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  1. What the Colts have and still need on D

    Each of those guys has played a lot of very solid FB this season. And could all contribute nicely to a very solid front seven in a 4-3. Sheard - age 28 6'2" 255 rushes pretty well and can hold the edge, lacks some discipline- most players do these days Simon age 27 6'1" 250 a starting strong side lb in a 4-3 and situational pass rusher. He could be solid. Hankins age 25 6'2" 325 is playing a stout tackle in 3-4 and 4-2 yes replace him in certain pass situations Al Woods age 30 6'4" 330 also playing well. I see him as a rotational backup, and can play beside Hankins some and in short yardage. Grover Stewart will compete for PT. Anderson age 26 6'6" 300 Henry was just starting to kick ___ again. Bummer. Henry Could be a good rotational tackle. Maybe one of the 3rd and long inside rusher. He is decent at that. Have doubts about him long term. I am far from counting out Basham from working into Sheards spot. BIGGER and a worker. Mingo is a FA. He has situational value. i expect they will look in FA at him or his better. The CRUX of it. We have to add a Quality 4-3 3-4 rush end. Chubb looks just fine to me. Arden Key, Celine Farrell. Demarcus Lawrence. Ballard will be looking for a TOP long term prospect in this draft. Few would disagree. And i will root for whoever he is able to come up with. lol We would have to add a DT that can pressure the QB. A starter quality. We need one now anyway. Yip, we need 2 QUALITY lb's that can tackle and cover in our 4-2. What is new. Will we add all the players you and i would want this off season. Not a chance imo. To many other needs. Another draft beyond this one will only help a lot. jmo ALSO JMO, Ballard will be wise and thrifty in FA. Would he pay up for a couple younger healthy fits now. I would think so. Yes a guard. A CB. Maybe that pressuring DT. But this is more than a 1 yr build to become a SB contender. jmo So all in all i like these players you are concerned about. Well this was fun for me or i wouldn't have done it. colts 3-13
  2. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    Here let me make it easy. We have tall thin guards that are poor at run blocking. FIRE them NOW. If you can't run well between the guards, defenses can over play the outsides So, if they don't fear your run game, Guess What, they don't respect Play Action. Well then, it all goes down hill from there. NEXT Our QB gets almost immediately flushed constantly. Yip, FIRE those guards and RT MUST GET FIXED. Play calling? Of course 2 and 3 step drops are great. You think Doyle can get open that fast regularly in man to man coverage? Be honest. If you don't hold on to the ball he is gonna get you 6-7 yards most often. In 3rd and 8+ he is IFFY. I like Jack, he just has limitations. Moncrief just isn't a quick slant, hands catcher. So FIRE him. Hilton. If he can't beat you with speed... He gets roughly 40% of his yards each season from 4 games. And absolutely this season is bad, but he has about 60% of his yards in 3 games, Cleve, SF, Houston, and 3 of his 4 td's. UGH And yes he can get a couple quick hit catches a game. And he breaks one now and then. But he is NOTHING like Marvin at beating guys at the line and bursting into a quick slant or an out. Follow the int's on his such routes. He doesn't have the quick cut ability. How often in his CAREER have you seen him make a sudden stop and cutback to make a guy miss him? He doesn't do it because his feet slide out from under him most every time. Yes he gets lots of yards because LUCKY holds onto the ball a few hundred ? times a season looking for him to get open downfield. Sorry, i would take a more complete player before him to build a passing game. JMO that it begins with 2 good guards and the ANSWER at RT. Then, equal parts better receivers and play caller. Not asking much.
  3. Ross Travis

    This kind of speed, we are desperate for it. He was doing Moncriefs job. A speed player like that and a quality in line blocker and you have something.
  4. Did you go Braindead? sarcastic, satiric, ironic, sardonic mean marked by bitterness and a power or will to cut or sting. sarcastic implies an intentional inflicting of pain by deriding, taunting, or ridiculing. You see, i believe there are a number of Elite prospects in the 2018 draft. And at least one at Every position of need. That is why i mocked, to my best, the Draft Downer position. Get a ____ grip. I still ____ you man. COLTS 3-13
  5. Nope not a one. Were screwed. A totally wasted off season coming. And next season will be awful too after Not so LUCKY chooses to retire just after training camp starts rather than play behind our newest sh___ Oline.
  6. Starting CBs

    I'm really glad we still have 3 to play. Several younguns i will be watching and cheering on. This is great experience for them. go 3-13
  7. Vontae Davis still not signed

    Your knowledge of the needs of All of the team is Extremely Impressive.
  8. So watch some tape. I ask you to look with a critical eye. What is his athleticism? Suddenness, quickness, speed? Strength. Power, Endurance Mental alertness/FB IQ And come back a week later and watch again to confirm your thoughts. Now, how do you feel his not yet finished developed skills will affect a game over 60 minutes.
  9. Pagano's Monday Presser.....

    Sorry, but you are giving him credit for Ballard's job.
  10. Contract projection for Jack Mewhort

    The one thing he was rather good at was anchoring, controlling, the player directly in front of him. That is all. And because he is so tall and light weight he had poor leverage. Thus no wonder his knees are trash from anchoring this way. Quite useless to pull or trap. And also useless in the screen game. Just way to ____ slow. He would be a crazy resign, at any price, if healthy. jmo
  11. Contract projection for Jack Mewhort

    As a backup, game day active player he would require being able to play a 2nd position. So you see him as a tackle or center?
  12. Do The Colts Need Another TE?

    We don't have a decent in-line blocking TE, Doyle is weak at it, and we don't have a fleet TE. So of course Ballard will look to solidify the position.
  13. Best Way to Describe the 2017 Colts

    That was my response to the MOD's header. Best way to describe this season. How long is this gonna take to heal? Hey, i'm still pumped. 3-13 baby And watching film on the next potential Colts. yeehaaaa
  14. LUCKY looked like a dang knucklehead running off the field the last game last year. Kind of like he was mocking our mediocrity. What a treat to see a blizzard game. That great feeling of Victory for some. i was ready to hurl myself. Then a big Victory for us that care about our future. BRAVO
  15. Best Way to Describe the 2017 Colts

    How long is this gonna take to heal?