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  1. You don't want to cut Rhodes.... he's not taking a roster spot from somebody better. Rhodes is our long snapper, and he's very good.
  2. Which prospects fit the Tampa 2?

    Appreciate this post! Tremendus effort! Favorite post if the day!
  3. Which prospects fit the Tampa 2?

    Fair enough.... I think they're both very good players. Unless something is wrongbmedically I don't see them falling much if any... 2nd round? I see them going to teams that run a 3-4...
  4. Jaguars sign Blake Bortles to new deal

    Interesting.... they were locked into him for 2018. Bottles hurt his wrist this past season and played with the injury. It needed surgery. When they used their fifth year option that makes him guaranteed for injury this year. They could not cut him. He was due 19 mill. With this move, they're staying married for this year and two more beyond that. I guess they've decided Bortles is the guy for them.
  5. Which prospects fit the Tampa 2?

    I looked up Armstrong and he was listed at 225. If that has changed -- great. But he's got to be near 250 to even be in the conversation. Has he gained that much? Another 25 lbs?
  6. Which prospects fit the Tampa 2?

    ???? Haven't the Colts announced we're running it? What do you think we're running?
  7. Which prospects fit the Tampa 2?

    I don't mean to be Donnie Downer.... But I don't think Okonwonkro or Armstrong are fits. Nether is a 4-3 DE or a 4-3 OLB. I think Landry MIGHT be a DE but his most likely spot is a 3-4 OLB. Oko and Armstrong are way to small to be DEs... and their skill set is much better for the 3-4 OLB. More names will surface in the next two weeks...
  8. The Appeal of the Colts

    Thats ok.... Thus particular poster is.... well.... special. He's worth it.
  9. The Appeal of the Colts

    That's why I said... roughly.... I appreciate that with 50 states, state taxes are different everywhere..... But zero is zero and pretty tough to beat. So, when J'Ville makes a huge offer to Calais Campbell as they did a year ago for 4/60 then add X percent on top of that because of no state tax. That made them an easy choice for CC to pick. Plenty of teams in plenty of sports don't like it when teams from Florida, Texas and Arizona win because of the "no state tax" situations. But it's a fact of life.... Sucks for everyone else....
  10. The Appeal of the Colts

    I am the holder of many unpopular opinions, so I respect anyone who is willing to state an unpopular view and stick his head in the proverbial lions mouth. And I appreciate someone who is willing to offer an opinion that no one else has tought of, or, they've thought of it, but maybe don't have the courage to state it. I appreciate that it's not easy to be in the extreme minority on any issue. That said..... Holy Crap! This post is a gigantic hot mess of wrongness! Pure nonsense made in effort to be the smartest person in the internet room. Wow, what an epic fail! We can take this line by line. Lineman don't like playing for Luck?!? WTH?!? Lineman LOVE playing for Luck. It's like playing for Ben Roethisberger. A guy who is willing to sacrifice his body for the good of the team, and never criticize a poor performance of a lineman. In 6 years of getting his brain beat in, Andrew Luck has never criticized a teammate. You think that goes unnoticed? And he's lost roughly 1.5 years of his career out of the last 3 years. You think that goes unnoticed? Or unappreciated? Luck does NOT love throwing the Long Ball. Luck loves winning. He'd be happy to throw the ball 10 times a game if it led to a win. In college Luck had a game where he attempted less than 20 passes. But as a team, Stanford rushed for 450 yards and the Cardinal crushed Washington. Luck said it was the best game he ever called. He doesn't give a rip about the long ball. He cares only about winning. Period. He'd be thrilled to a have game where every drive is 10 plays long and the opposing offense is kept off the field. Nothing would make him happier. No lineman wants to block for a guy who is waiting for a receiver to come open? Sorry, it's the exact opposite, every lineman would be willing to go to war for Luck because he's trying to make a play happen so the team can win. A teammate can't ask for more. Luck is willing to put himself at extreme risk to help his team. The O-line loves Andrew and he loves them. Even when they suck. A few years back, Luck spent a week with the O-line at a cabin by a lake. You think he's just being a nice guy? O-lineman don't care if their job is made harder, as long as it's not done wrecklessly and unnecessarily. If it means a chance to help the team win, then O-lineman will work their rear ends off to try and make it happen. O-lineman are blue collar, lunch pail guys. They not only don't mind working harder, they love it.... as long as it helps them win. And Luck gives them the best chance of that. I appreciate that you were trying to say something..... deep.... and meaningful.... and profound... and that no one else would dare say what you would say. In this case, it's with good reason. Just about every word you wrote is spectacularly wrong and uninformed. Sorry........ There are plenty of legit things to criticize Luck for.... trying hard to win games is not one of them. Players not wanting to be his teammate because he makes them look bad is not one of them. Luck makes their job harder is not one of them. Completely false.
  11. The Appeal of the Colts

    But Jacksonville has one important thing that only a few NFL teams can match. NO. STATE. TAX!! Only Miami, Tampa, Dallas, Houston and Arizona have that. If two franchises are offering roughly the same money, the franchise with no state tax has the big advantage. Roughly 10 percent.
  12. Thanks for this. And since confession is good for the soul, this time last year I was defending Rob Chudzinski. And we all know how that worked out. Very disappointing. Hopefully better days ahead for all of us here...
  13. How good was Nate Hairston?

    I think in one game in December, Hairston gave up two TD's... I know it was written about that he had a few bad games in a short window.... I know his overall grade was poor.... but that's not that uncommon for a rookie. On balance, I'm much more encouraged than I am discouraged wtih Hairston.... As for BBZ.... well, he and I have had a lot of back and forth over PFF.... I'll just be diplomatic and says he's definitely NOT a fan. Until this...... very special post of his!
  14. Careful..... There's an actual Brady on this website.... and he walks among us! And he's... he's... he's... actually... Popular!
  15. For whatever it's worth... the drafted trade value chart had us picking 3rd and not 4th in R4. They show the Colts picking 103rd and not 104th overall. Either way, it's not a big deal, just wanted to note the difference.. (Still hoping for a RB with that 4th R pick)