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  1. Or Pete Carroll in the last seconds of a Superbowl
  2. Doesn't matter who your OC is if the receivers can't catch the ball. One of the worst teams in the comp for dropping the ball--I realise that some of the catches are difficult, but these guys should be able to hold onto the ball a lot better than they are
  3. Just as pitiful as Russell Wilson in a Superbowl
  4. The defense is just a few good Linebackers short of being pretty good. Our DB group is improving with Vontae and Geathers setting the tone. Green has his detractors, but he is still a rookie, and the silly things he does will gradually get ironed out. And when healthy, the DL is showing positive signs--Perry and Ridgeway are solid, while a fit Anderson is one of the better guys in the League (he was a candidate for DROY before his injury last season). We need to draft some pass rush next season--the view amongst many was that last years' crop of pass rush guys was not great, with much better prospects this season
  5. The receivers, and Tight Ends did well
  6. Andrew was terrific, although a little slow to start. What eventually cost us was the slow start both sides of the ball, the run game was average at best, and the fact that you can't win without any DB left standing.
  7. A few months before the draft I read an article on where an NFL Scout stated that he pitied any team desperate for a QB in this draft. Suddenly, just prior to the draft, we find that there were 2 'Franchise QBs' in the draft--Goff and Wentz. In reality, the QB who might be the 'one' from this draft could end up being Prescott
  8. If either of them were going to be fired, it should have been immediately last season finished. As it wasn't done then, it is absurd to do it now after 1 game into the season. If things look bleak at the half way point of the season, make the decision.
  9. Just got back home from the game--a great time. Cal just way too good. Walking out the stadium and the first thing I see is a guy wearing a Trent Richardson Colts jumper--Had a quiet chuckle to myself
  10. I realise that it is used a lot in society, yet if you want to play in the NFL you have to abide by the NFL's rules
  11. Well, they do, so if a player is smoking he's an *
  12. OK, so Hawaii are pretty ordinary, but at least they did win today, we finally get a game down here.
  13. So, did Andrew meet him at the airport?
  14. Oh for goodness sake get over it. Long term the decision to let Peyton go was the correct one. Peyton was, and is still, a great player, but he's career will come to an end in the next couple of years. Andrew will be a great player for at least another 10-15 years. It's time some of you moved on--Andrew Luck will be the next 'all time great QB' and in 10 yrs time I'd rather him wearing a Colts jumper, than tearing holes through the Colts' defence

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