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  1. Now that it's the non homer time of year where everyone sticks up for anything Colts we can clearly say our LB core was absolute trash. Like several levels below bad. I know I hated Monachino last year, but he clearly had nothing to work with. The level below what we had was gathering a group of us to play lb last year.
  2. Better players have walked from their teams so it's definitely possible. He has all the tools, but he seems to not play up to his abilities it seems for whatever reason. Essentially the type of guy who could dominate, but doesn't. He also doesn't seem to have that connection with Luck like TY and Doyle did so quickly. Hopefully Aiken being here maybe lights a fire and DM becomes the player we think he can be FULL TIME. If he's pedestrian or average this year, I can easily see us letting him walk.
  3. #BringbackGrigs
  4. 3 pages in and not one chopping Woods reference? If he's cut is it cutting Woods or will Woods even be allowed to chop Wood?
  5. His first few drafts were ok, he's gotta do better this year...oh wait...
  6. Yes and no. We did lose out on any wiggle room we had for mistakes. If Grigs had been doing his job, this roster should by now have been pretty set for a 4-5 year run of success. If by chance Ballard isn't very good and we struggle, yes we will have wasted Luck's talents. More like Jim will have wasted AL as he's the guy hiring these coaches and GM's.
  7. Utility linemen like Reitz was at G/T. This guy is a utility guy at G/C. Utility signing, nothing more. I said he's not a T. In all fairness, it's debatable if Reitz was even playing T last year. He wasn't very good last year.
  8. Fat dudes that can move are rare.
  9. We got screwed and lost the first quarter of Lucks career because Grigs (and Pags as well, but that's a different topic) screwed the roster. We had a chance before Luck got paid, but his drafts have put us here. This team isn't beating the top afc/nfc teams with a couple guys. Need to draft a lot of guys.
  10. It's an absolute (almost fully) gut job. I think some folks are hoping we went all in this year, but this had to be done. We just aren't a championship team. This is definitely a 2+ year plan.
  11. He's a JAG, but we gotta fill the roster.
  12. This guy kind of replaces Reitz as a utility OL. Doesn't play T, but still a guy who can play almost anywhere on the line.
  13. With competent people drafting you can get 3 solid players. Can easily get 3 future starters.
  14. It needed to be done honestly. There were guys who were old by nfl standards at key positions. Need some young fast ilb's to stuff the run and chase down backs and te's were desperately needed. Throw in some young pass rushers and the team is heading in the right direction. Was getting tired of guys like DQ 5 yards behind his guy in the open field. We have to get younger and faster to compete.

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