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  1. #1-Moe #2-Curly #3-Larry #4-Shemp
  2. This may not be a bad signing of a project player. Nobody really knows so it will be interesting to watch.
  3. Some get mad if their opinioned player is not picked then spend a lot of time trying to tell everyone they were right. That is until the player picked turn out a good pick then it's never mentioned.
  4. Justin Snow was a great long snapper. Any 11 year Colt player deserves some kudos.
  5. I stay with the chicken parm.
  6. While James was special Dickerson was the most talented. A coin toss apart to me.
  7. When Ballard didn't draft them directly why should there be attention to Peters and Hill? Every team in the league hits and misses so there is no drama here.
  8. No one is questioning your point of view. No where did I say you were wrong. I explained my point of view but you seem to be the one who has a problem with mine. I already ask you to please let it go but no, you still want to try impose your point over mine. If you feel the need to be right consider yourself right. It makes no difference to me.
  9. Too much for you? I suggest you give Jim Irsay a call and get him on the right path.
  10. It makes no difference. At the time the picks used on the O-line was a very needy position. That was obvious. There was a couple of decent players taken at that time. Did all work out? No. That is the point that Grigson was on his way down. He is not longer here. If Lamp is taken at #15 it does not set a pattern of anything. You are arguing an issue that has exactly zero to do with each other. 1-Luck is in a sling. 2-Luck is one season away from a season long injury. 3- We are near the bottom of the league in rushing. 4-Keeping Luck on the field increases the chances of winning with any backup QB on the roster at this time. These are the reason I think Lamp wouldn't be the wrong pick if taken. If Ballard goes in a different direction I have no problem with that if the player can start from day one. You are making an issue with me that has no bearing nor is an issue because Ballard will make his pick and not give the past a thought.
  11. We have use exactly one #1 pick on the O-line with Kelly. You act like we have used numerous # 1 picks so I don't get your exaggeration.
  12. Dude, please give it a break. The last time I checked all teams pick guys on the 1st AND 2nd day of the draft. Now you are making less sense trying to explain something that pretty much any NFL fan already knows.
  13. Dallas was the #1 seed in the NFC. They lost on a FG to a hot Green Bay team. Throwing Romo ( an injury prone QB) to say their QBs get as injured as Luck makes no sense. If my point of view needs explaining any farther I have no doubt this IS a waist of time.
  14. This thread needs a quick death.

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