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  1. I assume you're responding to me, though you're not linked to my post.... And I'm stuck with the same hang-up because fans are slow to learn. It's like Lucy and Charlie Brown. How many times does she have to pull the ball away from Charlie while he's trying to kick before Charlie wakes up and realizes he's being played. How many times do people have to get things wrong from Walter Football, or, even worse, the mock simulated draft games, before they realize they're not getting good information? People are running full speed into a wall and not understanding why they keep coming away with a concussion....
  2. It's no on their front page right now, but it was during this past week.... One one of the's Path to the Draft stories, there was a write-up on Malik McDowell. I'll paraphrase...... scouts don't like hm because he has 1st round talent and 3rd day film. In other words, he hasn't delivered much. Oh, and he hasn't delivered much for two years. He may still go in the first round, but teams will be gambling. He's the kind of prospect who if he delivers, can get you promoted..... and if he bombs out, then he can get your fired..... I'd like to avoid players like that if possible....
  3. Doug..... Let me stop you in your tracks. Go the thread about Irsay's plane spotted in Houston. That story came from private citizens. Could've been you and me. No media involved. Odds are someone who works at the airport where Irsay landed is a football fan.... he contacted his Colts friend and away it went. If either of the two guys who were tweeting about it are media, then I'm wrong and surprised. But I looked at the person info and there was nothing that said "media" about either guy. I didn't spend 30 years in the media for nothing. I really do have a pretty good idea how it works....
  4. Lighten up Francis? Clearly you've forgotten what you wrote..... So, I'll cut and paste it here for you... If we keep travelling down this same slope of Irsay and the media, we are more likely to see the reincarnation of the old Bob Irsay and his way of handling things. That scares the crap out of me. In addition to an observation, an analogy, and opinion, what it also is is a cheap shot. And you know it. And please, don't try and split the baby here.... now you write that your comments don't mean he will turn into his dad. Mighty decent of you, since you also wrote that his behavior scares the crap out of you. I think the person who need to lighten up is you. You went too far. You got called on it. And now you try to make it seem like I'm the guy who is over-reacting. I just love people who don't own their own stuff....
  5. I understand what you're saying..... I don't mind rumor and speculation talk here.... I get that it's all part of the fan on-line experience. Really, I do get that. I'm only trying to point out how things quickly spin wildly out of control here. Rumor turns into speculation and then into accepted fact. And around here, it often happens quickly. That's how things go from bad to worse in almost no time flat. I say a post today that said that Irsay has spoken to Pagano and told him he is safe. Really? I haven't seen that anywhere by any media source? When did that happen. As far as I know, it hasn't. But that doesn't stop fans from turning speculation into accepted fact. And then all bets are off...... JVan is just trying to try and make sure things don't spin wildly out of control.....
  6. Sorry.... but no, this is not the same. If something is a rumor and not a fact, comparing it to whether or not a player turns out to be good or not is not the same. 2 +2 =4 is a fact, it's not just a popular opinion. Whether Thomas or another player becomes good is more opinion based than fact. Stating that Irsay did or did not do something because of a known rumor and then dumping on Irsay because you've accepted it as literal fact is just speculation. We constantly have threads like that here. A rumor is posted. The OP might even say this is a rumor. Then the responses pour in with people responding as if they know it;s a fact. And then more posters see it written that what started as a rumor is now being talked about as a fact and people go nuts. JVan is simply trying to get people to realize that what they're responding to is rumor and speculation and not fact. It's like herding cats. People go nuts over every rumor. And then, when the latest rumors are proven false, people start threads about how terrible the media is and how they're never going to pay attention to the media ever again. Like the Irsay being in Houston thread. That didn't start from media. That started with a couple of private individuals and it took off. It wasn't the media, but it turned out to be right. But when it didn't lead to Gruden being hired, the media got blamed here.
  7. That's because so many posters here do NOT know how to think critically. So they post without thinking things all the way through. If people would just stop and think before a hair-trigger reaction to another post, they might not write what they do. JVan asked the questions that he does to try and get posters to think and to realize that what they sometimes think is FACT, is actually little more than RUMOR and SPECULATION.
  8. I hope you're kidding with this stuff..... You're much, much smarter than this. This is not the way this world works......
  9. I know someone here has been saying for weeks..... Get out in front of your own story. Control your own message, because if you don't, someone else will control it for you and you won't be happy. That's looking pretty spot on right now. We've had one raging brush fire story after another with people not knowing what is true and what is not..... Not a good way to do business.....
  10. Manning might want to come in as Sr. Vice President and have Grigson report to him. He might not want to come in as the GM, but instead the GM's boss. Just thinking out loud to answer your question....
  11. I'm not predicting this, but I would not be surprised if Irsay still ends up going after Shannahan and/or McDaniels. He's going to have to wait until their seasons are over.... but if Irsay has been willing to go to the lengths that he has up to now, I see no reason why he'd stop now. I could see a change in Late January or even early February after the Super Bowl. Seriously.
  12. Yup.... and 18 and 19 as well. If that's a lame duck coach, where can I sign up for that?!?
  13. Try and hold your powder. You have zero facts and only opinion. You're likely wildly way off. Guessing doesn't get anyone anywhere.....
  14. Easy for you to say, you're not the owner. You don't know what Manning is asking for? And if you say you don't care, whatever it is, give it to him, then I'd say you should hit yourself over the head!
  15. Fox Sports Radio. That should've stopped you right there. Fox Sports Radio specializes in bringing heat, but not light. "The Colts are a complete disaster" is a spectacularly stupid comment, but that's what you can expect to hear from them. Don't worry about the media not liking Irsay...... they'll like us plenty if we can straighten out our problems and start being more competitive.

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