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    Im a huge sports fan!!! Football is my biggest passsion though, I cant stay away from it. I Love the colts and will always stand by them. I want to become a scout one day or even a sports writer.
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  1. Colts @ Seahawks Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    SEA wants it, Colts are just "out there" that's about it. Goin through the motions
  2. Colts @ Seahawks Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    Not much has truly changed with this team. One team one half or one qtr, and another team the next.
  3. Colts @ Seahawks Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    Same stuff as usual with this team, undisciplined and inconsistent!!! Same stuff as usual basically.
  4. Colts Training Camp 8/1/17 (Pads are ON)

    Thanks for sharing!!! Awesome to hear about our D line!!!
  5. Not sounding like we are gonna sign him folks according to this article.... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.prideofdetroit.com/platform/amp/2017/7/3/15914390/zach-orr-free-agency-update-colts-health-concerns-detroit-lions
  6. Patty Mac takes more shots at grigson

    Ooohhh boy, Pat isn't holding back. Good for him... I quite honestly don't blame.
  7. Colts OTA's 5/23/2017

    Its only right when it comes to the Colts!
  8. Patriots offense... meh?

    Patriots don't need a lot of great players to be great or elite, they've shown it over the years. It's their ability to gameplan, make adjustments and properly use players to their strengths to maximize their productivity that takes them to the level they are at. And on top of that they have a guy like Brady to run the show on offense. Their coaching and preparation is one of a kind. And for this upcoming season I have no doubts they will be potent on offense and they will find some creative and effective ways to use Cooks. Then if they get so fortunate to keep Gronk healthy for the entire season it's really gonna be a struggle for opposing defenses. And right now there is no in the AFC who has shown they are capable of giving the Pats a run for their money, so as of right now I think the road back to the SB looks pretty easy for them.
  9. Initially they may look like nothing special, but what can make them special is that the Patriots know how to develop thier players and use them according to thier strengths. With the way they know how to develop and effectively use players, a 4th round pick for them can be as good as 1st rounder for majority of other teams.
  10. Early Look at the Colts 53-man roster

    Not neccasarily, we don't know exactly why he may have been played less, there could be a variety of reasons. But I do know when he played he was probably more effective in his time then Parry ever really has been. Parry just got washed out of the way like a pebble more than I care to remember.
  11. Early Look at the Colts 53-man roster

    Yep...and better coverage on the back end can give those guys that extra second or two to get home. It all plays hand in hand. I think we've finally got some pieces in place, now we'll see what happens and what our coaches can do with it. There is no excuse now for not having something to work with in my opinion.
  12. 2016 defense vs 2017 defense

    We got Hankins in the middle which should help alot against the run, a true NT finally. Guys likes Morrison and Jackson, Spence and Walker all have that downhill attack ability, plus we'll be able to bring Geathers down if we need to as well with having a safety like Hooker on the back end. Then you have Sheard and Simon on the Edge with the young guys, I think we've finally got pieces in place to be able to stop the run. If anything my concern will be staying healthy ie Anderson and Langford. The actual weakness of most of our ILBers is pass coverage, that's what may still present a problem for us. I don't know who we have to cover the middle.
  13. Early Look at the Colts 53-man roster

    I think it'll be Parry or Hunt...McGill was one of our best DL last year when he played, so unless he has a major drop off I doubt he'll be gone.