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  1. Ben Browder played Jon Crichton in the TV show "Farscape." and also had a role in the 'Stargate" TV series. Reading that he played such a perverted character in this movie doesn't set right with me. I'll never look at these shows the same way. Why, Ben? Maybe he needed the money or something. I didn't know that Clint Eastwood had 7 children. A few of them have followed in his footsteps.
  2. I'm usually suspicious of any movie that critics rave about. I've seen too many movies that got great reviews and ended up being disappointments. Examples are "Arrival"; "Titanic" ; "Love, Actually" . All these were overrated IMO. I did like "Lord of the Rings" movies, though. Also some of the "X-Man" movies were good. Haven't seen "Logan", however. I'm not sure about "La La Land." The previews didn't impress me, but maybe one can't go by that.
  3. I recently saw "Arrival" on demand. I don't know why it got such great reviews because I wasn't that impressed with the movie. Louise Banks (actress Amy Adams) is an expert linguist brought in when 12 spaceships land on earth. She is tasked with trying to communicate with the aliens. The main event takes place in Montana, where Adams and her team are located. The movie is mostly about Adams and the way she tries to talk to the aliens using signs and symbols of various kinds. There are flashbacks about Louise and her daughter which was quite confusing. Apparently, her daughter had some kind of rare disease that had to do with the aliens, but I couldn't figure it out. Something also happened between her and her husband (divorced, separated), it never really told us. The film was slow moving, boring and confusing. The aliens (which looked squids) were kind of cool, though. Overall, I'm glad that I didn't spend any money at the theater. Not recommended, although others might feel differently. It just wasn't for me.
  4. Does Belichick know that Allen's nickname is 'Stone hands?" Maybe he's only called this in the Colts forum.
  5. Everything is going very well for us. My husband started receiving his social security last December. I still work part time at the hospital,, and I like working less hours now. Since I work mostly in the evening, I have all day to do things and schedule appointments. We recently got a 2013 Ford Fiesta, after four years with no car. It's nice having transportation again, as the buses were OK, but runs only until 8:15 p.m. and doesn't run Sundays or holidays. Thanks for asking.
  6. It sounds like your father is playing daily fantasy football. Every week you can set a different roster depending on match-ups. Fanduel and Draftkings are both daily fantasy. There are different types of leagues, large and small, also there is a type where two players go head to head., winner take all. Some cost to enter (all prices), and some are free. The free ones don't pay money, it's just for points. The amount of money you get depends on how much you paid to enter. Sometimes the top 50% win money, other leagues it's the top 12 or 10 people. With daily, you don't have a set roster, as each week the roster changes. That helps in case a player is injured or suspended. I don't know why it's called "daily" as it goes by week, not day. it's the type of fantasy football I play; I never started a league where one drafts players for the season.
  7. So glad that your granddaughter is doing well. I've heard great things about Riley, and the work they do. I have a question, though: How much longer will she have to do weekly blood draws? Is this permanent, or depending on how her health continues?
  8. No love for the Falcons? Give the team a break; they had a great season. Besides pouting, Cam Newton will be one of the best dressed players in the NFL.
  9. This sounds fishy; Goodell better investigate the coin!
  10. Not a new movie, but I re-watched one of the best horror films made, IMO: "Rosemary's Baby." There have been recent versions, but I'm referring to the 1968 film, starring Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon and Stanley Blackmir. (sp?) Directed by Roman Polanski, this movie doesn't have blood and gore; instead it is subtle suspense. Premise: a young couple, Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse move into an apartment and find out that their neighbors Minnie and Roman Cassavet (Ruth Gordon and Stanley Blackmir) , are involved in witchcraft. Guy (who's an actor) makes a deal with the devil in order to help his career. For example, he gets a highly regarded part in play when the original actor suddenly goes blind. Also, a good friend of the Woodhouse's tries to tell Rosemary that she's in danger, but then he suddenly goes into a coma and dies three months later. When Rosemary finds out that she's pregnant, the Cassavets convince her to change doctors. The doctor they recommend, Dr, Sapirstein (Ralph Bellamy) , does Rosemary no favors. When she has a severe pain, he ignores it, says that it will go away. He also tells her not to read any books, take vitamins or pills. Throughout the movie, the audience knows what is happening, and even though Rosemary is suspicious, there is nothing one can do to help her. Everyone is involved in this conspiracy, and Rosemary is left on her own. She eventually gives birth to what is the son of Satan. The baby isn't shown at the end, except for his strange eyes. But you still get the message loud and clear. I give "Rosemary's Baby" an "A" Good acting, suspenseful where one really feels for the characters. If the movie does nothing else, it reminds you to be careful of new neighbors.
  11. Luck retiring as a children's author? Please don't give him any ideas!
  12. I don't like what the Oscars have become lately (too political), so I'm getting a kick out of seeing this thing happen. Probably not very nice of me, but it's how I feel.
  13. Marvin Harrison. I was just elected to the Hall of Fame.
  14. I forgot about Michael Thomas; he had a good year. I don't get to see the Saints play since their games aren't televised in my area. Atlanta might not repeat, but they still could have a decent year. I'm not counting them out completely.
  15. I'll be surprised if the Saints win the NFC South. Who do they have besides Drew Brees? Synthetic might be able to answer that question. The other players seem too inconsistent. It just seems like NO is still trying to rebuild. Tamps seems more likely to take first place next season.

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