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  1. Colts select Zach Banner, OL, USC (Merge)

    Don`T Care Wheather You Say Big And Sloppy Howevrer Even You Got To Admit He Big Enough To Go Bear Huntin` With A Stick
  3. What would you want from Denver to switch picks?

    What Part Of Defense Are Y`All Having Trouble Grasping... Going Defense On First Round Jeeez...
  4. How would you feel drafting Forrest Lamp 15th overall?

    no no no ! Defense............. Need To Pick Defense First ......... and Keep on Doing it Till We Get It Right
  5. Colts Up Close TV Show

    Gametime...... I Like.....
  6. Wow... A Sound Mind..... Oh I Forgot A Lot Of Would Be GMs
  7. I have been calling for the firing of Grigson and Pagano for two years

    OK Both Of The Above Posters Have Made It Quite Clear How They Feel About The COLTS... Now I Emplore Y`All To Not Only Make The colts Seam Like They Cannot Win .You Both Critsize But Please Say How Y `All Would Fix these Current Troubles That are existing now Y`All Realize That The Players Are Playing For The Coach And That's Important. It Just Gripes Me that People Want Change Without Giving Any Thought To How To Go About It Consider a Change Might Be Worse Than The Present Situation Cannot For The Life Of Me Figure Out How A Coaching Staff Who In The 1st 3 Yrs. of There Tenure Went 11 & 5 And Now All Of A sudden Came Up Stupid And Are Not Winning---- Give It Time.
  8. Wonder which FA the Colts will sign first?

    Anthony Spencer