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  1. Browns @ Colts Snap Counts

    Yeah.... not a fan of him
  2. Browns @ Colts Snap Counts

    He started the game, over Moncrief. He suffered a concussion or was at least evaluated for one
  3. Manusky was never the issue, it was always Grigson. I don't think Pep was that bad either, all got fired to save face for the 2 people who actually were the REAL problem. Grigson & Pagano And you can add Jim Irsay to the problem list too, he's just as guilty
  4. 2nd Half Play-Calling Explained

  5. 2nd Half Play-Calling Explained

    And that is true, which should lead to more creative play calling in those situations. Quick passes, screens, heck I wouldn't mind some read option with JB. He looked great as a runner yesterday.
  6. 2nd Half Play-Calling Explained

    I understand that, errors were made. And some are saying on Twitter in response to Stephen that maybe the coaches didn't wanna burden JB. That is poop to me, cause this same staff gets conservative when 12 is under center. As we saw last year with the blown lead against Houston. It's ways to still score but milk the clock. Go to a shorter passing game, get creative. Don't line up and run the same predictable offense