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  1. Seems to do a nice job of attacking the football, not just the QB on sacks....this is something Freeney and Mathis specialized in and allowed us to have some BIG plays over the years!
  2. Could be a nice little piece as a TE3 or competing for TE2....would be a much bigger add than Brandon Williams who we just signed. Rivera isn't a world beater, but his second year in the league he had 50+ catches for 500+ yards and 4 TDs....seems to have fell out of favor in Oakland the past two years. He is, however keeping to the theme, young (only 26). Might be a nice piece to the roster as I said.
  3. Hope you're right
  4. Anyone know much about him?
  5. 1 year- 3million....don't know much about him...but at least we got someone lol need zach brown now!
  6. Minter to the Bengals...per Josina Anderson
  7. If we can lock up Minter and then Poe comes back I can tell you I'd be ecstatic with this free agency...hunt and schwenke are even good depth signings
  8. Poe? He didn't sign
  9. Never know about this stuff...remember Andre Johnson left and signed a day later
  10. Who was it a few years that left and ended up signing the next day? It's not usual but I think I remember it happening
  11. 3 years...25.5 million....12.5 guaranteed per Schefty
  12. Quick brother lol
  13. Ballard is probably just sticking to his guns....he said he would be picky in free agency and likes to build via draft....I wouldn't be surprised if we just hit on a couple of second tier guys...say Zach Brown, Sheard, Paul Simon, etc... and call it a day for free agency. I do think it is possible we spend big on one guy....we almost have to, to hit the cap threshold agency hasn't even started. Even though its frustrating hearing all these rumored deals, remember a few things....1. not all the deals go through, think Frank Gore and 2. There are some guys who will be solid contributors whom you won't have to pay $10 mil+ a year. Just my two cents
  14. Jason La Canfora just tweeted not to long ago that the Colts are in on Zietler too!
  15. second big name

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