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  1. Hankins Released

    Might mean Hankins didn’t want to play the nose in the 4-3
  2. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Of course not...just as not every comment on this forum is stupid.
  3. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Overpaying....only a good idea in the month of March.
  4. Grigson's draft track record

    For the record, I love Ballard. Great hire. But....if you ever want to understand a fans’s lack of logic it’s pasted all over this board. Grigson’s worst year: 8-8 when Luck is 2-5 or something like that Ballard after 1 year: 4-12 no Luck....I believe in Ballard because I can tell he is the guy for the job!
  5. Seems like a steep premium to give up for Glenn and his injury history
  6. McDaniels next to be featured in a Febreze commercial near you.....
  7. We were a bit more aggressive last off-season than Ballard gets credit for. Yet, still selective. Sheard and Hankins got solid multi-year contracts at the high end of a mid-level price point. Both played up to it and are solid building blocks moving forward. Hankins, in particular, took a lot of patience to sign. We're pretty well set in the front 4 as a result....ready for Chubb. We can expect the same approach to bring in 2 young vet LB starters at solid money contracts (and probably 2 more Sean Spence type of LB signings to compete) and our 4-3 transition is complete. I don't think we'll see Ballard chase Norwell very hard, but he'll do the same thing for the OL this year that he did for the DL in 2017. Sign 2 starters on solid contracts and find the 3rd from the draft or our existing talent pool (Clark, Good, Haeg are still as talented as you'll find in Free Agency) We'll spend ~$25-30M (per year avg) on those 4 UFA signings (2 LB and 2 OL) then another $10M or so on offensive skill position guys. Add in a decent contract for Melvin and a prove it deal for Desir, and we're good to go to the draft.
  8. You can tell my bias by my name....but Eddy Wilson could be a solid day 3 pick for our Colts. Had some academic and behavior issues at Purdue in 3 years, but nothing NFL teams aren't accustomed to. Inconsistent but productive. Exactly the kind of disruptive DL skills that NFL teams crave. Played a lot this past year in kind of a rehab year (disciplinary and academic rehab) as part of a 3 man interior rotation, but wasn't technically a starter. He was built for the SEC (not enough academic orientation to stay eligible at Purdue....) and I'd suggest has 1st Rd talent physically. http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/eddy-wilson?id=2560188
  9. Can Jabaal Sheard handle the 4-3?

    Please see exhibit A of Superbowl benching of Malcolm Butler before reaching conclusions from BB coaching decisions.
  10. Sick of Gregg Doyel

    Furthermore, if you need regurgitation by Holder or Keefer or that which can commonly be observed by any untrained eye to be informed....then you aren't really all that interested in the Colts. Does my disdain for the Star show too much? I may need to work on that.
  11. I'm with you about not using a high pick on a RB, but it seems that the pendulum is swinging a bit to where we have more holes on offense than we used to....and not just the OL. What we lack on D more than anything is playmakers, our core talent level is much improved...so I'd like to use the 3rd pick to get the elusive pass rusher, if value is there. I'm not too keen on using it for the OL unless a franchise tackle is BPA. Second round on down, I think we need to stock the shelves on offense as much as defense.....
  12. You are correct. My mistake.
  13. If the reports of momentum with McDaniel's are true, then there is a natural pause here as he finishes the playoff run and we complete Rooney Rule compliance.
  14. Agreed....like I said...small quibble. Its been a year or two...but the rest we've discussed multiple times and completely agree on.
  15. Small quibble on Carroll as more of a 3-4 guy historically....I don't know much of Carroll's history pre-USC, but since 2001 he's run with his 4-3 under scheme which he admits uses 3-4 principles and personnel on the strong side. It's hard to say that is anything but his system of choice since he installed it immediately in Seattle, though many remember him as a 3-4 guy because he used it a couple years to get his best players on the field with Mathews, Cushing and Maualuga.