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  1. SteelCityColt

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    Statistically random.., sure. Actually random, no. Someone chose to pull that trigger, and as people charged with protecting their fellow citizens they better be able to justify it. That is the issue, end... of. Stop trying to hide it behind you Stalinsque interpretation of “statistics”
  2. SteelCityColt

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    No it was presented as statstic, if it was clear I wouldn’t have felt the need to check it now would I? No bias-prism at all, again clarifying your position, although it’s illuminating that’s how you think. Just because it’s a low percentage doesn’t take away from the issue. Are you saying it’s ok for people to commit in effect murder (if the fatality proves to be unjustified) because hey “it’s less than 1%”. So if I meet 200 people in my life and kill one I’m okay... because it’s less than 1%. This is even before we’ve got into the topic of there being higher incidences with certain demographics. Honestly America, if you don’t think you have an issue with guns, gun crime and sadly in some cases people who are meant to use guns to “protect” then you need a reality check.
  3. SteelCityColt

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    You could argue getting filmed shooting people without justification requires the conversation to be started.
  4. SteelCityColt

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    Yeah.. if you’re going to present numbers as facts they need to be more than common sense. But of course the percentage will be low, it’s what, circa 500 fatalities per year by police shootings. That’s not point and you know it. The question is, and always is, were they justified? Are you too suggesting that every encounter is with a “potential criminal” or just certain people?
  5. SteelCityColt

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    I mean that not all “politics” is limited to official political parties. E.g. when people suggested the DoD isn’t political.. of course it is. It’s an agency of government fighting for funding, it will involve itself in “politics” and need supporters among politicians. To be clear not suggesting anything wrong with that. I think this country (UK) has an interesting balance of power in which I’d suggest our civil service exerts more control over the elected politicians than vice versa in certain matters.
  6. SteelCityColt

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    I don’t think people understand the term “political” judging from reading through this.
  7. SteelCityColt

    Chargers Hunter Henry tears ACL in first day of OTA's

    Ouch.. I really thought he’d emerge as top tier TE this season. Gates back to cheat Father Time for another season it is.
  8. SteelCityColt

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    I don’t wish to throw the topic down a tangent but that wasn’t so much compromise but appeasement and there is a difference.
  9. SteelCityColt

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    Small point of order and apologies if I’ve missed this, but where did you get 1% from?
  10. SteelCityColt

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    I know.. I know..
  11. SteelCityColt

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    Nope we can protest too, we just form an orderly queue to do so.
  12. SteelCityColt

    Colts OTAs 5/22/2018

    To be fair he did have his best year in '16 True though, that he wasn't coming from a long road of recovery.
  13. SteelCityColt

    Keeping Brissett at #2

    Slightly interesting is to also look at the production/effectiveness drop off as you go down rounds. I started doing a write up on draft pick value (according to the chart) vs production to see pick values would be based if you weighted them on player stats. While I agree that multi year starters are rare outside the first two rounds you got a surprisingly decent level of good play from lower round picks in admitally small sample sizes of games. Tbf the whole QB position was a bit wonky because of their scarcity, made it easy for outliers to skew things.
  14. SteelCityColt

    PFF Draft Recap

    Don’t be that guy... oh wait that’s the OP. I understand it’s something of a teaser article to interest you in PFF, but aside from a few interesting stat nuggets didn’t really say all that much. I’d be interested to hear from anyone who does know the college game and has a PFF subscription what they think of it.
  15. SteelCityColt

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    1,039 posts and 2,032 career yards. Still it’s more posts than yards he got wearing the ‘Shoe (977).