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  1. IinD

    My theory on luck situation.

    This is a fail of internet usage.
  2. Gonna be fun when he bombs it out the first time.. Even if it's incomplete... ...
  3. IinD

    Culture Change

    Yeah, he should just shut up. It's not like he's Megatron or whatnot. How would he know what an organization feels like? He came from a nobody school and wasn't even drafted.
  4. One huge advantage the new WR's have is access to a Mr Reggie Wayne. Best hands ever and top route runner off all time. That can't be understated. He also hasn't been out of the league for long where these kids can't relate to him. They've seen him play. I'm excited about Reggie mentoring and teaching these guys.
  5. IinD

    Surprise Camp Cuts

    I could definitely see Turbin as well. Not because he's terrible or anything. If the numbers get tight on who to keep I could see a short yardage/goal line back getting the axe.
  6. IinD

    Let's Make Some Predictions!

    4-12 AFC South champs..
  7. IinD

    Doesn't It Feel Wonderful?

    I think it's because the previous regime stomped on our chickens we're excited... lol
  8. IinD

    Doesn't It Feel Wonderful?

    Definitely have hope now. Our squad deteriorated at the end of the last regime. Hoping Ballard hits on these picks. Reich I'm digging early on. Kind of has some Dungy chillness about him.
  9. IinD

    Elite OLine

    Our fanbase/forum won't lose its mind if they allow a sack or two a game.. Q.Nelson's first sack he'll be a bust around here.. lol.. sarcasm off..
  10. IinD

    Guarantees for the Colts signed UDFAs

    Sucks in the sense you've probably gotta get that resume ready though in a few months. I actually once worked with a guy in a similar situation. Went to camp with Buffalo and didn't even make it to camp. Still cool though, but you get the point. Stinks because they're against huge odds.
  11. IinD

    Guarantees for the Colts signed UDFAs

    Although money is money, what a small chunk of change for these guys with potential for serious physical health damage. Must suck seeing guys get millions and you're getting pennies compared to them.
  12. IinD

    Guarantees for the Colts signed UDFAs

    That was one of those that's so bad, but still makes you laugh.
  13. IinD

    Ranked #32 -- I love it

    How can you be worse then a team that didn't win once and will be starting a rookie next year? Ehh, whatever, these things don't matter anyway. It's the annoying post draft time of year. NOTHING to talk about now until July.