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  1. Maybe he'll send you guys Myles Garrett for Dorsett
  2. That's terrible. Mitch could be a good QB, but his selection has the Bears looking silly.
  3. Of course There will still be people talking about the PED but I think she's ready and eager to shut them up.
  4. Miller had a fantastic season. Hopkins' production obviously declined bc of Brock. The offense as a whole is going to suffer when the QB is in over his head and getting into shouting matches with the HC. But Deshaun isn't Brock. I love what we did to get him. He's been said by many to be the best QB in this draft, and the Texans got him at #12. No complaints from me. Like you said, we'll see what happens.
  5. Maybe not. As exciting as it would be to see the new guy on the field, I'd rather he be completely ready to face NFL defenses before getting thrown to the wolves. Hopefully Savage can hold down the fort until OB decides that the time is right.
  6. Cool. Now he gets to play in the NFL for the next 15 years. No way he catches the hang of snapping from under center in that time span, right?
  7. Thanks. I'm liking it too now. Andrew has some other young guns to compete with for best QB in the South now! It's about time lol. I like the way things are trending now.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, about 60 percent of offensive plays started out of the shotgun formation in 2016. Every new player in the league has things to learn.
  9. It's a strange situation. Maybe they're following the Broncos blueprint to have the rookie sit and let the other guy show what he can do first. If it doesn't work, trade away Glennon to a team like the Browns. Otherwise, I'm not sure what Chicago's FO is getting at.
  10. Yeah just a little bit
  11. No doubt. This is also the first time he's had a guy like Watson under center to work with. His skill set should add another dimension to the playbook.
  12. O'Brien got to the playoffs with dudes like Hoyer and Brock under center. Deshaun will be terrific.
  13. Thanks bro! You know I gotta stick my head in when it's draft time
  14. True, but he's supposed to be a free agent soon if I'm not mistaken. KC is looking ahead to the future.
  15. Yeah in my personal mock I had the 49ers taking Mitch second overall. I guess the Bears thought the same and decided to act. Even though they already have Glennon....

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