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  1. NOPE! Sean Payton will resign or be rightfully fired before Marvin Lewis is finally canned.
  2. Dallas (-2.5) at Denver (9-17-17)

    Dallas is starting an entire secondary of all rookies....this was bound to happen to them and was waiting...They aren't winning 13 games this year with that secondary.
  3. Dallas (-2.5) at Denver (9-17-17)

    He's had one bad game so far, and it was still only his 4th career loss....way too early to throw the towel in on him. He will be fine....
  4. Another No-Go Season For The Chargers?

    Only this time around, there is no one to be disappointed and feel sorry for them. They alienated their fan base by trashing them and moving to L.A...Spanos gets what he deserves. Just wait until they play the Raiders when that little stadium will be overrun in silver and black.
  5. Pre-Game Shows Are Now Pathetic To Watch

    I never watch pre-game shows anyway. Like to mute the TV and play music during games...
  6. The. Same. Story. Every. Year. 



    Fire Sean Payton - he has had 5 YEARS to figure this thing out on defense...coaches change, players change, schemes change, yet here we are and nothing has really changed in play. Still looks as bad as it did 5 years ago. Officially done with this....

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    2. Synthetic




      Atlanta will win the game but they let GB come back big in the game. Since that is what Atlanta does, not hold onto leads. lmao Pathetic.


      They let them score 2 TD's in garbage time when the score was 31 to big deal...No where near as bad as some of their games last year like the Chargers and Saints who came back and nearly beat them, not counting NE in the Super Bowl.


      Atlanta could've run that score up to 40+ if they wanted to last night and really did let their foot off the gas to run the ball, which was shocking.... Game was over the minute they went up 17-7...they knew as well as we do, Rodgers ain't gonna lead some comeback...

    3. Synthetic



      I have to agree that Adrian Peterson is overrated. I wouldn't have him in any of my fantasy lineups because he would disappoint too often.


      No one else wanted him...NE and NO had interest in him and that was it. Green Bay is literally starting a wide receiver as their running back, and yet even they had no interest in Peterson. 


      Sean Payton has become 'Grandpa Sean' as some of us like to joke, but I'm still amazed he thought Peterson was a good idea. Not only is the child abuser slow and overrated, he's also full of himself...He's a media distraction who runs his mouth constantly in the NOLA media and complains non-stop after just one game. 


      We could've resigned Tim Hightower and avoided all this all together..Peterson is slow and old, and Mark Ingram is the one who is getting screwed in this, cause Peterson getting carries to run 3 yards takes away from handing off to Ingram. 




      Another kitten was killed? That's too bad; I hope that other kittens and the mother cat are doing OK.


      These cats are weird, and I don't know how to properly explain it to make sense....The mother cat was too small to have kittens. She is a miniature, tiny...and she had 5 kittens, and it's wrecked her body. She killed two of them by not allowing them feed, and it happened at a time I wasn't home to tend to them....


      I don't know how to explain or talk about this...This is the most bizarre thing I've ever seen from an animal. I have never seen cats act like that. I don't think this specific cat had motherly instincts, cause when she gave birth, she just left them there at first. I had to force her to tend them, and had to do this for a whole month...the cat still didn't learn. I called my local vet twice today and explained this, and they don't understand this behavior either coming from female cats. 

    4. teganslaw


      I've heard of this happening sometimes. If a cat is too young or small when she has kittens, she doesn't always know how to act with them, and doesn't understand what to do. When I was growing up, our neighbor's cat abandoned her kittens because she didn't know any better. Another cat adopted those kittens as her own. It was a strange situation, but turned out OK because the kittens were raised by another cat. 

      There's not much you could have done in this case, but it doesn't make things any easier. It sounds like your cat will never be a good mother, she just doesn't have the instinct for it. 

  7. Green Bay (+3) at Atlanta (8-17-17)

    8-8 is a winning season only if you make the playoffs. Outside of la la land in this forum where that's used to justify the Colts mediocrity in Pagano's coaching, it's pretty much well agreed on that an 8-8 record makes you an average, mediocre team and not a "winning season." If you make the playoffs at 8-8, then you can tell us how this is a winning team who fails to achieve 9 or 10 wins...
  8. That time Lawrence Taylor single handedly won a game

