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  1. Roll it over. Ballard really has a plan.......and
  2. Lattimore and Humphrey will be gone by our pick, so I'd like Hassan Reddick with our first pick. Foster is good, but his injury history scares me. I'd like to see CB with the 2nd pick. We need one BAD. Everyone says let's trade and move down, but I think every team in the NFL wants to do that with a draft this deep.
  3. I'm still not sure what you are even trying to argue about, but Grigson got fired because he wasn't good at his job.
  4. Tbh, I'm surprised he's still on the team.
  5. What about Grigson's other OL prowess: Grigs FA's on O-Line that I can remember off the top of my head.....: Winston Justice Samson Satele Todd Herremans Donald Thomas Gosder Cherilus Mike McGlynn
  6. I think we'll draft a CB. This draft is deep at that position, and it's definitely a need.
  7. Grumble grumble ribble rabble rawr!!!! Am I doing it right?
  8. Ballard > Grigson Bag of Potatoes > Grigson
  9. Just when I blocked out that Kerry Collins ever played on the Colts.....
  10. Xaaaaaavier Rhoooooooodes.......sigh
  11. You know he likes his chicken fried ....

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