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  1. TonyBungee

    Biggest rookie defensive impact?

    Matt Eberflus : )
  2. TonyBungee

    True or False: Week 1 Edition

    I'll say false. I think he has a chance, but if it's Cain vs. the field, I'll take the field.
  3. TonyBungee

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    Dez Bryant. (J/K, I'll say Chester Rogers).
  4. TonyBungee

    The dreaded screen pass

    Recently, they've been really good at losing 3 yards on a WR Screen. I'm just looking forward to NOT being able to guess the play based on the alignment. I think throughout this next season, it will become even more clear just how bad our last 2 OC's really were. And it will make us hopeful and sick at the same time.
  5. TonyBungee

    [Roster moves] Colts waive seven players

    Or CJ Anderson?
  6. TonyBungee

    The "Soft" Label of our Colts

    Lots of good points here, and I'm sure some of those teams may have deserved the "soft" label. But I also think it's often about perception and attitude. The Dungy era teams typically took on his personality: professional, classy, and tough without being boisterous or showy. Some teams strut, taunt, & crow about how tough they are, and others just kick your butt, shake your hand at the end of the game, then go prepare to kick it again.
  7. I'd be ok with this mock (Jackson, Landry, Leonard).
  8. The Colts were worst in the league at protecting the QB last year, and 28th in running the football. Sorry, but guys like Nelson are exactly the ones who make the difference between winning and losing.
  9. I agree with waiting till draft day. But if Chubb & Nelson are still available, I think you need to pick one. You get BPA and fill a top need at the same time. That doesn't happen often. Plus if they're both still there, that means the top 4 QBs are probably gone, so you don't have quite the trade leverage. JMO.
  10. TonyBungee

    Mel Kiper: Colts & Dolphins in deep discussion of trade

    Good points. But CB might think that securing his profit now means taking Chubb or Nelson at 6. The fact is that he's already added picks and is still in position to get the guy he wanted anyway. It really all depends on what the Dolphins or Bills offer. And that's a good place to be. I have a good feeling about it either way.
  11. TonyBungee

    Mel Kiper: Colts & Dolphins in deep discussion of trade

    I tend to agree. If it's all about getting a franchise QB, then this would be a risky move for Miami (or Buffalo). I could easily see QBs going 1-2-3, then the Browns weighing desperate offers for #4. But while CB does have leverage, I hope he milks it. Otherwise, I think he's ok staying at 6 & getting Chubb or Nelson.
  12. I know the Colts have Mack & may also draft a RB fairly early. But CJ Anderson is 27, rushed for over 1,000 yards last year with no QB, has 3 lost fumbles in 5 years, and may be getting cut by the Broncos. Ballard should have seen enough of this guy to have a feel for whether or not he's worth bringing in. Not a stud, but probably better than any veteran RB currently on the roster.
  13. My guess is that Ballard is more than willing to draft Chubb at #3, so he doesn't need to be aggressive in looking to trade back. He can just sit back & watch the offers roll in (and they will). In the end, I think someone makes him an offer that he can't refuse.
  14. TonyBungee

    Frank Reich HC - #3 is Barkley or Chubb

    This wouldn't shock me. And if it happens, it won't be a question of "do we trade back?" It'll be who makes us an offer we can't refuse?
  15. TonyBungee

    Does Irsay have regrets?

    I'd say he probably regrets expecting integrity or honesty from anyone associated with the Pats organization. Because deep down, he knew better...