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  1. It's PFF, what'd you expect?
  2. Heck yeah! Plus he said camp is going to be a lot more physical than it has in the past. About time!!
  3. Ballard will have some tough decisions, but I think he'll make the right ones!
  4. Just PLEASE round up Nickleback and take them back!!!!
  5. We have got to win the AFC South..... Right?
  6. sportsline? Never heard of her.
  7. I was excited to read this...... .....until I saw it was Stephen Holder.
  8. Letting Grigson go was addition by subtraction so much, if that chart was a scale, it would've tipped over.
  9. I read this article with the same stat. Interesting read:
  10. Now or never, Dorsett
  11. I was yelling for the team to re-sign Turbin. All Turbo does is produce yards, always falls forwards, scores TD's.....I knew he was good at blocking, but not that good! Love the 2 headed monster of Gorbin!
  12. Man, have you ever seen that movie Frozen?

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