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  1. Wow, this is shocking and really sad. Cortez Kennedy was a beast. An overlooked player, possibly because the Seattle teams he was on were so god awful. The 1992 Seahawks had one of the worst offenses in NFL history, even to the point of having Mark McGwire's brother at QB. The one decent player they had on offense back in the day was RB Chris Warren who always put up decent numbers. If any of you played the Tecmo Super Bowl games on SNES, you may know what I'm talking about when I say Kennedy was one of the best pass rushers in those games. I'm sure old school Seattle fans probably imagine what it would've been like with him on their 2010 era teams with a much better defense. Happy he made the Hall of Fame but this sure is sad to see him go.
  2. Loved what the Browns have been doing in recent months. They had a fine draft with some studs, but this is a horrible move on their part....
  3. Do you even listen to Steven A Smith? He's the one on ESPN who flat out says Jordan is the best ever, and it's "blasphemous" to suggest anything else. I'm not convinced you actually listen to him.... Here is a video to prove my point. Here is "the media" you claim just looooooooooves LeBron and gives no respect to precious MJ! Listen how offended Steven A Smith gets and how crazy these people act over a suggestion that LeBron could be the GOAT. Key point here, SECOND to Jordan. That isn't good enough for you though, here you are admitting that they don't think he's the GOAT, they say he's second place...So yeah, you are full of it. If that's what you're upset about, wow...You go on and on and on about this though. You say you don't care, but for someone that supposedly don't care about someone else's opinions, you sure do go off ranting and fret about it quite often. You sure spent quite a lot of time lecturing me over it. Any time I or someone else praise LeBron James, you show up with that same tired argument you go in circles with which is "yeah he's good, but here's my list of players who are way better and he'll never be close to them unless he gets more rings!!" Everyone can easily blame "the media" on things they don't like. Next time, actually post links, instead of "well I heard this...", cause I can name a lot of people in the media who flat out hate LeBron James and I can't believe you even suggest Steven A Smith would praise him over MJ as the GOAT, cause it's so easy to pull videos of him ranting off about how Jordan is the greatest player ever. Do a quick search for 'Steven A Smith, Michael Jordan' on Youtube, and look at the number of videos that pop up. "The media" isn't in love with LeBron James, no matter how many times you claim they are. Go check out Skip Bayless, you would enjoy him since all he ever does is rant about LeBron when he isn't bashing Aaron Rodgers. Go check his Twitter feed, it's nothing but LeBron bashing, you'll enjoy it. But being called "second to Jordan" isn't good enough, obviously. Cause when someone says he's the second best or one of the best, you break out your list and go of on and on in your wild rants about how LeBron will never be good enough. I have to wonder, did LeBron set your house on fire or do something to you a long time ago? Cause you sure do go off on him like it's a personal vendetta. You just flat out said it - he's not even top 5, therefore anyone who suggests he's great, you have to give them a lecture about how crazy they are to suggest a thing. Most of the time, you use that ring argument (which is hilarious since you get offended if someone uses it against NFL quarterbacks) I never see you ever mention past players unless you're bashing LeBron James, it's the "yeah he's good, but let me tell you why X, Y, and Z are so much better and they got more rings." Since you love that ring argument so much, ever heard of a guy named Robert Horry? He has 7 rings, one more than MJ and he's not even in the Hall of Fame. So I guess by that logic, he's better than most, huh? Derek