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  1. The speed and size scream CB to me...not Safety...but you never know for sure.
  2. gnet550

    Darius Leonard & Skai Moore

    only one returned for a TD...what a slouch....
  3. gnet550

    Surprise Camp Cuts

    Tall guy- Ross Travis?
  4. gnet550

    Surprise Camp Cuts

    As much as we all like to pile on TJ Green...I think somewhere Ballard was quoted saying he was put in bad position last year...basically sounded like the old defense was not a fit and this defense may fit better, so I think he’s will stick around....he also fits the athlete lacking production mold of Ballard’s picks( before everyone gets angry, I’m not saying that because I didn’t like the draft, I in fact did)
  5. gnet550

    Let's Make Some Predictions!

    45 Passing TDs for Luck..that is ambitious..not impossible though, I suppose
  6. Yea I read it lol. Lucky guesses
  7. Right players...wrong teams lol
  8. gnet550

    NFL Mock Game Final

    Lions take Darrius Guice Next up the Bengals
  9. gnet550

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    No worries! Let’s just stay positive and the Colts will flourish under Ballard!
  10. gnet550

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    quite certain they were being sarcastic bud. pump the brakes on the negativity.
  11. Here goes nothing..... Round 1 A. Bradley Chubb B. Roquan Smith C. Denzel Ward Round 2 A. Isiah Wynn B. Josh Jackson A.Lorenzo Carter B. Will Hernandez A. Maurice Hurst B. Isaiah Oliver Round 3 A. Rashaad Penny B. Arden Key Round 4 A. P.J. Hall B. Braden Smith Round 5 A. Marcell Ateman B. Jerome Baker Round 6 A. Tegray Scales B. Arrion Springs Round 7 A. Nick DeLuca B. Allen Lazard
  12. 1. Cle- Josh Allen 2. NYG- Saquan Barkley 3. NYJ- Sam Darnold 4. Cle- Bradley Chubb 5. Den- Denzel Ward 6. Chi- Quenton Nelson 7. Mia- Baker Mayfield 8. Ind- Raquan Smith 9. SF- Tremaine Edwards 10- Oak- Derwin James Colts and Bears swap spots. Miami trades up to get their QB.
  13. gnet550

    Favorite Colts Underdog?

    I got one I’m surprised wasn’t mentioned yet....Cato June...very important in our super bowl run and has a cool name. I think many people forget he was a 6th rounder
  14. gnet550

    Trading down at #6

    I would say we might trade down if it’d be like the Bears at 8...I don’t see us trading to 12 or 15 like the “experts” say