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  1. TKnight24

    New Ballard quotes on Brissett

    I’m just happy Scott Tolzien is no longer here We could have a tackle d-ummy for the backup QB for all I care. Just don’t let it be Scott Tolzien
  2. TKnight24

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    Here’s the Bucky Mock Draft. Has the Colts picking at 6, 36, 47, & 49. Now he didn’t mention a trade back or anything so this is just a blatant blunder This is something that could’ve easily been avoided. Again, I don’t understand how the official network of the league is so clueless about things. And it’s not even so much about things, it’s when they’re talking about teams other than New England or another popular team 32 teams in the NFL, they talk about the same 5 then show their lack of knowledge when they do try to talk about other teams & it’s just so frustrating watching cause it’s a trickle down effect. Casual fans get their knowledge from these people, and this is why so many misinformed people are on Twitter and other places not having a clue what they’re talking about cause they get their info from these clowns
  3. TKnight24

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    I think a lot of GM’s do this. And then on draft night if the scenario does play out, increase the ransom due to the heat of the moment
  4. TKnight24

    The rivalry is back on

    If we’re being honest, Peyton’s Colts played the Pats much better than Luck’s Colts I don’t recall Peyton ever getting 59 put on them
  5. TKnight24

    The rivalry is back on

    Since Andrew Luck has been in the league, the Jets probably have more wins against New England than the Colts do And then there’s the fact that they’re division rivals. So that’s that. If they’re in your division you’re rivals cause those are the only teams you’re guaranteed to play twice a year.
  6. TKnight24

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    What do you think about the Davenport kid if he was to be drafted to Indianapolis
  7. TKnight24

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    Stop using profanity on the forum CrazyColt, I see your words being blanked out
  8. TKnight24

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    Again, it is my opinion as is it being ridiculous is your opinion. I don’t see how that’s hiding when my opinion was typed out for the forum to see and I explained why I felt that way And according to my notifications, the post got a like sooo maybe just maybe someone agreed with me But hey, to each their own
  9. TKnight24

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    Yeah, I’m all for Harold if we get him. Long as he is healthy
  10. TKnight24

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    I like Harold more than Chubb if Harold is healthy Both played the same competition and Harold put up 16.5 sacks before his injury. If you can guarantee me that version of Harold, I’m taking him over Chubb. Trade back to 11 or 12 and take that man
  11. TKnight24

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    Why do I have to harm myself for an opinion to be formed? I personally believe they’re the worst group out of FS1, ESPN, & NFL Network. That’s my opinion. Not formed just cause of their hate or the fact they’re not knowledgeable about the Colts, but the simple fact a lot of them seem to just have no clue what they’re doing And Geathers played last season, looked good. And I never said the Colts safety group was great, I said it’s one of the better groups on the roster which is true although it’s not saying much but it’s still true
  12. TKnight24

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    Geathers is another Bob Sanders. That tone setter for the defense. I think thats why a lot of these mock drafts have Derwin James going to Indianapolis as well. They feel we need a tone setter I won’t be surprised if we take a safety, but watching these “analysts” make it seem like safety is our biggest need behind offensive line is really getting annoying Getting a Van Smith, Damon Webb, Armani Watts or Tre Flowers late in the draft is fine for depth or injury insurance for Geathers/Hooker. But hopefully more attention is put on the trenches and LB group
  13. TKnight24

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    I stopped once I seen Safety I'm not sure people at NFL Network really understand or even try to do their jobs semi-correctly Bucky Brooks did a mock draft and he had the wrong picks on the board. Think he had us drafting at 47 & 49. Like what? Now this with us drafting a safety which is probably one of our better spots on the roster I’ll be glad when Thursday comes cause a lot of these mock drafts lately just ain’t it Offical network of the NFL and it’s the worst group of people doing the job. Unheard of