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  1. 2017 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Week 3

    How you missed our back to back SB's (55&56) is beyond me.
  2. Frank Gores future

    He's probably got better chips than us. And a nicer couch. But I agree with the rest..
  3. So true sadly. All you need is internet access to spread something stupid that people will run with.
  4. Quincy Wilson. Great Playing, Bad Luck??

    He'll DEFINITELY get better judging strictly on his early play. He's always at least in position to make a play. It'll come, just gotta give him sometime. I'd be way more worried if he looked totally clueless like TJ Green does at times.
  5. This is becoming like the twilight zone..
  6. Beth Mowins

    She usually does announcing for espn. Women's softball, low level college football games like Vermont vs Maine type thing. I agree though I don't like her voice in terms of broadcasting.
  7. Makes me miss how Polian or Dungy wouldn't deal with any conceived nonsense. Produce as a pro and no nonsense or you go find a new team. I think it's the fact we have no Reggie/Peyton type players anymore honestly. They demanded performance and team leadership.
  8. Browns predictions

    So much for our easy schedule we kept hearing about. We're gonna win a FG fest I think 9-6. Maybe pitch a shutout at 3-0 ...
  9. No idea why I never have access to Indystar articles? I don't care if TY comes off as rude as long as he produces honestly. I'm assuming the article is saying it's a situation of the inmates running the asylum. I could see that with Chuck.
  10. Possible Luck Update

    Without any info, I can understand Jim taking it slow with his 100M+ investment. I can't blame him. Sucks for us fans, but totally understand because of what he means to Indy's future.
  11. Hilton and Moncrief

    Just looked him up, from FLA went to school in NC. Could just be a mellow fellow from the south?? At least he won't panic is my feeling. Doesn't freak out and run if he feels pressure. He's definitely 'chill'.
  12. Malik hooker's first int

    Definitely liked Quincy as well. Growing pains aside, he looks like he can play with the big boys, nice to see. Not like the smurfs we've had over the years. Ballard wants guys like Berry in terms of size. Long and rangy. Was happy about their efforts today.
  13. Hilton and Moncrief

    Could be familiarity as well. TY definitely gets the benefit of the doubt from me honestly. I agree though in general, he was solid, not great.
  14. Hilton and Moncrief

    In his defense it's probably brutal to be a wr with bad QB'ing going on. Moncrief looks timid and looks way more iffy to me. I'd bet if Luck came back next week guaranteed he'd have 100 yds.
  15. Hilton and Moncrief

    Moncrief is definitely playing himself off our team for next year. Or at a minimum, he's looking way less expensive then he might have been. At his size he should be way more then a complimentary WR. I think TY is more pacing himself. Kind of going at 75% until he has to be the TY we know.