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  1. lollygagger8

    True or False: Week 2 Edition

    With all the weapons on offense (pass catching RB's, usage of TE's in the passing game) it will be hard for him to do it. I still voted yes because I think those other guys will open up one on ones with TY more so than he's had in the past.
  2. lollygagger8

    Colts OTA’s 5/23/18

    Oh I don't disagree!
  3. lollygagger8

    Mychal Kendricks released

    Sad but true
  4. lollygagger8

    Colts OTA’s 5/23/18

    Swoope and Mewhort hurt again? Must've not stretched before hitting snooze on the alarm clock.
  5. lollygagger8

    Colts OTA’s 5/23/18

    Yeah the word "drops" and "Wide Receiver" aren't two words I like reading in the same sentence.
  6. lollygagger8

    Colts OTA’s 5/23/18

    Man, a lot of people are hyping up the Cain Train.......hope he is half as good as they are making him out to be.
  7. lollygagger8

    Mychal Kendricks released

    He's better than any LB we have now. Bring him in for a look see.
  8. lollygagger8

    Colts OTAs 5/22/2018

    Can we please stop making every single freakin thread about Luck's shoulder!?!?!?!!!?
  9. lollygagger8

    Colts OTAs 5/22/2018

    TKnight with the updates!!!
  10. lollygagger8

    OURLADS projected colts depth chart

    Man, can you imagine if these jokers ran a team? (besides anywhere but straight into the ground)
  11. lollygagger8

    PFF Draft Recap

  12. lollygagger8

    Biggest rookie defensive impact?

    I like outside the box options. Skai Moore is my vote
  13. lollygagger8

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    I like the potential of our CB group now with Desir, Hairston and Wilson. It's the lack of depth we have after them that worries me. If one of those guys got hurt, we'd be in trouble.
  14. lollygagger8

    True or False: Week 1 Edition

    I don't care who it is, as long as they can play.