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  1. Tennessee better not beat us. I've been going to Colts games since 2003 and I've never seen them lose. Better not start with the games I'll be attending this year.
  2. People really need to settle down. The team fielded today will not be the team that takes the field in the regular season opener. Until Jim or someone say's "Luck will indeed miss some games" I am not panicking or worrying about anything. Freaking relax...
  3. So it sounds like the entire O line is injured.
  4. I'm fine with him missing pre season. Like really. Just heal up and be ready for regular season.
  5. Let's all just hope it's the organization being cautious and not wanting him to aggravate anything. Until I'm told "panic mode" is induced, I'm not worried.
  6. That's rough Kevin. Sorry to hear that. Hope you find something else similar in the future.
  7. Honestly he's probably just a camp body and a WR/KR for pre-season games. I'd be more than surprised if he actually made the team.
  8. Nah. He's down in Miami ruining their season.
  9. I've never had any negative experiences with any fans of other teams in Indy or down in Nashville. Though I did go to Alabama in 2013 to see them play LSU, and some * felt the need to poke me in my head for the 10 seconds LSU wasn't getting murdered. That's really the only "negative" experience I've encountered.
  10. Well that... That just sucks.
  11. Neat. Problem is here in Kentucky it's usually Tennessee on every station.
  12. Can't say I blame him for leaving. PG is too good to be stuck on a team that struggles to make the playoffs in the East. He won't be doing himself any favors though by going to the Lakers. He'll have to contend with San Antonio and Golden State instead of just LeBron now.
  13. Man... It figures. I was really interested in seeing our RB core with him. Oh well.
  14. Oh I know. I just don't take any team lightly anymore.
  15. Last time we played the not very good Rams, they spanked us.

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