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  1. What can a healthy Luck do in Reichs offense?

    Can't wait to see Luck and Mack run that RPO trickery! And my fav play: the flea flicker!!
  2. Official: Nick Sirianni hired as Colts' OC

    Sirianni is known to sometimes be quite animated. Like in Philly, where Reich was the calm good cop and DeFilippo was the screaming bad cop, Sirianni may play the bad cop role here. And maybe he will be just what young Mr. Moncrief needs to get him back on track.
  3. The key is to move down but still get the guy we want. Hints for the tradedown maybe happening is what the Brows do in FA regarding the QB position. If they get Cousins in FA, and the Giants wanted Barkley, the Browns will pick Barkley #1 and the Giants will most likely pick a QB to groom behind Eli at #2 or trade down themselves. If we then trade back to #5 or 6, I fear that the Browns will pick Chubb at #4 and then we have options like: pick Minka Fitz, T Edmunds, R Smith, or try to trade down again ... who knows ?
  4. I am so impressed with the play calls by JM in this game! Trick plays, flea flickers, all kinds of imaginative stuff. Can't wait to see him calling plays here.
  5. Alvin Kamara at one point was a "no name" I suppose. So my point is that there may be good RBs in this draft that can be a complement to Mack, whose last name is not Barkley. It's now up to Ballard and his scouts to find them.
  6. In my opinion, the combo of Ballard and McDaniels would never agree to pick Barkley at #3. Again, Ballard is a moneyball guy and knows that RBs statistically don't have enough value if picked that high. Also, McDaniels prefers offenses with running backs by committee, so we need to find someone to pair with Mack, and that person can be found later in the draft. Remember, Mack is a Ballard pick and showed flashes that he could be something special on his own. As a result, Ballard woud not just chuck Mack to the side for Barkley, who will probably be an every down back. Every down backs get beat up, so that is why the running backs by committee approach keeps the RBs fresh, and that can be important, especially later in a game. I think that Ballard would also consider that picking Barkley at #3 would be a waste of one of his draft picks from last year. So, according to this line of thinking, I could only conclude that Ballard and McDaniels will never pick Barkley at #3. Sorry Barkley fans.
  7. McDaniels Co-Ordinators Lined Up

    I see what you did there ...
  8. Sick of Gregg Doyel

    After the Rats forum, many posters left and joined the "ColtPower" site forum. Anyone remember that?
  9. McDaniels Offense and FA's that could Follow

    I guess they figured that there are already too many running backs coming out this year for the draft. Maybe they will have less competition if they wait and come out next year.
  10. Sick of Gregg Doyel

    Are there any old time posters here who used to refer to the Star as "Rats" (Star in reverse)? At that time, there were no Colts fan forms set up by the team and all we had was the "Rats" online forum!
  11. Sick of Gregg Doyel

    The really hate filled hit piece on McDaniels in the local Indy paper is an embarrassment. I'm really getting tired of this guy. If we lost by a few points after the game he would be on video with his typical screed of: everybody sucks! ... Colts have NO talent... Ballard is an * ... coaches suck ... fire everybody ... Irsay is senile ... and on and on. Some people like him as a partner to Stephen Holder (who is more reasonable) and state that Gregg is more like a fan. But a fan usually tries to root for the team and find some sort of silver lining. He schtick is getting old and is a slap in the face to our new coach. Problem is that he would not be satisfied with anyone we picked.
  12. OK I'll bite. Who would you rather have? Vrabel?
  13. How do you know that for sure?
  14. Another telling move will be if and when the Titans start interviewing candidates other than McDaniels.
  15. If we don't already have a gentleman's agreement with McDaniels, then we will soon be hearing that Ballard is interviewing other candidates.