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  1. If I had a child, and he or she wanted to play, then yes I would be all for it. Unless you live in a town that is insane for football like on that Friday Night Tykes show, then honestly I don't think your child runs the risk of any serious injury. I played football up until high school, and the worst injury I ever suffered was from some * that liked to pull on your face mask and cut my face. I think with the right type of coaches and integrity, a lot of injuries can be avoided. I would have zero complaints about my kid playing.
  2. Oh my... Rather it be now than later on I guess.
  3. You don't think the NBA plays favorites with big market teams and certain players? Come on.
  4. No one worth getting will want to come to Indy. This team just isn't able to compete for a title. Best chances were 2012-2014, and of course the only time Reggie made it to the Finals. Was obvious then and it's obvious now. The NBA doesn't want Indiana to be contending team. My interest in the NBA is slowly going away.
  5. Would be good for us to sign him. Think he had a previous visit with the Seahawks, so he may be visiting everyone before making a final decision.
  6. I'd rather pay Hoodie a huge amount of money to leave New England than have Sumlin here on a cheap deal. That would be be a huge, huge mistake.
  7. I agree. I used to like the guy, but after the Patriots won the Super Bowl, he's been a huge tool. He also called the Colts and Ravens jealous teams.
  8. Bruschi did say Luck was an average QB earlier today.
  9. I gotcha. Didn't mean to sound smart if I did. Some people just aren't interested in that position. I would assume.
  10. Possibly he wasn't interested in GM roles?
  11. I know I've said it before, but this is the most excitement I've had for the season in a LONG time.
  12. Why? This is what happens anytime a new GM comes in. After the draft the house is typically cleaned and all new people brought in. Just the way it works. Nothing to be concerned about.
  13. People and the "experts" on tv are dumb. I can hear it now. "Yeah, 3 AFC South teams made it to the playoffs, but only because..." Then insert excuse.
  14. I know all 4 teams can't make it in. Just saying our division would still be called weak, even if that were possible.

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