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  1. I'm hoping for 50 catches and 750 yards.... We're basically talking about 3 catches per game..... that would be a step up.... in two seasons he has about 50 catches total +/- I hope the difference is the new WR coach....
  2. By what measurement did we have a top 3 offense? Points? Yards? Something else? Or your opinion? Just curious....
  3. Yup..... 6 would be a near miracle.... But I was thinking 4 or 5..... Obviously, like all of us, hoping it doesn't come to that....
  4. Just out of curiosity.... But if for some reason Luck had to the miss the entire season, how many games do you see the Colts winning with Scott Tolzein as the starter for all 16 games?
  5. Instead of starting another Luck thread, I thought I'd place this post here.... Today, Wednesday July 19th, is the 6th month anniversary of Irsay announcing Luck's surgery. I'm hoping that there will soon be an announcement that Luck is throwing. In fact, I'm hoping that the announcement will say he's been throwing for several weeks. I know, I'm pushing my Luck. (Pun, NOT intended) But I think with each passing day and there's no announcement I think the chances of him missing part of the season grow..... I'm not trying to be a drama queen here, and I obviously hope I'm wrong, but this is my growing concern.
  6. Regarding Luck's photographic memory...... this is my favorite Luck story.... from his rookie season with the Colts. It was post-draft, but Luck had not graduated yet, so he'd come out to Indy for a few days and then go back to the Bay Area to finish school. On one trip, the coaching staff gave Luck a big chunk of the playbook --- more than half. It was all situational football. Luck left and the coaching staff looked at each other.... one of the coaches said.... "we won't hear from him for weeks!" Luck flew back to SF, roughly 4 hours... he drove down to Stanford, roughly 30 minutes or so and sent a 4 word text to the coaches.... :"Got it. What's next?" If that doesn't tell you how great Luck's mind is, nothing else will......
  7. I think you're probably right. In fact, I think you're very likely right. But I'm not 100% convinced of anything surrounding Luck anymore. Nothing about thyis sugery and recovery feels right to me. I could see Luck telling Irsay and the medical staff that players play all the time at less than 100% health and since he's needed for game 1, then he wants to be make sure he's ready to go by, say, Sept. 1. I'm not predicting that, but I could see that happening. But back in January Irsay tweeted out that Luck would need 3 months of rest and rehb and then a 3 month throwing program. Then, come the spring, before the draft, Ballard and Pagtano started the campaign about Luck will be ready whenever he's ready and the team would not rush him. Then Irsay tweeted during the sammer that the surgery was routine, and went fine and everything was OK. Then, later, he tweeted again, and this time it was that he assured the fan base that Luck would be starting Game 1 of the regular season. I don't know if Irsay is just trying to make sure he's selling tickets or what? But whenever his story changes, then my concern-level rises. The goal line for Luck has continuously shifted. Nothing feels right about this. And that's why I'm not 100% on board with he'll start throwing when he's cleared byt he doctors, etc. I think that's the most likely scenario. But Luck knows that without him, the chances of this team reaching the playoffs are slim, so Ibelieve he'll do all that is practical and reasonable in order to play 16 games.....
  8. Honestly, I think you're reading way too much into this one moment.... First, this is not as uncommon as you might think. The problem is this.... Players have their season.... it runs from August through December... that's their camp through their bowl game... then they turn pro and after taking maybe a week to 10 days off, they're back at it.... getting ready for all-star games and/or the combine which starts in late February. And after maybe a few days of rest, they're back at it again for their pro day, typiecally sometime in March. Wilson's pro day was late March. So, he was in training for at least 3 more weeks. After that, maybe he has a proviate workout or two, or maybe he just shut it down completely. But at some point, he's done and trying to get some much needed rest. Then, he gets drafted and shows up a bit out of shape.... perhaps more out of shape than he'd like. But he's gassed. He's going to get some time off (but not much) afrter the rookie traning, and then it's back again to get ready for the fall camp in late July and August. IN other words, for the first 7 months of their rookie year, these kids are mostly going all out training. They're often tired when they start fall camp in the NFL for their rookie year. If they're not tired physically, they're often tired mentaly. It's all part of hitting what is commonly known as "the rookie wall." Plahyers are looking for any little window where they can get some rest. I strongly suspect that's what happened to Wilson. I serously doubt that Florida, one of the top programs in the country, doesn't know how to physically prepare their kids to be in shape. Wilson came into camp not ready and Ballard called him on it. Good for Chris. It's the right thing to do and it helps set the tone for all players. The new GM means business and will publicly call out a player if they're not prepared. Honestly, I think that's all that happened. Wilson quickly got into much better shape. And when he shows up in a few weeks, he'll likely be in very good shape.... Just offered for your consideration.....
  9. \OK.... point noted.... But I don't understand this comment from you from the previous post..... "Which is another notch in the "Chud needs to get his act together" column." Why the knock on Chud? When he was the OC for Hasselbeck down the stretch, I thought he did a masterful job. What was your objection to the offense that Chud ran with Hazzelbeck, Whitehurst, and Lindsay and Freeman? Or, am I misunderstanding your meaning?
  10. No. We ALL didn't. There were many who argued that you shouldn't take a center in the first round. And there were those who wanted Whitehair in the 2nd round. Or the center from Notre Dame who went to Houston. There were lots of folks on this website who didn't want Kelly, especially in the 1st round.
  11. Sure he can..... there's this thing called run blocking.... and Kelly can improve there...
  12. I don't believe Pep was ever the OC for Hasselbeck. Chud's first game as OC was Luck's game vs. Denver when Luck got hurt but played on. From there, Luck was out and Hasselbeck took over with Chud as the OC. Chuc created the alternate Hasselbeck offense that worked so well for MH and the other QB's. His act was completely together.
  13. If we share the same brain (and I think we do...) then my sincere apologies! At 60, mine is not working quite as well as it used to, and I foolishly did not buy the extended warranty! I'm constantly having to hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete and try to reboot! Oh, to be 30 years younger when I was in my prime! Perhaps you have the younger model... the new and improved model. Yours seems to work quite well! Thanks for the kind words.... as always, right back at ya...
  14. I'[m with the crowd that thinks this will be Davis' last year with the team. If he has as good a year as we want Vonte to have, then he'll get offers that are multi-year from other teams. I don't think the Colts want to give Vonte, who will be 30 in 2018 a multi-year contract. Maybe we'd bring him back on a 1-year deal, but I don't see him agreeing to that. So, I think we make a token offer which he will decline.... and then we'll replace Vonte with our first orund draft pick in the 2018 draft. So we'll have two young corners to start fresh.... And while I'd like to bring Mewhort back, the prices for guards have sky-rocketed in the last few seasons. Not sure the Colts want to pay that kind of money for a guard? Maybe. But I believe we'd like to bring back Donte, so I think he'll have a very good year and then the question becomes how much will he want. I don't think he's a $10 Mill guy. So how high will the Colts be willing to spend? Lots of interesting questions in this thread......
  15. I don't know if the timing of this post from the OP is due to a story on where Gl Brandt listed the top punters of all-time.... But Pat was listed 8th alll-time. He won't make the HoF with that resume', Ray Guy is the ONLY punter to make the Hall....

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