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  1. Boom. There you have it. Is Chris Ballard awesome again?
  2. No we haven't and no we don't. Patience
  3. Quincy Wilson #1?

    Love the confidence. That's a big part of being a CB
  4. Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    Fake news. Talking heads doing what they do. Does anyone not remember the Polian Era? And a follow up to that; does anyone remember Grigson's dream team? We're fine
  5. I caught that too! lol, and I was going to troll the heck out of it before you rained on my parade ;)
  6. It seems to just get crazier and crazier around here. Shout-out to the moderation team for keeping the board reined in. (See what I did there?) Keep up the good work. Still the best board in the NFL
  7. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    I'm all for it. Someone that can step in for Kelly if need be and a quality guard. If Bond comes back healthy, we could have some solidity forming assuming we'll draft Oline too
  8. Lighten up. It was meant to be funny. And what's even funnier is that I am a borderline millennial. But I appreciate you "telling me" what I should or shouldn't be doing. I'm sure this works out well for you sometimes
  9. It's funny that you got offended. Back to your regularly scheduled program
  10. Teams still asking wrong questions at the Combine....

    I don't get the point of these questions. It's 2018, he can like unicorns and want to marry a goat for all I care.