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  1. Colts Working Out Multiple QB's Per Report

    Signing any FA QB besides Kaep is embarrassing. Kaep or bust!
  2. Gruden

    How do you know he'd want "way too much control"? You're just making an assumption. He might be perfectly happy with Ballard.
  3. Gruden

    Irsay needs to give this man a blank check after the season.
  4. Jim Harbaugh

  5. Who will be the next HC of the Indianapolis Colts?

    Gruden or bust!
  6. So.....why not Kaepernick again???

    Of course we should sign Kaep and good riddance to those who would stop being fans because of it.
  7. Unless we're tanking, there is zero reason not to sign Kaep. None. I've lost all respect for Irsay and Ballard not having done this already. The time is now.
  8. Could Colts be interested in Osweiler?

  9. Could Colts be interested in Osweiler?

  10. Could Colts be interested in Osweiler?

    He wasn't expecting to be blacklisted, so I would guess significantly less.
  11. Could Colts be interested in Osweiler?

    I will never be more ashamed to be a Colts fan if we sign Osweiler over Kaep. That's insulting and disgraceful.
  12. Already tired of Pagano

    Prediction: Jon Gruden will be HC next season.
  13. Already tired of Pagano

  14. Sign Kap to backup Luck?

    Tolzien, as expected, is a complete disaster. Sign Kaep now!