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  1. When you have a HC called Bellicheck, a QB named Brady, and a TE called Gronk, you can appear to be a genius of an OC. When you have a QB called Bortles and you are able to make a Superbowl, as a OC you ARE a genius
  2. Unlikely that we will have a HC after this weekend--if Pats lose, would you really want a HC who can't lead that Offence past a team QB by Blake Bortles
  3. How about Nathaniel Hackett--any OC who can make Blake Bortles look like a superstar has to be a genious
  4. Bears to Hire Nagy

    I do like David Shaw from Stanford. I see that the Panthers sacked Shula today--and to think that 3 years ago he was the greatest OC ever
  5. Would it be that bad if he were able to replicate the Patriots' system here?
  6. Why Saquon Barkley should be our 2nd or third pick

    A lot will depend on the FAs we secure during the off-season. Nelson or Chubb would be my options at this stage. I still think our greatest need is to protect our Franchise QB, so if the O-line is not addressed via FA, we pick Nelson
  7. Why Saquon Barkley should be our 2nd or third pick

    Trade down, pick OL with first pick and try and get Bryce Love in the 2nd rd
  8. I wonder if David Shaw will get an interview
  9. 16-23 L to Ravens

    It's OK to say trade back with a QB needy team, but how many of those teams have enough picks to give adequate compensation? As for today's game, I thought the guys played really well and were coached well. Despite all the negative comments here every week, the Colts are just a few players short of being a competitive team. The much maligned O-line were pretty solid today with Brissett having plenty of time to find players--unfortunately our receivers were unable to get free
  10. Quincy Wilson played well

    You guys are kidding--the kids a rookie and you expect him to play like a pro-bowler
  11. Teams That Did & Did Not Show In 2017

    Add to that list: Cowboys without Elliot = Bad
  12. Ballards Potentially toughest off season decision

    We need a good backup--why the heck would you even consider trading Brissett
  13. Brissett 1 Mistake

    Big Ben turned the ball over on the 2nd possession of the game--does anyone seriously think he is not one of the all-time greats?
  14. Ryan Kelly

    I thought the right side of the O-line was an area of weakness. I don't understand everyone death riding Castanzo--he's not the best LT in the eague, but he's a long way from being the worst. I'd be looking to draft Nelson to play RG next season.
  15. I draw a comparison with a guy here in Australia. Billy Slater has been one of the top 2 or 3 Rugby League players here for several years. Due to a shoulder injury requiring surgery he missed out on playing for 2 years. There were a couple of false alarms that he was ready to return to the field, but it never happened. Once he finally did return to playing it was like he had never been away--in fact he was probably a better player. I certainly hope Andrew doesn't need another year to get his shoulder right, but if he does, patience will be required by everyone. The important thing is for him to get his shoulder 100%.