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  1. Just on for a few minutes but I wanted to say I caught the mouse!!!!!!! Little jerk waited till I went to bed and then climbed into a trap for that delicious peanut butter and died. I heard the snap sound from a few rooms away. So it's over and done with. The pesky domestic terrorist that was in my home is now obsolete and his remains lie in the trash outside.


    Life can now continue as normal now for everyone again, so carry on.......


    I NEED a cat who does mice so bad. 



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    2. Synthetic



      Peanut butter traps definitely work! I've used them before, put them on the glue traps and they'll get stuck on them. I never tried a snapping mouse trap, always afraid that I would accidentally injure myself with it. 


      My old cat Spot would've killed it for you. lmao But at the cost of a very gruesome scene that could be disgusting to clean up. 


      Male cats raised around other cats rarely ever become hunter/killer types, but the females do. Hate to say it, but most male cats literally are useless for situations like that (unless it's a male cat like Spot who was raised around dogs and thought he was one of them).Female cats tend to be more effective at killing stuff for some reason. 

    3. Jules


      Kansas played like a group of dead mice tonight.


      This had to be a sign.....


      Ugh. UGH.

    4. Jules


      I don't use glue traps.


      I use the old fashioned types that snap shut (and yes it takes practice with those since they can snap so fast) or the new kinds that they walk in and it spins shut and I think it smashes their heads that way inside and then you never see it dead but then it says "caught" on it.


  2. Edge still out-gained him in yardage both of those seasons, so him being the best ever is subjective. IMO, the Rams success in the Greatest Show On Turf had more to do with Kurt Warner than anything else. Faulk still would've been effective without Warner, but in the SB, Warner won that game where Faulk was shut down entirely (and was shut down again in the 2001 SB) Faulk is somewhat difficult to like in the media. Saints fans have never liked him cause the way he acted like a sore loser when the Rams went out in the first round of the 2000 playoffs.
  3. I see your point there. The Colts were a joke in Indy before Dickerson, known solely as the team that John Elway refused to play for. I didn't know that about Faulk in 1995. Steve DeBerg played half of a season starting QB with a pin holding his finger together and was still throwing passes. Strange of Faulk to sit out, the Colts probably would've made the SB in that year. They were on a hell of a run late in the season. Harbaugh was in the MVP conversation with Favre and Emmitt Smith that year with his TD/INT ratio and the streak he was having of wins.
  4. Best running back the Colts ever had. James went back to back as the NFL's rushing leader in 1999 and 2000, even edging out Marshall Faulk both times, including in Faulk's MVP season in 2000. (if you want to pick him over Faulk, there's a good reason why). James was averaging around 4.4-4.6 yards in his prime years. Sad that he was gone by the time they won the SB, it would've been nice to see him get a ring on his finger. I'd take him over both Eric Dickerson and Marshall Faulk; both of whom had the best years of their careers with the Rams.
  5. David of many Bowie clones from the 70's and 80's. Here he is with his band 'Japan' trying his absolute best to look like his idol.




    Doesn't he look familiar? :woah:


    Bowie from 75

    Image result for david bowie young americans


    Not going to shade Sylvian's band Japan, Quiet Life is a pretty good song...Mick Karn on bass, proving why he was one of the most sought after bass players of early New Wave. Karn would later go on to do albums with Gary Numan and Kate Bush, as well as producing his own solo records. A unique bass player who definitely made his band (Japan) sound a lot better than they truly were. R.I.P. 


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    2. Synthetic



      I have Japan's album 'Quiet Life', was listening to it yesterday when I posted this.


      For a band, they owe a great deal of their sound to Mick Karn. Brilliant bass player, I'll praise him to high heaven cause he deserves it. He was the one thing that made their band a bit unique, remove him from the picture and they would just be a generic New Wave band. Karn did some work with Kate Bush and Gary Numan. With Numan, the song "Subway Called You" really showcases what a fantastic bass player he was.  



      It's almost too blatant how he copies Bowie to me.  From movements to sound to looks......I mean sheesh........


      The song itself isn't bad if you don't have to look at the Bowie poseur though.


      There are many, many, many David Bowie imitators in the music world. From the 70's on up, for the past 4 decades, there has been various Bowie wannabes. They still exist in today's age too.


      Some are more obvious than others, and some that begin as Bowie imitators can sometimes turn out to be brilliant artists. But David Sylvian is one of the more blatant ones. He's not the #1 in that category, but definitely is up there among Bowie wannabes. 

    3. Jules


      You can't copy Bowie since Bowie had a unique gorgeousness and soul that was un-matchable.

    4. Synthetic


      Many try and many fail

  6. Commercial breaks and penalties tend to be the reason that games are slowed down.
  7. Looks like Brady wasn't the only one who had a jersey stolen. Seriously speaking, why just 8 grand to get the jersey back? That is dirt cheap for blackmail. Even for a player like Warner, autographed and used memorabilia can rake in far greater value and price than just 8 grand.
  8. BIG BALLER BRAND. Best T-Shirt Clothing Line name ever. Can't get any more 1990's-sounding than that!

