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  1. There was about 20 years that passed between those two events. Those 20 years mean EVERYTHING.
  2. Turns out he never went to jail. The charges were dropped.... but he has since filed for bankruptcy.... But here's the story you were looking for....
  3. Sapp doesn't think Garrett is all that good. Not enough big plays, not enough domination. He makes an interesting argument..... But here's what Sapp doesn't get..... even if everything he says is true, Garrett is still the best player in the draft and a player with an amazingly high ceiling..... That's an argument that's hard to beat....
  4. And you could have Kamara be the Bride's maid! Hey, if the Colts take Lamp in the first, you'll be the first person I think of! And I'll also be wondering if we take Kamara in the 2nd? This is your draft and I hope it pays off in ways that you like!
  5. The problem is... as best as I can tell.... Morrison is the MIKE and Edwin Jackson is the WILL. So, assuming that's true, I don't see them as competing with each other.... I think Bostic was brought in to compete with Morrison while Jackson competes with Spence.
  6. Honestly, I have no idea, and I'd love to know because I like them both. I'd be happy if we drafted either. The names I listed were all the names that were mentioned in the story.... Sorry, wish I had more. If I find more, I'll be happy to pass it along....
  7. That's not a surprise..... I think it's possible you would marry Forrest Lamp if you could!
  8. I took a look at the points value trade chart.... The Colts would need Atlanta's 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks.... and even then, we'd be a few points short. Hard to see the Falcons moving all that just for one player. Personally, I see Denver, 5 picks back, as the perfect trading partner. They have two 3's and a history of being willing to trade up to get what they want...
  9. Kansas City has just cut DE Jaye Howard.... he was one year in to a two-year deal. And he's 28. Certainly feels like the type of player Ballard would like to grab. Do the finances make sense, or will another team offer more? Worth keeping an eye on.....
  10. Good post... I think the ability to spread the O around on the field and having a dominant run game are equally as important. I'm not sure I'd put one before the other. But, as I noted to another poster, but it's worth repeating..... in the history of the NFL, I'm not sure any rookie QB benefited from his surroundings any more than Prescott. The number one OLine. A top 5 RB A top 5 WR A top-10 slot WR A top-10 and future Hall of Fame TE. Prescott was completely surrounded by great talent and it all feeds off each other. All of that helps not just Prescott, but Elliott too. He also benefited from the talent around him.
  11. All true. Good points. But to Prescott, without saying any negative about him, because he's clearly tremendous, but had the benefit of the NFL's number one line. He had a top-5 RB, a top-5 WR, a top-10 and future Hall of Fame tight end, and a top-10 slot WR.... In other words, Prescott fell into the best situation any rookie QB in NFL history has ever been dropped into. It couldn't have worked out more perfectly for him. That helps a TON!
  12. Hey, no need to apologize here, but appreciate you doing so! And yes, sarcasm often falls flat without an emoji (or two!) I've made that same mistake a number of times myself! Stuff happens here.... we all do it....
  13. CMac is 11 pounds smaller than Mack.... and at 5'11" and 202, there aren't a lot of good comps out there. That's the only number that is so low, so that has to be the key factor. By the way, I'm NOT defending it, only attempting to explain it --- if I can?!?
  14. Remember, this is just one guy's opinion. The list where he was 20th might not have been by the same guy, or even the same website. So comparing lists is a waste of your time....
  15. All that you've written here is true.... completely true.... but it doesn't fully explain the Dallas success. All you have to do is look at their last 3 years.... 2014: The RB was DeMarco Murray and the Cowboys went 12-4. Their defense was off the field for something like 12 fewer plays a game than in 2013. I think Murray ran for nearly 1700 yards. 2015: The RB was Darren McFadden and the Cowboys went 4-12. McFadden rushed for roughly 1100 yards, so he did pretty well, but it just wasn't the same and the poor Dallas defense was exposed. 2016: The Cowboys draft Zeke and about 1650 yards later, the Cowboys, still with a poor defense, go 12-4 again. And their defense is protected again. So, the Cowboys have now done this twice in the last 3 years and with different running backs. Yes, their OL can make anyone look good. But it's not just a matter of running, you have to run extremely well. Dominate Time of Possession. Keep the other team's offense off the field. It's easier said than done. But noting the Dallas O-line success is the reason that some posters here want the Colts to draft Forrest Lamp. With a great OL, the Colts could do most anything they wanted.... Sorry this post went so long.... I wanted to address all the points....

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