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  1. crestmount

    ESPN having fun with different trade scenarios

    I wonder if there is a possibility that the Jets trade pick #3 for Foles
  2. Sorry for delaying everything guys. I'm currently on sick leave following major spinal surgery so I slept in--also discovered that when you spill coffee on your laptop it doesn't work too well for a while. Meeks was the guy I was going to pick anyway, so that's all good.
  3. With the 46th pick, the Bengals pick: Lorenzo Carter, Georgia EDGE
  4. crestmount

    Colts Sign CB Acker

    The vast majority of guys signed in the first couple of days of FA were 'Camp Bodies' also--some with mind blowing salaries
  5. crestmount

    Quenton Nelson

    I'd have the card in before the guy picked #5 can even get off the stage
  6. chad72 I have sent you a pm with my pick options--time zone differences mean that I am 14 hrs ahead of you guys, so no guarantee I will be around when my pick comes up
  7. I can see 3 QBs, Barkley and Chubb going in the first 5 picks, leaving Nelson as a no-brainer. As far as him not being an impact player--every game that goes by with Andrew Luck not being put on his butt is an impact
  8. crestmount

    Trade Down Mock

    For a start, Rosen will go in the first 5 along with Darnold and Allen. Buffalo will be trying to trade with the Giants or Broncos--maybe it's time for Colts' fans to get used to the idea that we will pick at #6
  9. crestmount

    Mel Kiper: Colts & Dolphins in deep discussion of trade

    All this talk about trading down to get extra pick sounds good in theory, but when do you get to the point when you say 'we have to pick'. I would rather get the potential all-pro who is still available than trade out to get a few guys who may or may not be starters. If Nelson or Chubb are still available at 6, we have to take 1 of them--the gap between Chubb and the next DE is probably greater than between Nelson and the next OG, so I would probably take Chubb in that scenario (although I am seriously a fan of Nelson).
  10. crestmount

    Colts host CB Kenneth Acker

    Yet, apart from a small number of guys, none of the FAs available were players you could class as game-changers. And those who were will well priced out of our market anyway.
  11. crestmount

    Ravens sign RG Knee

    I've always thought RG3 was a good quality player ruined by a serious injury, and impatient management. Don't forget that he did get ROTY before going down with a bad ACL. Because Washington had paid the world to get him, they rushed him back well before he was ready. If they had just let him sit out the season ala Luck he could still be their starting QB.
  12. If Nelson is there you pick him, regardless of who else is available. Protection for Luck still has to be the No. 1 priority.
  13. crestmount

    The OL

    So, who are these mysterious proven, young elite free agents?
  14. crestmount

    Trade down again and take McGlinchy

    If Nelson or Chubb are available you take one of them