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  1. The "turk" is lurking !!

  2. Ladies & Gents - Welcome to the exhibition & evaluation portion of our 2016 season !!

  3. Congratulations to Coach Tony Dungy & WR Marvin Harrison on your Hall of Fame induction !!

    1. southwest1


      Yes, it was cool to see 2 horseshoe legends get their just dues SB41 Champs. Loved it! 

  4. 1. TE Dallas Clark 2. QB Peyton Manning 3. C Jeff Saturday 4. DE Chad Bratzke 5. WR Reggie Wayne 6. LT Anthony Castonzo

  6. Best Wishes to Peyton Manning as he begins the next chapter of his life !!  Thanks for the memories !!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS to Peyton Manning & the Denver Broncos for their Super Bowl 50 victory !!


  9. Thanks to all for your kind words. I admit to being a little "nervous" - though my friend indicated that it didn't show. I was SO incredibly honored to have been asked. Nadine - no - I don't have a link at this point - but - believe me - I'm going to be looking for one !! LOL This was one of those "once in a lifetime" type of moments that you'd never even think about adding to a "Bucket List" because it would have been too far out of the realm of your imagination. When I got home that night - I was jumping all around the apartment - fist pumping - and - screaming. My cat thought I had finally lost my mind. WARNING: That's what happens when you bottle up your nerves and excitement until you get home !! LOL !!
  10. I chose to wear my Peyton Manning "Super Bowl XLI" jersey to the Colts home game with the New Orleans Saints. My guest & I were excited to visit "Touchdown Town" for the first time. Shortly after we arrived - I was approached by a gentleman who asked if he could interview me for NFL Network. I happily agreed. Our topic of discussion was what Peyton Manning meant to the city of Indianapolis - the Colts - and - to fans. Absolutely one of those memorable moments in one's life !! Photo proof:
  11. Praying for Andrew Luck & Henry Anderson !!

  12. PREDICTION: Colts Win 6 of the remaining 7 Games to finish 10 - 6 !!

    1. Nadine
    2. Stephen


      colts win them all

    3. Bogie


      It's possible. Only game I see them having trouble with down the stretch is Pittsburgh.

  13. Believe in Blue !!

  14. Send the Saints Marching Out w/ an "L" !!

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