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  1. I do remember how let down I was with the Al Capone vault. He opened it and found a couple glass bottles. That's all I remember about that special . I also don't buy an easier schedule based on a teams record the year before means anything as well. I just hope the D could get into the 15-20 range. That would be a world better then 30 something like last year.
  2. I'd say 8-8 on the low end, 10-6 on the high end.
  3. Off they draft a QB with bpa...I'm thinking Andrew is hurtin'...
  4. Although it means nothing. I'm ok with it.
  5. I'll need receipts for that one though. We seem to be their beach....
  6. Actually lold..
  7. We usually don't can coaches so we'd have to be like 1-6 or 7 before I'd see Jim canning Pags.
  8. Agreed and I'm on the fire Pags wagon. If they get anything resembling a pass rush we could and should see 3-0 against those QBs.
  9. Better not lose to Cleveland is my early thought on this schedule. 2 very winnable early games with Goff and a nearly retired Palmer.
  10. Agreed..nothing to crazy travel wise and the bye after week 10...
  11. 2 of the final 4 could be snow games. Help them in the playoffs if they have to travel.
  12. Honestly never cared. Let's get this schedule released already. Odds are everything is going through ne as per usual so some cold messy games wouldn't be the worst thing ever.
  13. Pagano could go 8-8 for the next 5 years and people will still say he doesn't have a losing record. True, but doesn't mean he's good. He'll sink or swim this year anyway so we'll have to wait and see. I hope Ballard brings in his own guy after this year.
  14. Making the PO's would be huge. Winning the south would be an even bigger accomplishment, especially considering we cleaned a lot of the house, so to speak.

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