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  1. I've been into many debates over the years about vinyl vs digital, and this short 3 minute video hits it spot on in the shortest way possible. 



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    2. Jules





      I listened to Motley Crue's "Shout At The Devil" album on CD, vinyl, & cassette once & they all sounded completely different even though they were the same arrangements note for note. It's like claiming that a studio recording & a live recording of the same material is identical. It's not. 


      Shout at the devil!!!!!! Love it.






    3. Bogie



      I still buy CD's too, probably will for the rest of my life. They're so cheap now, you can rack up on old albums. 

    4. Jules


      True that, cds are getting so much cheaper in recent years you can pick some up at times more easily then the old days.


      A few were more expensive though like when I got the New Order "Substance" album.

  2. Josh Norman now an unrestricted FA (Merged)

    Patrick Robinson is horrible. You guys are going to love him when he gets burned, burned, and burned some more. He absolutely cannot cover the deep ball, and he is too small to defend the big receivers. I watched him for 4 years in N.O. and he was terrible. Norman would be a huge major upgrade over Robinson.
  3. Rosenhaus fires Manziel as a client....

    Johnny Manziel should have his own reality TV show. He is a walking TV show at this point; drugs, booze, and dance floors. Add in his homeboy Josh Gordon and all that yeyo they snorted up in that rental house, and there you have it.
  4. Josh Norman now an unrestricted FA (Merged)

    You're probably not wrong there, Tampa Bay fans are all over this. Tampa also signed Brent Grimes, if they pick up Norman that's bad news for Saints fans. Both Grimes and Norman have haunted us over the years.
  5. Within a span of 4 months I have lost my favorite rock star and now my last living guitar hero, both in just 4 months...this has been a rough, rough year and we haven't even gotten to the summer heat yet. 

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      I think regarding YouTube, since Prince passed away some of his video's are being blocked for some reason or are phony's for some reason. I noticed that too when I tried to watch a couple.

    3. Bogie



      Prince fought Youtube for many years, however he officially threw the towel back in February. NPG restored the videos that were taken down, by Youtube users that filed complaints and asked for it to be brought back up. This was a big controversial thing back in February, where a bunch of those videos were brought back on Youtube, and the users got emails from NPG records representives (NPG is Prince's private label)


      Once upon a time Prince used to be very very hardcore with this stuff. I have a friend on Youtube who does guitar videos, and he did videos of himself playing solos and riffs from Prince songs years ago, and he had a lawyer representing Warner Brothers come at him for using those songs in videos. That was about 5 years ago, that's the height of how bad they were over Prince stuff but rest easy, he threw in the towel and gave up 2 months ago. 


      Those videos with the audio blocked are older ones before this year. 


      Jules you wanna listen to some Prince albums? Here you go 



    4. Jules


      Okay there you go, thats the album with some songs I was looking for that had some up on youtube with no audio.



  6. Remember this video? "We'll trade into the 20's and take an o-line man because we are the WORST AT THINGS!" That video, not shockingly, predicted this They gave away their high draft pick for nothing.
  7. RIP Dennis Davis. Bowie's long time drummer from the late 70's, died of cancer last week and I had no idea about this until tonight. This has been a rough year of losing music legends and great people under the curtain that don't get a lot of spotlights. 

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    2. Jules


      "Panic in Detroit" the title always reminded me of "Panic in the streets".




    3. Bogie



      You just found an old film noir I haven't ever watched, and that's my favorite genre of old movies. :goodluck:

    4. Jules


      Thats a very very famous old movie. I only seen bits and parts but the title is hugely famous.


      And omg......your new background and avatar are........:excited:2.png

  8. Sean Penn and Ed Harris...can't believe I never heard of this movie. Thank you! Will see if I can rent this over the weekend
  9. Watching Season 3 of Miami Vice. Bill Paxton and Wesley Snipes were guest stars in the last episode I watched. The other day, I had Laurence Fishburne and Ron Perlman in an episode. Season premier had a young and fresh Liam Nesson, and another had a pre-Reservoir Dogs Steve Buscemi.

    1. Jules


      Almost seems hard for me to believe with Liam but yeah it's true. I looked it up.





