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  1. Well I'm a Colts fan, so...
  2. Let's go Colts!!
  3. No. No it wasn't, but you can imagine what it'd been like if it was right? Lol. 10hr days at work with newborn at home = inability to recall past accurately. My apologies
  4. That was also under Bruce.
  5. big week all around!
  6. I'm fine with that being the reason. Anything that got him out of Indy.
  7. I agree 100%. I actually like Doyle over either Fleener or Allen
  8. I bet they wish they would have traded him when they had suitors. Unless of course this would have made the trade void.
  9. well don't be giving any spoilers to us that can't watch it until Sunday morning lol
  10. He's had good and bad plays like any rookie. But to me he's been pretty solid. The best thing you can hear about an O-lineman is nothing.
  11. But I agree with the positive outlook on the potential of this team. But there are always different ways to look at an outcome. Pessimistic, optimistic, and realist. But facts are facts. We didn't have to lose that game. The offense played really well after the first few dud drives. In excited about the potential of the offense and hope we can get healthy on defense before we fall too far behind to win division. I am however not thrilled with the ceiling I fear Pagano may put on the team. Either way, it's only been one game. GO COLTS!!
  12. I don't believe he was questioning you as a fan, but the way it infers that those upset about the babe are not 'real' Colts fans.

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