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    Im a huge sports fan!!! Football is my biggest passsion though, I cant stay away from it. I Love the colts and will always stand by them. I want to become a scout one day or even a sports writer.
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  1. I'd love to have Allen to a degree, but arthritis developing in both shoulders is a big concern, and that's not something that gets better either. It makes me wonder how long of an effective career will he be able to have? He's a great a talent though.
  2. A very undisciplined draft class!!! All sorts of kids finding trouble and hurting the start to thier professional career.
  3. If you're good with your player evaluation then Best Player will essentially always be the best approach.
  4. He's being given a shot to compete and prove he still has some value as I see it.
  5. So sad to see a guy who had so much talent sabotage his future like this. Really liked the guy before all this crap came rolling down hill, and now more just keeps coming.
  6. Thanks SW!!! Appreciate the kind words man. I definitely don't know the Xs and Os to the degree some in here do but I do enjoy sharing my opinion and hopefully in a respectfull way. And I just love the game of football and the Colts as do we all lol And it's as fun and beneficial for me to just come in here and read posts as it is to post because I can always learn something or find out some nugget of info I didn't know of. Lots of knowledgeable people in here including yourslef, always appreciate seeing your wise, thoughtful posts in here and the respect you treat people with. Always welcoming, kind and receptive to everyone's thoughts and idea's. You bring a family spirit in here I feel along with your knowledge. Always appreciate it man.
  7. With our 1st, nope...not to me. Don't think we're in position to take a risk pick with our 1st. Plus he has more than just the medical red flag too. If he were to be there with one of our 4th rounders I'd definitely say yes.
  8. In regards to Foster, I'm seeing stuff about his medical re check and that it didn't go well, his shoulder isn't healed and may need another surgery. I definitely see him slipping and I don't think he's gonna be a guy we should use our 1st on with his big medical red flag and then the fact we don't really know if he's gonna be capable of handling the mental side of the game if he has trouble understanding schemes and Xs and Os and what not.
  9. Exactly!!! I'd love to see that personally. There is likely going to be a player who has alot more value available to them, but if they wanna reach just in hopes of finding thier guy...please do!!! Watson has some potential, I won't deny that but he also still needs a fair amount of work and as I've said a few other times the Texans haven't neccasarily shown the ability to develop QBs.
  10. I definitely think D is where we should go first round, but it's tough for me to really zero in on what position and which exact guy. I don't know I personally have clear cut favorite. I like Riddick, I've also really liked Foster up until his incident and even more than that finding out he has trouble understanding Xs and Os picking up schemes and what not. But Conley would be very nice too amongst a few others. However we do it, I think we need to come away with a solid potential 3 down ILBer, probably 2 solid corners and 1 of whom could potentially be a #1 guy in a few years and at least 1 good young Pass Rusher. If we were to get that, I think suddenly we might just have a solid foundation laid for a good defense in the future. But the part that will remain is question with me is, what will and can our coaches do with these young players? Will they develop and implement them effectively and put them in position to succeed? I'm not sold at all yet that our staff can or will do that.
  11. This is true to an extent, but it's a two way street. So ideally you have a really good D line that can get consistent pressure with 3 or 4 which helps your back end not have to sit back and try and cover for an extended period of time. If someone expects thier corners to be able to sit back and be great at covering for say 6 plus seconds almost consistently, then they are quite unrealistic and gonna be dissapointed alot more often than not. At that length of time and beyond WR's are gonna find a way to come open it almost doesn’t matter how good of a back end you have. Both areas need to complimemt eachother, the DL and LBers also need to do thier part and not let the QB just sit back there nice and cozy and wait for a guy to come open.
  12. This draft has some guys with good future potential possibly if developed and brought along correctly, but likely not an immediate NFL ready franchise caliber guy. And the thing with the Texans is so far they haven't shown much in being able to develop a QB as thier QB history indicates. It's not looking promising for them either way. They are probably gonna be heavily reliant on thier defense again for much of thier success.
  13. I would say we are in desperate need of a 3 down ILBer. A guy who can basically do it all and do it well.
  14. These two in together against the run I think can be really solid for us especially behind an improved D line that will actually have a legitimate NT. And then they both have a year in the system now which should hopefully allow them to play even quicker. We just need to find that 3 down backer that we can trust in coverage.
  15. Excellent perspective and way to see it NCF!!!

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