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  1. Is our defense as bad as rankings and stats say?

    I feel like we have had a more takeaways then years past, so that gets me excited about the defense in years to come. We will need help in the pass-rush department and definitely a true MLB. Cannot forget the defense has been decimated by injuries again this year. Another thing that cannot be lost is without Andrew running the show the defense is usually out there for more snaps because the offense doesn't have many long sustained drives. If there were those longer sustained drives the defense would not be out there as much. In theory that would mean less yards and points given up. Just my opinion .
  2. Luck visiting specialists

    This is contradictory really. DQ says his career is likely over, then he starts talking about how Luck should demand better protection and then the organization will turn around. Sooooooo he is saying he is possibly done, but then essentially says he will be back and be his old self and needs to demand protection.
  3. Colts Inactives

    Doesn’t make sense if he’s healthy.. Wilson played very well the game he started. Some completions but had good coverage on most plays
  4. Update on Luck

    Saw this on twitter as well...the key part to me is Ted says he made some deep throws. That sounds promising.
  5. Why would anyone want Luck behind this line?

    It seems like since the Manning era there are two things you can count on with the Colts....a bad defense and a bad offensive line. Obviously there are a few exceptions in the super bowl run the defense got hot at the end and for parts of Mannings career the line was decent (Glen, Saturday, Diem, etc...) However it always seems like these two things hold true. In regards to Luck when he is ready, let him play. Tanking doesn't work...look at the Browns. Ballard is heading us in the right direction, just give him a couple of years.
  6. Luck will be practicing this week (merge)

    Maybe my favorite one....the shear jubilation at this point was amazing
  7. Is it time to move on from Hilton?

    No TY is special. The problem is the Colts did not utilize him very good. This goes back to coaching. Early on in the game they moved him opposite of Sherman and he broke free with a nice catch and a first down. He did not get moved back to that side much, or in the slot, the rest of the game that I saw. It would seem to me with the success we had throwing away from Sherman we would have kept going back to the well. When Luck gets back and in his groove I think you will see TY's production spike as well. He and Andrew have great timing. We have to remember that all the WR's are working with a QB whose only been around for 4 weeks now. I think they will show up once Andrew is back!
  8. I was surprised...

    That is just the way Pete Carrol roles....we have to stop them...but at some point I expect Pete to take a couple whoopings when his defense isn't as good for this stuff
  9. Title says it all. I read it on twitter. Pagano said there were no setbacks he is just one week away on his throwing progression, so sounds like he should be a go next week for practice. Ryan Kelly also will be back on a limited basis. Vontae will be back as a full participant.
  10. Lucas Oil Stadium

    If you get a chance I would jump on it. Lucas Oil is a great place to watch a game. Almost all of the seats give you a good view of the game. Level 400 and down are I would call excellent views of the game. Indy itself is more appealing to me than some of the other larger cities. It is much easier to navigate and you can actually just walk to places after you park, such as to eat. Another huge positive is you can exit right off of I-70 and its simple to find a place to park and walk to the game. Other stadiums you have to navigate 4-6 lanes of traffic, In Indy it is a not near a pain, especially if you show up a little early. I would most definitely recommend going if you can!
  11. Malik hooker's first int

    One definite low-light..#42 Harris. Not sure his first name but that dude got abused all day. He is also the one that slammed into the returner who had called for a fair catch. Everyone else I was pleased with. There were times where our assignments were off, but overall a solid day. One other note, nothing against the DBs, but more than once Bostic looked lost in coverage. Our MLBs have been atrocious in coverage for several years now.
  12. Who will score the Colts 1st touchdown?

    Completely *ic...why not look at it...quick snap is for when you think you got away with something...freaking dumb
  13. Luck Makes Trip to LA

    Sometimes though when injuries are bad guys don't travel...they stay back to rehab.
  14. Luck Makes Trip to LA

    May be reading too much into this, but could it be a good sign that he traveled with the team instead of having to stay behind to rehab? Or could it mean he is still a ways away...
  15. Colts Fans on Twitter?