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  1. Colts send Good to IR, sign Spence

    Morrison hyperextended his elbow.
  2. Feel sorry for the team when Pagano breaks out the Irsay standee.
  3. Rick Venturi On JMV 9-11-2017

    Brissett doesn't need to know the whole playbook, he just needs to know enough to manage a game. Tolzien can't do any of that.
  4. So.....why not Kaepernick again???

    Kap is definitely better than Tolzien and Brissett, he should've been signed in June, but he wasn't. He won't get signed by the Colts and that's bogus, but it is what it is. Just my opinion, and if you agree or disagree that's cool.
  5. Wide Receivers

    Active Roster Kamar Aiken Phillip Dorsett Ty Hilton Donte Moncrief Chester Rogers Practice Squad Tevaun Smith Trey Griffey Bug Howard I wouldn't be shocked if Dorsett is traded, but I don't think it's likely. As an ACC fan I'm pulling for Bug Howard even though I cannot stand UNC.
  6. ugj, triple post...sorry...
  7. double post, mods could you please delete?
  8. I didn't cut him, nor am I upset that he was cut. You asked for an example and you got one.
  9. I mean read the Stampede Blue article, it mentions specific instances from the Jets game.
  10. That still wouldn't explain their lack of awareness.
  11. Thomas Hennessey from Duke.
  12. They were weary after the past two seasons.
  13. I've found that most of the "fans" on Colts social media are six beers short of a six pack.
  14. that's exactly how it should be too.