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  1. Can't say I blame him for leaving. PG is too good to be stuck on a team that struggles to make the playoffs in the East. He won't be doing himself any favors though by going to the Lakers. He'll have to contend with San Antonio and Golden State instead of just LeBron now.
  2. Man... It figures. I was really interested in seeing our RB core with him. Oh well.
  3. Oh I know. I just don't take any team lightly anymore.
  4. Last time we played the not very good Rams, they spanked us.
  5. I'm not concerned about the regular season at all. Let Luck heal up completely. No need to rush anything.
  6. Oh I know. And I agree with that part of it. Buffalo just doesn't scream wide receiver paradise though. Of course Alex Smith didn't do him any favors either.
  7. Buffalo doesn't really seem like a dream for a wide receiver.
  8. I think this season we'll see much better performance from the entire offense. I know the oline isn't perfect, but Luck can definitely help them out some with shorter drop backs, dump offs, slants and screens. Hopefully he and the whole staff realize this finally.
  9. I'm cool with this. If he makes the cut, will he be mainly used for kick returns? Or will he actually get rushing attempts?
  10. Hard to say. His last Super Bowl win came with us, and unless we somehow pull off another one this year, or even next (if he's still around) I imagine it'll be a coin toss who he retires with. I'd love it to be with Indy though.
  11. Develop a sense of humor please. Life is much better that way.
  12. Yeah I hope not. I'm just waiting to hear "he's a rolling ball of butcher knives." When that happens I'll lose it.
  13. If I had a child, and he or she wanted to play, then yes I would be all for it. Unless you live in a town that is insane for football like on that Friday Night Tykes show, then honestly I don't think your child runs the risk of any serious injury. I played football up until high school, and the worst injury I ever suffered was from some * that liked to pull on your face mask and cut my face. I think with the right type of coaches and integrity, a lot of injuries can be avoided. I would have zero complaints about my kid playing.
  14. Oh my... Rather it be now than later on I guess.
  15. We better.

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