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  1. I don't understand why there are so many who are surprised at anything Ballard has done or hasn't done. He is doing exactly what he said he was going to do. He said he wasn't going to over spend for free agents and he was building through the draft. He hasn't varied from what he said he was going to do. If anyone expected this team to be competitive enough this year then they are delusional. We don't even know how the coaching staff is going to do or if they are the right ones for the jobs. Everyone wanted a new coaching staff, well we have one now and it's a wait and see thing now. There is no high dollar free agent that is going to get us wins. Signing a free agent is the least of our problems at this time.
  2. Serious Question Regarding Ballard.

    Irsay is not going to fire Ballard no matter what is done in this up coming draft. With a whole new coaching staff it's just not going to happen. Irsay, like the rest of us are just going to wait it out. Making 25 threads of over reactions is not going to change anything.
  3. Serious Question Regarding Ballard.

  4. CB Phillip Gaines to visit Colts

    Horse dung.
  5. CB Phillip Gaines to visit Colts

    Jennings was not a fit in the Colts defense when he was here.
  6. OK, looks like we're drafting Nelson ...

    Castonzo over rated? That has been said but yet has been debunked time and time again.
  7. Jensen to Bucs

    I was drafted on March 23, 1972 right here in the US. Less than a year later they stopped the draft.
  8. Jensen to Bucs

    That all depends on what your outlook of what a gang is. Yes I was in a gang. Not the type of gangs like the Bloods or the Crips but a gang just the same. All the boys growing up in my neighborhood were in gangs. We were involved in small thefts shoplifting and some small time vandalism. We never had guns but we did have knives, chains and baseball bats. We never terrorized people except other neighborhood gangs. Murderers come from all walks of life including your neighborhood bankers or policemen. The biggest reason most of the friends I grew up with either died or ended up in prison were drugs. My only point I was trying to make is not everyone can be judged on what they did as kids or teenagers. I got out of that type of lifestyle when I was drafted into the Army. There I learned self control and discipline. I never looked back but I have been to a few funerals of old friends. More for their families than the loss of an old friend.
  9. Jensen to Bucs

    I used to hang out with someone I called a friend who ended up being a murderer. Matter of fact his son was convicted of murder as well. 60 or 70% of the guys I grew up with are either dead or in prison. Because I associated with them should I be shunned?
  10. An 11 million dollar increase for 53 players don't amount to that much. That only averages one good players salary.
  11. Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    There is always a small amount of turnover season tickets. You have to get on a waiting list to obtain those tickets that were not renewed. The top of the waiting list gets their pick of the best seats. Like I said, yes there are season tickets available but most of them are single seats. I listed the areas where there are two seats together in an earlier post. If you want to fork out the big bucks for the good seats that is possible. We will see how many black outs there are before knowing how many seats are actually available.
  12. Maybe people need to look at the threads already started and not start another thread saying the same thing? Blaming it on the mods when it's the members that cant read what is already there is pointing a finger at the wrong ones.
  13. Your crystal ball only tells you want you want to hear. Look at it differently and it may look different.
  14. Naturally we all want the Colts to win and be competitive. But we have to face the reality of what is going on right now. Getting Luck back on the field might just fire up the competitive nature of the whole team. Getting your leader back can make a difference. I agree with your comment about the description of what was being said about the Colts in Luck's rookie year. I have seen stranger things happen.