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  1. There really is not much left . I won't going looking for it but I said earlier that there were so many teams flush with cap space that teams were going to way overpay for the better free agents. We even somehow lost Melvin for 6.5 mill ? We needed a WR , G and CB . We had the 3rd most cap space .. a healthy 70+ million. To come out of this without signing at least ONE of the top guys from those 3 positions is tough to swallow. I think those that wanted Norwell at 14 mill were probably right . To make things sting a little more it looks like Tenn , Jack and Houston all did very well. On the other hand , I guess if you look at each player's contract 1 by 1 , you'll no doubt come to the conclusion that they all were way overpaid ...
  2. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Correct .. I have no idea as to how good these players are.
  3. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    And what if Ballard thinks Jensen is a better player than Fulton ?
  4. How about Star Lotulelei ? Nobody seems to mention him ? Only 28 and pretty good player . Opps .. just seeing that the Bills are signing him.
  5. You meant to say "to the Jets ..right ?
  6. It's a tough one IMO. So much extra cap money floating around now that you have to way overpay for the best. Question is where do you draw the line.
  7. Just so much money for a guard .. so I can see both sides of this one.
  8. I guess some don't realize how tough this process is ? With so many teams flush with cap space , the best FA's will get absurd contracts. Even those teams with not a lot of cap space can maneuver to give one player a "bloated" contract. Ballard doesn't want to grossly overpay and I can appreciate that but on the other hand it's getting hard to figure out where we are going to spend the cap space. Probably sign a CB and maybe Justin Pugh for starters ?
  9. That makes sense as it's the 23rd pick in the 4th round. Cleveland's pick was #101 which IMO was too high for that trade. Thanks for the info.
  10. Yeah .. those that thought was going to be high probably don't spend a lot of time watching how the league works. Landry along with a franchise tag which means one year of control at about 15 million is not very "valuable. If its the first pick in the 4th round , Maimi got a very good deal .
  11. "Landing spot"

    If I remember correctly ,those predictions were not even on the same planet as to what transpired last year in free agency.
  12. I don't think the Browns are figuring McCarron to be their franchise QB. What I've read is they don't want to start a rookie in 2018 .. so Mccarran would just be a bridge . The Browns have tons of cap room and McCarron shouldn't warrant a big payday .
  13. I don't think there is much of a chance the Colts give up on Luck's shoulder issue by draft time. IMO , it would be the 2019 draft that this would be addressed if needed.
  14. Jaguars sign Blake Bortles to new deal

    I just viewed his contract on spotrac. It's pretty much a 2 year commitment. He only counts 10 mill against the cap this year , then 21 and 23 in the final year. If cut after this year , the dead hit would be 16.5 mill , which they would never do. But in the 3rd year , he has a base of 18 mill and only a 5 mill cap hit if they chose to cut him. That would be very doable if they wanted to move on.