG next year. And now he's drafted Lonzo Ball. The one player in this draft who has the highest bust potential and the biggest question marks all over that ugly shooting form and various other issues. Enjoy the Kobe nostalgia, cause you won't be sniffing the WCF for another ten years. Magic is going to turn the dumpster fire into an even worse one.
  5. Non-news, not worthy of a topic....Check Twitter occasionally, you'll find all kinds of silly stuff like this. It's especially bad during the NFL season.
  6. This fight is going to be a joke. McGregor is not trained whatsoever in boxing and is going up against one of the masters just cause his ego is through the roof. Neither of these guys are likable whatsoever, but that's beyond the point. I won't be shocked if Mayweather knocks him out. This could get ugly fast. Mayweather in a K.O., it won't go the full 15 rounds. Huge waste of money for anyone who is paying for this. I hope Mayweather K.O.s this clown so he can complain in the media about it and talk about how he would win in a cage fight. I can't stand either of these guys, but McGregor has such an ego, I cannot stand listening to him whatsoever in interviews.
  7. I doubt you would be saying this if it was your team with one of those new rings. NFL rings aren't the only ones that have dramatically changed over the years. Have you seen NBA championship rings since the 90's? They are a lot flashier and prettier from the generic designs of the old eras. College football rings have become flashy too and almost look like SB rings. Plus, the winner of the championship receives 3 rings; counting their conference title and division title championship games. Here are the 3 rings Alabama receives for their last championship title; all of which could pass for NFL rings.
  8. Here you go in brand spanking new T-shirt edition!
  9. 7-9 or 8-8 at best and 5-11 or 6-10 at worst. The Colts are a long ways away from being a contender again. Gone are the days when they could click 6 easy wins against a horrible division. The AFC South is still the worst in the league, but is gradually improving to a competitive balance. Depending on if the Texans can't finally get their stuff together and post a 10 win season, then the worst division in the NFL might be wide open...That's if Tennessee don't regress and Jacksonville can't get it together with their talent under Coughlin and Marrone. Honestly, I expect to see Pagnano get fired this year. That was something they should've done this off season when they cleaned the house with Grigson. Got rid of 1 out of 2 problems...
  10. Atlanta will forever be remembered as the team who blew a 28-3 lead. Lovely rings. Say what you want about the Patriots, but they certainly make the most beautiful rings of any Super Bowl winning team. Each one has it's own style and class to it. Let the haters complain all they want, they can never take the ring away, no matter how hard they cry over it. Thanks again for preventing the Falcons from getting a Lombardi and for completely clowning Roger Goodell. We needed someone to slap Goodell down for good. Saints fans will forever be grateful for this past SB on both counts. Thanks again.
  11. That is the original Tecmo on NES. Bo Jackson isn't in any of the other versions. There was several other Tecmo games. I know the NES one is the most popular, but the SNES and Genesis ones were really good too. The SNES ones I played and I found them to be more balanced. The NES version does have Bo Jackson who is overpowered and there's a few other overpowered runners in that game; David Megget in particular can really carve you to pieces, and Barry Sanders is great in that game too. I know nothing about the Genesis versions cause I never played them but judging by videos, they do have pretty cut scenes. The SNES games balance a lot of those issues. While there is stand out players, they're not overpowered like that at all. The first one is really just a prettier remake of the original Tecmo on NES, it's basically identical just with better play control, better graphics and the 1992 rosters. I'd probably recommend this one the most. It is a beautiful remake and all the player ratings and stuff are pretty accurate for the time being. TSB II which I previously mentioned in this topic is my favorite one. This game is much harder than the other Tecmo games. It has increased difficulty, and the real selling point is that it has actually 3 rosters in it. You can play through the 1992, 1993, and 1994 seasons complete with all the rosters, schedules and player ratings. The accuracy on the 1992 and 1993 seasons is pretty incredible, if you play all 3 years, you can really see how the teams change from year to year with different rosters. This game also introduced a bit more advanced defensive system that lets you shift between nickel, dime, and standard coverages in audibles, and it added the 2 point conversion. Better controls allows fumbles and interceptions easier. You can return interceptions for TD's in this game, which