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  1. Mike Tahoe

    Keeping Brissett at #2

    Ahh good point. I think he is with Carolina now. I'm curious to see if Banner makes it at all
  2. Mike Tahoe

    Keeping Brissett at #2

    Richard is right, we traded Dorsett for Jacoby. For Dwayne Allen, I think we got a 4th rd pick which is also looking like a steal bc Allen's game really fell off. He lost it bad.
  3. Mike Tahoe

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    It makes plenty of sense... He is simply using the same context of Josina's tweet and pairing it with a different topic to emphasize how much of a click-bait tweet she created to garner attention. She is dangling a carrot in front of Colts fans' faces just for attention. It's like saying, I know something you don't know, but I'm not telling you what it is.
  4. Mike Tahoe

    McGlinchey's Insight on Nelson

    Haha "If I was a defensive lineman I wouldn't want to poke the bear either."
  5. Mike Tahoe

    Malik Hooker

    I still don't understand why a guy like Jonotthan Harrison, who was an undrafted rookie, got the nod to start over someone experienced like AQ Shipley. It was evident with the little playing time AQ got that he was more than serviceable at Center. Hell, there were even some moments where the offensive line looked decent with Shipley in the lineup. I read there were some sources claiming that he had arms that were too short, possibly Grigson didn't like him, or that he looked bow-legged when he walked. Regardless, I feel like he never got a fair shot at proving himself.
  6. Mike Tahoe

    Most impactful Colts' rookie over the past 20 years

    Didn't Freeney also have like 9 forced fumbles his rookie season? He had an insane amount of strip/sacks to start his career. He is one of my favorite draft picks by Polian ever. Especially for a guy who was considered undersized for the DE position and coming out of a school like Syracuse.
  7. I really don't think we would need to trade up to to 15 to get McGlinchey. Like someone else said we can more than likely get him at 22. Right on for putting this together lots of interesting scenarios. Thanks!
  8. Mike Tahoe

    Favorite Colt of All Time

    This is a tough decision for me, so many good names on the list. I picked James but Bob Sanders is a close second. I still wonder how amazing of a career he could've had if he not had all the injuries.
  9. I wouldn't mind if we signed this guy as an insurance policy. We have four young safeties already (Green, Clay, Farley, Hook) who are all needing more live game experience and exposure, but it's also likely one or more of them will get injured.
  10. Mike Tahoe

    Rousing Rabble

    If we don't take Nelson at 6, who is most likely to wind up picking him? I'd be surprised if he wound up going in the back half of the round.
  11. Mike Tahoe

    Report: Colts signing WR Ryan Grant

    This is from his pre-draft analysis, if anyone cares to read it.. STRENGTHS Good size. Smooth accelerator off the line. Good flexibility to sink his hips. Tracks throws and shows terrific body control to adjust. Impressive hands catcher -- quick, soft mitts. Makes NFL-caliber catches, snatching throws out of the air away from his body. Determined runner with the ball in his hands. Nice upfield quickness to pick up yards after the catch. Good field awareness. WEAKNESSES Could stand to improve functional strength and physicality. Can be jammed and rerouted at the line. Pedestrian speed. Is an unpolished route runner and does not consistently separate -- drifts into patterns neglecting deception and does not snap off breaks. Limited route tree. Marginal blocker. Appears lackadaisical at times -- intermittent intensity, urgency and compete level. Questionable courage to work the middle of the field. DRAFT PROJECTION Rounds 6-7 BOTTOM LINE Productive, monotone, unrefined, enigmatic mid-major receiver with one of the best pair of hands in the draft, though he comes with concerning tweener traits he will have to overcome. Lacks ideal speed and physicality to survive outside and lacks ideal suddenness and toughness to thrive inside. Workout numbers will be critical.
  12. Maybe the Jets still feel bad about beating the Colts in the Super Bowl, so they decided to help us out immensely with the upcoming draft.
  13. Mike Tahoe

    Anyone else worried?

    The Manning era was by far the most enjoyable football era I've ever witnessed. The only thing that irked me with the previous regime was pulling our starters for the last couple games of the season on multiple occasions. I get wanting to do this to prevent any injuries going into the playoffs. But, turning off the momentum and then trying to flip it back on like a light switch didn't work. It hurt the team more than it helped. But to answered your question.... I'm not too worried. I think Ballard has a good football mind and will steer this team back to success.
  14. Mike Tahoe

    Top 10 Colts of all time

    Top ten Colts: 1. Peyton Manning (The Sheriff) 2. Marvin Harrison 3. Johnny Unitas 4. Reggie Wayne 5. Tarik Glenn 6. Dwight Freeney 7. Raymond Berry 8. Edgerrin James 9. Robert Mathis 10. Andrew Luck Bottom ten Colts: 1. Gilbert Gardner 2. Trent Richardson 3. Curtis Painter 4. Roy Hall 5. Hank Baskett 6. Samson Satele 7. Cassius Vaughn 8. Josh McNary 9. Bjoern Werner 10. Dante Hughes