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  1. Sick of Gregg Doyel

    Sick of someone who doesn't matter? Not really.
  2. I Won't turn on McVisor until he gives me reason to. I'm slightly glad Ballard didn't try to do what many failed GM's have done in the past and just hire guys from his old team, he didn't try to make us the Indianapolis Chiefs. Looking at McD's resume, he's a coaches kid and been around football forever. Hopefully it all comes together in Indy for him, and us fans of course.
  3. Jim Irsay & The Interview Process

    What??? Big Jim does still care about the Colts. Only right he gets a shout out. Getting the top coaching candidate.
  4. As long as he doesn't wear a hoody indoors I'm good...
  5. Having those 6 automatic wins isn't there anymore. The Colts have to finally become an all around better team. That's been a long time coming honestly.
  6. It's called getting older and not knowing wth people are talking about..lol. I joke....
  7. As long as we play actual defense, I'm good.
  8. Do we know anything yet on if he wants roster control or player selection preferences?? Not sure how that affects Ballard's job duties.
  9. So we might finally be able to learn how to perform a screen pass or a little dump off??
  10. Man I read the last 5 pages quick to find out...nothing..
  11. May as well hire Mularkey since we apparently will have a one armed QB. Won't make a difference now.
  12. As long as they have a solid plan for the D McD will have our O rolling I think. I'm more worried about who they have in mind for the D.
  13. New Orleans (+5) at Minnesota (1-15-18)

    I will never feel bad for the saints. I lol'd on that play.
  14. Jacksonville (+7) at Pittsburgh (1-14-18)

    Refs gotta make sure we get ne/pitt