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  1. TKnight24

    Indianapolis Motor Speedway

    Rookies seem to be enjoying themselves today. (Quenton Nelson is HUGE)
  2. Man, loved my TCU guy. Hope he gets another shot somewhere
  3. That article linked to the Jake Arthur tweet above links Dez Bryant to the Colts Everyone around the league thinks some big signing is about to happen thanks to that Josina Anderson tweet. Been a lot of chatter coming about. So now I’m gonna have my phone on me at all times this whole day and into the weekend until something happens
  4. TKnight24

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    I don’t know. NFL doesn’t make much sense to me anymore these days
  5. TKnight24

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    She’s still not leaking the news Clayton Geathers traded maybe? Malik Hooker is safe I’d imagine
  6. TKnight24

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    Twitter took the 140 character limit off Its like a 200+ limit now.
  7. TKnight24

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Outside guy. Was gonna be the #1 guy in WASH before the Josh Norman signing. Stayed at #2 and Fuller/Dunbar were the slot players
  8. TKnight24

    May 16th, 2018: Day 500

    This is a false statement. And it all now makes sense why fans of other teams are mostly clueless about Andrew Luck October 12th, 2017. Here’s Andrew Luck throwing a football before they IR’d him last season
  9. TKnight24

    Terrance West visited Colts on Tuesday

    Ummm, no. Murray is washed Slow and old
  10. TKnight24

    Terrance West visited Colts on Tuesday

    He’s 27, I wouldn’t say tire kicking. He’s got at least 2-3 more years of good football left. I hope Ballard signs him Marlon Mack healing from surgery, not sure where he is health wise. Might as well add another RB
  11. TKnight24

    Colts make roster moves

    Welcome to Indianapolis Mr. Jared