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  1. 7-9 They will struggle right out the gate as they did last year, then win some games before getting blown to pieces by far superior teams (Houston, Pittsburgh). Luck will have a tough time like the previous year, running the same one dimensional passing attack with no run game to help him out. There will be some ugly games where the deep balls don't work and the blitzes will be heavy like last year. The defense looks even worse, and nothing was done during the off season to improve on that side of the ball. Houston has it made this year to win the division even if it's at 9-7 again. They're the only team in the AFC South that has a defense built to stop points from going up on the board and give quarterbacks a hard time. This could finally be the year they sweep the Colts, considering that they did win in Indy last year.
  2. Ran across this over the morning and thought you would find it interesting. Seeing as I just spent most of the year binge watching through Miami Vice, I had to go back to Michael Mann's film work and see how it holds up against the bulk of his prime show.



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    2. Bogie



      I did not like the Miami Vice movie at all. I've seen so much of the show, and there's so many issues with it. Farrell and Fox have absolutely no chemistry as Crockett and Tubbs. That's really like the #1 problem of the movie. I wasn't even sure they liked each other in the movie, whereas in the show, there's that whole "I got your back" mentality about them with this brotherly bond. In the movie, he leaves Tubbs behind to go on that cruise with the girl to the show, this only happened once, he left Tubbs behind in the episode 'Nobody Lives Forever' and Tubbs gets the crap beat out of him, and this leads to Sonny feeling guilty and trying to make up for it later. People can make fun of Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas all they want, but those two had a chemistry together that has largely been unmatched in buddy cop films and shows. 


      If you do like that movie though, I would highly recommend checking out the episode 'Smuggler's Blues'. The entire movie is really like a 2 hour long re-write of the Smuggler's Blues episodes. And yep, it's the one with Glenn Frey pretty much playing himself in it, but he still pulls off a good performance. There is only minor differences between the film and that episode, most notably, Trudy doesn't die but Tubbs is given such a crappy situation at the end. (he jumps, Trudy dies. He don't jump, she still dies)


      and the point of where in the film, Sonny leaves Tubbs behind, in Smuggler's Blues, there's the scene where of him and Glenn Frey talking about Vietnam and he says "I had to leave fallen comrades behind, but this one, I CAN'T leave behind". 


      I don't know if that movie should've even been made though cause Vice pretty much is a product of the whole 80's era, and it's a definite necessity for the younger generation of 80's loving hipsters, and I don't know if that formula can work in modern setting. Crockett and Tubbs benefited from that environment of the wild wild west mentality of the cocaine cowboys. That all changed in later decades. 

    3. southwest1


      To be completely candid with you Bogie, I never followed the Miami Vice TV show as closely as you clearly did & still do apparently. I viewed Miami Vice the 2006 movie more like co-workers who know what makes each other tick, but they're not hanging out after work going to a local cop dive eating brats, buffalo wings, swallowing an ice cold beer together & bonding. It's not that they don't care about each others welfare; they just appreciate space apart from each other so that when they are in life & death situations respect for their colleague doesn't blur or get in the way of arresting the big criminal fish or killing him as an absolute, last resort. 


      Chemistry between central characters matters yes, but in my estimation, Crockett & Tubbs are more like 2 guys who appreciate 1 another's skill sets under cover & they have no desire to be blood brothers or bosom buddies at all. Why them come together against that drug smuggler who hurts Trudy is because these bad guys bleeped up the professionalism & smoothness of their vice unit collectively. Sure Trudy is considered a friend that no harm should come to. However, when a unit gels professionally & you know each members tendencies; when a bad guy messes with that cohesion that took yrs to build an aggressive response of revenge is required. 


      I actually liked the feature film better than the series because if you are that close to a partner & something horrific happens to them or a loved one they care about....Your professional relationship is forever tarnished & compromised now because your objectivity is totally lost & you're too emotionally invested in the protection of your parter rather than completing the mission in the field. Some level of distance is mandated to see the big picture, lock up the bad guy, & not become yr partner's guardian angel. 


