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  1. Philadelphia (-5.5) at Dallas (11-19-17)

    There have been some upsets today, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the Cowboys win this game. Not saying it will happen, but the NFC East is quite competitive, and the Cowboys need his game. They just might shock the Eagles. I think it's too early to write this as an automatic Eagles win. (So watch the Cowboys lose by a large score after I write this.)
  2. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    I'd go with Lewis. Arizona is starting QB Blaine Gabbert, so not sure how involved Fitzgerald would be with him.
  3. Thinking of Gavin this Bye Week.....

    Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, Gavin happened to see those plays from where he is.
  4. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    Why would you drop Drew Brees? is there someone you already have to replace him? I'd say don't drop him. I had a great week on fantasy this past week. it was in daily PPR leagues. Robert Woods is definitely someone to consider. He got me 33 points. I know that he won't deliver this well every week, but he and Goff have a connection, and Woods has become Goff's go-to guy. Woods is someone who could be overlooked with all the other names around, but he has been one of the most reliable wide receivers.
  5. National Football Conference

    I could easily get on the Rams bandwagon. It's amazing how that team has turned around. Mostly, I like the idea that they win the NFC West over Seattle. I just don't like Pete Carroll. If the Jaguars won in Foxboro, it would be a highlight of the season.
  6. New England (- 7.5) at Denver (11-12-17)

    It seems that way. They're showing how some people are bad drivers and never should have gotten a license in the first place. Instead of promoting safe driving, the commercials are promoting that poor driving is OK as long as you have an automatic braking system.. That sends a wrong message. No wonder there are so many * drivers around.
  7. Colts vs Steelers Predictions

    Be careful; bad things tend to happen when you diss the Terrible Towel.
  8. Richard Sherman Torn Achillies....out season.

    I know some Eagle fans, and Wentz is very popular. I've heard that the Philly press (which is critical of almost everything) praises Wentz. He's already been mentioned as a likely MVP candidate, even though it's early.
  9. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    I would go with Abdullah; Pittsburgh's defense usually dominates the Colts.
  10. Yeah, like Dwayne Allen and Phillip Dorsett have done. Look how the Patriots helped them.
  11. I've been reading Terry Pratchett's "Discworld' novels. They are recommended for anyone who enjoys fantasy mixed with satire. Strange characters, imaginative plots and very entertaining. 

  12. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    I didn't know that Olsen was suppose to return this year; I thought he had a season ending injury. I'll have to monitor his status. Thanks for the info.
  13. Tony Donahue: It's very possible that Luck never plays again

    The article explains exactly what is happening with Luck. Thanks for posting.
  14. Tony Donahue: It's very possible that Luck never plays again

    I don't know who Tony Donahue is, so there's no reason for me to pay attention to this article. It's too early to speculate on Luck's future; we'll eventually find out. IMO many of these types of articles are written to encourage high ratings.
  15. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    In PPR lineups, Evan Engram has been a nice surprise. He's the only one who's doing anything worthwhile for the Giants. I had McCoy in one of my PPR lineups, and he got me 2.5 points against the Jets. Big disappointment there.