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  1. All of the second round picks go to offense and all of the others are for defense. Also, the Colts sign a player from UAB as a UDFA after the draft.
  2. Rd1#6: A. Tremaine Edmunds OLB VA Tech B. Bradley Chubb DE NC State C. Leighton Vander Esch ILB Boise St Rd2#36: A. Rashaad Penny RB/KR San Diego St B. Isaiah Oliver CB Colorado Rd2#37: A. Courtland Sutton WR SMU B. Dante Pettis WR/KR Washington Rd2#49: A. Austin Corbett OG Nevada B. Tre-Quan Smith WR Central Florida Rd3#67: A. Parry Nickerson CB Tulane B. Braden Smith OG/ROT Auburn Rd4#104: A. Tegray Scales ILB Indiana B. Okoronkwo Ogbonnia DE Oklahoma Rd5#140: A. Quenton Meeks CB Stanford B. Kalen Ballage RB Arizona St Rd6#178: A. Joe Ostman DE Central Michigan B. Skyler Phillips OG/C/OT Idaho St Rd7#221: A. Anthony Winbush DE Ball St B. Michael Joseph CB Dubuque
  3. You can't equate a guard with a pass rusher. Apples and oranges.
  4. I don't see the Giants trading down from #2, because they will want too much and won't settle for what the Bills (or anyone else) will offer. I also don't see the NYG picking Chubb because he is a 4-3 DE and they are switching to a 3-4 defense in 2018. That's one of the reasons why they got rid of JPP. He does not fit their new scheme as an OLB. The Giants also could use Barkley more, especially to team up with Eli. However, rumor has it that they really want Sam Darnold (who is the consensus #1 QB in this draft) and know that Cleveland wants Barkley, but won't pick him first. So in order for the Giants to get Darnold and the Browns to get a QB and Barkley, Cleveland will have to reassure the Giants by picking a QB other than Darnold #1, then Darnold goes to to the NYG #2, the Jets pick a QB at #3 and Barkley goes to the Browns at #4. Then there is the Broncos at #5, who I see as the real wild card. They might pick a QB if the right one is there. They may trade down with the Bills (most likely) so they can get their QB or, worse case scenario for us, they pick Chubb. That's how I see the first 5 picks going down. If Chubb is gone, then we pick either Edmunds or Smith. We won't be able to trade down to 11 or 12, because both of these LBs will be gone by then. However, if CB could settle for someone like LVE, then maybe a trade with the Bills for the 4th best QB would be possible. Whatever happens, we must get quality LBs (more than one), a starting WR opposite TY, a good RB to compliment Mack and one or two O-lineman. Because of what we saw with CB picking Basham last year, I think we may be targeting one or more pass rushers in the latter rounds.
  5. I don't think that Hooker was brought in for an interview last year. We already knew how good he was.
  6. If there is a trade during the draft, your picks are still your picks. So if any of your picks are chosen later or earlier, you can still get points according to the rules. However, if you think that there may be a trade on draft night in a certain round, your extra picks (B's and C in the first round, or your late round picks that are more of a gamble to hit on) can be chosen with a trade in mind. I've seen contestants choose 1st or 2nd round rated players in the 7th round so that they can get points if something crazy like a trade happens early in the draft. The only way you can get "new" picks (and a chance to change all of your picks for that matter) is ONLY when there is a trade involving the Colts BEFORE the draft. If that happens, you must still get all of your picks finalized before the deadline (when the draft actually starts). Remember, you can also change your picks at any time (even if there is not a trade), but again this must be done BEFORE the draft starts. I think that this draft is going to be one of the most wild ones I've ever seen!!
  7. LVE is nothing like Werner, but I was also screaming at the TV that we did not pick Rhodes.
  8. No Arden Key. Otherwise I would be happy with this. Well done.
  9. O.O. will not drop that low and that's the only pick I like.
  10. Dr. T

    Draft implications

    SMOKESCREEN! We are going defense with pick #6.
  11. Dr. T

    Jackson Mock Draft

    LVE, Bryan and R Jones will all be gone in the first round. I would love those second round picks, but they won't be there by the time we choose.
  12. This is a smokescreen. Ward does not fit the new scheme IMHO.
  13. Edmunds has a tendency to take a false step, but Eberflus can teach him otherwise. Smith is great, but only when he stays clean. The opposing offense can scheme to send a guard to the second level and bowl him over. I've seen this on tape. Smith's glaring weakness is his size and coaching can't do much about that.
  14. This is why we are not trading down to #12.
  15. He is on my list for sure! But Shhhhhh!! We don't want anyone else to know!!