      I like that we don't know if Tubbs will retire from police work to tend to Trudy's needs. I like that Crockett has regrets over falling in love with this money manger & flipping her world upside down. I like that the audience has no idea if this Vice Unit will split up or not at the end of the movie. That's real life. Not a 40 minute show where everybody will be back next week no matter what. 

    4. southwest1


      I do appreciate the insights & familiarity you have with Michael Mann's early work in TV before he became a major motion picture director though Bogie. Thank you. 


      Yes, the original Miami Vice TV show was perfect for the era it was produced in. All that is true. However, I applaud Mann for modifying the storyline to fit in a 21st Century backdrop about cops, drug smugglers, people caught in the crossfire; & the toll this kind of work transforms a person into--cold, calculating, stoic, & indifferent with jaded attachment issues. 


      I did see some of the original series when it was originally released on network before cable & satellite widened an audiences viewing choices at large. It was a well made show with solid script writing. I just like Micheal Mann now as an established director who cut his teeth on the original TV show, but he doesn't plan on living there forever. TV was a steeping stone to bigger productions in cinema & he's not gonna be a slave to that small screen medium unless Hollywood says Mike you can't cut it as a big screen director anymore. 


      He doesn't despise TV perse. No, it's more like his grand visions & storylines are better suited for wrap around surround sound environments with outstanding picture clarity. I also like that his high intense action scenes are few & far in between. He understands that less is more in terms of explosions, chase scenes, & gun violence. All that really matters is the emotional investment the audience has with the characters on both sides of the law. 

  3. #RetroWaveMondaysListen The Midnight - Summer 




    GREAT use of the lead guitars over all that synth, superb pop song! 

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    2. Bogie



      lmao I hate the Grateful Dead so much. They are the most overrated band of all time. #1, always have been, always will be.....BUT it's wrong to not say some positive things about Jerry Garcia as a guitar player and song writer. Dude was a beast on the pedal steel and credit has to be given with his disadvantage not having a middle finger. Jerry Garcia was a great guitar player, he definitely deserves praise and especially for what a monster he was with the pedal steel. But I still don't care for the Grateful Dead. 

    3. Jules


      I might have real interest in this album, "the midnight?"?


      I like this song you posted A LOT in the original post.



      Okay for the Grateful Dead, this song always got's one I sometimes listen to.




      I like the lyrics and sound of it and have for a long time. And it's not one of their over done jam songs that goes on for an hour.


      The Dead have a few songs I do like, but it's usually the shorter ones with more singing and not just 10 minute musical zone out pot feasts.

    4. Jules


      Sorry to go OT a bit with the Dead from retro synth. lmao 


      Sometimes it's the bit of John Lennon/Bernie Sanders liberal stuck in me that pops out at times.





      Heading to sleep now finally.:sip:

  4. My birthday: watching the Saints put up a hilarious bad preseason game. :cheers:lmao

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    2. Bogie


      One more note before I go - Dax Prescott, wow. :woah:


      If Dax Prescott has another huge game like that next week, sign me up for the hype train bandwagon. That kid is amazing. I am blown away watching clips of him from the past two weeks of preseason. This might have been the best quarterback in the draft, and he gets an approval nod from me for having #4 of all numbers. 

    3. Bogie


      Dak* Prescott, blah, whatever. Been up since 4 AM. That kid's got an arm, he's going to be a star I hope. 

    4. Jules


      Go get some sleep. lmao 



      Yep observing these players working has been a real treat.




  5. At least one major guitar magazine publisher needs to finally do a break down on David Bowie's guitar players.


    I've wanted to see someone do this for years, but now I'm considering doing it myself on a blog. As far as guitarists are concerned, Bowie is easily the most accomplishing music icon when it comes to guitar players. Who else can say that they managed to convince Nile Rodgers, Robert Fripp, Peter Frampton, and Tony Visconti to play guitar for them? And this is only established guitarists, not counting the ones he founded (Mick Ronson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Carlos Alomar). There is no other pop icon or rock star out there that has such wild accomplishments of guitarists on their resume.

