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  1. Every time I visit Orlando for vacation I spend the following weeks searching for jobs down there.
  2. I'd say LAR 5-11, LAC 7-9.
  3. No offense to anyone who lives in Indiana but, I'd rather live in California than the Midwest. I live in Va and it's too cold for me here.
  4. I dont disagree.
  5. Eh my crappy dad was around and while I resent him, I myself am a good father. That's not saying that I didn't/don't still have issues associated with that though. Also many kids don't grow up fine. It's very hard to comprehend why you were robbed of a stable and decent childhood.
  6. I imagine his daughter will grow up hating him, which is a very unfortunate hand to be dealt.
  7. There is nothing I'm going to be able to say or do that will make this better, but I am so sorry and hope you can heal and find inner strength and peace. I'm very happy that you were able to meet and love her. Sorround yourself with loved ones and memories of the time you had.
  8. James Hetfield. Yeah-uh!
  9. Thankfully we have an ignore function for that brood.
  10. Holder said it was "unlikely" never said it wouldn't happen.
  11. Continue not caring.
  12. Ugh, Gilbert Gardner...I'd rather rinse my mouth out in the toilet than think of that guy again.
  13. None taken, I was joking. I do hope he goes somewhere and does well though. He seems like a good guy, terrible luck on the field.
  14. He will be picked up by NE, make the Pro Bowl, and win Superbowl MVP.
  15. I hope that means they're signing someone. Wish Jones would've worked out but these things happen.

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