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  1. Raiders were exposed last week. Carolina scored 18 points in just 4 minutes...That defense is awfully suspect. They're looking more and more like a glass cannon that is going to collapse. If Carr has one off game, they are toast.
  2. Kinda useless, it would fizzle out. College football already does it's job as a developmental league. More of Roger Goodell chasing that dollar bill...I doubt this would be a popular idea with a lot of coaches, but I can see the owners approving it for quick money.
  3. Couple Saints fans over on on our old forums had met him back at a mall, around 5 years ago. Said he was one of the nicest former players they met, even signed autographs for them. Just goes to show that you never know the true nature with some famous people...
  4. Even the Madden games on the N64 had glitches that could often be funny. Anyone play the original Madden and remember this?
  5. As long as Kubiak is the coach, Denver probably won't ever have a decent quarterback. Siemian is just more proof that his system is flawed and outdated, just like Peyton having his statistical worst season of his career under Kubiak was a red flag.
  6. Minnesota was walked down the field twice in that game with penalties. But it's OK. The Vikings need something to blame their failures on as always; weather it's a kicker missing a field goal (1998 NFCCG, or wild card last year), or mean evil Saints with Bounty Gate, or now a missed call. It is never their own fault for getting bested against better teams. No Super Bowl for them is a 1+ on a bad year.
  7. Just end it all together, and keep Thursday for Thanksgiving only. This is why NFL ratings are down. One of several reasons. The product they give us has been very bad this year, and to be honest, it's been in the process of a decline for a couple years now. Bad officiating and weird calls have become a staple of the NFL, along with changing the rule book to the point they don't even know what a catch is anymore. There is no point in having Thursday night games every single week. The players hate it, the coaches hate, and even as a fan; I just don't see any reason for me to get excited and go OMG over Browns/Ravens color rush. It's over-saturation at it's finest. The NFL is not like the NBA or MLB where, games all during the week actually make sense. So many of the Thursday games are sloppy too and the teams look so sluggish after a short week of preparation. I am all for cutting it back, yes! End it now!
  8. That right there, is on O'Brien for being a poor coach and not moving to adapt him to a new system. Every quarterback he has ran so far in the spread system at Houston, has sucked... I don't think Osweiler is truly the problem. Brian Hoyer had that epic meltdown last year in O'Brien's system, and we've seen similar meltdowns with how Brock has faired in the system. If it weren't for Houston having a decent defense that has truly carried that team over the past few years, it would probably be more obvious that O'Brien is a poor coach. I don't think Siemian is all that good, honestly. And like O'Brien, this probably has to do with coaching too. Kubiak has yet to make a decent passer nice Matt Schaub, and people forget, Schaub was pretty good before his injuries and when he turned into an INT machine. Denver being a wild card team is pretty disappointing since they are a SB champion. They currently have around a 56% chance of making it as a wild card, going by the ELO meter on FiveThirtyEight. If Oakland keeps winning with their suspect defense (really, Oakland's got a weak defense y'all...They look like a glass cannon right now) and if K.C. continues to win, the Broncos aren't making the playoffs. There is also the strange oddities this year like Miami and Baltimore and Pittsburgh could easily compete for a wildcard spot. As for John Elway as a GM, I think we need another year to truly judge him. Elway seems to know what he's doing so far, where other GM's have messed up with replacing coaches and free agency picks. If anyone is lucky, I think it's Kubiak. Kubiak will go down in history as one of the luckiest coaches to ever win a Super Bowl. Now that Manning is gone, everyone can see that his offense is just as bad as it was in Houston, and even last year, Manning had his worst statistical season in Kubiak's system. Thank his lucky stars he has Wade Phillips and an All Pro defense to bail them out, just like last year when they pretty much won nail biters all year long.
  9. A friend emailed me this over the weekend and I thought of you after I read it, since I know you love Michael Mann's work. This is one of the best analysis I've read on the internet detailing his work. 


    A 4 article rundown of Michael Mann's work. 



    Here, he goes through all of his films and the central themes of his doppleganger characters, masculinity, and isolation. The other articles get into small details like the women in his films, the guns (and a great shoutout to the 'Bren Ten' model that was featured in MV), and a very good article breaking down the themes in Collateral and why that film is a msterpiece. 




