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  1. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    It's more about the bad history of ex Patriot coaches who have left the Patriots and have never lived up to the hype.
  2. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    Could that be because 95% of those people listen to the media?
  3. Anytime a new head coach is hired it is a big gamble. Right now a new head coach is at the mercy of how well Ballard drafts and what free agents he hires. Throw in the fact of all new coordinators and it is a recipe for disaster, greatness or just plain average. That is why I have an issue with firing Pagano. He has proved he can coach with the right players and talent regardless of what some think. None of us are experts in what it takes to be a head coach for the NFL. We have opinions but all those can be changed after what some media hack writes. Do we go with an unexperienced head coach? Do we go the retread route? Do we put our future with someone who has some success but ended up being fired over his coaching decisions? (is that any different than Pagano?) As it stands right now none of us have a clue. I do know one thing. No matter who is hired there will be a backlash from those who didn't get "their man" hired. This season has brought out the pure haters to the point they forgot the NFL is designed to be what it is. This 'I want it my way and I want it now' attitude is an epidemic and has taken the fanatic to the extreme. It has brought normally good fans to the point of hating on those who have different opinions or point of views. You are 100% correct. It's envy with a capital E.
  4. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    Still stalking me I see.
  5. So far I have seen no one calling Mack our bell cow. Those who have the knowledge understands his roll and he is not considered a lead back. If he can learn to block he could be our next Addai. If he can't learn to block we will see less of him with another lead runner getting more reps.
  6. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    And just what does that have to do with Irsay. I am pretty sure something said to you was by a person who knew you. This was said as an insult. Big difference.
  7. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    Why do you feel the need to insult the owner of the Colts? Does it make you think you are better than him or something? Or is it easy for you to insult someone who you know won't respond to your asinine comments?
  8. Ross Travis

    I agree. I do apologize for my part in the pile of nonsense. It's hard not to reply to someone who stalks you and then watches your every comment just to insult you.
  9. Ross Travis

    Tear down the Wall.
  10. Ross Travis

    Like I said. You may attempt to insult me all you care to. For that to bother me I would have to care what you think. You are sadly mistaken if you think I give a rats --- what you think.
  11. Your point? I already talked this over with NCF and explained what I thought. He corrected me but I guess you didn't catch that. Is this really worth making an issue out of it to you?
  12. Ross Travis

    Your attempt at insulting me about my age just shows who you are. Live with it.
  13. Ross Travis

    I guess you don't understand what different dialects means? Your attempt to have the last word shows a kink in your personality.
  14. Ross Travis

    No problem at all. No need to be sorry for something you thought was right. It happens to all of us from time to time. Language and all of it's quirks is hard to grasp and be perfect.
  15. New England (-3) at Pittsburgh (12-17-17)

    Should have spiked the ball and tied it up with a FG.