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  1. Hey remember last year when you told me how my team is a dumpster fire and so god awful and I should never talk about the Colts? Remember that??? Now you get to experience my team's draft failures and the pain they're going to bring you. Patrick Robinson last year, and now Corey White...Buckle up, it's going to be a long ride if he makes the team. White was hands down, possibly the worst Saints corner between 2012 to 2015, he was at his absolute worst in 2015.
  2. People here say that every year but the numbers disagree. Still the worst division by a mile and has been since 2002. The AFC East at least sent the Jets to the AFCCG twice. The AFC South has never done that.
  3. OMG SERIOUSLY??? COREY WHITE??? Why are you guys signing former Saints draft players that were massive busts for us? Last year it was Patrick Robinson, this year it was Corey White. The Saints defense has been one of the worst in NFL history, and both of these guys contributed fairly well to it becoming that. Corey White and Patrick Robinson never developed into anything...that's a fact. Let me be the first one to tell you, Corey White is BAD BAD BAD....Go pull up tape of the 2014 and 2015 Saints, and you will have your mind blown at poor tackling and the amount of blown coverage. He was probably our worst corner on the team those 2 years. Cory White would get burned routinely by any team's deep threat receiver. I feel so bad for you guys...Saints fans were tortured for years by Patrick Robinson and Corey White and now you are about to experience that pain too. Get ready to see a corner who absolutely cannot tackle to save his life and gets blown up by even the most average receivers on a deep route..Get used to being stressed out over blown coverage with him. If Patrick Robinson drove you nuts, let me tell you that Corey White is WORSE than him.
  4. I can understand the Bills trading Watkins away since he's never healthy and always injured. And they sent him to L.A. of all places where he's not going to do anything with Jared Goff throwing to him... Miami is bound to regress since last year they only won a single game against a team above .500 and it was the game they knocked Big Ben out in. The Jets are in complete tank mode and I almost hope that Broadway Sam declares another year in college just to laugh off their tank attempt. It must be GREAT right now to be a Pats fan...don't have to worry about anyone in the division. I sure wish my team had this luxury every year.
  5. Glad someone finally said it on here. Brees has rarely ever had a decent supporting cast. Outside of Colston the team did not have much until they got Jimmy Graham. Brees usually has B and C grade receivers like Lance Moore, Devery Hendersen and Brandon Coleman. I think that changes this year though cause Michael Thomas is the real deal and was the main reason they got rid of Brandin Cooks so easily. Thomas was very effective with big catches in coverage, and I'm hoping he can have another break out season with Brees. If I am getting a Saints jersey this year, it's going to be Michael Thomas.
  6. Good for him, glad to see him get out and retire after everything he's been through. He went through one of the most horrific injuries several years back when playing with Arizona and bounced back pretty good.
  7. If the negative reception tonight in L.A. is anything to go by, the Chargers should've stayed in San Diego...That stadium is going to be overrun with opposing team fans all the time. It's going to be worse than when it happened at Qualcom. This is only preseason and yet there are so many empty seats and a visible portion of Saints fans all over the place. 

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    2. Synthetic



      The Saints defense looked GOOD last night. I was amazed. We had 30 sacks last year and in just 2 preseason games I think we have around 15 right now. 


      I know it's only preseason so I am not getting too excited but they looked great against the Chargers starters, and there seems to be a better emphasis on tackling fundamentals which is all I care about. I am so tired of seeing our bad tackling over the years and last night they seemed to be making concentrated efforts at tackling. 


      They finally won a preseason game and it came on my birthday. lmao

    3. teganslaw


      I've seen statistics on the preseason games, and NO rookie rb, Alvin Kamara, seems like the real deal. I'd be surprised if the Saints don't find a place for him on their roster. He was quite impressive in the two preseason games. 

    4. Synthetic



      Kamara is a star so far in preseason. The fans absolutely adore him, I think he makes the team. Lasco probably won't just for this reason. 


      He reminds em of Chris Ivory a bit but with more speed. 

  8. After the contract he got last year, you have nothing to worry about. He's not leaving....
  9. Sorry you lost the facemask, it's a cute figure though! I will have more pics in the following weeks. About to add Roger Staubach and a few more to my collection...There's a neat Tom Brady one that has the old throwback style uniform that I'm tempted to buy just because I'm a nerd for old throwback looks.
  10. My grandfather could give you a good answer on that.... Tyson has a lot of fans. He's become a sympathetic athlete in recent years, mostly since it is universally agreed that Don King really ruined him, but most of his fans blame his downfall on Cus D'Amato's untimely death and also cause King pushed him to get rid of his original manager tied with D'Amato who I can't think of the name of right now.
  11. My grandfather LOVED, and I mean love, love, loved boxing. He could talk about this with you for hours on end. Like how we discuss football and basketball, that's how he was with boxing. He was never really into football or a major team sport, boxing was his thing so I grew up hearing all this stuff when I was much younger. It's the one sport I seriously wish I had not missed out on in my lifetime. I was just a kid when Tyson was in his prime and I remember when he had the comeback in the 90's but Tyson was pretty much all I lived to see of the old heavy weights. My grandfather loved Marciano and especially Joe Frazier, George Foreman and Ali. I feel like I've been lucky to witness many things in sports, and I wouldn't trade any of those memories but I would've loved to witness the prime of boxing as a sport with my own eyes.
  12. I think a lot of the Raider hype is simply that they're a classic team who is lovable with a lot of rich history and they have a fan base who hasn't been able to really cheer for the team in the last 15 years. The Colts from 2009-2010 are the only team to repeat having a winning season with 8 or more nail biter close games...Usually, when a team struggles like that and has to win most their games close, they don't repeat it the next season. Oakland last year reminded me of the 2006 or 2010 Saints...We had so many games in both those years where it came down to one possession and Brees leading them down the field to win...After 2006, we crashed hard and went 7-9. It's very hard to repeat that kind of success the next season unless the team dramatically improves.
  13. That's debatable according to a lot of boxing experts...Mayweather picks and chooses his fights very carefully. He avoided Cotto and Pacquaco for a long time. Welter-weight too, it's a different category from the heavy weights that are usually in the GOAT debates. I've wondered for years that we probably won't see another heavy weight champion big time again probably due to all the health risks. People look at Ali and his health problems from Parkinson's and see all the risks, and I think it may scare them away.
  14. I'm not a gambler at all but if I was, I'm putting money down on Mayweather to win by a TKO. I don't see this going the full length...Mayweather will get the TKO. God I hate both these guys...Mayweather has always been a woman beating piece of crap and McGregor is an arrogant jerk.
  15. A Forest by The Cure...Robert Smith's guitar sound was so unique at times. All these years later looking back, there really wasn't another guitar player at the time who sounded like him.



    1. southwest1


      You always post intriguing musical material. I like getting a window into your musical mind Bogie. You are definitely one of a kind Synthetic. That's a complement BTW not an indictment either.


      I almost wish you were the director of programming at a music station with a wide bandwidth & range for audiences. 

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