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  1. Teams might "play for a draft position " when they are out of the playoff picture. I think this issue is way overstated in the NFL and no way the Colts went into week 1 playing for a high pick. As to the head coach for next year , I think it's wide open with no real favorite. As of right now , is there even 1 or 2 guys that stand above the crowd ... that we know will look to coach and NFL team ?
  2. Yet Another Classic Colts Play Of The Week

    Score was 16-15 with 16 seconds left in the game. Figure the kick off play would take 6 seconds , so if they just run a normal kick return , they would have the ball with 10 seconds to get into FG range and to kick it. That said , why in the world should we consider this a "flawed play." The Colt play was not really an "apples to apples situation."
  3. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    I don't think bringing Mewhort toward the end of this season is anymore likely than me going out with Kate Upton this Friday. He's scheduled for knee surgery and word is he's not sure he can EVER return to the game.
  4. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    I'm pretty sure you will see the following unfold. Indy nor any other team if the NFL is going to give Mewhort anything significant in a long term (3+ years) deal. So he's going to sign cheaper type 1 year deal with some incentives for games played and or games started. I don't think unless the Cots really "love" him or he loves playing in Indy , there is really anything in the cards that would make his signing in Indy way more likely than him signing with another team. Thus he probably signs with whatever team offers him the best deal in a "wait and see" scenario. In any event , I'm pretty sure he signs a 1 year deal and there isn't a heck of a lot to see why it's very likely to happen in Indy.
  5. Injury Report 10/12/17

    Marcus Mariota (hamstring) was "limited" in Thursday's practice. Per coach Mike Mularkey, Mariota "did more (Thursday)," and called his progress "positive." He still stopped well short of proclaiming his quarterback ready for Monday's game against the Colts, and said he will need to see "more than he has seen" for Mariota to return. Mariota appears to be truly 50-50 for Week 6.
  6. Update on Luck

    I mostly agree but I just think Tenn at home Monday night is going to be a tough win. But yeah , unless Mariotta makes a miraculous improvement are chances are better vs them.
  7. Update on Luck

    First of all as pointed out by other posters , what you have above is wrong. It wasn't in every game. Secondly what you have above is NOT what you said to begin with. Below is a copy of the first line of your original post. "Brisket, has thrown a pick 6 in every game he has played in...not to mention the fumbles for 6 points." You clearly say he threw a pick 6 in every game he played in not "either or "
  8. Update on Luck

    Yes I agree it will be November. It's just so crazy to rush him back . Could be the season will be over in two weeks as Tenn and Jack will both be favored. 2-5 and 0-2 in the division will no doubt be lights out. The more I think about it , if that happens your guess would make the most sense and 2 consecutive losses is almost likely ?
  9. Update on Luck

    Where are you getting he's thrown a pick 6 in every game he's played in ? That's just not true
  10. Update on Luck

    I'm thinking he plays by week 9. Not that I know anything .. just a guess.
  11. Yet Another Classic Colts Play Of The Week

    The Colts are a low talent , poorly coached football team with an inexperienced QB to boot. That's reason not to go for it but IMO if you played the scenario out 100 times factoring in the statistics of how often they turn the ball over with enough time for SF to score and run that against how many times the Colts get the 40 yards , you will come up with more wins than losses. Unfortunately you really can't run the numbers because the turnover "rate" is not a "given." You have to factor in the fact that SF knows we will be passing and also factor in Brissett might choke. So I really can't say the Colts only turn the ball over say twice in 70 snaps and then run that against Brissetts QB rating . So as I said before , it's not cut and dry and I did say I respect everybody's opinion. Not like somebody in this thread that throws stones at everyone that doesn't agree with him .. and not talking about you. I just feel everything considered it was a bit of a head scratcher that Pagano refused the 10 second runoff and then let the clock run out . IMO its heavily tilted to calling the TO and taking a shot. But like I say ... just my opinion.
  12. Yet Another Classic Colts Play Of The Week

    Doesn't have to be an elected official whose term is over but not removed from office yet. When I used that term , I was expressing the fact that he's really coaching right now because Irsay couldn't find someone he wanted , so he stayed with Pagano for another year. IMO , there is no way that Pagano is coaching next year unless he does something like reach the finals of the AFC. He's a bad football coach that is 100% gone next year. Below is one of the definitions found in the dictionary. So take your "Amazement " to webster , stop being so condescending and read my friend . lame duck in American 1. a disabled, ineffectual, or helpless person or thing
  13. Grades: Week 5 vs Niners

    No he won't get better at it and I stated the same thing in the other thread. Why refuse the run off ? I think the truth is he just had no idea of what he really wanted to do. I really don't spend a whole lot of time bashing him as he's no doubt a lame duck coach.
  14. Yet Another Classic Colts Play Of The Week

    I don't for a minute think you proved that when a team has a chance to get the ball with around 58 seconds and 1 TO left in a tie game ... they will take a knee rather than try to move 40 yards. I found games that proved this not to be true. In no way is your argument backed up by your search. You would need to provide just how many times this situation occurred and how many times NFL teams DECLINED to take advantage of the opportunity. When I searched to find exceptions , I can only really search the times they scored . There are plenty I'm sure that didn't result in a game winning FG ? That said I can appreciate your feelings that Pagano played it correctly . Brissett occasionally makes a really bad throw. So you have to weigh that against the odds of him going 40 yards . I say you win more times than you lose letting him give it a shot. You think differently and that's cool and I don't think your being stupid feeling that way. I however do think you statement that teams very seldom have tried to score under similar circumstances is false . Bottom line is I don't think your search proved anything you say it did.
  15. Grades: Week 5 vs Niners

    You were spot on . Can't think of a grade I would change. Oh.. and I already took the brunt of the blow back you should have received for writing this... "Pagano was again caught between strategies at the end of the 4th quarter. Decline the ten second runoff because the Niners are running out of downs, that means you want a chance to get into FG range at the end of regulation. Then 4th down comes up with over a minute left, and you don't call timeout? Then why decline the runoff?" I stated the exact same issue in another thread adding to it that around 58 seconds and 1 time out is plenty of time to move around 40 yards. FYI there was no overwhelming support for either side of the argument in the event you never saw the thread.