    Most players on coke and other illegal drugs like that cannot perform at a high level. LT was an exception of this...Weather he was on crack or not, I don't see where it gave him a boost of performance since most people can't play that great when they're high like that on something like coke. Parcells has blamed himself for years about LT's behavior issues and drug problems, stating that he failed him as a person, so have to disagree with your comment that he ignored it. LT played in an era where quarterbacks weren't treated like gods and you could beat the living crap out of them and not have to worry about fines, excessive flags, or "bounty" stuff...He is far from the only one of his era who wouldn't be allowed on the field today. Ronnie Lott, Rickey Jackson, Clyde Simmons, Reggie White and Bruce Smith would be getting fined every week for how brutal they beat up quarterbacks in this same era. He still redefined the position of linebacker and completely changed how the position is viewed and played. Joe Gibbs has said before that he started using 2 Tight End sets back in the 80's to try and do something to hold off LT's pass rush from getting to the QB...
  9. Ticket Exchanges

    Seat Geek is good for tracking down tickets for concert venues too.
  10. Tom Savage Agent

    Can't believe people like Savage so much when they ripped on Brock all last year. And now he's getting outplayed by Watson through sheer athleticism, even funnier! Brock was bad too, but he couldn't get the benefit of the doubt from many people for some reason...People wanted to see him fail since he won games in Denver, though Elway was 100% correct when he said they don't win that SB in 2015 without Brock to win a few games for them. The coach is the problem in Houston and always was...He's went through quarterbacks like a pair of socks - Hoyer, Weeden, Brock, and now Savage and Watson...He still hasn't hit on a QB and yet he gets none of the blame for some reason.
  11. Awesome video I saw this morning and had to share. Some of you may be too young to remember LT, and I myself didn't really get to witness him until the tail end of his career. Arguably the greatest linebacker to ever play the game, straight up beast and amazing to watch in old videos.
  12. um not yet....the Raiders had one of the worst defenses in the league last year and were winning close games. In many ways, they were like the Saints last year, but with a lot more luck. This is only week 1. Let's see how they look after 5 games, and then we know if they're for real, or another year where it's simply a great QB carrying a team with no defense and getting lucky along the way.
  13. Dallas (-2.5) at Denver (9-17-17)

    Go Cowboys. This is a great game where Dak can shine and have a good one, I'm hoping. Love this kid and am rooting for him every step of the way. Dak is going to be something special in the future...
  14. Bradford, swelling in knee

    Fragile Bradford strikes again....The Saints barely even touched him in that game. Our defense is amazingly awful... Boy oh boy, Vikings gonna be so disappointed come Sunday when they realize that any QB looking like the reincarnation of Steve Young or Dan Marino only happens against the Saints. He will regress back to an average QB in a few days, probably even more so if Pittsburgh brings the heat and can knock him down constantly.
  15. Bengals have the stones to fire their crappy coaches

    Jim Mora built an awesome defense in New Orleans - The Dome Patrol, who were at one point, an elite group and the best LB core in the league. Rickey Jackson is in the Hall of Fame, Pat Swilling arguably should be in since he has the numbers is and is up there in the top 10 sacks list and won DPOY award back in 1992. Sam Mills should definitely be in the Hall of Fame, and probably would be if cancer didn't take him back in 2003 when he was coaching on Carolina's SB staff.... Vaughan Johnson was awesome an awesome inside Linebacker too....Saints defense also had some other pretty good players like Frank Warren, Wayne Martin (hands down, the most underrated Saints palyer ever) and Toi Cook who was a pretty good safety in his prime. Mora not winning a playoff game really hurts some of these great players from being recognized. Sam Mills I think absolutely belongs in the Hall of Fame, and Pat Swilling probably gets in too had they just won a single playoff game. Swilling winning a Defensive Player of the Year award was huge back in 1992. But beyond how awesome Mora's defense was, it don't erase how conservative he was...There are many instances you can find in those Saints teams where Mora would blow it by playing things too conservative and not taking risks, not trusting his offense at all, even in games where they were doing good. My favorite one is the Falcons overtime loss in 1991...Mora could've went for like 55 yard field goal with his Hall of Fame kicker Morten Andersen who was the record breaking kicker who could hit those long distance field goals...Instead, he punts, and the Falcons end up going down the field and winning....Other instances like Mora not going for it vs the Eagles in the 1992 playoff game, things could've been a lot different if he was more of a risk taker with those teams. I love those old Saints teams and always will. They were my childhood heroes, and I'll always have a place in my heart for Rickey Jackson and Sam Mills but there is no way I would hire Jim Mora in today's era....Sean Payton probably is going to get fired after this year and will deserve it, but I like him a lot better than Mora cause he will take risks and gamble and do stuff...The onside kick in the SB, and aggressive 4th down play are things Mora would've never ever done. You have to take risks and gamble sometimes to win, and Jim Mora would never do those things to go the extra mile and try to win.