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  1. Possible Luck Update

    So..... Turns out you're right and I'm mistaken. I contacted Kevin Bowen privately and he says he does not recall Freeman asking for his release from the Colts. Kevin said he was surprised when the Colts released him, he was not expecting that. Said he thought it made getting a good back-up QB a priority for that off-season. Of course, that was Grigson's last off-eason and he went out and signed Tolzein to a 2-year deal. Thanks for correcting me. Appreciate it. Sorry for the bad info.
  2. Chuck Pagano Press Conference 9/20/17

    They could do that, but they won't. They know Pagano is under marching orders that come from Ballard and Irsay. He's just being a good soldier. If people turned their back, he'd shrug and end the press conference. Wouldn't faze him a bit..... He can only do so much.....
  3. Chuck Pagano Press Conference 9/20/17

    No. This is NOT Andrew Luck's confirmed Twitter account. He doesn't have one. This is a made-up, fictious account done completely for entertainment, not for good inside info. Often, they are quite funny..... one of my favorite on-line meme's....
  4. Chuck Pagano Press Conference 9/20/17

    Sorry, SS.... I worded my post a little poorly.... I wasn't trying to connect the dots on Pagano's comment and competitive advantage. Just to his comment being untrue, because it's what NFL teams do. So, for example, the other day Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said this at his presser regarding Sam Bradford's bad knee's..... "Sam's had two knee surgeries in his career. Ths is not as serious. But I'm not going to talk about injuries. I'm not going to talk about Sam's injuries." Not word for word, but pretty close. Zimmer is being a little more straight forward.... but he's saying the same thing, he's not talking about it --- period. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. Chuck Pagano Press Conference 9/20/17

    When it comes to injuries, I always, ALWAYS assume I'm being lied to. And I never take offense to it. I mean, the Pagano comment about you guys know as much as I do makes my eyes roll.... but big deal.... I assume teams believe it gives them some level of advantage. ALL 32 teams do this. It's not a Colts thing. We have a NEW GM and he's doing the same thing as the OLD GM. Why? It's just what NFL teams do.
  6. Are you checking this each week?

    Each week the Colts put out an easy to read story called..... Snap Counts. Typically comes out the day after the game. Every player who played even a single snap in the game is listed. It's broken down by position, by player, how many snaps, the percent of snaps for the offense or defense, and even the special teams snaps. It'll give you a much better feel for how the first and second string are being used on a week to week basis.... It's really good stuff. You should make it a part of your weekly in-season routine. Here are the snap counts for the Arizona game.
  7. A New Man Crush.... (RB)

    I like Gaskin too.... except for one thing... The problem with Gaskin... is that he's very small. Reportedly 5'10" and 190. Not sure how that translates into the NFL? But you're right, a possible late round find!
  8. Beth Mowins

    Starts a fight needlessly. Takes ZERO responsibility. What else is new?
  9. Beth Mowins

    I don't think you even understand...... YOU started this with me. I didn't respond to anyone. My first post quoted no one. You were the only person to take offense and respond. No surprise. You're a hot-head who looks for trouble at every opportunity. I even gave you a free pass in my first response. I literally said if my comment doesn't apply to you --- fine. But that STILL wasn't good enough for you, so you came back for more. YOU were the one looking for a fight. It's what you do. If you'd like to put me on perminent IGNORE, I'd be thrilled. I've asked you to do this before.... and yet, here we are again, with you coming after me. You'd think by now you'd learn...... but no.....
  10. Frank Gores future

    Now this is a very good post. Much stronger argument. I appreciate it, thanks. I don't happen to share that view of Mack. I'm not as optimistic that he can be an every down guy. I hope you're right, but fear your not. I guess we'll see next off-season. We'll see what, if anything Ballard does with the position. Does he buy a good free agent? Does he use another draft pick? Someone to pair with Mack? If not, then perhaps Ballard agrees with you. If so, then maybe Ballard is looking for a timeshare. Two guys to carry the load instead of one. This coming off-season will tell the story. Thanks, I appreciate this post.
  11. Beth Mowins

    Your response makes non sense whatsoever. Not a surprise. Thinking has never been your strong suit. And you just proved it ---- AGAIN!! Good luck.
  12. Beth Mowins

    Why must some knucklehead respond as if I'm speaking directly to them, and perhaps not some other person in a thread filled with 20 or so responses? If the issue doesn't apply to you --- great. But you might want to consider that it might apply to other people in this thread.
  13. Frank Gores future

    Chad, you know I'm an admirer of yours.... But this post doesn't resonate with me. All 31 teams would like to have a RB that develops into Ezekial Ellliott. But it rarely happens. And I personally have no desire --- none --- to try and turn Marlon Mack into something he's not. He's a thoroughbred, not a plow horse. He's a Porsche, not a pick-up truck. I want Mack to be Mack. Fast, quick, elusive, athletic, makes people miss, especially in space. I don't want to turn him into Frank Gore. His game is not as much between the tackles. He needs to operate in more space. I think this is Gore's last year with the team. So, I'd like to invest in a 2nd RB to be the Thunder to Mack's lightning. Maybe it turns out to be Jones? Maybe it's a free agent? Perhaps it's a draft pick? But I don't see Mack as the everydown back of our future. I see him as a great complimentary back. A great number 2. I know he was the lead guy in college, but I don't think his skill-set makes him an ideal #1 in the NFL. Just my two cents, and often not worth that much!
  14. Frank Gores future

    The erason is the Colts are not ready to give up on the season yet. As long as we're trying to compete, there is EVERY reason to keep playing Gore. The changes you're looking for likely won't come until November or even December.
  15. Beth Mowins

    I have no problem with Beth Mowins. She's a pro. Has worked her way up the ladder by working hard and being good. This is not a diversity hire. She has earned this. I don't find her voice to be a problem at all. And I suspect that over time, others who object to it now, will eventually not be bothered by it. Congrats to Beth. Looking forward to hearing more and more from you!!