Fisher also has 5 rings but he never gets put in those silly lists either and probably won't even get his number retired in L.A. if they draft Lonzo Ball. Scottie Pippen also has 6 rings, and is probably the best player of the 90's who never gets praise in the same sentence MJ's name is used. You constantly accuse me of saying LeBron is the GOAT just cause I say he's among the best ever. Since you told me a while back to "check the archives' maybe, you should...See if you can quote me calling him the GOAT. I called him one of them, and for the record; not far off from where most others praise him. The guy I said who probably is the hands down GOAT in my book was Wilt Chamberlain, that's just my opinion after reading several books on Wilt and having studied his contributions to the game. I've also told you before many times from my perspective; I don't think it's fair to judge past NBA players to current ones cause each era has specific rule changes that altered the game and it's unfair to judge them freely without taking that into consideration. For example; Wilt played in an era before there was a 3 point line and the lane was smaller (the lane was changed specifically because of him), that's just how I view things from my opinion. It's why I refuse to engage with you anymore. You don't want to debate...You want someone to agree with you. And you make it almost political with how it's "the media" to blame, or "LeBron fans" or "Cavs fans" who disagree with you (I guess everyone who disagrees must be a LeBron fan!). It's a "me vs them" mentality with you, which makes debating extremely uncomfortable since it's a personalized angle. For the record; LeBron James has NOTHING left to prove anymore. If you still hate him after his accomplishment last year, than I don't expect that to change regardless what he accomplishes in the future. He fulfilled his promise to deliver a championship to Cleveland and did it under the circumstances of coming back from a 3-1 deficit. Not only did LeBron prove everyone wrong last year, he proved naysayers such as myself wrong, who said he should've stayed in Miami. If that's not good enough, then nothing is. No, he don't have to beat the Warriors again. He's already done that...If what he did last year wasn't enough for certain people to respect him, than nothing will. I'm sure if he loses, you'll be quick to call him a "choker" against a historically favored loaded Warriors team, who even have Kevin Durant who isn't even one of their top 3 best players (oh the irony; LeBron forms a super team he's the villain. Durant goes to a team who won 73 games to ride their coattails and that's fine). For most, it's done and over with. LeBron secured his legacy already. He has nothing left to prove.
  4. The Falcons got off on some pretty nasty calls in the 4th quarter. The final drive in which the Pats tied the game, they got off on pass interference multiple times. Go back and watch that, especially on the circus catch play and the 'almost interception' play. Atlanta had their fair share of no calls on defense.
  5. Change overtime back to sudden death.
  6. True. Anyone that watches ESPN knows they don't say this...And if they do, someone needs to start naming names for factual evidence. Bur you're arguing with someone who boils down everything to a "me vs them" mentality and uses "the media" as a scapegoat while thinking they're correct about everything. I never once said LeBron was the GOAT, but apparently suggesting he's great, gets me lectured about how a list of players are better. The Warriors are historical favorites again...If anyone thinks "the media" is suggesting the Cavs even have a shot in this, please back up the ridiculous claims with actual links and posts to ESPN writers and analysts suggesting such a thing. Just throwing "the media" out there, is a weak argument. Anyone can blame 'the media' on anything...
  7. Jo Van Fleet in East of Eden, wow! She stole this movie on her own. Definitely deserved her Oscar for this.



