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  1. I'm a fan of Mayock...but it's easy to forget that his evaluation, in part, is a reflection of how teams are seeing players. So, this time of year when there is a big change, like with Peppers, that might mean that teams are seeing him as a better prospect....
  2. For a kid that played safety in HS, moving from EDGE to ILB is probably less of an Adjustment to play in space. It's still a concern, no doubt, to pick a player at 15 whose production came in a different role at a lower level of competition. Especially in a draft rich with safe 1st round defensive talent. I'm good with Reddick at 15, even above Foster, but not without hesitation. And, if above Foster, I'd assume it's for non-football or injury concerns.
  3. There is a better chance that we draft Hassan Reddick at 15 than Lamp, IMO.
  4. Melvin may not be the future...but his performance mirrors what you can go buy on the open market, save a few tier 1 guys.
  5. I've been Foster all the way for awhile, but it still feels unlikely that he'll make it to 15. Hard to see him getting past the Bengals at 9. But....Reddick. Once I saw that he was a safety in H.S. and you see the way he moves in drills...that guy can do it all. I'm good with him at 15 too.
  6. Also a good point.....but that is true of all your guys under contract, some of which would carry similar marginal cost/value. I don't have a strong opinion as to the best approach....but history says Kerr and Harrison would have been tendered by Grigs. Kerr probably ends up in a better situation as he got near a RFA level contract from Denver with a million guaranteed...he'll probably make their roster.
  7. No disputing that....but it would cost Ballard nothing to bring Harrison to camp on an RFA tender....can cut him at no cost. Same thing with Kerr. Ballard seems inclined to see if the market believes you are worth an RFA level tender before giving one - if you are a marginal guy....we'll see what he does with his own guys moving forward....and you make a good point.
  8. Caught the tail end of Path to the Draft tonight....and Jeremiah mocked, to the Redskins, Barnett @ 17, Kamara @ 49, and Anzalone @ 83...I'd sure take that for the Colts, though I'd probably sub in a CB or FS in the 3rd for Anzalone.
  9. Not sure where there is any confusion....as an RFA Harrison became a free agent with the beginning of the league year once he wasn't tendered. Doesn't mean he won't be back, but this is a notable policy change from Ballard. Grigson usually tendered RFAs who had played significant snaps.
  10. The APY is a touch high but the guaranteed money @ only 12+M is where the real benefit is of not signing the first tier guys...and at 8.5M APY it's not hard to see him living up to the full deal. He's been a productive guy. He's got 12.5 more sacks in 6 years than Perry does in 5.
  11. Ya....a sensible contract, productive young player, ideal scheme fit....there is just no place for that on day 2 of free agency. Perplexed indeed.
  12. I'm confused...why would anything Jim Osborne says draw a reaction?
  13. I'd rather not be over invested in big name signings that aren't disruptive in the passing game.
  14. Maybe I should be more careful with my humor... Just saying Morrison can't do enough...
  15. All well reasoned. It will be intriguing to see what Ballard and Pagano think about the roster and how much they turn it over....that's probably what has us all most curious. I also will be more surprised than not if Ballard doesn't choose to move on early from Morrison given the grace period he has and that Morrison was voted by his teammates as least likely to fit the modern game. There is nothing you can really build on with him.

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