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  1. LeBron for MVP!

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    2. Jules


      I love Kobe Bryant. I love Lebron James.


      I love them so much.

    3. Jules


      I can't believe the Spurs lost again, whoa........


      Warrior struggling bad tonight too, they are ahead but they been struggling. They were down by 2 before and now are up enough at the end but they keep resting Durant as well. 


      Cavs and Rockets would be nice. I never expected Houston to sweep the Thunder or even maybe due them in with 5 games. It's going to be so tough with hot pants cocaine induced Westbrook, he is going to win a few just based on his scoring obsession alone.

    4. Jules


      Warriors win, but they struggled. And I hate hearing how Durant will be saved mostly for the finals if they play the Cavs since well um.......




      And as much as we pick on him, Kyrie can do some serious damage to Curry and Klay and did in the final 3 games of last years finals. 

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