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  1. Malik hooker's first int

    One definite low-light..#42 Harris. Not sure his first name but that dude got abused all day. He is also the one that slammed into the returner who had called for a fair catch. Everyone else I was pleased with. There were times where our assignments were off, but overall a solid day. One other note, nothing against the DBs, but more than once Bostic looked lost in coverage. Our MLBs have been atrocious in coverage for several years now.
  2. Who will score the Colts 1st touchdown?

    Completely *ic...why not look at it...quick snap is for when you think you got away with something...freaking dumb
  3. Luck Makes Trip to LA

    Sometimes though when injuries are bad guys don't travel...they stay back to rehab.
  4. Luck Makes Trip to LA

    May be reading too much into this, but could it be a good sign that he traveled with the team instead of having to stay behind to rehab? Or could it mean he is still a ways away...
  5. Colts Fans on Twitter?

  6. Who is our 6th receiver??

    Where did you see this?
  7. Pierre Desir? Seahawks let him go, but they're stacked at the position. Like to play physical
  8. Luck not to be added to PUP

    dont always trust Mr. Graham but thought I'd post to stir the old pot
  9. Don't Get Comfortable

    Pats cut him today
  10. Don't Get Comfortable

    Kony Ealy?
  11. Would it be the worst thing if?

    Would it be the worst thing ever if this happened...maybe not. But we were an 8-8 team last year with no o-line or defense to speak up. I feel we are better on both of those fronts. The main problem of hoping for this is another year of Luck is wasted. If he plays a long career he might play until he is what 38 and be very effective.....He is not a rookie anymore (im not chicken little here, but the clock is ticking) I would hope unless Luck is going to be out for the year, which doesn't sound to be the case, that we would strive to win as many games as possible. Look what Luck did in the Kansas City game with no defense...with him a lot is possible.
  12. Chris Ballard

    Fat guy in a little coat..
  13. As everyone said if our docs pass him then sign him up...spence and orr with Boston and Jackson as backups would be the best ILB corp we've had in a loooooonnnnggg time
  14. I have a Tony Dungy autograph on a plane ticket...he rode with my mom on a trip and was nice enough to sign. i got Jermaine O'Neal autograph on a ticket from a Pacers game baseball signed by Don Mattingly and several or this years Marlins players, including Edison Volquez who threw a no-no this year
  15. New Updated Player Weights Revealed....

    Al Woods prepping for NT work I'd say...+26 lol