    Glad he gave props to Manhunter, that's the forgotten gem of Mann's filmography. i re-watched it over the summer after going through a Miami Vice binge. It's incredibly stylistic, and it puts the remake 'Red Dragon' to complete shame...I liked Thief too, he is right that it could almost pass like a gritty episode of Vice back in it's run. 



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    2. southwest1


      "The writer breaks down how he uses doppleganger characters, as being two sides of the same coin. I never looked at it that way, but he is correct." 


      I'm not sure how to directly quote words in status updates like you & Jules know how to do. But, that doppleganger component is definitely a trademark feature of Mann's film work. Cops, thiefs, & mercenaries don't usually have mutual respect for what the other one does. It's about being thorough, taking pride in your profession, & finding another guy on an equal footing that sees what most people don't even notice or respect about their craft even if the hero & villain are at opposite sides of the spectrum. It's a fine blurry line between cop & bankroller; good taxi samaritan & hired killer; money launderer & DEA enforcer. 


      What fascinates about Mann is that he knows that there is evil & goodness in everybody & not everybody is a sinner or saint to their core. Anybody is capable of crossing over & becoming the very thing they fought against for yrs. Mann knows the world isn't black & white but very shades of grey. Drug dealers aren't all bad. They are family men, business men, & they value loyalty & profit above all else. 


      There's a line in Miami Vice where Tubbs says to Crockett: "I will never doubt you. There's deep uncover & there's which end is up." Where is your head at right now partner? Crockett looks at him like he's about to fall & he's scared because he loves his money launderer mark. He doesn't know how to climb out, drop the act, or if he really wants to. The audience knows he could cross over & be a valuable cocaine asset if he decided to stop working for the LAPD right now. 


      And even in Heat where DeNiro shakes Pacino's hand before he dies near those airport runways, both guys are sad & bummed out because they both respected how smart, savvy, & committed the other one was. Nothing else can satisfy that itch---Not money, not women, not domestication. 

    3. southwest1


      "Mann is a genius, I really wish he was still making movies. His films are always prolific."


      Absolutely right Bogie! Mann is a genius & you often have to see his films about 3 or 4 times to really comprehend how brilliant he truly is. Wait. Is Micheal really retired from filmmaking? Darn it. Maybe, he's just very selective about his projects & only directs pictures about once every 4 yrs or something. Mann has earned that right. To be picky about what films he puts his seal of approval on. He's right up there with Clint Eastwood in fame & clout to me meaning Mann can do whatever the hades he wants. 


      I have to give you credit too Bogie because without your astute recommendation regarding James Caan I never would have seen "Thief" or appreciated the Tangerine Dream soundtrack. Thank you so much. I sincerely mean that no hyperbole or exaggeration there I swear. 


      You're a very good next level music & film critic too. I'm not kidding. You know your stuff. 

    4. southwest1


       I read that review on how Mann treats women in his films as some sort of extension on male prowess, bravery, & masculinity. The implication being that women are only present to satisfy men's urges as central characters. I don't know if I agree with that conclusion personally. Here's why...


      Let's look at DeNiro's love interest Eady played by Amy Brenneman in 'Heat.' She's a shy graphic designer originally from Minnesota who now works in an LA bookstore. She spots Bob reading a book about metals & fracturing them & she strikes about a conversation with him. He blows her off initially, then apologizes, & the 2 of them eventually sleep together. 


      For the 1st time in life, Bob lets his guard down & sees the gentle sweetness in her. I think Eady appreciates Bob's reserved & quiet demeanor too which makes them a perfect match. Eventually, Bob tells Eady what he really does for a living & he gives her cash & the opportunity to stay or to leave him free & clear. He doesn't hit her, kill her, demean her, or humiliate her. He makes the decision completely hers & her's alone. 


      Now, you will remember in his conversation with Pacino at the restaurant, DeNiro says he has a woman but he would abandon her in an instant if the heat go too intense & he was forced to run because Al was hot on his tail. 


      DeNiro eventually does this very thing shooting a loose end guy who can ID him that the LAPD has flipped & put into protective custody forcing him to leave Eady alone in his car as Al chases him with a shotgun. 


      I actually view Bob's abandonment of his girlfriend as a favor & kind gesture on his part. Bob doesn't want her to ruin her life by seeing her man get gunned down & become a criminal's widow. Bob wants her to have a chance at a clean, wholesome life away from bullets, explosions, & prison. Besides, Eady can probably get her bookstore job back on Monday anyway right considering she just resigned 1 day ago IMO. 