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    2. Synthetic


      I fell asleep yesterday, sorry about that. Was very very tired after cleaning. I did snap some new photos of the cats recently.


      The Cavs could lose the #1 seed to Boston, that would make me happy. 

    3. Jules





    4. Jules




      I am in the elite 8.



  9. They traded away Jimmy Graham before that, which is why they needed a tight end at the time. The Graham trade is what truly made no sense, and neither the Saints or Seahawks benefited at all as they both greatly miss their former players.
  10. Have you seen the Saints defense the past 3 years? Worst in NFL history. Their passing defense has gotten worse each year despite already setting the bar high on being horrible in 2014. We have absolutely zero playmakers in our secondary. Our best player in the secondary was Keenan Lewis a few years ago, who couldn't stay healthy and didn't quite recover from an injury. We overpaid Jarius Byrd who turned into a major free agency bust, and Brandon Browner was the absolute worst possible thing that could've ever happened to them. Our best player in that secondary last year was Kenny Vacarro which isn't saying much. While I don't agree with going after Butler, he would be a major upgrade over anyone out there right now. These stories are quite inaccurate BTW. The Butler talk went on last week. it's been reported that the Saints would not trade their high pick, and would've only traded for him if it could've been in giving a 2nd round pick. At this point I doubt Butler becomes a Saint since he's also talking to Houston and NE wants so much for him. Urgency is definitely there. This is a win or bust situation for the Saints since Sean Payton's future with the team is on the line. Now that Fisher is out of the league, Sean Payton is the new "7-9 coach". Last year, Brees played lights out, had the absolute best season of his career since his peak in 2011, and we went 7-9. The urgency also is because of him. Brees isn't getting any younger. If they want to try and make one last run in the following years, they have to desperately get it together this coming season.
  11. And the Buffalo game too where Sherman tried to kill the field goal kicker and no call. This past year, Seattle was heavily penalized repeatedly against the Saints on the road in the Superdome. They lost that game and Sherman complained about the refs. They also had similar calls against Green Bay. When Seattle is at home, they can get away with murder.
  12. The only Broncos defensive player worth being happy for getting a ring a few years ago.
  13. And gave up a draft pick to the Saints for their most overrated receiver. The love affair with Brandin Cooks will end the minute he has a bad game against a decent corner/safety or when he demands to be paid big money since his ego is through the roof.
  14. If he leaves Seattle, he loses out on getting ignored for pass interference calls at home in their stadium.
  15. R.I.P. Chuck Berry, one of the greatest. For those that want to check some of his catalog now, "Chuck Berry Is On Top" was arguably his best album. It contained all his big hits from Johnny B. Goode to Little Queenie, Carol, Almost Grown, Maybellene, etc etc. 


    Sadly, CD copies of Chuck Berry Is On Top are relatively difficult to come across. The album has been out of print for a long time. Amazon sells CD-R versions, which I do own a recent copy. Basically, it's legal for them to press CD-R versions of out-of-print albums and sell them for inflated prices over 20 dollars. It comes with a booklet and all the art is printed on nice paper, but one look at the back of the disc clearly shows that it's a CD-R and not the real thing. 


    Chuck's best album in print, happens to be his debut record 'After School Session'. Maybellene is on this album and was later included on 'Chuck Berry Is On Top'.


    My favorite Chuck Berry song was 'Little Queenie' and this video of him dancing is a glory to see, watch how he moves his legs back and forth. 



    Who covered Chuck Berry the best??? IMO, the Rolling Stones and no one else. 'Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!' featured two Chuck Berry covers. The one of Little Queenie was gorgeous. There are times when listening to Kieth Richards' rhythm style of playing where he can actually fool the listener into the thinking it's really Chuck Berry you're listening to. Only reason I take the Stones over any other covers is because of that. No other guitar player mastered Chuck's style better than Kieth Richards. 




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    2. Synthetic



      Chuck Berry was around forever like BB King. It really is sad to see him go. Now only Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis remain living from that old era, and as for the Blues, we got Otis Rush and Buddy Guy still with us (Buddy who has now been grandfathered into that role of "king of the Blues" since BB passed).


      Chuck Berry outlived BB King, that was a surprise to me. I thought he was a few years younger.


      I imagine for your father, he was the coolest thing in the world back then. Just watching videos of Chuck Berry is a great pleasure. 

    3. Synthetic


      Worth noting; Chuck Berry's 12 bar blues style of rhythm playing rocker songs is so influential. You hear it in practically everything. While he didn't invent the 12 bar blues, he certainly influenced how it's used - fast paced for a rocker. 


      The Rolling Stones used his style of 12 bar blues rockers a lot. Even Bowie's Suffragette City uses the 12 bar straight out of the playbook. 

    4. southwest1


      Thanks for starting this status update on Chuck Berry Bogie. I have a great deal of respect for the diversity of your historical musical knowledge across a variety of genres. I sincerely mean that. I'm not exaggerating either. 


      I appreciate that nugget you shared on how Berry's death affected your father too Jules. 

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