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  1. You are defending the indefensible...there is no quantitative defense of Ballard. Nor should there be. He was brought here to do his own thing, and he is doing it. It will either work or it won't. I love what Ballard is doing. All of it. But only because I think it will work. It may not. I say all that having admitted elsewhere that I dislike the defense he is is installing. I still think it will work. But, Ballard is still indefensible. There is nothing to defend. People only have the opportunity to choose a positive or negative opinion based on what they like or don't like and what they think will or won't work. You can't even defend Ballard by the winning of 4 games without Luck. His predecessor won 5 games without Luck in 2015. Such quantitative logic excludes too many variables. None of it matters. Yet.
  2. I figured someone might over-read that and make this leap...so I should have written a disclaimer: No direct comparison is stated nor implied by the writer of this post. My fault. Another disclaimer I make every year around here: I don't do player evaluations. Evidently you do... Donald was drafted 13th Rankin was drafted 12th The suggestion here is that some teams will see Hurst as teams saw Donald or Rankins on draft day when they projected them as worthy of a high pick.
  3. We don't know enough about this new scheme to know how Corners will play, but we know enough to suspect that we won't be drafting premium 1st Round press corners anymore. Additionally, Hurst is a premium, disruptive player as he projects to the next level. His fit really isn't ambiguous at this stage of the league's evolution. Some team will think he is Aaron Donald or at least Sheldon Rankin and pick him between 10 and 20.
  4. When your new coach is using the bend but don’t break phrase in his stock discussions about defensive approach, we all know what we’re going to get. However, the scheme does work perfectly if you get the right players.... Which leads to this...it’s Ballard’s choice. He wants to scout and select for this scheme. It’s all on him, rather than scheme and coaching. He wants it that way. I, for one, believe he can pull it off...but I still hate the scheme
  5. Probably just degrees of emphasis. It’s this simple for me.... I’m not a fan of the new scheme because I’ve never seen it work without a player like John Randle, Warren Sapp or Tommie Harris in his prime. So much rides on finding a player like them that I’d rather build differently. Only thing I really need to be excited is more press coverage than I think we’re about to see....I hate receivers running around with nobody close to them!
  6. Here's why you've gotten resistance from me, despite the fact that we agree fundamentally....it's this reality built from our recent Colt's history: You can't have a solid D without great edge pressure, nor can you have an elite D without great interior pass rush. I simply have zero interest in repeating the defensive performance of '02 to '11. That scheme without a difference-maker at 3Tech was the number 1 reason why Peyton only won 1 Superbowl here. As great as those Colts teams were, and as much as we should all be grateful for what we had, they under delivered on their potential...and I see no reason to repeat that history unless you deal with the elements that prevented the scheme from working.
  7. Don't get me wrong. It's not either/or. It's both. And the Edges are most important. I've said nothing to the contrary of that. However, Warren Sapp was the irreplaceable part in Dungy's scheme. Lots of guys could have played the role of Simeon Rice, but fewer Warren Sapps ever come along. You don't have to have DFree on the Edge to make the scheme into a top 5 D, but you do have to have a guy like Sapp or you'll hover around top 15 and only occasionally break into the top 10.
  8. If your point is that the Edge rush plan and personnel are more important...I do agree. Pass rush has to start on the edges to create interior space. However, to the bolded, not true. Interior pressure is the cornerstone differentiator of the most disruptive defenses in the era of the quick passing game. How many times were Freeney and Mathis rendered invisible by off coverage and no pressure up the middle?
  9. Words of Bill Polian himself....he regrets not ever getting a dominant DT for that scheme. It held them back and is the primary reason why Dungy’s D was unable to replicate previous results despite having 2 HOF caliber Edge Rushers.
  10. All true. If you can’t press the edges it won’t matter what 3Tech you find.
  11. The right 3-Tech is probably the difference between Eberflus having a DC job in 3 years and not.
  12. ztboiler

    Antonio Morrison & TJ Green Set to Break Out

    Unfortunately for Morrison, his issues are exacerbated by the scheme change...we could hide him a bit before. Just a bit.
  13. I’d like to say this nicer....but you couldn’t be more wrong about building an effective pass rush in a 4 man front. It simply doesn’t matter what tools you have to rush inside unless you are feared on the edges. It’s the only way to create the requisite spacing whether you get home from the edge or not.
  14. ztboiler

    Hankins Released

    Might mean Hankins didn’t want to play the nose in the 4-3
  15. ztboiler

    Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Of course not...just as not every comment on this forum is stupid.