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  1. You forget that Collins had the forum seal of approval pre-draft, that renders anything subsequent, factual or not, irrelevant.
  2. Moved this to General as not Colts. Trent Richardson was never a Colt, it never happened, you hear?
  3. Maybe it's just me or is he morphing into Jeff Fisher??
  4. You sure got that right. I like how you said elite measurables does not necessarily corelate to even a talented player let alone an elite one. Wiser heads than both you and me have fallen into the trap of the workout warrior. Maybe it's part hubris, they convince themselves they can teach them football, that's the "easy" part after all. Adongo, Adongo, my kingdom for an Adongo!
  5. Kinda talking about different things here, I was talking more about low end roster churn without being position specific and not really about drafting guys. I do agree though that he loved physical measurables (Adongo!) over proven talent. However he's not exactly the only GM guilty of this.
  6. Works for me too, thank you for moving.
  7. Merged with existing Dorset trade topic.
  8. Depends how much the Colts would have to give up to trade him away...
  9. To be fair I think most teams do the bottom end churning of the roster, especially now. The problem with Grigson was that there was no top end.
  10. It's Midnight UK time so technically the Saturday I think I'm good for pretty much any time/date other than then.
  11. Got it thank you and joined. The draft date/time might be an issue as I'm best man at a wedding that weekend... I guess I might have to set a board and let it auto draft.
  12. You forgot to banish your computer to the 7th circle of hell. You can't be too careful.
  13. 1. There will be a one day waiting period for waivers (Change from 2 days) (Y/N) Y 2. There will be no waiting period after trade is finalized (Change from 1 day (i think)) (Y/N) Y 3. Choose one of these 3 drafting order options: B a. Team owners will get to pick their preferred draft spot starting with team #12 and working back to #1. b. The draft order will be randomized upon league creation and draft order will be visible to all owners. c. The draft order will be randomized 15min before the draft begins. 4. Choose one of these 3 platform's to play on this season (NFL.COM / ESPN / YAHOO) NFL.COM 5. Change the WR/RB flex position to WR/RB/TE. (Y/N) Y 6. Waivers will reset weekly based on ranking (Change from continuous rolling) (Y/N) N 7. The standings tiebreaker will be points scored (Change from Head2Head) (Y/N) Y 8. Next season we will have keepers (the details can be hashed out later) (Y/N) N
  14. I went with Marino just because I'd love to see what numbers he'd put up in the more pass happy modern game. Especially if in this fantasy world he's landed on a team with some talent around him. Imagine Marino with a true top tier WR? Steve Young would probably be more in line with the prototype "modern" QB. Good arm, mobile, can make plays on the run when required.
  15. 5MB?! Which rural outpost have you set up shop in?

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