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  1. Fat guy in a little coat..
  2. As everyone said if our docs pass him then sign him up...spence and orr with Boston and Jackson as backups would be the best ILB corp we've had in a loooooonnnnggg time
  3. I have a Tony Dungy autograph on a plane ticket...he rode with my mom on a trip and was nice enough to sign. i got Jermaine O'Neal autograph on a ticket from a Pacers game baseball signed by Don Mattingly and several or this years Marlins players, including Edison Volquez who threw a no-no this year
  4. Al Woods prepping for NT work I'd say...+26 lol
  5. Does Ballard dare take a look at Daryl Washington.....I know he is turning 30, but he only has 4 actual seasons of wear on his body. I don't know that I would be for it because of the obvious suspension and his age (trying to get younger), but he could be interesting on a short term 1 year prove it deal. Thoughts?
  6. Ballard's Boys
  7. Not Colts related, but the only experience I've had meeting an athlete casually like this was actually on my honeymoon. My wife and I flew into Miami around 10 PM and we were waiting on out luggage. I look up and Mike Miller is standing right next to us.
  8. Zach Cunningham Kareem Hunt
  9. Reuban Foster, Hassan Reddick, Tak McKinley, or that order, for me
  10. I'm going to say Foster...he falls basleep cause of his mishaps and we say thank you
  11. I don't know that's just what they posted...but yes that'd be really, really long arms lol
  12. "Alie-Cox averaged 7.7 points and 4.7 rebounds over his career as a power forward at VCU. Alie-Cox worked out for NFL scouts earlier in the month and, per Mike Garafolo of NFL Media, measured at 6-4.5 and 262 pounds with an 86 2/8 wingspan, a 11 1/8 hand measurement, a 35 7/8 arm measurement, a 4.75-second 40-yard dash, a 35.5-inch vertical leap, a 10.2-ft broad jump, a 4.45-second shuttle, and a 7.25-second 3-cone drill." From Just came across this, was listed taller than he was, but those numbers for drill work are decent to good for a tight end I would say!
  13. I am an avid college basketball fan, as well as a Colts Fan. Mo Alie-Cox is a physical specimen. The first time I saw him play, I thought that is a football player playing basketball. (physically speaking) I would guess with his athletic ability he can learn the game well. He is pretty quick for a man his size. I think he is listed at 6'6" or 6'7" and 250+ but it is all muscle the dude is yoked..... Like previous posters have said, I don't want to overhype him, but I think in regards to the old P word (potential), there is a lot to like with him! I am hopeful.
  14. One name you have on there, Mo Alie-Cox, is actually just a free agent and not in the draft, I believe. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I thought I read though since he didn't actually play college football (basketball instead) that he was actually a free agent and not in the draft.
  15. Great signing IMO! He fills a LARGE need...pun intended. He actually brings a little pass rush and is a gigantic upgrade over Perry or the others we have. I also like that he had an up year last year rather than Poe who we all liked who had a down year....we had the cap space, and next year we still have a ton with the structuring of the contracts, so I am pleased with this move!

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