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  1. Brady to Appeal....

    Hopefully he wins for the better of the league. This stopped being about the "controversy" the minute Goodell stepped over and fought it. This is about the power struggle of the leader of the NFL wanting to be unquestioned and do whatever he wants. There wasn't even a controversy to begin with over the deflated balls after all the smoke cleared. One team that was sore losers in a game they were blown out very badly in. This is one of the silliest fabricated witch hunts ever in NFL history.
  2. I want a new Strat, regardless of the fact I don't need a new one. It's no been 4 months since I've really played the Les Paul, I cannot get the same satisfaction out of that guitar that I can a Strat. 

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    2. Bogie



      Tried playing it again today, meh...The only thing really going for the LP is having that humbucker in the bridge for easy crunch. That's it, but I can get crunch out of a Strat just fine using an overdrive/compressor combo. 


      Telecaster > Les Paul. I thought the LP could be as useful as a Tele, but it clearly isn't. At least a Tele, you can beat on it continuously and it stays in tune and can handle aggressive playing. 

    3. Jules


      Also the Les Paul has the name "Les Paul" which makes everyone swooooon at times.


      Your stuff with the Strat sounds good anyway. It's crunchy and fluffy and trebles and takes a hard beating and everything else in the lingo book I love to hear. lmao 

    4. Jules


      You will have to keep the Les Paul though probably. It's pretty and it has sentimental value etc. 



  3. Even if he is mentoring Tannehill, it's not going to help. He's mediocre at best, and the Dolphins are crazy thinking every year he's going to turn into Dan Marino II some day.
  4. O...this week 1 game

    Still got this
  5. Classic movie, underrated. The original evil daughter 


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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      @Tegan, I think she is adorable LOL (sarcasm)

    3. Jules


      2006 did you put the ring comment in the wrong thread and meant to do that in the NBA one? But, I do agree with you.


      Tegan, I am not a kid person really either but if I could get a gem like this little girl in the movie I might change my mind!!!! lmao 

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      Yeah I put it in the wrong thread.

  6. O...this week 1 game

    I would say the Vikings troubles began back in January when the purple rain came down on them with another "they should have won that!" that type playoff game, where they have a scapegoat to blame the loss on. They are the one team that can never admit defeat and give the other team credit, it's always some excuse (the kicker, bountygate, Gary Anderson, etc etc)
  7. O...this week 1 game

    I remember that Bucs game, that was from 2009. Tampa was 0-8 and they broke out the beautiful creamsicle orange throwbacks and went to town on them. If i remember correctly, GB had a 10 point lead early in that game and got blown out. The Saints struggle with Tampa Bay the most out of their divisional opponents, they make me far more nervous than Carolina or Atlanta, since I've seen the damage they can do to us.
  8. O...this week 1 game

    For those that are superstitious, this so far has not been a good year for purple haze. Kobe retired, and losing Prince has been one of the most devastating things of the year. If I was superstitious, I'd argue this don't bold well for the purple NFL team sitting in the NFC North, whom everyone is high on right now. Green Bay has the easiest schedule going into next year. They get to play the two worst divisions in the NFL; the AFC South and the NFC East. If they can't at least get a 12-4 or 13-3 record with that schedule, then they deserve to go one and done at home in the playoffs. Bloody Champ is the Packers expert of this board and I trust his take here. I've noticed Green Bay tends to struggle with the Giants ever since winning the SB in 2010. They've had some awful games where the Giants slaughter them, I'm curious when they come to that game in the season.
  9. Or they'll invent conspiracy theories like they were doing last year, it will be gold indeed pal.
  10. Will Frank Gore reach 1000 yards this year?

    Absolutely not, he's old and this will probably be his last season.
  11. It's May 4th, so time for a Star Wars marathon! So many great old games to choose from, I don't know where to begin! 

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    2. Jules


      Speaking of tragic......this is one of my personal favorite classical pieces but I didn't use it too long for skating since it was TOUGH. I only used it for 4 months and it was near the end before I retired and was trying the highest level in competitions. It's advanced calculus for figure skating music and I had to move and skate so fast with footwork/spins and elements I almost passed out once when I was done.


      Starting at :35 is when the music gets tough.




      When Britney said "work b***ch" this is what she means for skating to classical music.


      Vivaldi kicked so much butt though.

    3. Bogie



      This song is awesome. I know absolutely nothing about classical music, and I hardly ever listen to it, but I really like this. 

    4. Jules


      Thats kinda what you need to say in public and always worked for me to confuse people. "So have you listened to any Vivaldi lately? I must say my favorite piece by his was always winter. I often felt summer lacked a certain intensity he put forth in his winter pieces."



  12. Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a 10 year old game and still plays very well. 

    1. Jules


      So it's sorta vintage in these days lol

    2. southwest1


      Yes, that game still holds up even today no question Bogie. 

    3. Bogie



      Yeah I did some hour runs over the weekend and the AI is still as challenging as ever. Best Battle of Hoth stage ever done in a Star Wars game. 

  13. Dolphins totally smoked the first round!

    One thing for sure, Miami drafting him after this incident showing that he has issues, is not a surprise. The Dolphins management is secretly one of the worst in the league filled with tons of issues. He is a perfect fit in their dysfunctional franchise.
  14. Dolphins totally smoked the first round!

    I don't buy that, it had to be posted from someone that had access to his account (and Instagram). He must have a friend that deep down hates his guts.
  15. I've been into many debates over the years about vinyl vs digital, and this short 3 minute video hits it spot on in the shortest way possible. 



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    2. Jules





      I listened to Motley Crue's "Shout At The Devil" album on CD, vinyl, & cassette once & they all sounded completely different even though they were the same arrangements note for note. It's like claiming that a studio recording & a live recording of the same material is identical. It's not. 


      Shout at the devil!!!!!! Love it.






    3. Bogie



      I still buy CD's too, probably will for the rest of my life. They're so cheap now, you can rack up on old albums. 

    4. Jules


      True that, cds are getting so much cheaper in recent years you can pick some up at times more easily then the old days.


      A few were more expensive though like when I got the New Order "Substance" album.

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