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  1. Gametime...... I Like.....
  2. Well Blame It On Coach, Y`All Blame Everything else On Him.........
  3. Wow... A Sound Mind..... Oh I Forgot A Lot Of Would Be GMs
  4. Unless Theres one That Turns Up In Free Agency.
  5. Don`t Think So ... Players Are Scared To Death Of Him.. ~Cept for Tom Terrific ...Cant Stood Him.. Cheaters
  6. Coaches Don`t Play The Game... Just Get Players To Play.. And Speaking Of Playing Players.. Now How Well They Play, Is Not Up To The Coaches But Up To Their Ability. Some Are Blessed With Ability & Can Play...
  7. Coach Is Well Liked By His Players And Just As Respected By The Coaches & Management
  8. Well Chapman Was A Draft Choice ( If I`m Not Mistaken) however the poster was correct in his assumption that Y`All Need High Draft Choices To Build A GOOD Defence But WE`ll Make Do With What We Have.
  9. That Was NOT The Only Time They Were Cought Cheeting
  10. Best Player.....
  11. They Are Cheaters.... Been Cought A Bunch.
  12. That & They Are Cheaters....
  13. Need A Defensive Draft Next.... All The Picks Except For a RB Who Should Be Taken Early... Don`t Want To Go Into All That Stuff .. Early Is Better, You Get What You Pay For
  14. This Poster Has It Right.... Just Need Time

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