      Robert looks at Amy Brenneman & his hand gesture toward the car tells her to remain in the car for her own safety. He loved her that much. Did he transfer any funds into her bank account to make her life easier? Who knows. Some critics might claim that DeNiro's bank robbery lifestyle turned Amy's bearings upside down, which might be considered selfish. However, Bob was trying to protect her from physical harm & incarceration as an accomplice since Pacino has no idea who Bob's woman is or what she even looks like. 

  10. Cats have 9 lives...always. 

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    2. Synthetic



      I wouldn't put MJ at my #1 at all...Maybe the best player of the 90's, but I don't think he was close to being as good as some of the others, let alone the GOAT... MJ had a lot of help too from Pippen and later Rodman, those Bulls teams always had decent benches. I'd take LeBron over him, as the all around player, and same for Kobe. As much as I liked Kobe, I never thought Kobe was the all around great player that LeBron is. The difference being leadership; LeBron truly has matured the past few years and plays to get everyone involved. Kobe used to drive me insane trying to take every single last shot. 


      Kobe wouldn't have any of those first 3 championships without Shaq...The biggest mystery in recent sports is that we have no idea how many championships Kobe and Shaq could've won together. I was happy that last year, Kobe FINALLY realized how important Shaq was to him and made that comment that he wished he would have appreciated him more back in the day. Those two had no business hating each other for years. They should've been a duo, cause they were so perfect together in their primes. 



      Karl Malone was damn good too but like Marino no Championships. That is how many greats there have been as that is why I have LeBron at 10.



      Shaq begged Karl Malone (and Gary Payton) to join the Lakers in 2003, and they did. I always felt sorry for Malone cause I think that was his last season; they got to the Finals and were stomped by the Pistons. Neither Malone or Payton ever won a ring in their careers but they made the Hall of Fame. 

    3. Synthetic



      Worth noting too - the NBA has changed a lot since a lot of these guys played. 



      In Wilt's day, there was no 3 point line at all. it's amazing how much he dominated with no 3 pointers. 



      The rule change in 2002 to allow zone defense has probably changed the game more than ever....A lot of people say the NBA is "soft" now and too easy, but I don't get where they come up with this. Zone defense has completely changed the game inside and out and rendered a lot of older offensive styles completely useless. It has made the game far more difficult for the super star players, and has pretty much led to the shooting game for teams like Golden State. 


      Jordan himself was against the change of rules, saying that he wouldn't have had the career he had if he had to play with zone defenses back in his prime. 



      A lot of the players really hate zone defense too. This is a great video if you wanted to see a thorough break down of how zone defense has changed the NBA inside and out. This is a really great video that shows the differences in defense, and it has a lot of stuff from players talking about how much they hate it. 





    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      I think LeBron is a Beast and todays best but after watching Jordan, Magic, and Bird growing up I don't see him doing anything that those guys didn't/couldn't do and those guys stayed with the franchises that drafted them their whole career in their primes and won Championships. LeBron in a lot of peoples eyes is a Top 5 player of all-time and many have him ahead of Bird. There are some that rank him as the best ever but I just don't see it. The media today blows a lot of stuff out of proportion as soon as a player wins a Championship or 2, they want to label them the best ever. I watched Magic Johnson growing up and LeBron isn't better than him, Magic may be the best leader in sports history. He won the Championship in his Rookie season and won MVP of the Finals with Kareem injured. He dominated a whole decade when he had the Bird's Celtics to deal with, Doc's Sixers to deal with, Hakeem's Rockets to deal with, then the Bad Boy Pistons rolled around in the late 80's. Magic could beat you without even scoring by getting 15-20 Assists just setting up everyone. I just don't like how the media dismisses what players have done in the past on the spur of the moment because they want to hype up todays best. They do it with Curry too, Curry isn't even a Top 20 player of all-time but he won unanimous MVP last season. The media was ready to put Cam Newton in the Hall of Fame after last season and he stinks this year for example. Andrew Luck has been way better than him this season. When I look at LeBron and Bird, LeBron is the better athlete but doesn't have near the killer instinct Bird had and wasn't near the Shooter or Rebounder Bird was either. Bird was nasty too, he would take a person out if they drove they lane LOL.

