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  1. Time to look to next season

    I would love to be drafting 3rd. Luck will screw it up. JMO of course.
  2. The Ghost

    Doyle clearly lacks speed, he is a dump off-relief valve TE. Aiken isn't fast or twitchy. Moncrief just isn't the guy. We could use a big, fast WR that demands the ball, and a speed TE. lol
  3. Colts vs Titans predictions

    20-16 Titans
  4. Update on Luck

    From Friday's "not really throwing it, more like just tossing it", to today's news, good for him
  5. ILB's are bad

    Well, he was wise enough to go for a trench guy as we needed somebody. I sure loved the tape of Kareem Hunt too. oh well we got what we got
  6. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    From day 1 if M got a hold of you he had you. Yes he could anchor very well against the best of the big tackles. He was solid in the run game at maintaining contact with the guy in front of him for a decent period. And that is it! ANY movement required and his play goes straight to the ____. Terrible at pulling, the screen game, and at best so so at mixing up your blocking scheme. Need a yard. Nope, not your man against Good players. This is when healthy. I wish the guy the best, put my FB prayers hope we replace him in 2018. Please.
  7. Grades: Week 5 vs Niners

    BUT BUT, many here are saying the the o-line played pretty well. chuckle Just our LUCK our hapless team can't find a way to lose to that hapless team. This IS year SEVEN of MOSTLY bad football. yeehaa GO COLTS
  8. Why isn't Vontae Davis in press man?

    Some thoughtful posts. Speedy receivers are definitely tough on VD. Their is a lot of love here for our speedy. KC has several and are fun to watch. Oh ya, and our speedy Mack the Knife.
  9. Monachino

    Actually not at all. He is a career DB coach. Give him credit, Ed Reed played well under him.
  10. ILB's are bad

    You can definitely build your game plan around Abusing Morrison. Bostic too. At the end of season meeting i could see Chuck still touting Morrison. And Ballard thinking oh my... Good meeting Chuck, and oh BTW ya Your ..... lol
  11. This is Marlon Macks world

    They showed the replays for these people and the bad defense that created the outside space BECOMES, Ballard is a GENIUS, the kid is a Franchise RB. The next Marshall Faulk. NO! It was BAD D. And wise,old, familiar, CSONKA CSONKA CSONKA CSONKA Mercury Morris MM, CSONKA CSONKA .... MM It STILL WORKS. Yes, if his health holds up, a few more touches are in order.
  12. PFF Analysis of Colts Performance

    Lucky is definitely a work in progress. He is totally mediocre making quick decisions and making quick accurate passes in the short game. So many don't like the play calling, well to ____ bad, it is designed for his strengths. And yes, it really is that simple.
  13. Gotta love the AFC South

    So True. No team could come up with the $18M he is owed next season, or the $21M for 2019.
  14. Colts vs 49ers predictions

    20-13 SF
  15. Roster Moves 10/3 (Merge)

    oh boy I'm all for going for draft position, so i can't get enough of Morrison.