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  1. So true. The other sports, for me personally, don't do much. Here's to hopefully having #12 healthy and feeling good this season.
  2. Lol..exactly what I said WOW...wait what?? Here's a quick sample of it I found.. This will undoubtedly get fans to lose there minds on a play where we get robbed, you'll get to see the robbery from every angle
  3. Agreed on Peyton doing more with less then any other GOAT candidate. Without repeating everything OP wrote, Brady literally had the stars line up for his greatness. Kind of reminds me of Jeter in baseball. Undoubtedly they're both great players, but I'd love to see history if Brady goes to the Bucs or Jets and Jeter goes to the Astros or Totals. I'd bet good money they aren't the guys we praise today. Peyton I think would have been great anywhere. He did come to the worst team (us) and made us a legit nfl team after just being a run of the mill team for years.
  4. I think this is a case of us being REALLY careful with his rehab. I get it though, that's a lot of money tied up and he's literally our future. They've left the fans and media in the dark with this injury though.
  5. Thanks for that. Shows you how lucky we were to have him.
  6. Colin Cowherd? That * is still around?? Just watch the games and don't watch or listen to these 'experts'... I stopped around 10 years ago and what a smart move it was for my brain.
  7. So true..I'd double like this if I could.. Sadly, it's our favorite team up in NE that has caused this to happen and reporters and critics have now made it the norm. Tommy could end with 9 rings and would probably still be thought of as better QB then a guy who wins 5,6 or 7 rings and went undefeated in each SB season. You'd still hear...yeah but Tommy had 9..
  8. That's my logic as well. Teams can also go from garbage to competitive pretty quickly so even if a move or two don't workout you can still recover. And at worst, Irsay can try to buy a team for a year or two to win one with Luck before it has to be blown up when Luck retires so we are still in the SAFE range of he doesn't get hurt of course.
  9. We're doomed. Polian, do something.. I'd say at a minimum we're at a point where if this rebuild/GM doesn't work, we can start getting nervous that we might not win one with Luck. Could still happen even when he's older because good QBs keep teams competitive. I think Ballard is going to be the guy to get us into a Colts renaissance, simply looking at the teams he's been with and their philosophies (Chi/Kc...solid D franchise's almost yearly).
  10. Without thanking everyone of @TKnight24 posts I say thanks for constantly posting these kind of updates in various threads you make.
  11. Love it. He looks like he'll be a solid coach/mentor for us. No harm in having a guy with 100+ sacks around who all the young players know. It isn't like a guy who was great 20 years ago who players can't relate to. I'm sure some of these young pass rushers used Mathis playing video games in high school and college.
  12. Only game from the Luck era still on the DVR...
  13. Broke into Lucas Oil last year on a Saturday so I'd be there early for the Sunday game. Only cost a screwdriver.. They got a little worked up over it, but whatever...
  14. Obviously rooting for the guy, but there'll be plenty of competition come training camp so if he doesn't pull his own weight, one of the many new WRs will gladly take his job. No sweat.

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