    1. teganslaw


      I never saw this movie or read the book. It looks interesting. John Steinbeck wrote some powerful stuff. I liked "Grapes of Wrath", both the book (which I read a long time ago) and the movie.

    2. Synthetic



      Grapes of Wrath may be the better film IMO. I agree with you, Steinbeck is great. I haven't read the novel of East of Eden but I might since I did enjoy the film. 


      East of Eden is a take on the old bible story Cain and Abel with a heavy focus on a father-son relationship. It's a decent film. I thought the emotional connections in the film really drove it since it focuses so heavily on the father and sons and their struggles with one another. 


      This old lady though, Jo Van Fleet definitely steals the show when she's on camera. I love it when she tells James Dean "it makes me mad thinking about a rrrrrranch." She was arguably even better in Cool Hand Luke. 



  8. The Eagles have been slowly working on that defense for the past several years, beginning when they fired Reid. They were a weird team last year; as there was a number of games they could have easily won and been a playoff contender, and then they had some very dominant games like when they shut the Falcons offense down to just 7 points for the day, and they held the Steelers to just 3 points. The NFC East could be a tough division next year. If Dallas hits on their defensive picks in this draft, they shouldn't regress too much. Dak Prescott is the real deal, but I expect him to struggle a bit in his second year, since most of the gunslinger QB's go through a rough patch. The Redskins are trying to improve their defense too, and their offense actually finished in the top 3 last year. The only team in that division I don't trust is the Giants, who decided to keep the locker room cancer called Odell Beckman Jr and that defense has been picked apart a little bit in free agency. The Giants looked like overachievers last year with how poorly their offense played vs GB in a game they probably could've won had Odell and the other receivers not went and got trashed in Miami that week.
  9. Best NFL meme ever And it wasn't even called memes back then, damn I feel old right now.
  10. Many domestic violence abuse victims do not seek help from law enforcement and often drop the cases entirely out of fear of retaliation and/or intimidation. Unless they have a really good lawyer that is pushing for them to press charges, the victims often feel useless and backed into a corner.
  11. IMO that Cardinals team were incredible overachievers. I believe it was on this forum, many of us were rooting for them all year long. They finished 13-3 and had steamrolled through a number of teams, but something weird happened at the end of the year. Arians refused to bench his starters in a meaningless game and it was like they got exposed. They looked like overachievers in the playoffs struggling to put away a mediocre Packers team and then got slaughtered to the Panthers.... Shame he'll always be remembered as a meme with the "They are who we thought they were" rant. Green's offenses in Minnesota were prolific...He resurrected Randall Cunningham's career and Jeff George had the best season of his career in Green's offense. Had Daunte Culpepper never been injured, we would have him in the topic of conversation of good quarterbacks that Green had.
  12. They've completely screwed overtime rules up. And it all goes to the whining and moaning from the Minnesota Vikings after being sore losers from the 2009 NFCCG. Decreasing minutes of overtime isn't going to help either. If you don't want ties, just bring back sudden death. It works better, since if your defense can't get stops, you don't deserve a shot with your offense on the field.
  13. Hilarious reading all this pity that people give the Celtics. Come on, it's a team with 17 championships; the richest history in all of the NBA, and people feel sorry for them cause LeBron's team is wiping the floor with them??? Um no, come on...It's like crying over the Pittsburgh Steelers or New York Yankees. It is GLORIOUS to see a team like this get beat down into the ground. No pride, no "great historic team" excuses for them at all. If it was the New England Patriots, this forum would be doing cart wheels celebrating them getting a beat down like this.

    Beat down massacre commencing in Boston. A lot of people seem upset at this. lmao


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    2. Synthetic


      Just the reason most are scared of playing in Boston again...They're a dirty team. 

    3. Jules


      We will be okay. I mean just have to hope for the best. Hoping is what Lebron teams is all about.......


      Kyrie is locked in. He could barely talk after the game.


      Kyrie DOES sort of now remind me of a young Kobe now. HOLY CRAP.  This was like young Kobe tonight.


      Oh yeah, Cavs over Warriors in 6. lmao I won't change. It's going to be BRUTAL though. OMG it is.......Warriors have the starting lineup from hell.


      But, I do think it's not impossible and it's quite possible the Warriors are the 2007 Patriots and Durant is Randy Moss.:lol:


      I am actually replying in "the thread" for the first time in weeks. 

    4. Jules


      Yep it's in the archives. CLEVELAND ALL THE WAY ALL THE WAY ALL THE WAY.






      *screams* GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Warriors gonna go down 2007 Pats style coming right back at ya punks.


      lmao tonight TNT made it with Kyrie spanking the Celtics over Lebron this time. lmao 




      Just the reason most are scared of playing in Boston again...They're a dirty team. 


      Yeah they can get chippy but then again this is also playoff basketball at it's highest level.


      It's going to be MUCH rougher in the finals. We have to face Draymond and Zaza, think about that and let it register. It's like going against two Nazi Guards. Kevin Love is going to have to be at the TOP of HIS GAME. He's the pretty talented 3 point shooting white guy and you know he is the one they will go after. 


      Since well they all go after Kevin Love.........


      Boston actually plays a lot like the Warriors will against the Cavs with dirty big men and guards who can hit loads of 3's.


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