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  1. You appear to be right on spotrac numbers ... not the higher over the cap . No actually you are a little higher than Spotrac as they appear to have 25.4 without Woods ? But there are other factors that adjust that final # here and there I think. Good job and thank you.
  2. I agree , before cutting Jones , they had plenty of cap room to have signed any TWO guys that are left on the FA market
  3. This is what appears on the top of spotrac... "A real-time look at the 2017 salary cap totals for each NFL team, including estimated cap space. Assumes a $167,000,000 team salary cap." There could be different accounting of car over , dead money and other stuff too I guess.If you subtract the two numbers and compare what the two sites have after doing that , it still won't match up.
  4. I don't think Brown gets anywhere near to that.
  5. Yes , they are different. I think maybe I might have the reason why. It looks like spotrac might be using 167 mill as total cap and over the cap a larger figure ?
  6. Moral of the story.....Stay away from Balt defensive FA's
  7. Spotrac is showing 27 mill without Woods contract or Jones addition. So if you figure Wood at 2 and Jones at +5 brings you around 30 ?
  8. I think that's a little high. Maybe closer to 30 without the draft picks.
  9. Can't we just subtract 500K and be done ? BTW you had a good call on the type FA's Ballard would sign. Aiken deal was about right , we figured like 6.5 for 2 years which probably would have been pretty close to the # if it were a 2 year deal.
  10. Figure 2.5 and get off your butt....
  11. I don't think there's much more (of significance) that Ballard's interested in doing. If he wanted he could create more room by looking at Jones and even Ayers. Plus he could turn some of those roster bonuses into signing bonuses. I know most are aware of this , I'm just making a point that if he wanted to sign players like Brown or Hankins , cap room really is not a deal breaker.
  12. Yes , we certainly have a good chance to get a nice player at 15 . The Colts did inquire about moving up with Cinn , so they could have a draft board that drops off after certain players are gone. We can only speculate to this stuff.
  13. It's no problem as long as we don't have a CB or Pass Rusher rated much higher than the next player on their board. If there is an obvious stick out and the team picking in front of you has the same needs , it can be a problem. Thats why you see teams moving up 1 or 2 spots very often in drafts. I can't say for sure it will bite us in the butt if we stay at 15 anymore than you saying it's no problem.
  14. I'd probably trade down or use a 4th to move to 13.Maybe it would take a 2018 pick added to that. IMO , that was a big coin flip we lost. Philly's biggest needs are CB and outside pass rusher. Look familiar ?
  15. Might make a lot of sense if our roster were a bit better . He's under contract for 2 years at 11 mill per season , so not bad there. But still pretty iffy considering we are probably a couple years from contending.

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