    2. southwest1


      It's always interesting to see famous actors before they hit it big. You know, before Liam did "Schlinder's List" with Steven Spielberg. 

  10. Boogie Nights I believe was his major break out role. So many, got a break from that movie. He was in Dolores Claiborne too, which is where I mostly remember him before his recent surge of success. Good actor
  11. That's a pretty tough schedule considering they couldn't beat up on their horrible division last year. 9-7 would be a success.

    Discogs needs to make a sister site for a catalog database on video game collections and a sister site for movies. 

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    2. southwest1


      Jules, where did you find that cat with headphones on jamming out?haha It's awesome! 

    3. Jules


      Can't remember where right now but I have seen and saved so much cat stuff it's almost embarrassing. lmao 

    4. southwest1


      No need to apologize Jules or be ashamed of it. We all have our obsessions trust me. 


      Remember, you're preaching to the choir here. SW1 has an affinity for cats myself. It's all good. 

  13. Pats fans file lawsuit for lost draft picks

    Here's your typical "Wahhh, the Patriots and their fans are stupid" butt hurtthreads that are so common on this board. A Jets fan sued the NFL over Spygate a few years ago, this is not something out of the ordinary of fans taking it to extremes and trying to take it to court. I don't see where it's a big deal at all, and if someone wants to sue the NFL, go for it. This whole Deflategate thing has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Goodell has a god complex, and I'll say I'm thankful that Tom Brady went out of his way to fight him and prove it to everyone that had doubts over Goodell and his ego. This is just an excuse to create a circle and pat each other on the back while bashing the Patriots. Maybe in a few years someone new will rise up in the AFC South and give the Colts a real rival to scare their fans.
  14. I don't blame the Pats at all for this. They deserve to get the draft picks back, as did the Saints over "bountygate". Goodell has a god complex. This stopped being about deflategate long ago, it's about the power and the ego of Goodell ever since he was beat in court by Brady.
  15. Today is the sad anniversary if you're a grunge fan. RIP Kurt, and RIP Layne. Nirvana and Alice In Chains marathon, all day. 

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    2. Jules


      I know that song by Alice in Chains. I know a ton of their music but I don't think I ever bought anything from them or got it. I admit they were a pretty talented band.


      I think when most think of grunge they think "Nirvana" first and Kurt Cobain and probably because well.......yeah they were pretty freaking grungy lol and Kurt died giving him the legend status and all that crap at 27. And granted Nirvana wasn't really all that smooth in sound a lot and was a product of studio production.......they did click hardcore as a band for the short time they had together. They had chemistry. 


      Some of the early Manson stuff is also grunge in a way you once told me and you can hear it on Portrait which ironically is still my favorite album of theirs due to cake and sodomy LOL.


      At least Manson had lyrics though. Nirvana's lyrics were pretty bland. I am a big fan of lyrics but still have that stupid soft spot for grunge. 


      It was sort of that "I don't care" angst movement too that many dug.


      I think some grunge could even be called punk at times? Some Nirvana was punk-ish if you dig through it and some STP stuff too maybe even.

    3. Bogie



      Marilyn Manson's original band "The Spooky Kids" were hardcore grunge or punk, whatever you want to call it. He didn't want to be grunge, and he clashed with his band mates over this when he hooked up with Reznor who produced and pushed the music in a more modern industrial way. 


      Grunge was punk rock all over again, same thing. They play the same power chord heavy songs, and it's all muddy sounding and loud. You aren't wrong that production really helped Nirvana. The band fought the producers over Nevermind, and thankfully the producer's won and we got a much more polished sounding album. I listened to their debut 'Bleach' the other day, and I'm always taken back at how horribly produced that album is. 


      Alice In Chains was too talented to be called grunge. They are a metal band in my eyes, they certainly had the rhythm section for it to compete with all the big metal bands out at the time. 


      I couldn't ever get into Stone Temple Pilots. They became the 70's nostalgia band of the 90's, and I hated that stuff. I would rather listen to the real deal of Bowie or Iggy Pop, rather than a poor imitation of it. I hated that Scott Weiland died last year, since he was so big during my youth. STP's debut album was OK, but everything else fell flat. 



    4. Jules


      At least we got "creep" lol





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