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  1. Brad Kaaya signed off Lions PS.

    According to Mike Garafolo. getting a jump start on our future contracts and making sure ST ain't coming back.
  2. Offensive Line, What am I missing

    Will we ever stop talking about our OL. This has just gone on for so long. I think we have to finally address it this year and that starts with taking the best OL man which is Nelson regardless if it's at 3 or a trade back (can't be too far back or he will be gone). AC,Nelson, Kelly is a nice start. In the 2nd if they are still there one of Price or Hernandez to put the other side of Kelly and let Clark/Haeg/Goode fight it out for RT. A second option for the right would to be sign Pugh put him at RG, maybe draft Braden Smith and put him in the mix to fight it out for RT. Then get an ILB to round off the first 3 rounds (jefferson, Smith, Jewel) if they last.
  3. 5 blown leads

    Have we only played 10 second halves this season?
  4. Quenton Nelson

    Nelson in the first after a trade back and Hernandez in the second and I'd be very happy.
  5. I'm worried about Mewhort. 1. His durability and 2. Next contract, do not want to pay him a lot because i don't see him lasting. Best case scenario for me come draft day is a trade down picking up a Teens 1st rounder, a 2nd + extras and picking up Nelson and Hernandez to put either side of Kelly. Along with an Edge or ILB also in the second. do the scouting and research properly and finally fix this line. Having a strong interior will greatly help those on the outside (AC and JH).
  6. I know nothing about the QB we just got to be honest giving Dorsett, I'm not overly disappointed especially with our offensive playbook, Ballard by the looks of our offseason wants bigger bodies at WR, so he obviously didn't fit in. Dorsett might well go on to be great for the Pats, but he wouldn't be in our scheme, i know with our O-line Slants and quick outs would be great but big bodies might help with that as well with bigger targets to aim at. If this QB gives us a chance to get rid of Tolzien i'd be ok with that cause he really didn't impress me at all. Not a good trade for me, but not a make or break trade for the season so i'd say just run with it
  7. Colts make several roster moves 6/15/17

    Looking at the OTA observations seems Mitchel is getting reps with the 1s,if he can finally stay healthy (long shot i know) we might get that rough diamond ha.
  8. We signed Shabazz before didn't we??
  9. I sort of see where they are coming from though. See we were prob a bit worse than our 8-8 suggests and apart from 2014 than all our records suggests mainly because luck put so much paper over the cracks on the team and grigs thought it beneficial to barely fill in the cracks. This off-season defensively we have gotten better but that was by basically replacing the whole wall instead of filling it. So it's going to take some time for our defence to gel and excel in the new system, which most of them are learning. Also I'm still a bit apprehensive about how close to 100% Luck will be come game 1. Not that the shoulder will not be healed but will he have regained the muscle he lost and the rapport with the WR/TE for this season. I could see a slow start to a season again. Our record I think depends how fast we can start firing on all cylinders. If it's fast then higher than the 20's if not i could see us in the 20's.
  10. My world just ended...

    Deepest condolences bud. Nothing as terrible as losing those close to us. If you ever need to talk shoot us a DM any time, always happy to listen.
  11. Predict the season opener

    Cards @ Colts. Arians back to play against Luck at LOS
  12. Kamar Aiken

    He isn't really. I mean he hasn't blown everyone out of the water consistently and has had injury problems. Most ppl can see the talent is there he just needs to have a season where everyone can see it every game. No better time than a contract year haha. I'd love if Aiken Shone as well, We'd actually have two big body fast receivers to go with TY and if Dorsett actually showed up that would be sensational .
  13. Chris Ballard open minded with character concerns

    Here is what annoys me about Mixon right. Ppl saying I'd be okay drafting him in the 3/4th round but not the 1st. The man it seems is talent wise a 1st round pick (seems to be a general agreement). Then you pick him in the first..players are drafted primarily on how talented they are. Saying you're okay with drafting him in later rounds is a cop out because he would be a steal. You are either okay with drafting him or not. If you are, based on talent than spending a 1st on him shouldn't be a problem. If you're not okay with want he did you don't want to draft him. Whatever about peds and drug... This is a different ball game that me personally is not okay with and I have gone back and forth on him because he is such a great talent and I know she, from accounts I have read, I have not seen the video was the Initiate of the fight, but as of today I would not be okay with him on the colts roster. If you think it was a youngster mistake, a once off thing than fine. But for me if it happened once it can happen again and I don't want that around my team. Sent from my iPad *
  14. I'm still hoping for Hunt. Sent from my iPad *

    If we trade down might be to pick up Harris Sent from my iPad *