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  1. We didn't overpay for a single player.... I'm not sure why you think we did.... I think we paid market value or less for everyone.....
  2. we're paying him market level money.... he should get 7-9 sacks per season for the Colts. He likely is NOT a double-digit sack guy and $8.5 Mill is not double digit sack money.... the market has gone up ... double digit sack money gets 10 Mll per year... Finally..... yes, I agree, we should be drafting an OLB in the 2018 draft in either the first or 2nd round. That should be an easy projection....
  3. No. I think that's spectacularly generous. First, the guys were his friends, his crew. Second, he took a long time to negotiate his agreement with the DA and that hurt the case against his friends who all got off on the murder charge. I blame Lewis in part for that. Third, Lewis' clothes that night were never recovered. Whether there was blood on them is not known. But I'm skeptical that he was not involved at all. Fourth, I don't think he's handled the victim's families appropriately since then. He says the right things, but he doesn't do the right things. In other words, he talks the talk, but he doesn't walk the walk. I just don't find Lewis credible on this issue....
  4. Interesting that we see the same thing differently.... My view is most of Luck's interceptions come when he's trying to force the ball to TYH and he's not really open. I think Luck either has too much farther in Hilton, or not enough in the other receivers..... But I'm a fan of spreading the ball around.....
  5. Didn't see this posted anywhere so I thought I would make it official here.... Former Seattle DT, Cortez Kennedy, a Hall of Fame player, has died unexpectedly at age 48. So far, there are no reports of an illness like cancer, or a suicide or foul play. It's not known why he died. I would expect authorities will do a full autopsy.... Here's your sad story..... Jeff Saturday spoke glowingly of Kennedy yesterday morning on ESPN, and if you're too young to remember him, think perhaps of Gerald McCoy of Tampa. Strong, fast, quick, relentless... RIP Cortz Kennedy
  6. Geather's surgery was in March. Depending on when in March could be a factor... but let's say it was late March and a 4 month rehab. April, May, June and July puts him back Aug. 1 which would give him all of the pre-season. I don't mean to be overly optimistic, just saying that with what little we know, there is some reason for optimism here that Geathers will be back soon enough.
  7. By the way..... Our A- grade was the HIGHEST in the division.
  8. Here is the video profile..... Enjoy!
  9. Let's be clear about something.... Frank Gore makes 3.5 Mill this year. But he's got zero guaranteed money and his dead cap number is........ Zero. So, it would cost the Colts nothing to cut Gore any day.... they can cut him whenever they want and there's no financial impact on the team. Frank Gore is not on the team because we're stuck with a bad contract. Quite the opposite. He's on the team because he's still a very good player. Here is Gore's Spotrac page....
  10. Our message boards are my first stop everyday.... Our 2nd stop is the front of the website. I think it's a well guarded secret around here, but this website puts out a good amount of information almost everyday. Good video's to view and listen to, and good stories to read. Lots of good information there. From there, it's the usual suspects.... ESPN,com,,, and of course, Bleacher Report (improved, but still not great) and Fan which comes to my phone in an e-mail every day. Also, for the column.... Lots of good stuff out there.... if you're really looking for good information, there's no reason you can't find it. It's out there if you do just a little looking.... But start here and work your way out.....
  11. The list is on and they polled 6 NFL head coaches or personnel people. They were asked for their favorite off-season move by any team other than their own. Indy is on the list for hiring Chris Ballard.... here are the comments.... Indianapolis' hiring of general manager Chris Ballard Ballard, who was hired after four seasons in the Chiefs' front office, replaced Ryan Grigson and has immediately reshaped the Indianapolis Colts' defense. " just think he's going to do a really good job there," a front-office executive said. "[He] has already done a nice job adding some quality players to that defense through both free agency and the draft. The Colts will be a really tough team to beat here in two or three years if he builds that team like I think he will (heavy on defense with lots of pass-rushers and corners like Kansas City)." Among Ballard's notable moves: the free-agent additions of outside linebackers Jabaal Sheard and John Simon and defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins and the recent additions of safety Malik Hooker (first round) and cornerback Quincy Wilson (second round) in the draft. "That team will always be good as long as [quarterback Andrew] Luck is there, but just imagine what they could do with a legit defense," the exec said. "Could be a legitimate contender within a couple years." Those who have worked with Ballard speak exceedingly highly of both his character and his scouting acumen. Indianapolis hit a home run with this hire.
  12. Around the NFL, there is still great concern about our OL. The reason why I don't share that concern to the same level is one man..... Joe Philbin. I think Philbin has told Ballard the pieces are here, they just need time and experience. So, in Philbin I trust and I'm impressed that Ballard, in his first year, trusted Philbin to this extent. I like Banner very much and believe he'll be part of our starting OL in the years to come. But all in all, Philbin is the guy who makes this go.....
  13. Come on now..... in every clip of every player you see players interviews. They're talking about the player being profiled. Those players are voters. It's not that hard to figure out. The problem with the vote is the network doesn't tell you how many voted. Which tells you that the number is likely small. The larger the number the more credibility it would have and the more the network would talk that up. But they don't. Which means the number is likely small and embarrassing. The show is flawed.... but not enough to get bent out of shape over which some in this thread do every year....
  14. Nice catch. For what it's worth, Williams is ranked as the top OT on the CBS Sports board, so there is that. My first reaction when I saw your post was to think that Kiper had a brain cramp. Perhaps he didn't realize that Williams is draft eligible in 2018? But then I double-checked Kiper's top-25 Big Board and Wllliams isn't on it. And then, I double-checked McShay's mock 2018 draft and Williams isn't on that list either. So, either they both think he's not draft eligible, or they both think he's not as good as other evaluators might. This is worth watching..... Again, good catch by you....
  15. 1. OLB (Pass Rush) 2. CB (replacing Vonte) 3. DL (replacing Langford) 4. ILB (possible free agent) 5. RB someone to team with Mack 6. WR adding to depth 7. TE adding to depth 8. OL The players we have on the roster now should be able to fill every need and then some.

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