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  1. They traded up one spot to draft a QB no one cared about. Trubisky has bust written all over him. Don't forget, this is the same team who fired the only other coach who got them to the SB cause he went 10-6 in a rare season where 10-6 didn't get you to the playoffs. They set themselves up to fail.
  2. Saints fans complain about drafting an OL with the 32nd pick, because ya know, when the quarterback takes big hits and gets hurt behind a line that has been in decay for 4 years now, then it's a problem. 

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    2. Jules


      Falcons really want to improve that crappy D from the SB. Problem is why don't they improve their crappy coaching and playcalling? If they don't improve the basic things like how to hold a lead when up by 100 points then whats the point?


      I told you for weeks and months to be optimistic about the Saints!



      I gotta go through the list of what everyone drafted. I am painfully behind and about to take a benadryl so I will be in la la land soon tonight.

    3. Synthetic


      Hope benadryl don't give you bad's why I have stopped taking it. 


      I don't know if it's a testament to NE being beaten by the same formula or if the Falcons truly got lucky to have their defense perform at such a high level in the SB. They were the 27th ranked defense and made NE look like garbage for 3 quarters of that game. 


      People will study that SB forever, cause it threw all the odds out the window. The stats didn't even matter, a horrible defense made a top ranked offense look useless in that game. That's not even counting all the odds against NE to come back and win due to the Falcons poor coaching.

    4. teganslaw


      It looks like the Saints are getting Drew Brees plenty of weapons. They should be much improved this season.

  3. It would never happen for any of them but I would be OK with it. The last of those teams to reach the AFCCG was Tennessee in 2002.
  4. Great pick, that's who I was hoping the Saints would've selected. Ballard is doing a fine job thus far reversing the damage that Grigson caused to this team.
  5. I get the feeling Houston tries to look for a quick fix at QB, and they were probably banking on getting Romo some how before his retirement. Team is probably better off with Savage or another young guy they can try to mold as a QB. Brock was clearly not the answer at this point and nor was Hoyer in the past.
  6. Happy Birthday Al Pacino! Happy you are still with us at 77!

    1. southwest1


      My top 3 films of his are as follows: 1. HEAT, 2. The Insider, & 3. Insomnia. "Carlito's Way" co-starring Sean Penn gets an honorable mention too with it's retro 70's vibe. 


      "Scent Of A Woman'...I liked the blind colonel driving the red Ferrari & the young college kid on scholarship talking the Col. down from suicide with his piece. A very powerful scene: 


      "What life? I ain't got no life!" Al was a Kennedy Center honoree this past February too. 

    2. Synthetic



      Interesting picks...


      I tend to divide Pacino's career into 3 categories - 


      #1 The prime era (1973 to 1983); great movies include The Godfather, Godfather Part II, Scarecrow, Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, ...And Justice For All, and Scarface. All of those movies you could argue he should've won an Oscar for (my money will forever be on 'Justice For All' being the one he got biggest snub for. Pacino carried that movie on his back and covered up the few issues the movie has, all with his acting skills). 


      #2 The fading career era (1983-1990); he didn't make any great movies in this period, but Sea of Love was entertaining, and it was cool he got to make a movie with Ellen Barkin back when she was considered an upcoming sex bomb in Hollywood.


      #3. Career resurgence (1991-2002); Al Pacino was on fire in the 90's. Not as great as his prime era where he got snubbed multiple Oscars, but still a damn good actor resurrected; GlennGary Glenn Rose, Carlito's Way, Heat, Devil's Advocate, and Insomnia are my picks of this era. 


      I don't count anything from the past 10+ years cause Al Pacino these days is a laughing stock who just sleepwalks through movies for a paycheck while putting little effort into anything in his old age. The only credit I can give him is that he's not the only one doing this (cough, cough...Robert De Niro) 


      IMO Scent of a Woman is like the diet coke 'Justice For All'. The fact he won his Oscar for that, to me, means that someone knew they screwed it up back in 1979 when he lost. 


      The big famous court room speech is a chilled version of this scene. 




      Carlito's Way is probably my favorite movie of his. Carlito is what I consider the unofficial sequel to Scarface. Carlito recycles a lot of the smaller actors from Scarface, giving them guest roles here and there. The entire movie is like a "what if" version of Scarface where the question of the mater is, "what if Tony had went to prison and/or changed as a person?". Carlito was a monster drug lord, who comes out of prison and wants to change that about himself, while also being stuck in the same lifestyle with the same scum bags. He's just like Tony Montana, except older, wiser, but naive. It's a redemption tale, and unlike Scarface, his character is very likable in that. You want to root for Carlito, where as with Tony Montana, he pretty much got what was coming to him at the end of the movie. 


