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  1. Hankins and Jets Trade

    You people just don't have a Clue. How could Ballard have missed this?
  2. Hankins Released

    So you would have gotten a 4th for him if nothing else, and Ballard couldn't get even a 5th, 6th, or 7th. I know the light will never come on.
  3. Orlando Scandrick

    He could be taking up a spot of a late round or udfa that we could develop for our future. Seems counter productive to the mission.
  4. Pouncey?

    We don't have to worry about this bad idea.
  5. Do the Colts have to spend most of cap?

    That would be 89% of the 4 year average of the cap. If we come under that, we make up the difference to the players association and they distribute it to the members. Yes have two more years to get up 2 that %. Cleveland came into this FA with over $100M. They saved their $$$, got high draft picks to build their roster, and are now starting to add FA talent. They have amazing draft picks and still have plenty of $$ to add more Quality FA next year. That is the same thing Jax has done and what we MUST do. Pray for the #1 draft pick next season.
  6. Hankins Released

    We have Woods, and Grover to develop for our Heavy tackle play. Hankins needs replaced by a player with more athleticism, one that can penetrate. Our new # 49 pick is just about right for a couple of interesting prospects that should be sitting there. And maybe Ridgeway is ready for more snaps.
  7. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Unless we were going to play Jensen at center he was never coming here. A smoke screen.
  8. Irsay and Ballard have a plan to add Quality FA in 2019-2020 to fill positions of need. Is this still hard to figure out? Great 2 year plan.
  9. Pugh to Cards

    More good news.
  10. WR Ryan Grant to visit Colts

    They would rather have Crabtree so lol. Good hands, decent route runner, a little twitchy. lacks speed and has smaller cajones. We must have been the next highest bidder so Frank and staff must think he can fit a purpose. I would expect his guaranteed $$$ to be in year one.
  11. Cornerback

    The good news is that it is a good draft for our corner needs. Locking in on the cheap and developing a good prospect for 4-5 years is a Great plan. Paying Melvin $10M while we are starting over would be stupid. Desir is a good fit for going for a high draft pick in 2019.
  12. Colts Oline

    Good plan Jensen is a Center Mewhort is terrible Fluker is at best a slower, fat guard. So, hopefully NO.
  13. Chris Ballard’s Moneyball (BallardBall)

    What we are seeing is a mirror of the correct approach that Grigson said he would do to start the rebuild. Unfortunately, Grigson's young, ascending guys failed to improve. Was it the coaching? His guys didn't do much after leaving here so probably not. Grigson also got it stuck to him by being in the pathetic AFC South and getting all those easy wins. Coming from behind 9 times in the 4th quarter against those terrible teams his 1st season was actually a longer term disaster. He didn't get a chance to rebuild through the draft. We need a bigger sample from CB. I believe he will have us well stocked for the 2020 season.
  14. Pondering Ballard's Draft Philosophy

    Irsay and Ballard want to draft early in 2019. It is the Best way to build a roster. it really is that simple. Then they will have boat loads of $$$ to keep worthy FA and sign very good players to fill the cracks. Why is this Simple plan so hard to understand? Oh... when you have Homers wanting to re-sign a slowhort, a Mongrief, ....yeah, ok.
  15. Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    He has to nail every draft. This will be the easiest one he will have. Unless i get my wish and he successfully guides us to the 1st pick next year, and then adds a couple YOUNG Blue Chip FA's next year. Then it is game on. THIS, should be his plan.