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  1. Wow. Fire everyone after their rookie season. Seems pragmatic.
  2. New England fans were pretty upset about losing him. Must mean something.
  3. It's correct. He'll be a blocker/ST. Unless Doyle and Swoope BOTH go down in a game, he'll never see a ball come his way.
  4. Three years in the league. Five career sacks. 5'11. Good in coverage. Too early for me to go in depth for detailed analysis.
  5. That's disappointing.
  6. If I have the chance to win a super bowl, I'm going to take it. Why do you think so many players go to New England and take LESS money? Think.
  7. Atlanta is in a better position to win than we are. Sometimes money =/= chance at championship. Atlanta will regress this year though.
  8. He has current and former Colts players I think I read texting and tweeting him to sign with us. Of course, though, all of these teams are probably doing this. Just hope it's enough for us to get him.
  9. For once I agree with you. I have zero idea what he's talking about.
  10. Rotoworld likes him and calls him good depth. I'll take that over someone who just isn't happy with the signing.
  11. Guess we really need to make that push for Poe or Hankins now.
  12. Your reading and interpretation skills are top notch. I literally said "we signed the guy everyone wanted, yet PEOPLE still find a way to complain." To make that into me saying everyone is complaining by saying "people" is astounding. I'm officially done responding to a wall.
  13. There is a difference in complaining and pointing out that no one on this forum is ever satisfied with anything the Colts do. Ever. It's like your parents buying you a brand new car but complaining about it.

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