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  1. Hankins Released

    Poor Andrew, has to go through an entire gut job. This'll definitely be a multi year thing. I guess it's ok because at least for me personally, I have zero playoff or even winning expectations now.
  2. Could be a rough season in general, but we aren't going to be gifted any South wins for the next few seasons.
  3. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    I think the fanbase is honestly torn. We either have a secret plan in place during this offseason, or things simply aren't going our way behind the scenes (ie: we're being a bit cheap or guys just don't want to come here right now). We want these guys to come here. They'd make us better, but it simply isn't happening for whatever reason right now.
  4. I trust Ballard, I really do...

    Agree on him having no room for much error in this draft. It strangely feels like year one of a new GM's tenure in some ways. It's like Irsay said, purge the roster and do what you gotta do to set up the next 3-4 years now that the old coach is gone..that's only conjecture on my part. Ballard is in a weird spot now to in terms of the media as well. If the oline is garbage and Luck is running for his life all year, they'll say 'See Ballard couldn't get McDaniels, couldn't get any FA's, can't protect Luck etc etc...the fans will then turn on him quickly.. Just random thoughts..
  5. Quincy Wilson #1?

    I'd say he is simply because their isn't anyone left...lol
  6. Colts Oline

    I'm hoping it looks better then that come September. Let's hope.
  7. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Step 5: Miss out on said free agent we were pursuing, then fans say, oh well, he wasn't that good anyway, I didn't want him...lol
  8. I agree with your post a few posts down. As of right now of course, we can't predict past today, slow steady improvement will be tough, and that means a high hit percentage on drafted guys. I'm just concerned because when you (all Colts fans, not saying that's you fyi) take off the homer glasses, we literally have holes EVERYWHERE more or less...RB, WR, TE (Swoop is no savior), CB, LB, OL (Plural), DE... That's a lot, flat out, regardless of who your GM is.
  9. Gonna be a long and agonising off season. I just hope we look better then a bottom 5 team which we look like right now when training camp starts.
  10. This guy doesn't move the needle for me. Meh...sounds like a non factor.
  11. I read he's been throwing luggage with those throwing coaches in California. It's the step after bowling balls and right before nfl football's.
  12. A buddy of mine (Chargers fan) said he was glad when he was off the team. Said he's a slow plodder. I'm not a fan of his in general. Looks like one of those slow giant goons.
  13. In fairness, I've never seen a 'sane' nfl fan base. Every board hates their team to some extent.
  14. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    It's probably why there are so many $1 stores in America...lol Also people forget the cap keeps going up. It'll be a bargain in a few years. Guards in FA will probably be pushing high teens, low 20's in the next 4-5 years.