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  1. That has yet to be determined.
  2. ESPN and NFL network would not like any pick the Colts made. The Colts in their eyes are the ones responsible for turning in Brady.
  3. Gruder just needs to do what he does best. Just light up like a Christmas tree whenever there is a camera within 50 feet.
  4. He plays one of the hardest position in the NFL so he will struggle at times just like most rookies, but with time I think he will prove all doubters wrong.
  5. True for sure. I really don't get caught up in the draft because I don't have all the inside information the GMs are privy to. I just try to look at the whole draft when it's over and keep an ear open to what the GMs and coaches have to say why they were drafted. After than it's a wait and see game. My opinion means absolutely nothing to Ballard and his staff.
  6. The complainers will come out no matter who is drafted #15 because it won't match their opinion on who should have been taken. It's always been that way and it's not going to change.
  7. What, an Ancient Alien ? I believe so.
  8. It s a shame to see ESPN turn into a totally unwatchable channel. They used to be the best sports network in the business but have changed their format into total nonsense. They have turned most of their shows into point counter point argumentative drivel. It's not about reporting sports anymore. It's all about face time and who can come up with the next catchy phrase.
  9. IMO he is done. It's been forever since he has had an impact on any game.
  10. Having draft picks that start from day one is very unusual outside the RB position.
  11. I have read every post up to yours and it seems you have some sort of comprehension problem.
  12. I really don't think there is a lot of teams that are that serious about signing AP. IMO The general consensus is he is done but no one wants to come out and say it.

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