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  1. This topic is just inviting political discussion.. Locked.
  2. If you don't agree with people then by all means post why you don't and challenge their viewpoint... telling someone to shut up doesn't really fit this. Attack the post not the poster please.
  3. Hello! Gamepass is probably your best option, all the games, plus archive, watch live or whenever you want. I think last year was about £129.00 for the season. Quality if you have decent internet is great. One drawback, if a game is broadcast by Sky (satellite provider), it will be blacked out until 24 hours later. So pot luck on 1 of the early and late games. I think that's due to change though. Worth checking.
  4. Having waded through the topic... it looks like the Colts got a consensus Top 10 player at 15, but of course people will still be unhappy. I think it was a no brainer pick, we got lucky with teams going insane over mediocre QBs. This is what good teams do in the draft, prey on the mistakes of others.
  5. These diagrams make me happy.
  6. Home to the 49ers.... Two new GMs, teams in transition and if the 49ers take one in the draft a rookie QB thrown into the mix.
  7. When talking about trading down, people often forget it takes two to tango.
  8. 3 Free Safeties (try saying that when you're drunk!)?
  9. Given the timing, i.e. not cutting him straight away, I can only imagine (hope?) that this is to make room for another move.
  10. The lack of apostrophe here had me confused with Mike Adams for a bit. Would be an interesting position switch. It could well be his last year because of the contract situation, but equally if he wants to carry on and he's still performing why mend it?
  11. Interesting that it looks like Butler is coming back to play S not nickel. I would have had us down to take a safety and CB in the draft but now maybe they'll take an out and out nickel or a S who can play there.
  12. Complete picking with a pin job: Round 1 #15 A - Derek Barnett EDGE B - Hasson Reddick ILB C - Marlon Humphrey CB Round 2 #46 A - Caleb Brantley DL B - Adoree' Jackson CB Round 3 #80 A - Josh Jones S B - Larry Ogunjobi DL Round 4 #122 A - Kareem Hunt RB B - Jake Butt TE Round 4 #137 A - Ethan Pocic OG B - Elijah Lee ILB Round 4 #144 A - Dawuane Smoot EDGE B - J.J Dielman OT Round 5 #158 A - Stevie Tu'Ikolovatu NT B - Donnel Pumphrey RB UDFAs Jehu Chesson WR De'Angelo Henderson RB Justin Senior OT
  13. I'd take the Browns (Head) or Indy (Heart). As @Superman said in Cleveland you're more likely to get on the field and stand out compared to your peers, you could become the next D'Qwell Jackson! There's always a chance to the the Browns finally get it together and become legit.
  14. Volume stats as always mean anything without context. Moncrief averages more yards per game and Dorsett who is a "bust" a whopping 1 yard per game less....and Rodger has had one season in the league and you want to point at career yardage totals. For the record I hope Aiken does well here, as do I hope Moncrief stays injury free and Dorsett maybe gets the ball thrown his way when he's actually open or maybe gets used in a more sensible way.

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