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  1.   I know what you mean. I always believed Dungy would have had to start from scratch to build another unit like he had in Tampa Bay. He spent years making that team in Tampa Bay, it was a lot of work.    He made things work with what he had though, and that's part of why he was such a great coach. He had guys like Booger McFarland in Tampa Bay, who were not big names but would play big and I think he brought Booger over to the Colts over time. 
  2.     Tony Dungy had that defense in Tampa Bay. Those old Bucs teams were loaded and absolutely terrifying on defense. 2002 would have been his Super Bowl if they would have just waited one more year. 
  3. Here ya go. Only QB to do this.

        The Music City Miracle, I remember that game and Wade being there.    That was 1999. I remember since that was the Rams big year and I watched them every week. Weird season too where Jacksonville went 14-2 and only lost to the Titans twice.   Tennessee was so lucky to be in that Super Bowl to start with going back to the Bills game...even luckier the Rams didn't blow them out, like they were meant to do. 
  4. Here ya go. Only QB to do this.

        I like Brock, so I'd like to see him take over, but if Peyton comes back, I don't see that happening.    I'm hoping Manning does retire, and in the process retires as a Colt. He owes it to the fans here, since he spent his prime in blue and white, and had all the MVP's, the SB, and I believe it's worth him going out as a Colt, since he introduced a new younger generation of football fans to the fold.    I would hate to see him return at age 40 like Favre did and go out with a horrific injury. Watching Favre in 2010 was depressing and how it all ended was a real heart break.    You and I are on the same page with the Steelers. I think if they would have got past Denver, they would have given New England a tough game with Brown coming back. Pittsburgh probably wins the AFC this year, if they could have just got past Denver, and they turned out to be the one team that played them the toughest in all of the playoffs. I like Pittsburgh's chances next year of representing the AFC, if they can adjust their secondary a bit, which I do expect to improve over time.       
  5. No one is buying that "aw shucks" act when the first person you kiss after winning the Super Bowl is friggin' Papa Johns and then endorse Budweiser right after.    COME ON, MAN   New evolution of product placement 
  6. Cam Newton walks out of post SB interview

        This past Super Bowl is the biggest Christmas present for those that already dislike Cam.    Not only about the whole "class" debate, but the way he regressed in that game and looked like he did from the previous seasons as an average to good quarterback, and not the big MVP guy that he was this year.     I'm very disappointed in Newton for this game. Granted, he's an arrogant guy in times he can be very arrogant, I don't deny that at all. But he just won MVP, and you couldn't tell from watching this game. This game was all on him to go out and prove every doubter wrong, by winning it, and he had so many chances to do that last night. It's on him, I don't feel sorry for him at all. 
  7. Here ya go. Only QB to do this.

        I don't see Ware going anywhere. He and Wade Phillips were in Dallas together. That's one of Phillips' guys, and he's going to keep him around.    Wade Phillips deserves praise for this Super Bowl. That man has drifted around the league for years as a defensive coordinator, and when he was in Dallas, we all know how bad he got shafted by Jerrah. Happy to see him and Ware get a ring, while Dallas imploded.      If Manning comes back next year and tries to pull an Elway (back to back) I think Brock will get cut. 
  8. Here ya go. Only QB to do this.

      The credit goes 100% to the defense. They carried Manning to his second ring, and everyone knows this. He played average last night, and if a better team was on the field, they could have taken advantage of his turnovers and poor play.    Denver's offense was dead in this game, and I have to wonder if someone besides Carolina could have given them a better game. This was Carolina's game to lose from the start, and they choked it away as hard as possible.     
  9. Cam Newton fumble reaction

      Cam Newton played absolutely horrifying in that game. He should be required to give back his MVP and it go to Carson Palmer for his terrific comeback season.    That was the worst MVP quarterback performance I have seen since Rich Gannon in 2003 and his epic meltdown in the Super Bowl.    Cam Newton is officially our new Rich Gannon. Some will compare him to McNabb but I don't think that's fair, cause McNabb was a lot nicer person, and he still kept that SB a tight game to the very end despite having a coach who don't know how to manage a clock. There is no excuses for Cam at all for this game. 
  10. That Denver defense carried the torch

        That game was not rigged at all.   I'm one of these people on here that gets called "Peyton hater" anytime I criticize him, and he did play average to bad in this Super Bowl, but his defense carried him 100% in this game and won.    I do admit, the call on the catch that Rivera had to challenge was a catch in my eyes (where Von Miller's sack got the TD on the very next place) but Carolina did not lose this game off shady officiating or anything. They had plenty of chances to win this game and ultimately threw every single chance out the window. 
  11. Goddell says: 2 personal fouls and you're out?

      You can thank the refs in the Giants/Panthers game for this. If Odel Beckham would have been ejected when he consistently kept getting personal foul penalties for his punk crap that day, this wouldn't be considered right now. He should have been ejected from that game after the 3rd time, and especially after the incident running into Norman. 
  12. 2016 Hall-of-Famers

      Why no Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt? AT LEAST Isaac Bruce. That guy in his prime, was one of the best wide receivers ever.    I swear, if the Greatest Show On Turf Rams managed to get Ring #2, without question; half that team would be in the Hall in the near future.    People that watched the old Rams know that Holt and Bruce were lethal. I speak for every Saints fan of the old NFC West days when we had to deal with this....    

    The X Files is back with it's groove. Really enjoyed the last episode, Mulder and Scully and their adorable chemistry is back. 

    1. MTC


      I'm on Season 2. Started the series last week. 

    2. Bogie


      If you are watching the old ones, you're going to love this season reboot. They kept the same formula and the actors have aged into their roles without missing a beat. I loved the show back in the 90's when I was growing up 

  14. Browns set to release Manziel in March.

      He's going to party like it's 1999

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