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  1. Good call but the Browns claimed him.
  2. I don't see where Breeland has more visit's scheduled and it certainly does look like AZ may have moved on ? Cardinals getting CB Jamar Taylor from Browns Cardinals acquired CB Jamar Taylor from the Browns. The Browns were shopping Taylor in the lead-up to the draft but found no takers on draft weekend. Cleveland completely overhauled at cornerback this offseason, adding Denzel Ward with the No. 4 overall pick after signing Travis Carrie, E.J. Gaines, and Terrance Mitchell in free agency. Taylor and fellow 2017 starter Jason McCourty, who was dealt to the Patriots, were the odd men out. Taylor was a second-round flop in Miami but rebounded for the Browns the past couple seasons. He figures to take over as the starter opposite Patrick Peterson in Arizona.
  3. Once in while , the first team does get a chance at a counter offer . I'm in your camp and thought Breeland would help us. Maybe we'll get lucky and he wants to play in Indy and we get a chance to negotiate further. Although usually when a player leaves without a contract , it's as you say... no dice.
  4. For some reason Spotrac hasn't added Austin's Howard's approx 4 million to our spending. Over the cap has done so and were at 52 mill according to them . Not for nothing .. 56 mill or 52 mill , it's a lot and we are 2nd to Cleveland as you say. But I do think the 52 mill figure is the correct one.
  5. Oh...I misunderstood your previous post. The above is no doubt a generous ceiling.
  6. I also expected a bit more of a splash in FA. I agree with pretty much everything you have above. Although I d think if Luck is all the way back , we could be a little better than what you're thinking.
  7. You're no doubt correct about what Ballard's approach seemingly appears to be. It might have to change at some point but that's a whole other issue.
  8. This is why if you want Breeland , you (Colts) don't let him leave Indy without a contract. If you constantly do what you suggest Ballard might do , you'll pretty much never sign a free agent that has significant interest by other teams. That's the advantage of having the player visit you first ... no ? If he just gives him a half "butt" offer and let's him go to AZ , they (AZ) then has the advantage.
  9. I think the Colts sign him . This might be the weakest position on the team and with all the cap room , it should happen if Ballard likes him.
  10. Had and maybe still has potential. Problem , IMO , has never changed. He just gets successfully bull rushed way too often.
  11. dw49

    Supes 2018 draft analysis

    I know you are good with Nelson and I'm not trying to nitpick .
  12. dw49

    Supes 2018 draft analysis

    I read all that stuff too and watched some films on Turay. I think basically "they" were saying that Turay was as "disruptive" as any lineman in the country. Lots of pressures and hits but his game needs a bit of refining to finish plays off with sacks. I think that's why Ballard made the comment that the guy is saw at the senior bowl was already an excellent pass rusher. He didn't deny he needed some work but I think he was saying Turay is already a good pass rusher ?
  13. dw49

    Supes 2018 draft analysis

    Really hard IMO to quantify all the values in Ballard moving fro 3 to 6 . Is Chubb worth Nelson plus 3 2nd rounders ? I'd say no and you say yes. Who's right ? I dunno... If you go by point values Ballard killed it. I read an article that went through all the first round trades and they put a fairly complex $ value on the deals. For instance Tampa Bat received something like $1.40 on the dollar for their trade with Buffalo . NO took a pretty big beating as I remember etc.. etc. The article ended by saying nothing came close to (approx) the $2.00 on the dollar Indy received from the Jets. But does that mean your wrong ? Not really .. like I said , IMO , it's hard to quantify the "position" value you used as part of your analysis. But one more thing I'll throw out there. You mentioned that you factored in that you wanted to sign Norwell and that would solve much of the O line issue. That's fine , although now you get Nelson and Smith , which I think is FAR better but you also have to add in the player the colts sign for 13 mill per year not named Norwell into the "whole ball of wax."
  14. dw49

    Supes 2018 draft analysis

    Don't forget we have another 2nd next year . So we're not done with that one yet. Anyway B+ ... A ... no big deal . But I have a feeling that in a year or 2 , your going to say you wouldn't trade Nelson for Chubb.
  15. dw49

    Supes 2018 draft analysis

    I have to agree with you. Plus he says that he did not like what Tampa received to move back and was happy with staying at 6. So now , IMO , to give the pick a B+ , you have to say you liked another player more at 6 than Nelson. Who would that be ? You had the following non QB's follow Nelson. Smith , McGlinchey, Fitzpatrick and then the 2 DT's .That takes you all the way from 6 to 14. So who is the guy that Ballard should have taken to rate an A ?