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  1. I'm telling you, Smith and Nelson have solidified our line for the next 10 years. Smith is a beast and we all know what we got in Nelson Finally 12 will stay upright and we'll have running lanes
  2. IndyD4U


    But... But... We need playmakers And I've never heard of these guys! Whaaa
  3. IndyD4U

    Quenton Nelson Press Conference

    Pilot: "We've reached altitude and we've started our descend"
  4. IndyD4U

    Quenton Nelson Press Conference

    Man, they should at least have a highlight film playing or something
  5. IndyD4U

    Who’s our #2

    Give me Landry and Guice back-to-back
  6. Kelly has a meanness to him as well. Nelson, Kelly, Mewhort can be a nasty presence on the inside. Get excited Colts Nation
  7. Now, now... Let's not get logical. Nelson is the pick we needed! Love it.
  8. IndyD4U

    Luck will not be throwing at minicamp

    Yes, they've said this for a while now.
  9. IndyD4U

    ESPN having fun with different trade scenarios

    Fans in Indy would burn down the W 56th St complex if they did that
  10. IndyD4U

    Colts Pro Day

    Put me in coach. I'm every bit of 6'1" and a legit 250lb.
  11. IndyD4U

    Colts Forged TBH, not really liking any of them
  12. Because Ballard plans on trading down. Wouldn't surprise me if he has a few offers on the table and he's holding out until draft day when the value increases and he can get more for #6
  13. IndyD4U

    Colts Sign CB Acker

    His number in San Fran were decent. He'll get an opportunity here
  14. IndyD4U

    Colts Forged

    Me no likey Looks hodgepodge
  15. IndyD4U

    Incognito retires

    Without a doubt this plays into Buffalo's draft strategy now. Big blow for them