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  1. Broke into Lucas Oil last year on a Saturday so I'd be there early for the Sunday game. Only cost a screwdriver.. They got a little worked up over it, but whatever...
  2. Obviously rooting for the guy, but there'll be plenty of competition come training camp so if he doesn't pull his own weight, one of the many new WRs will gladly take his job. No sweat.
  3. Smoked a cig with Diamond Jim one. I got a chuckle when during the draft coverage he was hitting his vape pen in the war room. Anyone catch that when they showed him?
  4. We'll be fine. I'm not sweating a LS being let go.
  5. I'd bet he had an idea though. Highly doubt he's shocked.
  6. If Basham could give us anything it would be gold. Our pass rush is a total unknown.
  7. Nfl.com had an article somewhere calling him the #1 of 10 later round gems they wrote about. Can't find the article honestly. I'm hopeful only because we've had really late rd and udfa types of backs here for a while now. He's gotta be a little better than the guys we've brought in over the years since Addai.
  8. Stud? C'mon man...serviceable, yes, but he's not untouchable. He's not tied to this regime. Knee injuries after age 30 are usually a death sentence in the nfl. I'm not saying he's gone, but to say he's in and Parry is gone as a definite is wrong. Parry could be valuable depth, he should never have been relied on like he has. That's not his fault being overplayed.
  9. Parry I wouldn't assume is a goner. He has played in every game and doesn't get injured, regardless of what you may think of him. Langford is far from safe as well. New regime and he's no spring chicken coming off an injury. Just remember, days before the draft some would have bet their house some guys would be gone in the first round...you get my point. Parry isn't great, but he's always available and Langford is old and far from a stud who's un-cuttable.
  10. I mean 2016 was what 31st?....I can't see how it can get much worse... To me, I can clearly see how Ballard envisions a D...big, long, rangy athletes who can do several things and who will be flexible when game plans have to be changed up according to who we're playing. You can see it also in the guys he brought in through free agency. I'd be ecstatic if he can get us in say the 15-22 range on D. Looking strictly on paper I think these guys can do that (the drafted and fa guys).
  11. I won't complain about young big guys drafted. The other option is not addressing the line early and relying on udfa's or guys who bounce around the league. Keep drafting D line Ballard, it'll pay off.
  12. I didn't think espn had any viewers this year...heard that Wingo guy for a minute and haven't tuned in since.
  13. They did trade..it's on the nfl tracker
  14. We're so accustomed to a slow defense honestly, it'll be great when we see this kid pick off a pass or 10 during the year. Tired of the crap we've trotted out the past few years. Let's get faster and stronger guys in here with actual high potential.

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