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  1. One thing is the player has to be cleared by the doctors and medical staff before they can play. I think where the gray area might be is the time he is released till the time he plays could be the player pushing himself too much to get in the action. (if that makes sense)
  2. Nice work TK, Thanks.
  3. Every team in the NFL has a few game where they get their butts kicked during the season. That is the NFL. You hand pick every negative thing and then disregard anything positive to try to make Chuck look bad to satisfy yourself. You lay in waiting to tell the whole forum "I TOLD YOU SO !" I am sorry to be the one to tell you this but you look at the Colts and Pagano with a narrow mind because of your inability to see the whole picture. A couple? I guess the wins over Seattle, Denver, Kansas City and San Francisco add up to more than a couple. That is exactly what I mean with you. You exaggerate way too much to try to make your point. Everything I have said has been backed up by facts. Your 'facts' are backed up by exaggerations. You can't be taken serious when you spout off without some true facts backing your argument up. You have crossed the line of debate and now have reverted to arguing. I am done with you.
  4. Funny you can dismiss Pagano's win over the 49ers when they were great. You can dismiss the wins over the Bronco's with Peyton Manning as their QB. One win was when the Bronco's were undefeated. You can also dismiss the win over Seattle. Just dismiss the win over the Chiefs in the playoffs. So what you said about Pagano never beating a great team is wrong, Dead wrong.
  5. IMO this last pre season game showed nothing. The was no game plan because the purpose of the game was to look at bubble players and rookies. The coaching staff needs the tape of all these type of players so they can determine who stays and who goes. There is no team in the NFL that can be judged on pre season games. Last week the Jags beat the Pats. Somehow I don't think the Pats fans are too worried about the Pats and what they did or didn't do in pre season. Why should we?
  6. Why do you over react? Now you are putting your own twist into what I said. No where did I say Tomlin was scrub but all you want to do is be argumentative with adding fuel to your own fire.
  7. Cowher took 14 years to win a super bowl and then Tomlin stepped in and won one with a Cowher built team. Using the Steeler coaches as an example is not a good example not when 4 of those super bowls come from Noll. Take Noll's record out and the Steelers record with super bowls is not that impressive from then on.
  8. It's just luck of the draw. There is no explanation. It sucks for our team but injuries hit every team, we just don't notice as much.
  9. It was more sarcasm than insult.
  10. No problem my friend. I myself have misread a few times and my reaction was exactly what you said.
  11. It was a response to another post. It was suggested that Luck should sit if Kelly is not going to start. Please re read and I am sure you will understand my comment.
  12. The play would have worked had the ball not got snapped. That one mistake was the difference between a bonehead play to a brilliant play. Even Belichick said the play called was a great play had it been executed right.
  13. If Luck is ready it will make no difference who the center is. Luck increases the chance of winning and Ballard and or Pagano are not going to sit him if has cleared medical. You can't babysit or sit him to protect him. If it does come down to that hopefully Luck will protect himself as best as he can.
  14. All you are doing is making an issue over the way things are for the Colts and just about every team in the NFL. Players are paid to play their best. If it's not good enough they lose their jobs. This 'tanking' or 'sucking for Luck' is horse dung. Fans want to see the team doing their best and wherever they end up is the way it is. IMO it is pure nonsense for me to fork over any money to a team that don't play their best. If any player don't give their best effort I don't want them on the team. Respectfully I think you are making an issue where the issue is reality in the NFL.
  15. You still don't get what I am saying. The bottom line is it is not the position a GM picks. It is the players taken. If there is a player you want higher then trade up. If there is not a player a GM thinks will contribute at that pick, trade down. It has worked for the best GMs in the league and is not changing. Another key is signing the right free agent when one becomes available. No GM in the league can snap their finger and find the players needed to fill all their spots. Those that can do better than another GM will always be at the top. There are only 32 positions for GMs. There is only 10 to 15 GMs in the league that can continue to make it work and even those odds go down over time.

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