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  1. Linebacker Corps 2002-2011 in 4-3

    I thought I read that Freeman was offered the same/close to the same amount by Indy, but Freeman chose to leave.
  2. Chris Ballard

    I was a Ballard fan before, but after that press conference, I'd follow that dude anywhere.
  3. Ray Ventrone New ST's Coach

  4. Andrew Norwell

    If Colts lose out on the Norwell sweepstakes, James Hurst from the Ravens, and Zach Fulton on the Chiefs are two other guards that would be good to pick up.
  5. Andrew Luck spotted on beach in LA

  6. Ray Ventrone New ST's Coach

    I was joking, sorry. That's from the movie Office Space. Well worth a watch, it's hilarious!
  7. Ray Ventrone New ST's Coach

    You sure it wasn't Mike Judge?
  8. Your Favorite Colts Team and Non-Colts Team?

    Those 2004 Colts are up there as faves. Plus, whoever beats the pats are also my fave
  9. Yup. 4-3 under. Apparently, I'm dyslexic
  10. What realisticly are our expectations for the upcoming season?

    With this coaching staff playing to the player's strengths, we have to be better than last year. I mean......right?
  11. Frank Reich's Staff

    This staff has got me hyped!
  12. Get right Andrew, we need you!