    1. Jules


      Good point with the guitar players he had. Most just focus on David Bowie himself (which isn't a bad thing) and ignore the musicianship around him at times that did so much.


      I didn't even know he worked with so many big names.


      Mick Ronson is the name I am most familiar with him concerning Bowie.

  6. Short answer: if there was real PED testing, there would be no NFL anymore. Steroids are so dominate in American sports to the point, it has a subculture on it's own.
  7. Doom 64 EX is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Heavily, heavily underrated gem that is finally playable the way Doom was meant to be played with the mouse and keyboard. 

    1. Jules


      I am a huge fan of sliced bread but this DOOM stuff sounds intriguing.


      DOOM  :Nuke:



    2. Bogie


      I've been playing DOOM since the 90's (probably longer than I have any other game)....and DOOM 64 is a brilliant game, but was plagued being on a console with a god awful controller that made it difficult to play. DOOM I think, was always meant to be played with a keyboard and mouse. 


      And DOOM 64 scares the living hell out of me even 19 years later. Midway really took advantage of the horror elements of the original and juiced them up, and added a very good ambient/industrial soundtrack to make it a game that gives you the creeps playing in the dark. 




    3. Jules


      I never played DOOM. It sounds scary the way you describe it.



  8. That and defense. When I look at this team, I have no idea how they really expect to do anything with that defense. The offense is bound to struggle, that's a given, but I don't see how they expect to stop anyone either.
  9. Sounds to me Irsay is still a bit traumatized on how easily Rex Ryan dismantled this team and destroyed them in the first week of last year.
  10. I like Stephen Morris too... Must be hard having the same name of one of the best drummers of the 80's.
  11. This board will forever be obsessed with the Patriots though. The Colts do not even play them this year on their schedule (a blessing really, considering how bad Indy is bound to be with a tough schedule) yet we still have to hear Deflategate, Brady, "cheatin' Pats" and all the other cliche rhetoric.
  12. Outscored 31-7 after taking a 10-0 start lead Defense had no answer whatsoever in secondary for our screens or tight end. Outcoached for 3 quarters straight Your quarterback throwing the game winning interception directly to Tracy Porter. (Saints ranked #1 in turnovers all 2009, and were the highest scoring team in the 4th quarter - two things that you guys never want to admit) You would have lost regardless (14 points is not a close loss either, could have been much worse if the pick 6 happened earlier). The better team won that day.
  13. Not as bad as Luck's insane contract.
  14. It certainly is not helping him that he was drafted by one of the AFC teams with the most dysfunctional managements. I don't blame him or his family at all for suggesting that they wished they would have pulled an Eli move.
  15. Replaying Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, thoughts??? I haven't touched the game since 2014, going back with fresh view.


    Setting aside the nostalgia and original formula of A Link To The Past, the game holds it's own very well. I love the art style. It's very cute and grows on you with repeat plays. I absolutely love the orchestrated soundtrack featuring full symphony renditions of the old SNES music (the dark world theme remix being my favorite). Upon first playing, I thought of the wall merge idea as a gimmick, but now upon a second replay, I see this is very neat and adds a new dimension to the 2D play style. 


    Overall, terrific game! 

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    2. Bogie




      Okay if they are imports then they probably do cost too much and it's best to just find them online for free.


      That is a solution but you would be surprised at video game nerds, or just nerds in general that will fork out money for something they love. And I'm not innocent either, I've blown a lot of money in the past on old records, sometimes crazy excessive amounts of money on trash albums. I stopped collecting a few years ago, I just don't have the money to afford to blow it on CD's and old records left and right anymore (and to be honest, I'm running out of room for CD's. So many take up a lot of space) 

    3. Jules


      I think I would rather buy the Miami Vice stuff if I am going to blow some money lol.

    4. Bogie



      That would NOT be wasting money. Miami Vice is the bomb, and right now some of those DVD sets are dirt cheap with the new 2016 boxed reissues coming out in October. 


      I can't wait for my birthday, I'm ordering season 5 so I can go back and re-watch the finale. 

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