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  1. Deepest condolences bud. Nothing as terrible as losing those close to us. If you ever need to talk shoot us a DM any time, always happy to listen.
  2. Cards @ Colts. Arians back to play against Luck at LOS
  3. He isn't really. I mean he hasn't blown everyone out of the water consistently and has had injury problems. Most ppl can see the talent is there he just needs to have a season where everyone can see it every game. No better time than a contract year haha. I'd love if Aiken Shone as well, We'd actually have two big body fast receivers to go with TY and if Dorsett actually showed up that would be sensational .
  4. Here is what annoys me about Mixon right. Ppl saying I'd be okay drafting him in the 3/4th round but not the 1st. The man it seems is talent wise a 1st round pick (seems to be a general agreement). Then you pick him in the first..players are drafted primarily on how talented they are. Saying you're okay with drafting him in later rounds is a cop out because he would be a steal. You are either okay with drafting him or not. If you are, based on talent than spending a 1st on him shouldn't be a problem. If you're not okay with want he did you don't want to draft him. Whatever about peds and drug... This is a different ball game that me personally is not okay with and I have gone back and forth on him because he is such a great talent and I know she, from accounts I have read, I have not seen the video was the Initiate of the fight, but as of today I would not be okay with him on the colts roster. If you think it was a youngster mistake, a once off thing than fine. But for me if it happened once it can happen again and I don't want that around my team. Sent from my iPad *
  5. I'm still hoping for Hunt. Sent from my iPad *
  6. If we trade down might be to pick up Harris Sent from my iPad *
  7. I really like the plan you've made and how you've controlled the cap situation considering the committed money and rollover as well as adding the extension this year to Moncrief and Mewhort and keep the continuity going, i'm really impressed.
  8. fair points and i guess i have some red tinted glasses against Grigs but still 2/3 are definitely very high standard players but i'd only give him credit on drafting T.Y , Luck picked himself really or maybe Irsay did, Allen i think still has to earn that contract. Ballard was just unlucky but chapman had really one year of being average, was basically IR'd his 1st year and never really impacted the D and was beaten out by UDFA in the end.
  9. 2012: 3/10 picks on roster 2013: 0/7 2014: 2/5 2015: 5/8 2016: 7/8 Total: 17/38 = 44.7% hit rate. 2012: Considering how many ppl think 2012 was a good draft it really wasn't Luck and TY are the obvious standouts with Allen, who doesn't seem to be highly thought of on here, are the only ones left and now account for nearly 20% of the cap. 2013: complete and utter disaster let's move on. 2014: Mewhort and Moncrief. Grigson finally hits on an OL men and a genuine red zone threat but again only Offense. Three drafts no Defensive help or ability for the coaches to develop anyone. 2015: Dorsett, Anderson, Geathers, Parry, Goode. 1st round wr still developing, Grigs finally hits on his picks to address the D with two dline men and a Db. ALso drafts a development Oline man. 2016: Kelly, Green, Clark, Ridgeway, Morrison, Haeg, Blythe. Grigs goes all in on the oline after multiple failures, an ILB sticks throughout the season ends up starting, another Dline man and another DB (again developmental). 2016 is still up in the air with the new GM some of the 7 remaining might get cut or moved on. we are how ever depleted of genuine youth talent for a reason. Grigs first three drafts were horrific of 22 pick 5 remain. of first 4 years we kept 3 defensive players. while some might not like Coach P he has had nothing to work with defensively. Looking at this it's no wonder we are near the bottom of the league in defense.
  10. I like most of it. I'm good with the draft and FA signings (maybe one extra ILB than OLB). I like the releases and most the resigns. Wouldn't resign Thornton and i'd offer Walden less due to his age. I agree with the Butler resigning though i liked him at Safety last year. Overall grade : B from me. Well Done.
  11. It's weird not seeing McAfee under special teams on the depth chart.
  12. I don't think just playoffs will cut it, I think he needs to win the South no wildcard and a playoff win. I was also watching the close up with Ballard and one thing that stuck out to me was that Ballard at around the 3.30 min mark talks about how he wouldn't be interfering with the team on the field and that he is here primarily as a talent evaluator and recruiter so to speak. Which makes me think it was discussed when chuck met with the candidates.
  13. Had a bit of fun on break today. I did four different mocks FWIW. Different big boards and what not and here are the results all drafts had us at 14. (I'm guessing we be 15,16,17.) A. 1.Foster 2.McKinley 3.Anderson 4.Hood 4.Fields B. 1.Foster 2.McKinley 3.Anderson 4.Bollough 4.Conner C. 1.Foster 2.Cunningham 3.Hood 4.Hall 4.Milano D. 1.Foster 2.Walker 3.Hood 4.Fields 4.Conner All had Foster there so i took him. Not being well versed in College ball and seeing we are still in the reg season can any of you more veteran draft guru's see any of these happening or think any of these are worthwhile picks?
  14. and don't forget Cassius Vaughen/Josh Gordy when powers was also injured, which he was a lot that year too.
  15. No not at all. We basically have a completely new coaching staff this year so players learning a new system, you change again another new system be two or three years till we see growth. People will be quick to kick out the next coach staff again. With all the changes this off-season I do want to give the coaches one more year if there is no improvement then it should br on the table.

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