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  1. McDaniels Contract?

    Confirmed, Colts are going to the NIT next year! if this McDaniels thing works out the Colts might mess around and get an invite to the NCAA tournament. *fingers crossed*
  2. He's not Brad Wells bad, but he's not far off.
  3. I’d hope the Colts have a few backup plans. I’d be shocked if Ballard doesn’t.
  4. If my life were a pie chart the Colts would represent less than 1% of it, I don’t care who the coach is, you asked for something, you got it, you didn’t like it, I don’t care. Move along.
  5. You what know my favorite thing about visiting Baltimore is? Leaving Baltimore.
  6. definitely the kinds of two-faces snakes I’d sign up to work for.
  7. I think the snafu with Malarkey makes Tennessee look bad. Whether that matters or not remains to be seen.
  8. Everything else you’ve posted is nonsensical insanely opinions though. I get it’s a forum, but you have to throw in facts in an argument every once in awhile.
  9. Fisher to the Titans confirmed! In other knews widespread looting, panic, and fires break out in Nashville.
  10. When in a debate it really helps to use facts and not rely on opinions and conspiracy theories. Use facts if you want to be taken more seriously.
  11. No one knows that for sure. He could be a great hire or a terrible hire, problem is it’s between him, Vrabel, and an unknown.
  12. Would be great if the Titans ended up with Fisher again.
  13. “Sources” He’s either Brad Wells or one of his disciples.