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  1. Excellent question. If trades happen before the draft, then we usually let everyone start over. But if trades happen during the draft (and that has happened many times), then the picks you made can still count if the Colts pick that person. Unfortunately, you won't get the top points for that person, because that choice would be in the a different round or selection. Here's an example: So let's say you chose Joe Smith as selection A for #158 in the 5th round, but the Colts trade that pick for a fourth rounder and select Joe Smith anyway. You were right, but in the wrong round (or selection). So we already have a contingency for this. Unfortunately, instead of getting 4 points for an A selection at #158, you get 2 points for an A selection that is not #158. Get it?
  2. Bump. The MODs should probably pin this thread so it won't get lost.
  3. I dunno. Last time we picked up a Richardson from another team, it didn't go so well!
  4. Welcome once again to Dr. T’s annual Colts Draft Contest for 2017! With seven choices this year, the rules again needed to be changed. Therefore, contestants will be asked to select an A, B, and C choice for round 1 only and A and B choices for all rounds thereafter. In round one, correctly choosing choice A merits 5 points, while correctly choosing choice B or C instead will merit 4 and 3 points respectively. In the other rounds, correctly picking an A choice in the correct round wins 4 points, while correctly picking a B choice in the correct round merits 3 points. If one of your "A" selections is chosen but in a different round than you predicted, you get 2 points, if one of your "B" selections is chosen in a different round than you predicted, you get 1 point, and if one of your "C" selections is chosen in a different round than you predicted, you get 0.5 points. In addition, you will also get to choose three free agent predictions and will get 0.5 points for any of these that the Colts actually draft. If AND ONLY IF there is no clear winner at the end of the 7 rounds of the draft, the contest will be extended for ALL participants in which everyone will also get one point for each collegiate free agent you predicted will be signed by the Colts after the draft. Make your choices here by listing the round, choice A, B (or C only in round 1), for each round, and 3 free agent choices with the name of the player, position and school. You may also write with each choice a little blurb explaining why you chose that person. Your Colts 18 selections this year are as follows: Round 1 - #15 A, B, C Round 2 - #46 A, B Round 3 - #80 A, B Round 4 - #122 A, B Round 4 - #137 A, B Round 4 - #144 A, B Round 5 - #158 A, B Free Agents: 3 choices Please be a good sport and do not just copy other contestant's selections. You can easily do some research on your own, since plenty of free draft services are available on the web. You can make changes to your selections, but this can only be done before the contest is closed on Thursday at noon CST April 27, 2016, on the first day of the draft. Good luck and let the best GM win!
  5. If all of this FA stuff points to us picking a CB in the first round (instead of an EDGE 3-4 OLB) who would be available and be the best partner for Davis that fits our scheme?
  6. What was the defense at SMU where he went to college? Maybe he has been in the wrong scheme with Cincy and is a better fit as a 3-4 DE.
  7. Looks pretty good to me. Swim move ... bull rush ... http://www.nfl.com/videos/cincinnati-bengals/0ap3000000385901/Margus-Hunt-s-dominant-preseason-Week-4
  8. During preseason he was always a wrecking ball. We could not stop him when he played us. Got multiple sacks against our O-line as I recall.
  9. There is another aspect of that play that no one is talking about. The RB that was supposed to catch the ball was tripped up (held) by one of the Houston players who grabbed him by the foot before the ball was thrown. A penalty should have been called. Look at it again.
  10. Manning for GM and Harbaugh for HC. Let the ranting begin!!
  11. After Allen's 3 TD performance on MNF, he disappoints once again. Tripping over his own feet resulted in the first INT. Then he is asked to block Clowney one-on-one (STUPID) which causes a strip sack in the red zone. Then he has a chance to recover the fumble, but instead of falling on it, he tries to pick it up! I really don't know what else to say ...
  12. Love that belly rub when he makes a play!
  13. wow we all saw that at the same time!
  14. Davis was seen in a CAST so I have heard!!
  15. Maybe he can be a special teams ace. We need someone who can block punts/kicks.

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