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  1. Do the Colts have to spend most of cap?

    Some good answers in this topic to this one:
  2. To make sure he wasn't really Brock Osweiler underneath
  3. Wasn't aware that the fine went to the players until now. That seems like a very logical way of doing things. Surely though, in the era of capologistics, no team should fail to spend the correct amount?
  4. Much Needed Mod Appreciation Thread

    More like you pulled a Revis, joined the dark side, won a few rings, came home and then... yeah. Welcome home!
  5. Much Needed Mod Appreciation Thread

    This.. this is why you never re-sign former posters
  6. Colts signing Denico Autry
  7. Move over come the Colts!

    Please and thank you...
  8. [Merge] Colts Sign Denico Autry

    Sorry to all about the slight confusion, much like people wanting to be the first to post on the signing in the rush to get first dibs on merging posts we got a little over excited. Should all be fixed now.
  9. Is Aaron Rodger going to post a similar reaction to Drew Brees' when they let Graham go from the Saints just to complete the circle?
  10. I think this might be a tad of an overreaction if I may. There are still other o-line available in FA and one LG does not a SB make. Luck's health is the be all and end all when it comes to setting expectations next year. As for the Jags, sure they have a great Defense, but it has been exposed in games. They also have hitched themselves to Bortles, problem being it's the team pulling him along not the other way around. The run heavy P/A stunt they pulled last was a great Davids strategy but won't be sustainable in the long term. I mean just look at the 2012 season sponsored by read option overreaction. Teams have film now, they will adapt and target him. The NFL has been, always will be, a QB driven league. If ours is healthy we still have that over the Jags.
  11. Eagles release Brent Celek TE

    Thorry... I'll let you keep the thunder, you don't have to keep hammering on about it
  12. I hope this is sarcastic..
  13. Eagles release Brent Celek TE

    You're right that was Dad level humour. I apologise. Wait..,. I don't have any kids. Well none that I know of..... oh dear.