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  1. Starting to hate TD celebrations

    Nah. I like seeing that guys are still having fun out there amidst all this anthem drama.
  2. I bet Von wishes Brady was the quarterback of his team lol.
  3. AFC South title: Jaguars or Titans?

    Well he’s still a rookie. None of us expected him to come out and play like Brady immediately. He still should’ve been the starter from the beginning in my opinion.
  4. AFC South title: Jaguars or Titans?

    Watson has been stellar all season. Clearly he already knew the playbook by week one, and even if he didn’t good coaches can find ways to simplify things for the rookie. Yates has been in this system before and I don’t know how O’Brien got through a week of practice and thought Savage gave this team the best chance to win. Hell, maybe he did. But they signed Yates again for a reason, I’m sure.
  5. AFC South title: Jaguars or Titans?

    Yeah, they could. I still don’t trust them though, even with how well they’re doing. I guess we’ll see. A lot of football left to be played.
  6. It’s actually baffling, considering how well they performed last season. Meanwhile, the Jaguars of all teams are thriving under Coughlin’s leadership and eye for talent. I still don’t know why the Giants let him go.
  7. AFC South title: Jaguars or Titans?

    I was thinking about that too. But these are the same guys who had Savage penciled in as the starter over Watson week one so who knows what their reasoning is.
  8. AFC South title: Jaguars or Titans?

    That remains to be seen. Savage was atrocious today though no doubt.
  9. AFC South title: Jaguars or Titans?

    They won with Brock last year. They’ll be fine with TJ Yates, who’s helped guide them to a division title before.
  10. Oh yeah, I loved Keenum when he was in Houston. A hometown hero. But if it’s between he and Teddy then Teddy will give you the best chance to win no doubt. He needs to knock off the rust anyway.
  11. Update: Watson tore ACL

    Thanks NF. You’re right. I’m incredibly grateful for the WS win no doubt. As far as Deshaun goes, I’m sure he will pick up right back where he left off next year.
  12. Awesome! So Teddy is gonna start?
  13. Yeah all these non-contact devastating injuries are mind-boggling. And this happens literally the day after Houston finally wins the World Series. The Texans are cursed.
  14. Update: Watson tore ACL

    The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. This is terrible.
  15. Thank you! I went out last night and could feel the triumph in the air. It’s been a long time coming!