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  1. By the charts , which are probably too "high" this year , KC would be around 60 points short . That would be their 4th rounder. However as the thread has already stated .. it could be to move down , teams will probably need to accept less than other drafts have yielded. So probably in the trade you have with KC there is a good chance that would be the compensation.
  2. Yeah , that what I said in my opening post. generally you need someone who wants to trade up if you want to trade down ? Where you get a lot of trade ups is when you have something like 15 legit first rounds talents and then a pretty big drop off. Or you have teams that really like a QB . If the Colts are able to move down , I think it would be a team looking to draft 1 of the 3 top QB's ? 15 seems like a decent spot that this could take place ? But bottom line is this is not a draft that teams will be looking to trade 2nd round picks to move from say 25 to 15. By the value chart that would be the normal value of those 10 spots.
  3. Ha ... try making a big black slash mark on you kitchen wall for every day that goes by. When you have 7 of them , turn ESPN or the football channel on. I promise you this will make the time go much quicker. But you must use paint or non washable thick black ink
  4. I think he goes to day 2. I'll say around pick 2.45
  5. Totally agree. Boston has already been traded twice. Once for a 6th and then for a 7th.That should tell us something about his perceived value ?
  6. I would think Foster , one of the first 2 you have and Conley will be gone by 15. Lot depends on how many WR's and QB's go in the first 15. Could be anywhere from 0 to 4.
  7. I think maybe 50-50. Deep draft for positions the Colts need , so moving back makes obvious sense. Plus they have a lot of "holes" to fill. The problem is there will probably be a lot of teams looking to move back and it may be very difficult for the Colts to find a trading partner that will give them fair value. But I say 50-50 as I think there is a good chance they might make a small move up. Trading a 4th and a 2018 pick (another 4th) could well be enough to move to 13. I think this is possible as the Eagles at 14 have very similar needs to the Colts. Thus if there is one player they covet considerably more than others and AZ is on the clock , they could make the move.
  8. I'm feeling pretty much the same about V Davis. He's just been too injury prone. Gore (like you said) needs to be used in a much more limited role even this year. I wan't even considering him being our featured back next year.
  9. Is this an RG3 that runs a 4.8 ?
  10. Huge year for V Davis I think. Gore in twilight , I doubt very much he gets over a mill. if he tries to play another year. AV seems to be ageless ?
  11. For what it's worth...... According to USA Today's Tom Pelissero, Texans coach Bill O'Brien "absolutely loves" Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes. We doubt Mahomes makes it to the Texans at No. 25 overall, but there's a chance. Houston may also be one of the few teams willing to trade up in this year's draft with several teams looking to move back. The Texans are a good bet to take a quarterback in the first round, and Mahomes may have the highest ceiling of the bunch. Mahomes has size (6'3/230) and a big arm.
  12. I think you may have seen his brother hoping that Pats have interest . Not sure there was anything actually from the Pats.
  13. I think bottom line is we have more than enough money to sign one of the better vet CB's left on the market. The problem is they are all older and flawed. So while such a signing might help us in 2017 , it would be hard to offer a contract that they would like. Would be both cheap and 1 year. We do have a spot open for them to compete for a staring job but that could look different after the draft.
  14. Only "sense" would be that the guy they like most could be gone after the draft. I would also say that we are indeed "unusually" thin at the CB position entering this draft. But maybe Ballard like Melvin a lot more than I do and his opinion no doubt costs more than mine. If he's a legit good #2 CB , what I'm saying is not so true.
  15. I figured in the 3.5 to 4 million teams need to keep for the season (plus the 6 mill for draft) and took a little more as that 33 mill figure is reported a little lower in over the cap I think. So I used 11-12 million "to spend" knowing that was a safe number. Could be a bit higher but no more than a touch over 13. I don't think you ever subtracted your "in season churn "?

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