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    I have two bands. Tested On Animals, and Autovator.

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  1. 2018 Biggest need: Less threads like this
  2. Stampede Blue is awesome. Colts Authority is great, but doesn't get updated that often. Rotoworld is ok....if you like following entire NFL. Indy Star has the worst website of any Colts outlet.
  3. I'd be happy with even a middle of the road defense....that would tremendously help the offense.
  4. Yes Mr. Brandt...yeeeesssss
  5. he does have some great quotes:
  6. Does Vontae just tell them "get prepared for Tom Brady" ? Jk, I love Vontae. If I were a new guy on the team I'd soak up any advice he'd give me in hopes of making me better.
  7. At least he said "on paper" lol
  8. Banner is just a massive unit. Hopefully he also turns into the Hulk when angry
  9. This is a great post, thanks for posting 21isSuperman! "D### it Donald" is one of my favorites as well Oh and the SNL skit:
  10. I think Thornton was more lazy than he was unlucky.

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