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  1. Colts rule out five for Thursday night

    Nah he has a concussion. I’d rather them play it safe with him and not have some backlash like the Savage situation.
  2. The 2 point conversion penalty

    Certain plays are only allowed when you’re a certain team.
  3. I really can’t wait for the offseason. For a lot of reasons.
  4. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    The one kick he misses in the snow. Shocker.
  5. Colts should have drafted T.J. Watt 1st round!

    This gave me the giggles after a incredibly challenging day. Thank you.
  6. i wonder why

    You clearly didn’t read my post. How many games have we lost because the team falls apart in the 4th quarter? We’ve had several opportunities to win games, including Pittsburgh, but we lack the ability to finish. We ARE better than our record. It doesn’t matter how good you play early on if you don’t maintain that in the 4th quarter.
  7. i wonder why

    This team could easily have a much higher record. Mental mistakes and stupid plays have killed us. We’re better than our record.
  8. Joe Philbin

    Some of these responses are asinine at minimum.
  9. Jack Mewhort

    Some of you making comments don’t seem to understand how badly knee problems can effect everything you do. I’ve destroyed my left knee through years of football and basketball on top of tearing my meniscus and ACL and having osgood schlatter disease. It messes with your everyday life. Mewhort gave everything he had and was a very good player before the injury.
  10. The last timeout

    Posts something knowing people will have their own opinion. Gets upset when people posts their opinion. Logic.
  11. Ballards Potentially toughest off season decision

    Brissett is worth more than most of you are giving him credit for. Despite some of his turnovers, we’d be winless without him. Depending on the right offer, Ballard may trade him and draft someone in the 3rd or 4th.
  12. Brissett is terrible

    We aren’t laughing at you. We swear it.
  13. Good Victory

    A win is a win dude. Record doesn’t matter.
  14. Predictions: Oline will need to be addressed in FA

    I don’t like the idea of trading down. If we’re in a position to draft a stud on the oline or the top pass rusher, I’m taking one or the other. Not forgoing the chance to have that and being in a spot that the BPA is a WR or something.
  15. TY toss the line under the bus

    This is nothing new. If I remember correctly, Peyton did the same thing once upon a time.