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  1. Pretty sure he signed a 2 year deal in 2016.. no ? So we would have had to trade for him and his base salary looks to be 2.1 mill. So unless Im missing something , it wasn't Moore as he was not a free agent and his "asking price" would not have been an issue.
  2. 56th for me but only good (so far) for 3rd place .
  3. Could be that they waited to give him some time to get past his injury ? Dr's might be saying "no way Jose" for 2017 ? Plus they got a look at Stewart and like what they see ? Plus Anderson looks to be back to his old self. They came to the conclusion he wouldn't figure in for 2017 and are giving him some extra time to do what he wants . IMO .. not that unusual ?
  4. I think it's just simply they don't need a 31 year old DL that isn't going to be 100% this year. Colts are deep at DL and why not save the cap room and carry it over ? I don't think it had anything to do with opening up a roster spot for some acquisition . Just time to move on as he wasn't recovering .
  5. Yeah.. 5 years 65 mill.
  6. 2nd year of a 5 year deal
  7. Why in God's green earth would the Colts place him on the season opening PUP ? If there were any chance at all they thought he could play in game 4 or even game 5 , they would not place him on this list save a roster spot. IMO , Jason La Confora did a horrible job reporting something as unlikely as this.
  8. I thank you both for the concurrences .
  9. That's a good point. He can't help in short yardage if he's not active...
  10. I totally agree that Banner starting is very remote. Probably would mean more than 1 injury . I do think that he will be a very valuable option when the Colts use an extra Ol in short yardage situations. He is a mauler with big time strength.
  11. I had some inside info back then. For instance , I knew the Cotts preferred Edge over Ricky Williams. They were very worried about the "entourage" that followed RW around. As to Manning vs Leaf the year before ... from the get go , Mora and Irsay "heavily " favored Manning. Polian on the other hand was around 50-50 in the beginning of the process. Leaf appeared to fit the mold of QB's that Poian coveted .
  12. Ha... you're talking to me about being logical . LOL
  13. What I said was correct I think ? The highest he ever drafted a RB I think was the Syracuse guy in the 4th ? You have a point but not quite that simple. He used a future first round pick on Richardson but if you want to be technical you could argue that next years first is more often than not valued at a "present time 2nd." Case in hand is if you want a teams pick in "this years" 2nd round , you have to give up your next year's first. Like when the Colts drafted Ugoh ? Just 1 of numerous examples. Unless you are Cleveland I guess. We also received a first rounder at what APPEARED to be a bargain price. So there was monetary compensation involved there also. Cleveland was charged with his signing bonus while the Colts only had to pay his base salaries. So Grigson thought he was getting a 5 mill $ player for around 2.5 per year. As it turned out he wasn't worth vet minimum but who would have really figured that. I was just pointing out to Bott that McShay isn't the one that predicted the Colts would finish with the 7th worst record in the NFL. If you read the whole back and forth between Bott and I , I think you will see that I was only trying to point out that there are good GM's and bad GM's and you certainly don't judge them on where they draft RB's.

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