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  1. If this were still the Grigson era, the starting linebackers would be the players that were drafted highest or given the biggest free agent contracts. Since it is now the Ballard era, I really believe that competition in preseason will determine the starters.
  2. Does anyone know what the injury was? ACL? Concussion? Broken leg? What?
  3. I am the same. Grew up in NE PA and was a fan of Johnny U as a kid. Stayed a fan even after they left B'More for Indy and will ALWAYS be a Colt fan.
  4. This kid will be given a shot as a kick returner, which he has a lot of experience. If he does well, then who knows?
  5. And the WINNER for the 2017 Dr. T Annual Colts Draft Contest is ...... AZColt11 with a total of 5 points for picking Wilson and Walker Honorable mentions are: Clem-Dog 4 points Horse Shoe Heaven 4 points Smitty46953 4 points ThorstenDenmark 3 points Chad72 3 points Coffeedrinker 3 points NJ Coltfan 3 points chelsea_fc 3 points OffensivelyPC 3 points And a few others with 2 or 1 points. (And me with ZERO points) Too bad losers! AZColt reigns supreme for 2017! Who can knock him off his pedestal in 2018? Come back in one year and find out!
  6. At the end of Day #2, Clem-Dog and Horse Shoe Heaven are tied with 4 points for perfectly picking Quincy Wilson! Others on the board are: ThorstenDenmark 3 points Chad72 3 points AZColt11 3 points BlueStallion 2 points Let's see what happens on Day #3!!
  7. OK! So at the end of Round 1, we all get big fat zeros! Who would have thought that Hooker would fall in our laps? And all of us who picked Foster and Reddick ... yikes. That thing about Foster's shoulder being worse than it was, yeah that was not shared with the fans until tonight. And with Arians being an ex-coach for the Temple Owls we all should have guessed that Reddick would not get past Arizona. Let's see if any of us do better tomorrow. Good night Colts fans!
  8. Got it! Everyone bailing on Conley I see!
  9. Round 1 - #15 A: Reuben Foster, MLB Alabama B: Haason Reddick, MLB/OLB Temple C: Christian McCaffery, RB Stanford Round 2 - #46 A: Tyus Bowser, OLB Houston B: Joe Mixon, RB Oklahoma Round 3 - #80 A: Derek Rivers, OLB/EDGE Youngstown State B: Rasul Douglas, CB West Virginia Round 4 - #122 A: Damontae Kazee, CB San Diego State B: John Johnson, FS Boston College Round 4 - #137 A: Wayne Gallman, RB Clemson B: Jeremy Sprinkle, TE Arkansas Round 4 - #144 A: Jalen Myrick, CB Minnesota B: George Kittle, TE Iowa Round 5 - #158 A: Josh Harvey-Clemons, SS Louisville B: Austin Rehkow, P Idaho Free Agents: 1. Gareon Conley, CB Ohio State 2. Justin Vogel, P Miami 3. Matt Davis, K UNC-Pembroke

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