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  1. Wow!
  2. 4th and goal at the 1 - 360 lbs sounds like it could be a good thing.
  3. He is a large man at 360 lbs. Dont know much about him. Any houghts?
  4. Free agent - Not a big name guy but seems to be a consistent work horse with good run stopping and pass rush skills. Could be a good fit opposite a more premier pass rusher. Anyone thoughts on him?
  5. If released now, it is more cap $ available to sign free agents.
  6. Got it, thanks. We will save $1 mil to cut after June 1. Unfortunately won't have the extra $5 mil now though.
  7. With his injury history, him turning 31 and a $7.2 million salary cap hit, doesn't make sense to me that he hasn't been released. Any thoughts?
  8. That is quite a display of pessimism directed toward two rookies, both of whom played hard for us all season and flashed some talent. SMH!
  9. But who will replace him will hopefully be bigger news.
  10. A lot of respect for Jim Irsay. Makes tough decisions, not the popular ones. He knows more about running a football organization than everyone here combined will ever know. He is an owner that has always wanted to win (not just make money). His decisions, while maybe not what the fans and media would have decided, I believe are based solely on making the Colts great. I am looking forward to a great offense season of free agency and draft and a winning 2017. Love this team and where we are going!
  11. I am with you. Finish strong, add a few higher end free agents, have another solid draft - with a full year under the belt of the current coaching staff - go into the 2017 season with great optimism.
  12. Many of his throws were not accurate and his throwing motion didn't seem normal. Appeared to me as though he is injured.
  13. Read somewhere that they stay at the Hyatt in Jersey City. Anyone have other info on that? I happen to be meeting people at the lounge at that hotel tonight so curious if they will be in the building. Go Green Bay! Go Colts!
  14. Will be there as well. Hopeful we can come out of it with a win and make the following game against Houston very imoortant.

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