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  1. This is the best breakdown I've heard re. Lucks injury

    That Mike Francesa is hard to listen to. It sounds like he has a bunch of spit in his mouth and needs to swallow or cottonmouth or something. I find it odd that this doctor knows exactly what's wrong, but none of the doctors that are seeing Luck don't know?
  2. last six

    I'm not a fan of tanking, but if the Colts don't win anymore the rest of the year, I surprisingly don't think I would be that upset.
  3. This is what Andrew Luck being in Europe means

    First thing I saw was CHOPPING WOOD and thought I just got rick rolled.
  4. Kyle Kalis

  5. Desir and Hairston

    I hate to say it, but that secondary is looking good w/o Vontae. Now if we can get Hooker back there and Wilson gets his stuff together, we aren't doing to shabby.
  6. What Do We Do With a Top 5 Pick?

    Pass Rush Pass rush pass rush
  7. Assuming the Colts fire Chud next year...

    Kyle Shanahan ain't happening, but that's who I'd like to see. McVay is killing it too. He's made Goff look amazing.
  8. Nate Hairston has been our best rookie draftee

    Hairston is a bamf. Excellent player and excellent find by Ballard.
  9. Allen / Dorsett trades - mid season retrospective

    Liver-eating lol I'll check it out! Thanks boss!
  10. A Torn Labrum Illustration (Ljuck's Injury)

    Trying to throw with that has to hurt. Props to Luck for being tough!
  11. Allen / Dorsett trades - mid season retrospective

    Hahahha that's awesome! That gif works well in so many different situations.
  12. Mingo

    Another good example
  13. Allen / Dorsett trades - mid season retrospective

    Colts won that trade regardless of Andrew Luck.
  14. Allen / Dorsett trades - mid season retrospective

    I'll admit that at first when Ballard traded Dorsett for Brissett I was like: Then after a few weeks my thoughts about what Ballard had just pulled off, I was like: