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  1. If I had to pick one of these four to omit it would have to be Jackson. While Smith holds the yardage record I am not too sure he would hold it has Sanders didn't retire early. I must say that Sanders and Sweetness got their yards on teams that really didn't have good O-lines at all.
  2. Here is your answer- Off to ignore for you. I am tired of your argumentative ways, See ya.
  3. You never answered my question either. Why do you care what my opinion is? Why does it bother you so much?
  4. Nobody is trying to force anything. That's the point with you. Just because I don't agree with your opinion and state that you think I am trying to force you into changing your mind. I don't care one way of another. You bait yourself by getting all bent out of shape over a difference of opinion. Then you threaten me with your going to unload on me?? Like I said, there is an ignore switch if all you can do is let all this become personal. I have no clue why you even care what my opinion is. When you make comments in an open forum you are subject for responses and comments. It's part of it and letting it get personal serves no purpose.
  5. No leverage? I don't need none. He is the head coach. Just because you and a few others don't like Pagano does not mean everybody agrees with you. It has already been established the players like playing for Pagano, Irsay likes him and even Ballard has nothing but good things to say about him. The facts speak for themselves and for you to ignore them is on you. Yes you did have a couple of positive things to say but only by ending with a negative that is way too premature to call. I don't have a crystal ball but neither do you.
  6. I agree. In reality with all the new players that will be on the roster it will take some time to play as a unit. I'm afraid those who are expecting a division crown and a deep playoff run are just setting themselves up for disappointment. We may still be a draft away from building a team that can be competitive with the other top teams. With that said there will still be those that if a division crown and a playoff run don't happen they will want someone fired and heads to roll.
  7. So what? Why do you care? If it bothers you that much there is such a thing as an ignore. You think by throwing a threat at me that you are going to unload on me really matters to me? Go right on ahead and show your color.
  8. Unload on me?? That would be fitting coming from you it seems.
  9. Just how do you know that Ballard isn't happy with Pagano? Just because you are not doesn't mean he his. This taking for granted that Pagano is gone after this season is way too premature and you sound like a broken record. Maybe it would be a good idea to wait and see before you draw conclusions?
  10. Putting an exact time on when he will throw and join his teammates in scrimmage is impossible. After a surgery like he had the healing time is different for everyone who has had it done. Why the media and anyone else talks to him feels the need to needle him for a specific date is rude IMO. It would be hard to even be around the media if it were me. I think Andrew is handling it pretty well. Pagano can just deflect the Andrew questions to the doctors and they don't have to talk to the media.
  11. An improved D-line and a strong pass rush with some sacks would help more than anything. Having some decent depth would be a vast improvement over what we had last year. We were so banged up last season it was not funny.
  12. Your explanation reminds me of Dan Fouts and how he worked that offense. The sad part of the Chargers back then was similar to the Colts in the lack of defense just put more pressure on the offense to score more. There were times when Dan Fouts looked like a surgeon.
  13. Getting a running game that needed attention from the defenses we face would also help IMO. Hopefully the combination of Gore and Mack with an improved O-line can at least get us to the middle of the league.
  14. Only thing I can think of is the commemorative marker that sits on Alabama and Market streets downtown Indy where Elvis Presley played his last concert at Market Square Arena on June 26, 1977.
  15. I always keep a couple of foils in my tackle box to have for night fishing. It's an old trick my family has been using for a very long time.

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