      With Carlito though, you really knew beforehand it wasn't going to end well....The writing was on the wall already enough for his girlfriend to tell him. But he was too naive to listen. 




      I like Penelope Ann Miller in this movie too. She was greatly cast in this. The arguing she has with him felt real, IMO greatly underrated actress. 


      Carlito's Way may not have the cultural impact that Scarface had, but it's a great character driven story and I feel it's a criminally underrated film. That film actually has a bit of a cult following today. It don't have the fan base that Scarface has, but there is a pretty good sized cult following of people I've seen that hold that film up on the pedestal. 

  7. Probably won't happen in the Saints system. We use Ingram on the ground for primary running. I think Peterson will fill the role that Hightower had the previous few seasons. The Saints like to use an additional running back for a one-two punch run in games and creating mismatches. They've been doing this for years, going back to when they had Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas together. I expect to see Peterson taking a lot of screen passes and probably for short yardage situations. Unless Ingram gets hurt (which is likely), I don't expect to see Peterson becoming the feature back. Knew the Butler deal wasn't going to happen. Many are disappointed but I had a feeling we were not getting him after trading Cooks. I like the Peterson signing for one reason. It gives the Vikings something else to cry about with the Saints besides this -
  8. 7 mill for 2 years isn't that bad. We got him cheap. Ingram is the premier back with this team. Peterson will probably not be used as much as Ingram. Saints needed a replacement for Hightower who just left.
  9. The NFL sent two garbage teams to L.A., ultimately screwing the Raiders out. Come time for the Chargers/Raiders game, do not be surprised if that entire stadium is loaded with Raiders fans. Both of them will lose 10 or more games. L.A. is a tough market as it is, but the league didn't help by sending trash teams there instead of a team with a pretty good fan base that would've showed up and still is going to show up there (Raiders).
  10. LeBron for MVP!

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    2. Jules


      My relatives are driving me insane. a few are in town.


      OMG........Lebron did another first round sweep! Just like last year!


      Steve Kerr is pretty cool. I like him, sadly his team is a bunch of egg heads but he is cool. And he suffers a lot with mysterious health things sadly.


      Be back later tonight probably, not sure but yeah........:headspin:

    3. Synthetic



      My relatives keep me insane, so I feel you there. :hug:




      OMG........Lebron did another first round sweep! Just like last year!


      Does LeBron even take the regular season serious anymore? lmao He waits till the playoffs to awaken. 


      The Warriors didn't look that great last night. They could've lost had it not been for that run they had. Happy though for Durant he can sit out while his star-studded team he's riding the coat tails of can win without him. 

    4. Jules



      Does LeBron even take the regular season serious anymore? lmao He waits till the playoffs to awaken. 


      And has he awakened. Holy crap.-omg-A beast has been unleashed on Earth.




      The Warriors didn't look that great last night. They could've lost had it not been for that run they had. Happy though for Durant he can sit out while his star-studded team he's riding the coat tails of can win without him. 


      I am almost starting to hate him the most now over anyone else on the Warriors. He literally IS just riding their coat tails. There was too much pressure on him in OKC.......and he rarely ever delivered.


      But, he has really been milking this stupid leg injury crap at times too even though it's been months. I mean even last year in the first round of the playoffs Curry got hurt but didn't even miss much time and he is frail as hell compared to Durant.


      Screw Durant. I hope he hides under his covers from Lebron.



      My relatives keep me insane, so I feel you there. :hug:



      Oh. I had not noticed.



  11. It certainly creates a lot of distractions for teams. I'm happy it wasn't the Saints. Tampa Bay already has one big distraction..... She'll be a big part of Hard Knocks. It will be like a reality TV show for her, won't be shocked if she completely steals the show with her antics...just wait till Tampa Bay starts losing, and she is going to go off on the media there and create a storm with her Twitter account and ranting about the media there. In Miami, she routinely targeted sports writers for the Miami Herald, ranting about the QB, and the Dolphins owner.
  12. Whatever you believe, outside of this fan base, most NFL fans will always believe the Colts truly did tank that year since "Suck for Luck" was even on T-shirts and a big movement online at the time. That was a glorious tank job, no one could've accomplished it better or had a better slogan than "Suck for Luck". Kerry Collins and Curtis Painter. Correct. The Browns are the main team who offered to throw their entire draft to the Colts to get Luck.
  13. Tomorrow the NFL schedules will be properly released for all 32 teams. What are your predictions for the schedules? Mine is that the Falcons will open their first home in their new stadium against the Saints, and it could be an SNF game. *The GB/Atlanta rematch will be a SNF or MNF game *Chiefs/Pats will be the Thursday night opener.
  14. The 1992 Oilers know their pain for not running the ball with a 25 point lead.
  15. Lots of Miko Grimes This will be her reality TV show.

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