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  1. Painting over Unitas and Manning

    Who are the three quarterbacks. I see one. Hostetler. Who else?
  2. Painting over Unitas and Manning

    Well.... it's in the eye of the beholder.... I wouldn't say any of these guys are sub-standard.... (OK, maybe Dilfer....) but I would think of them as not being elite. You wouldn't look at their work and think "Super Bowl winning QB." But they were...... But you are 100% right when you say football is the ultimate team sport..... which is why even as a big Andrew Luck fan I don't think we won 11 games a year and went further in the playoffs the first three years simply because we had Luck. The rest of the team played well enough of the time to make a difference in their own small way. You can't win as much as we did with just one guy, even Andrew Luck. That's why QB's like Dan Marino and others didn't win a SB. Not good enough talent around them.
  3. Freeney

    Freeny has been claimed off waivers by the Detroit Lions.
  4. Falcons cut Jalen Collins

    Given Pagano's work with DBs, Collins is certainly worth careful consideration...
  5. 5 Colts who are earning contract extensions

    Interseting.... I wasn't expecting to read that...... do you have a B-level guard you think we'd throw that kind of money at? Pugh is the only guy I think might command that. Is there someone else? I personally don't see Ballard going down that road, because he'll pay top dollar for a good LT (everyone does) and he has to pay top dollar to Kelly.... and I suspect at some point he'll find the proper right tackle and have to pay him too. So, can we really afford to pay FOUR O-lineman big money? The only guard I could see him paying that too SOMEDAY is if he drafts Nelson. And if he's the homerun most seem to think he is, then that's a guy you pay 10-12 Mill per year for. Otherwise....... I'm not sure I see that.....
  6. 5 Colts who are earning contract extensions

    Welcome back..... good to see you posting..... I'll share some thoughts and I don't expect them to be popular, but that's OK..... The 2018 free agent class looks mostly dreadful.... Melvin might just be the 2nd best corner available. And Johnson, as the top guy already making over 10 Mill per, is likely going to ask for something around 5/85-5/90. Huge money. And I think he'll come close. At least, 5/80 and maybe 85. 16 to 17 mill per year. But that's it. He's not just the best corner, he's the ONLY top flight corner. So that will drive up the prices on EVERYBODY else, even Melvin. I think an offer of 3/18 to 3/20 to Melvin will be greeted with laughter. I'm hoping he and his agent will agree to 3-years. I fear they will ask for 5 years. Maybe we can compromise at 4 years.... But my opening offer is 3/22.5 (7.5 Mill per) and I'd expect that to be rejected.... I hope 3/25 (8.3 per) gets their attention. And I think 3/30 might just get it done. If you like Melvin (even if you don't love him) and you want him back, then I think we have to expect to bid 3/30. Someone is going to pay him at least that and he might get more years and dollars from someone else. I'm not sure where we'd put our money if we couldn't get Johnson OR Melvin? I don't really see anyone that gets my attention. And I think it would be a bad look to have all this money and not offer it to a guy you've groomed and developed when someone else is going to offer it. I think that would look bad for Ballard and the organization. I don't want Melvin at any price. So 5-years likely scares me off, unless it's at a lower per year average. But I think contracts will be completely out of whack, and not just for corners..... there will be a lot of money to offer, and few good players to receive the money. By Law of Supply and Demand that drives all prices up. It's a sellers market. This 2018 FA class concerns me greatly.... By the way..... I think our foursome of Melvin, Desir, Wilson and Hairston is very promising. It makes me NOT worry about corner in 2018 nearly so much. But that's only holds if we bring back Melvin. Lose him and don't get Johnson and that scenario changes drastically. Sorry for the length..... I wanted to touch on a lot of issues....
  7. 5 Colts who are earning contract extensions

    Fans here have been saying that since I showed up in 2012... First regular season game of that year, Luck's first pro game was in Chicago.... AV missed two of three FGs, and the misses were between 40-49 yards out.. Posters here screamed for him to be cut! Since then, AV has enjoyed some of the best seasons of his career -- while in his 40's. When the end comes it will likely come fast and be ugly. But until then, ride the horse until the end! No need to jump off AV too soon..
  8. Kyle Kalis

    The best guard on the draft this year is Quentin Nelson of Notre Dame. Look him up. Check his YouTube tape. Nelson is not lasting until the 2nd round. He likely doesn't get past the top 10-12. If you want the top guard you have to go get him. He's not lasting to the second round. Not even close.
  9. Bye Week: Gaining Some Perspective

    Just so you realize that in late-November of 2012, we all thought the exact same thing about Ryan Grigson in his first year as GM. And he went on to be named the NFL's executive of the year. Then he missed on way, WAY too many draft picks and free agents, and ran a toxic program behind the scenes. And then, he got fired. I like Ballard as much as anyone..... but history says don't pass judgement too quickly about that job. Things can change quickly.

    The problem is there was very little talent last year at tackle. That means all 32 teams will likely be looking for more talent. And the position will likely be over-drafted. Teams will want to make sure they get their guy, even if it's a round too early, rather than risking missing him a round too late. This will be a very tricky year for drafting lineman. Even more than usual...
  11. Is our defense as bad as rankings and stats say?

    In the immortal words of Bill Parcells, you are what your record says you are. We had a number of terrible games early on and those are still badly impacting our stats. But recently we've been playng better. By the time we play 6 more games, and hopefully play them better, our stats shouldn't look so terrible. But we've actually got to deliver now. We were young and inexperienced to start the year. Now we've got some experience our play needs to reflect that. Will be worth watching as we close out the season.
  12. 5 Colts who are earning contract extensions

    As long as Vinatieri is kicking at the level he is, the term "getting younger at the postiion" doesn't make sense for a kicker. In other words, he's not kicking like a man in his mid-40's. He's still kicking like a man in his mid-20's. You're not going to get a better kicker. You might get a CHEAPER kicker, but not better. But younger is irrelevent until he shows his age.....
  13. last six

    I am NOT a fan of tanking. I argued on behalf of trying to win the last two games of both the 15 and 16 seasons. The argument was we had a chance to go 8-8 so you absolutely try to win those games. 5 straight seasons without a losing season is a good achievement for any franchise. But now that we are overwhelmingly likely to finish below 500, then I feel free to say that while I don't want us to tank, I will not be upset with any loss. Even if we lose them all. I know this is a nuanced position, but I won't be upset with any losses in the last six games. All that said.... We stand a decent chance to win a number of these games. Only the J'Ville game feels like a likely loss. The other five feels like we've got a decent shot at each. We should be competitive in those five games. So, we might surprise to the upside and win more than we might expect. The team is playing better. By group, the defense is getting better, the special teams are solid, and even the offense is a little more cohesive and efficeint. And each unit might get a little better down the stretch. We might surprise a lot of people, including ourselves.
  14. Quenton Nelson

    And then he didn't draft Jordan Howard from Indiana.
  15. Frank Gore

    Shasta..... Here is Gore's Spotrac page. Perhaps I'm not reading it right. But to me, it looks like it's saying there was a 3.5 Mill cap hit if we cut him before this year. Check it out and tell me what you think. Again, I thought I read what you were saying. That we could cut Gore without a financial hit. But his page seems to imply otherwise.... Your thoughts?