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  1. I congress that this is one of my favorite off-season profiles.... But there IS one glaring omission....... No cornerback. Not in the draft, and not in free agency. There's no way around it, the Colts badly NEED a very good corner this off-season. Otherwise, very outside the box thinking, which I appreciate......
  2. My understanding is that Castanzo graded out pretty highly this year. I think I read somewhere around 13-16, I don't specifically remember. I'm modestly hopeful that we have the pieces that we need for a complete line in house already. But if Ballard and Philbin want to sign a FA guy (hopefully not too expensive) and/or draft someone around round 4 or later, then I'd be fine with that. Can't get enough quality depth on the o-line. Especially not with our history of guys getting injured. The other problem with Castanzo moving to the other side is dollars. He's not going to take a pay-cut to move to Right Tackle, and we're not going to pay him Left Tackle money on the right side. I think Haeg and Clark are poised to dramatically improve this year. And then both again, especially Clark should get even better in 2018 as well. I think we have a young, promising o-line that should get nothing but better. I didn't even mention Kelly, but I'm a huge fan and his future is as bright as can be. So, I'm thinking 2-3 years from now Castanzo gets either traded or cut, Clark flips to the Left Side and Perhaps Haeg moves to RT, or we find another RT in the draft. Those guys are easier to find then Left Side guys..... I'm a big, big believer in Philbin, and until he demonstrates otherwise, I'm a believer in Ballard. Between these two guys, I think our O-line is in good shape. Sorry this post went so long..... wanted to address all your concerns...
  3. The line is still a problem until it's performing at a much higher level. It ended the year performing at an acceptable level, but it can still get a LOT better. And I expect it to. I'll be surprised and disappointed if, after one more year, our line is not graded out as a top-8 OL. Top 25% in the league is my goal for for the o-line in 2018.
  4. He's toward the bottom of my 1st round board. But I'm also sure that others might see him as a high 2nd rounder. Either way, seems like a very good, very solid player, who not only makes tackles, but can rush the QB and can cover tight ends and backs. That's a quality player. He's one of my favorites.
  5. I've been reading good things about Lee..... not sure he lasts to the late rounds anymore. It appears you have good judgement here and NFL teams agree with you! Congrats!
  6. Mitch, thanks for sharing. So sorry for your loss. But glad you and JT had so many great years and now you have wonderful memories to look back on. This is the downside to growing old.... we start losing our friends. Hopefully the Colts will have many better years to come and for you to enjoy and for Mitch to look down on from the Best Seats in the House!
  7. I don't disagree. In a perfect world, we would draft 1 OLB and 1 ILB, and we sign a FA OLB and a FA ILB as well. 4 new linebackers. And that's assuming that Ballard would want to clean house and start new. For all we know he might like Morrison and/or Jackson inside? I wouldn't rule them out. When we had to stop Houston (x2) or Oakland or KC or even Chicago with Brian Hoyer, we typically got shredded. We really need a full re-build over the next 2-3 years.
  8. I'm just trying to look for all the pass rush we can find. I don't like having only two guys who can rush the passer, the two OLB's. So, if we can find another guy who can bring pressure, then I'm all for it. The more heat you can bring, the better the odds that one of them is going to get to the QB. Just my two cents, and according to some, often not worth even that much!
  9. Well.... the thread was about BPA when it comes time for our pick. And while you may think DE is not a major need, I would simply respond that PASS RUSH IS a major need. And since DE is a position where you can generate pass rush I would say that DE is a major need. I would also say that I don't view either Ridgeway, who I love, or Kerr, who I like, as DE's. They can play the position, but I don't think it's their best position. I think their DT's who have some versatility. So, I'm not bypassing a quality DE like Carlton, one who might not start his rookie year, but might his 2nd year, just because we have Ridgeway and Kerr as back-ups. Find the pass rush you need. And if it happens to come at DE and not OLB, then draft the DE. And I want to be clear, I'm in FAVOR of drafting an OLB. I think we WILL find one with our pick. I'm simply stating I'm not opposed to drafting a quality DE if Ballard finds one he loves.
  10. I'm not sure how DE got on the "not major needs" list.... I appreciate that we have Anderson and Langford, but one is in his 30's and other than the two OLB's, DE is the position next in line where you'd expect some pass rush. So, if the Colts love Taco Carlton as a DE, and he's the highest rated defender on our board, then I'm fine taking him. There is a saying among GM's and coaches..... "You can NEVER have enough pass rush!" And for a team like the Colts who have very little pass rush, that's especially true. If you like the DE, take the DE.
  11. So many analysts do NOT follow the 32 teams close enough to know what needs a team has. So, in general they know the Colts had a mostly below average line and that the strength of the line is the left side. They see that the right side is up in the air and they just plug in a right tackle like Robinson. What they don't know is how well Clark did down the stretch. This will be almost like Breaking News for them down the road when it's apparent. Don't be too surprised when you see these kind of predictions. It's not that they know something you don't. It's that YOU know something THEY don't! Really. Seriously.
  12. Either way! Whatever works for you! And if you don't know, then we'll figure out something else..... Thanks anyway.....
  13. I don't disagree with what you wrote..... But I think the Colts thought they could put TRich in a better situation than the Browns could. Winning franchise.... franchise level QB.... a chance to play meaningful games late in the year..... A spectacular fail.
  14. The back Trent was at Cleveland was much better than the back Trent was with the Colts. I think the Colts thought that with a better team, Trent would be a better player. Suffice to say it didn't work out that way.....
  15. Good question! I was hoping you knew, because I don't! I know computers have a tab somewhere, but I don't know where mine is....... I apologize I'm not as tech-savvy as I'd like to be...... Perhaps someone reading this thread can help us?

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