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  1. Good post......meanwhile I'm over here like:
  2. Dang that would be tough deciding after TY and Moncrief.
  3. If Vinny does well, I can see him getting 1yr contracts from here on out. All the other have to wait and see after this year how they play.
  4. Ryan Kelly not allowing a sack in his rookie year:
  5. Lol, I doubt he's hunting Crow or Game Turtles
  6. Sure do miss that guy and those orange gloves
  7. I agree.....that would be extremely disappointing
  8. This breakdown is extraordinary. Excellent work!! Oh, and MANNING IS THE GREATEST!!! We are so lucky to 1) have had him on the Colts and 2) live in the era to watch him play. Montana had the best player to ever play the game (Rice) to throw it to, and Brady has had prob the greatest coach of all time (Belichick) and actual defenses to help him along. Manning definitely did way more with less throughout his Colts career.
  9. Hey I want everyone to succeed, but there's only so many spots.....and I don't get paid to make those decisions. I'd be happy if Dorsett would learn how to run clean routes (instead of rounding them off) and if TJ Green would give out concussions to someone other than a team mate.
  10. He's gotta be better than Greg Toler.
  11. It sounds like you're suggesting that I want Dorsett to fail, which is not the case. I'm just excited to have a bigger receiver that can use his body against defenders to catch the ball. We need another possession receiver like Reggie. Maybe Aiken is that guy, maybe he's not. Maybe Dorsett makes a huge step forward, maybe he doesn't. Nobody knows.
  12. If the O-line doesn't protect Luck, and (God forbid) he gets hurt again, heads will roll I'm sure.

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