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  1. You could get this look (Simon being your innovation) in a nickel rush sub package (particularly one of those Rex Ryan everyone standing special looks) - and it could be effective. Simon is known as an solid interior rusher from off the ball. But...let's not confuse that with the role he was brought here to play. For this year at least...Simon is your stating SAM.
  2. Hooker doesn't miss a start for the next 10 years unless he's injured.
  3. It really is no commentary on Clark....it simply reflects a need to increase competition for spots 8-9 on the Oline. And...if your 4th round pick of 17 beats out your 3rd round pick of 16...not sure how that is ever a disappointment unless you're on Clark's friends and family team...especially if Clark remains a productive member of the core OL depth. All that aside, it wouldn't seem that Banner is a direct threat to Clark anytime soon unless Clark gets hurt or fails to work at it.
  4. Mayock feels the significance of the life moment that it is for these mid to late round kids getting drafted. I don't think he liked a monkey making the picks rather than a human announcing their name during one of the biggest events of their lives. In that respect, I can't say I blame him. It was poorly thought out by the Colts.
  5. Chris Landry is a much respected, sharp, experienced football guy....but consider me shocked that he allowed writing quality of that level to be associated with his brand. Typos and continuity unbecoming of a professional site.
  6. Agree with all that...
  7. That's all true...there just isn't anything unorthodox about it across the league. Holes always have to be filled after the draft. No sense in making a move now if you might get 2 starters in the draft.
  8. To the bolded - it absolutely makes sense to go into the draft needing 2 at this stage of free agency. In fact, the interests of the established, but non-premium UFA CBs align perfectly with teams that want to see how a draft rich with secondary talent will play out. Their markets will pick back up after the draft, and they'll have better visibility of the right situation to join rosterwise.
  9. Would love to see Kamara still on the board when we pick in the 2nd.... I think there will still be a higher rated defensive player that slips...but if not, Kamara would be a steal.
  10. I share your admiration for Irsay as an owner, but I can't correlate his greatness with whether or not he chooses to give a second chance to a young man about whom I have very incomplete facts, and about whom I don't know the formation factors that made him volatile at age 18. I have knocked plenty of people off of the pedestal I placed them on...yet found that my own self-righteousness was the determining factor in their relative value. Their flaws were present before and after....
  11. Oh the irony of your actual words....a line without and edge? That's funny stuff. Me thinks you may actually be describing a circle.
  12. Gone are the days where teams don't have cap room for draft picks. TJ Green carried a cap hit of 750K last year as a second rounder. LeRaven Clark was about 630K as a third. The 53rd man on your roster makes at least rookie minimum of 465K. Money isn't the reason the Chiefs wouldn't want 10 picks.
  13. Ahh...the early signs of dissent among the masses. Like a comfy old pair of shoes.
  14. The scheme fit conversation in this thread highlights a common misperception about a rush backer in our defense...and I think, for some, it goes back to Dwight Freeney. Freeney wasn't a poor fit because he couldn't play in space, he fit poorly because he couldn't or wouldn't adapt to playing the run. Playing in space accounts for such a small piece of the role that it wouldn't have hindered Freeney from finishing his career here. But...Freeney was a disaster against the run in 2012. I wouldn't expect Barnett to ever rival Freeney as a pash rusher, but I think he'd bring solid pressure as a rusher and be assignment sound against the run.
  15. I do the same thing...I think its because position letters are abbrevited all caps. EDGE isn't an abbreviation but it signifies you're talking about a position not the word.

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