was almost impossible in the other Tecmo's. Overall, it's a very very balanced game outside of the powerhouse dominant teams of those years being tough in the season mode. They also added several plays and expanded the playbooks in this game. There is a whole playbook of nothing but Run-N-Shoot style offense that was popular at the time with those Oilers teams. There's even some neat flea flicker plays in there too. TSB II is my favorite one due to the 3 year mode and the difficulty makes it more fun. In this game, the real top teams can give you some serious problems in the season and in the playoffs. If you're doing a season run with one team, the game's difficulty gets up there as you progress. If you're playing in the AFC, all I can tell you is the Buffalo Bills are the pain that they were during their 4 years SB run. They usually give me the most problems in the playoffs. The last one 'Tecmo Super Bowl III: Final Edition' I think might be the most popular SNES version. The last one was based in 1995. It has some infamous (and hilarious) glitches in the game. It's basically a fixed up version of TSB II with new animations, some graphic improvements, and most of all, this is the Tecmo game where you can get interceptions and return them for touchdowns easily. Rod Woodson is GOD in this game. He's what Bo Jackson was in the original Tecmo. Woodson can return kick offs for touchdowns almost every time, and when you get an interception, he has the best chance for a pick six return. The game isn't as difficult as the other SNES Tecmos unless you are playing with a really horrible team like the Jets or Cardinals and adjusting to their awful playbooks. One important feature though was the trade and free agency mode. I don't know how it works, but there are guides online that detail how to properly control it. Basically, you can trade away your entire team and build from scratch and mix match all the star players around the league. It's pretty funny. I did a random mode one time and Steve Young got traded to the Jets and Barry Sanders went to Miami. Funny stuff like that can make the game unpredictable and a lot more challenging. If you ever browse the Tecmo Super Bowl forums, there is a pretty dedicated community to TSB III with hacking and modding the game, and tons of players that have discovered glitches in the game and document them. I haven't been on there in a few years but they routinely edit and mod the original NES version of the game. If you are into Tecmo, their forum is quite a place for goodies to keep playing.
  12. I lost quite a bit of my classic games from flood damage with a bad hurricane some years back. The last thing I would do is try to profit off the bit I've re-collected since then. You have nothing to worry about, I hoard what I have now. Same for my record collection. When you lose a good bit of a collection, it makes you even more protective of those things. I know what you mean it's difficult to find these games for reasonable prices these days. One I have greatly sought after replacing is Super Castlevania IV on the SNES. There was a time when that game was possible to get decently for a reasonable price, but now it's so hard to find it for under 40-50 dollars. Super Metroid is another one that is difficult to track down without spending a good bit of money on the sole cartridge. Old PS1 games are starting to go up in crazy price range too. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is difficult to find for a reasonable price now.
  13. Tecmo is great stuff. I play the ones on the Super Nintendo. TSB 2 is my absolute favorite. If you ever come across that game somewhere, definitely worth buying. The value has went up a bit on the SNES cartridge cause it's relatively difficult to come across. If you are into video game collecting, that's a fine investment, as it will be worth more in another 10 years.
  14. True. EA did everything to shut down 2K. I never played the game and I completely missed out on it's initial release, but the game obviously scared EA enough to buy out the license for the NFL and ESPN so they could never make a competitor game again. I see fans of NFL 2K often bring up how ESPN owns the license and still has not taken advantage of creativity to come up with a presentation like that game had. NFL Fever did have Manning on the cover indeed. I never played any Madden competitors in the 2000's. I played LOTS of video games in the 90's and then stopped for a brief bit in the 2000's. I'm mostly familiar with the 90's Madden games on the Super Nintendo and N64, and even back then, the Tecmo Super Bowl games on the SNES pretty much blew the old Madden's out the water. I still play those occasionally.
  15. Anyone here play NFL 2K5? For a game that is now 13 years old, it still has quite the cult following of a fan base. I personally have never played it, but I'm impressed with how many people still play a game that is over 10 years old and how beloved it is.

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