  11. Luck and Carr both are "gunslingers" by their style of play, and moving around in the pocket. IMO both of them are more similar to the old gunslingers of the past, rather than a precision passer pocket passer like Manning (or Dan Marino, most pocket passers today are like clones of Marino). Carr is like a throwback to Kenny Stabler or Brett Favre. Luck is similar...True to gunslingers of the past, they're also more prone to mistakes and throwing picks. It happens, that's just their style of play. Everyone seems to highlight the interception numbers of certain QB's that are gunslingers, though they've always had high interception numbers due to their style of play. Older Raiders fans must be ecstatic having Carr, he does show resemblance to Stabler from time to time when he throws bombs down field.
  12. IMO I don't think Rodgers ever was the best quarterback in the NFL, even when he was playing at a high level. I would have took Brees over him back in 2011 and I still will take Brees over him. I've seen Brees work magic with no-name receivers and really go out of his way to try and squeak wins out with mediocre Saints teams. If you took Brees off the Saints teams of the past 5 years, they would be 3-13 on average. It comes down to the comeback wins and just how much a QB will put their team on the back and lead them when the chips are down. Rodgers has proven so many times, he can't do that....His lack of comeback wins, speaks for itself. People seem to forget, that this is nothing new with Rodgers. That 2011 beat down in the playoffs to a 9-7 Giants team, was only a sign of things to come. When he struggles, he can't lead that team to overcome major obstacles. I've been thinking for the past several years, Rodgers is more worried about his stats, than winning games. He'll just throw the ball out of bounds or take a sack, rather than put it up in the air or try to squeeze the ball in tight windows and make something happen. That's the difference when people compare him to Brett Favre or Peyton Manning. They took chances, they threw picks, but they won when they needed it the most in game winning situations or comebacks. Rodgers has proven time and time again, he can rarely handle this pressure. It has nothing to do with him dating Olivia Munn, though past Packers players have come out and said some pretty bad stuff about Rodgers as a leader. Many have thought for years that he is obsessed with his ego; Donald Driver, Gregg Jennings, and Jermichael Finley all had some pretty critical things to say about him as a leader after they had retired. One thing for sure; you NEVER seen past players come out and make the same remarks to Favre, Manning, Brees, or others who Rodgers is always compared to and said to be so much better than. The fact that former Packers players say these things about Rodgers, I think is quite glaring that something is wrong.
  13. At least Rodgers still got his stats! I'm sure all his apologists will be quick to point at his pretty stat numbers to remind us how bad Favre is and how Rodgers supposedly is still some Hall of Fame quarterback above criticism.
  14. The Raiders sorta remind me of past Saints teams who would win a lot of games on the heroics of Brees, but would have terrible defenses. Right now, Oakland's defense is ranked 28th overall in poor shape. Carr has turned this team into a contender almost by himself. Without him, that 8-2 record could easily be reversed when looking at their defense across the board. For several weeks, it looked like the Patriots could win it all this year. But I think they were exposed in the Seattle game. They were sorta exposed by the Dolphins too, when they let Miami come back to life and nearly tie that game when they were dead in the water. The Pats are far from bullet proof at this moment. My gut keeps telling me that it will come down to Seattle and New England, but the team I want to make the Super Bowl, is at least Dallas. Their 2014 team was loaded, quite possibly the best Cowboys team since the 90's and everyone knows Dez Bryant caught that ball against GB. They should've been in the NFCCG. While it's easy to hate on them over last year, most people forget that they were losing close games last year without Romo. Dallas is a legitimate team for sure, but I just don't know yet if I trust picking them over Seattle. The Cowboys have that feeling to them as a team of destiny under Dak Prescott, but I just don't know if it's their time yet. I think this year is going to come down to fans cheering on whoever they believe can knock out the Patriots and/or Seattle. It surely looks like we're going to get Seattle/NE rematch in the Super Bowl, I can only hope that this time the Seahawks don't screw it up. I'd like to at least see Jimmy Graham get that Super Bowl ring he couldn't get in New Orleans.
  15. Probably only one in the AFC at the rate that the AFC West is moving - 3 teams with 7 wins and a possible playoff chance. I think it will come down to the AFC North having a division winner at 9-7. Miami is some how 6-4 right now...Buffalo needs them to collapse if they want a chance at a wildcard. Carolina will make the playoffs before Tampa Bay, that's about how much faith I have in the Bucs right now...

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