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  1. None taken, I was joking. I do hope he goes somewhere and does well though. He seems like a good guy, terrible luck on the field.
  2. He will be picked up by NE, make the Pro Bowl, and win Superbowl MVP.
  3. I hope that means they're signing someone. Wish Jones would've worked out but these things happen.
  4. Guessing a rookie will get Mathis' old number, that's going to be weird.
  5. Green just is not ready. Green needs to improve a lot. Hopefully he'll be ready sooner than later.
  6. Hankins apparently wants more than $10m a year. that's a lot of $$$
  7. Unless you think you have a legit shot at a SuperBowl I don't understand the one year deal for a team. It makes sense for Atlanta, none for Indy. Long term or nothing for me.
  8. Take the Poe offer to Hankins.
  9. He's getting $8 million, he'll be okay. It seems most teams set up contracts so that they can get out of them after a year anyway.
  10. Not sounding good for Jones and Parry either.
  11. Yeah, I don't think he's going to be employed much longer. I think this signing signals the end of his time in Indy.
  12. If I'm David Perry I'm not answering my phone today, in fact I'm turning it off and throwing it in the toilet.
  13. I prefer Dio Sabbath to Ozzie Sabbath, mainly because I love Dio. also realky dig Motorhead.
  14. Saw that coming. I'm okay with that, did not want him going to Pittsburgh. Not a fan of the Steelers. ( or Patriots haha, I don't have to deal with Pats fans in real life.)
  15. They have a lot of cap space so I'm guessing he signs there.

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